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  1. It adds to the immersion, that's like saying you couldn't care less if all the houses were the same color as it adds nothing to the game play, and your partly right, but also wrong because if they were all the same color, it would lack immersion and realism and quite frankly look dumb. Id understand if it were early development and these details were coming, but that's not really what's happening here unfortunately. As long as I can sell new locked crates and with the proceeds buy green and light blue items in them when they hit the market I'm happy. Don't know how long that will go on for though. Only works because there are enough people wasting their money buying keys and opening them and they arn't giving out complete trash with green and light blue (except for the rugged orange and beige skins, that was bad).
  2. RAND0M7

    plz give us clothes back

    I hear ya, but instead of removing it (since if they have something better I might like to keep it) they should instead make the 'remove' and 'apply' system easier, similar to attachments or an actual button we can press rather then a somewhat complex keybinding.
  3. RAND0M7

    plz give us clothes back

    More to load in? and for what? a red shirt I can buy for 0.03c on the marketplace? If they changed it so they were a bit more scarce in game and just included rare items from crates including new crates, then id be all for it.
  4. RAND0M7

    plz give us clothes back

    Thank goodness for that addition, would have definitely complained if I had to be stuck with a stupid rugged orange skin lol.
  5. RAND0M7

    plz give us clothes back

    You can buy everything that was on the ground since it was all junk from the Pioneer crates. It would be a different story if they only had rare items like the Leather Jacket from Desperado crate etc, but as it was, it was all junk that you can get for 0.05c on the marketplace anyway and simply slowed down the game with more stuff it had to load. Only thing you would have ever picked up was a Trench Coat, and you can get the Grey one for about $6.00 USD if you really want it. Not to mention when you kill a player you can mess around with clothing customization if you want to.
  6. lol talk about hypocrisy, so you have never customized your character and would be quite happy if there were no customization? Hey, on the plus side, if we were all clones they'd probably have something better for the dude then a pair of gay looking skinny jeans. At least in other games you and the enemy look the part, which helps with immersion.
  7. RAND0M7

    Bring Back war mode

    Maybe. If it's all bolt action sniping again like WWI then I'll give it a miss. Might be good, don't know. The Graphics and performance of Battlefield 1 was fantastic, but all the bolt action sniping lost me. I liked Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 the best. WWII has much more potential then WWI, was hoping for modern warfare though.
  8. lol, I don't need much player customization, but with everyone running around in grey shirts and brown combat pants, that would be so trash, and just forget about 3rd person. It would be like not having a player customization of male or female or what hair color or style you could choose, imagine that being behind a locked crate, we should all have basic player customization and especially if there is 3rd person.
  9. RAND0M7

    Bring Back war mode

    War mode is just a copy of every other re-spawn shooter on the market, only worse in every way which you will see when games like the new Battlefield hit. Not to mention if BP is rewarded so well in it, people will just stop playing BR or very rarely, game will die quickly if they make it a permanent addition IMO. I'm too battlefield drained out to enjoy this War Mode replica as much as you all seem to. Wait until the new Battlefield hits, so long as it's not back to WW1 or WWII but modern warfare, it will suit you all down to the ground and there will be absolutely 0 need or want for PUBG War Mode.
  10. Without player customization this game would be dead to me. Fortunately I can still sell crates and buy cheap stuff to customize with. If all the other games like Battlefield start doing this, that will be so shit.
  11. Judging by the locked crates being sold on the market even now, I don't think sales have dropped enough to consider anything like this and considering how few items there are in a crate, it wouldn't take many keys to get 1 of everything and chances wouldn't matter much in such a case either. Would be nice however if chances were better, so the rare items were like 1% instead of 0.16% and the common ones were only 10% instead of 20% IMO.
  12. Wait to you start opening some, even with keys, it's a scam. The house always wins, just sell the crates and buy cheap stuff you want to style your character with. There is no other way without being scammed, and if you do this you might actually make some money, another $5.00 USD for me and I've made what I paid for the game which is handy.
  13. I turned them both off and noticed a little bit of a difference in the random massive frame drops, but I need replay enabled, I think it's made a little difference with just deathcam off, but not much IMO.
  14. x2, those who wish to play with friends from other regions will still be able to, but be prioritized last based on ping and those purposely selecting other regions to give themselves an unfair advantage and ruin the experience for others will no longer be allowed to.
  15. Will do so immediately, didn't know it gave us more frames. I'll just use replay (also broken with invisible players atm) to checkout suspect players.