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  1. New items on the steam market !

    At least people knew what was going to happen, I just purchased about 30 survivor crates yesterday hoping they will go up by about 5c or so, but now that the crates have all changed with no warning, I don't know whether they will tank or not, meaning I get scammed every time I enter that marketplace with these types of practices.
  2. New items on the steam market !

    1 day is hardly 'advance'
  3. New items on the steam market !

    Why are changes to the steam marketplace ... such as new crates etc not announced in advance?
  4. Actually it's what makes the game so successful, otherwise they'd be playing every other game that re-spawns every 2 seconds. The problem with re-spawning is that it makes it too repetitive and unenjoyable because people just keep running at one another doing stupid things because if they die they re-spawn again in 2 seconds, if you get a kill it's not very satisfying and if you die who cares, you'll be back in 2 seconds. You can die 100 times and still win the game, and that's just a joke. Elimination is why this game is so attractive. They need to sort out the hackers though, Just got killed by a hacker before I posted this.
  5. ^ That's why I like the idea of a ping lock. Punishing the masses for the ridiculously high ping of a few isn't cool either. No offense to the OP, would be happy to have a game with you if your ping is low enough.
  6. I agree, should be random. I would make it random, map and weather, and let the few sore loses exit the lobby, the majority I think will stay.
  7. The fact that I earn BP in game and have to get several crates for a small chance of a free to open one. That's forcing it. May as well make them all locked, which again, they never told players when we purchased this game.
  8. An early access game, I think the player base has a right to know of the progress that's being made and what they are planning, like the introduction and later forcing of micro-transactions onto the player base, that would have been good to know before I purchased. The hacker problem etc is horribly wrong, there are things that go wrong and I can accept that, forcing micro-transactions on the player base when they were not told of this at purchase is not 'horribly wrong' it's a dodgy practice. Will do. Thanks.
  9. Pubg, listen to your steam reviews

    I'm not crying, I'm just annoyed and frustrated at the demise of what could be a really great game that I enjoyed. Such a shame. Saved 4900 BP for 3 crates this week and got all 3 desperado's, same as last week except for the odd 1 survivor crate. Well it's not for me, since I enjoy the basic player customization that they are destroying with their greed. Whatever... I'm pissed off at being toyed with like this. Like I said, I purchased this game and they were free to open, then they introduced Gamescom along side it which were locked (lots of people unhappy about micro-transactions at that time, but I'm fine because I'm not forced to participate) and now they have combined them so I have to get locked crates in order for a chance of getting a free to open one. It is beyond a joke and players like myself were not told of this nor did we sign up for it when we purchased the game. I wonder what other money hungry surprises they have in store for us now that this precedent has been set? If you support dodgy practices like this, then I can't wait to sit back and laugh when they screw you over in some regard.
  10. Pubg, listen to your steam reviews

    They need to either make them all locked (weak), or let us choose. If they are all locked I wont bother with BP and just ignore the crates. It is beyond a joke that I have to spend my BP on locked crates for a small chance of getting a free to open one. Furthermore, no other game I have played is as money hungry as this, every other game who introduced micro transactions have done it like the gamescom crates were done, how it's done now is wrong, and especially considering that when I purchased this game they were all free to open. Nowhere when I purchased this game did they say "crates are free for now, but they will all be locked and cost money in the future" It's mind boggling that players here support this kind of dodgy practice, I think you should give them more money if your fine with it, that way they might be less money hungry on the rest of us who already purchased the buggy game to begin with.
  11. Depends what you mean by 'locked' if you mean NVIDIA custom resolution at 140hz and then Vsync in game, then that's what I would recommend. If you mean simply a FPS cap, then that can often have similar issues, not as bad but still problems with smoothness that I definitely notice.
  12. The game caps itself at 144fps, so perhaps the in game cap is overriding your Vsync. I would change your monitor to 140hz (or 143) with NVIDIA Custom Resolution and then apply Vsync in game and then I think it will work.
  13. I've had my fair share of ranting here, it's sad because it is a really good game and there is nothing else on the market like it at the moment. It's also so close to being excellent if they just sorted out the simple stuff. Would be nice if they were a bit more transparent about where the money went and what they are doing/working on.
  14. This is why. Then Vsync is no different to Gsync I'm on a 60hz monitor with no gsync or freesync, I have got into the habit of either using Vsync or Adaptive Vsync, otherwise the screen tearing is horrible on some games (PUBG is one of them). If your constantly hitting 144fps with Vsync, then the delay is nothing. Vsync is no different to Gsync, the only difference being Vsync is locked at a particular frame (e.g. 60) whereas Gsync changes it's frame rate to suit the graphics cards frames (e.g. 40 - 144). Hope this helps ya
  15. It's common sense. I also never said they were not allowed, I said they were not supposed to, that's why there is a blue circle and it does damage.