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  1. Skorpian should really be in the SMG class rather then a Pistol, especially with it's mag size and attachments, and even then it's a crappy SMG to add IMO, would much prefer to see an MP5 or MP7 added with those attachments. x2 :)
  2. It would if it becomes better, but if that's the case I reckon they'll nerf it so that SMG's are still better otherwise it doesn't make much sense, any scenario that has a handgun weapon out performing primary weapons doesn't make sense. Either way it's a silly addition IMO, an additional SMG like the MP5 or MP7 with those attachments would have been more appropriate.
  3. Depends if punching counts, cause if punching counts you just kill afk's. I've got one currently which says 2 malee kills, but I can't punch, only counts if I have a malee weapon like Machete or Crowbar etc which is really difficult.
  4. Get 3 Shotgun Kills..... It's a daily, but it's difficult considering how bad shotguns are
  5. Not excited at all about the new skorpian, It'll be like the P18C but with more attachments and maybe a bit better, people will rarely ever use it, since if they wanted that type an UZI would be better. Id prefer they fixed the shotguns so that they were a feared weapon again. As for new weapons, get the AUG out of the crate and save the crate for M249, AWM (Machine Guns and Snipers) and then add a RPK/PKP Pecheneg and Barrett M82.
  6. Hi, When will the Survival Rewards and Fall 2018 items become marketable? Got 4x Slip On's and 3x Slippers I can't even exchange for BP, inventory full of stuff I can't do anything with and your missing out on revenue with the steam sales tax? Thanks.
  7. RAND0M7

    Raider Crate falls...?

    IMO the fact that so many sold during the price fall tells me the opposite, I think the most likely is the 20,000 BP compensation got people buying more crates this week and selling them on the market resulting in the large amounts of sales and price falls.
  8. RAND0M7

    Raider Crate falls...?

    I know, something did happen, logged in just then and got compensation for matchmaking issues of 20,000 BP and a cool Beanie with Headphones. Thus with players getting 20k BP, are going to buy more crates this week, thus the extra influx of Raider crates and price fall. Should have the same thing happen with all the crates, only not as noticeable with the others since they were not riding as much of a thin line as the Raider crates were at their price point.
  9. RAND0M7

    Raider Crate falls...?

    Someone finally got sick of getting 'Crossbow Beige'? lol Does seem odd though, sales went up exponentially and the price went down? Usually works the opposite way. I guess someone or a group of people must have dumped the market this week with a large amount of raider crates they'd been saving up. Good way to force the price down and prevent it from returning.
  10. lol, that hasn't helped me much, pan works fine IMO Biggest issue is I'm getting chucked in SEA when it hasn't even tried match making in OC for a couple minutes first. Id also like an option where I can select 'no' to expanding region or at least increase the parameters from what it is currently.
  11. I keep getting put in SEA servers (which defeats the purpose of a region lock) and I keep dying to blatant hackers from SEA. Defeats the whole point of playing. 1) Please fix Region Lock so I wait longer before region is expanded, or let us choose whether we want to expand region or prefer to wait. 2) Please work on your anti cheat. Thanks.
  12. I notice too that no matter what, wait times are only a couple seconds, never gone over 1 minute for me and as of late I have been getting mostly out of region (SEA) unless peak hours and in squad. I don't know why we can't wait longer to get an OC server, I would be fine to wait longer when population drops off before region is expanded. Hopefully they fix this.
  13. I used to have an even more crazy problem when this used to occur for me, say I sold items over the week, it would not only refresh my character so that they were missing some clothing items, but also my in game inventory would refresh back about a week so clothes I had sold were in there again (only in game inventory never steam inventory), then after refreshing lobby it would be fixed and go back to where it should be.
  14. Used to have the exact same problem all the time at the beginning of survival rewards, but it hasn't happened to me in a while now. I think it happens when you have worn a time limited item during the week (or however long you have it for). That's my theory anyway.