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  1. Things you learned because you died

    OMG, loving this topic <3 1. You can run over yourself with a vehicle. 2. People camp care packages. 3. Don't look at the map while sitting in the car in the middle of the field. 4. Don't aim for the legs with a shotgun. 5. Don't go in prone when you hear a vehicle too late. 6. Frying pan most important thing tbh. 7. When in sniper position, make sure there's no one behind you. 8. Don't forget to switch to SINGLE mode. 9. Don't throw grenades while you are exposed to the opponent. 10. Make sure you are not actually shooting window/balcony frames. And yes, you can see all of these rookie mistakes here:
  2. FOG: How do you change your strategy?

    Rain is brutal!
  3. Game ALT-TABs on it's own?

    Thanks for the answer Cosmic, I'll go through the thread & hopefully find something useful <3
  4. FOG: How do you change your strategy?

    Fog matches are stealth mode matches, therefore you want to minimise your visibility If you noticed, your non-equipped weapon handle always peeks vertically ... so when you are in prone, it is easily spotted - same as backpack lvl 3
  5. Game ALT-TABs on it's own?

    Heyo everyone, Is there anyone else experiencing random alt-tabs from the game (mouse pointer shows up)? In the middle of nothing, it just feels like the game alt tabs me on it's own & it is definitely not me pressing alt and tab. It happens even when I stand on spot, without hands on the keyboard. Got IT background so I am pretty much sure no other application is forcing the alt tab. I am playing on the fullscreen windowed mode (I am a streamer on a dual monitor setup). Thanks, S.
  6. Tactics problem

    D) Yellow route with your vehicle but only up to letter "S" from the word "Yasnaya". Ditch the vehicle between the sniper tower and the road barricades (there's quite some where you can safely jump out being covered from at least 3/4 directions). Continue on foot/prone/crouch. There's some nice coverage you can get from the hay piles (even some boxes brown at the beginning of the field just below S if I am not mistaken). Play on the outer circle, it is too dangerous to go into the middle of it if you are not already in. Turn around the camera like crazy. Get your adrenaline pumping. Kill at least 4 outta those 15 people alive to secure the chicken. Happy hunting S.
  7. FOG: How do you change your strategy?

    @simiLan I saw your comment on my tutorial & had to come here to check out if people find it useful! Thanks for sharing, didn't hope for that tbh So, what is the feedback on the tutorial? Hope you guys found it at least a bit useful?! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask me - I love to help whenever I can. I am not the biggest pro in this game, also I know it is funny for some people to take advice from a girl regarding video games but I do have more than 900 hours played & recently hit top 500 eu which is a huge deal for me considering I never played any shooters & mouse precision games before so I'd say I've learnt a lot from my mistakes in these past few months and might give an advice or two perhaps. <3 Hugs to all, S.