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    I never use it and I rarely get killed by it, so I don't have a problem. Useless unless it has an extended mag and even then if you miss the smallest amount of the clip your screwed so it's very risky too.
  2. All they'd have to do is separate them between locked and unlocked, then I wouldn't have as much of a problem. Very unfortunate the way gaming is going with all these micro transactions and gambling mechanics.
  3. RAND0M7

    re: It’s Time To FIX PUBG.

    I wouldn't have said windows, windows is usually the last thing I reinstall because it's such a pain. What are your PC specs? Also download HWMonitor to make sure nothing is overheating. Could be RAM, GPU, CPU or Hard Drive. HWMonitor - https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html#directiontouse
  4. RAND0M7

    re: It’s Time To FIX PUBG.

    Graphics card plays a large part here, turn all your settings on the lowest possible and if you still can't hit a consistent 60fps I would change the resolution to something smaller, so it will just be a little blurry with lowest graphics.
  5. To be fair that's not really PUBG's fault as a lot of games do this if you leave controllers plugged in. Idk why it would be difficult to just unplug it when not using it? I wouldn't really consider this a priority, especially when all you need to do is unplug it when your not using it. I agree.
  6. lol, that's why I play solo if I'm on my own. That's why we have a solo category.
  7. From the video supplied, It's probably a good thing they removed it, no need for a compass anymore or much communicating with that, just spam the 3d space marker in the direction you spotted someone and which way they were running. It defeats the purpose of a compass and communication if you can just spot like that. It's really only good if your playing with randoms and can't speak to them (either language barrier or no mic). In which case if I'm not a team I can talk to then I just play solo anyway. Other games included this feature primarily because they had large teams and there was extremely little chance of everyone communicating with each other over a mic. It also makes it feel more realistic that one has to open their map and place a maker to get such an accurate location like that.
  8. Unfortunately/Fortunately (whatever the circumstance) you can adjust these things outside of the game with your monitor or NVIDIA Control Panel and there are probably other legitimate ways too, which are all necessary for many other tasks including calibrating your monitor to get the colors right.
  9. I agree, fog is a bit different because as far as I am aware, there is no outside setting that could dissipate it largely for an unfair advantage. I too think it would be a good addition, but they'd have to get it right or it would be a total disaster, if you check out 'Ghost Recon Wildlands' their night time is what you seem to be describing which would be a total disaster for PUBG. On the other hand, Fortnight's night time is what would work for PUBG (a bit darker and obviously more realistic) but in the sense that everything is still visible even in the dark spots. Same, I just hope it lasts longer then 1 minute like Sanhok otherwise I've been duped. If I am fortunate enough to get overcast on Sanhok, I play whole matches without a single drop of rain, and on the exceptionally rare chance that I do get a drop of rain or a tiny bit of fog, it only lasts for a minute while playing running simulator.
  10. Will not work, people will just turn their gamma settings up to make it look trash but as clear as daylight. Then everyone will be doing it to stay competitive defeating the whole purpose and making the whole thing a disaster. The only way a night mode will work is if it's all clearly visible with normal settings and just has a night time look and feel (e.g. super super moon) You have also mentioned a lot of features that would take heaps of work IMO, Id just stick to a night time mode before any of that other stuff. I'm still waiting for rain to be returned on all the maps.
  11. Thank you, now I just need to work out time zones. What time zone is this in so I can convert it? https://pgi.playbattlegrounds.com/schedule Thanks.
  12. How do I vote when available, is it easy enough to find? Also, how rare is it roughly to win one, should I just forget about it?
  13. Anyone around who can help me out? I've never used Twitch before. Thanks.
  14. Thanks, I have a twitch account, I'm watching that link but can't find any voting options? Do I also have to link my twitch account to my steam account beforehand? Thanks.
  15. RAND0M7

    Remove revive?

    Me too, only I don't kill myself, I just play much more recklessly (e.g. run into a group of enemies with a live grenade) and I die soon enough :)