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  1. Bulletproof curtains??

    there is no bullet penetration dude
  2. Game Crashes on Launch

    sweet i'm glad u found one of the many guide online if only everyone looked before they posted
  3. 4 Games and 4 Cheaters

    calm down lads
  4. Mouse Bug

    hello,$lazy Please also ensure your taskbar is on the bottom of your screen, as there is currently a known issue causing the cursor to be misaligned when the taskbar is in any other location bar the bottom i have heard people not wanting to move it and using this or enable "auto-hide the task bar" (right click on the taskbar --> Properties).
  5. Rank #0 SOLO

    hahaha bl dude,just wondering did you disconnect and reconnect ?
  6. Game Crashes on Launch

    if u are still having this problem, follow this one plz fill in the template at the bottom of the page and upload it in client crash section
  7. Process has crashed

    hi just wondering is your power performance on high? do u crash in the game or loading the game ? please have a look through this
  8. Game do not responding from the 1st day

    hi i would assume this is happening cause u have your taskbar on the sides or the top try placing it on the default bottom of the screen can u also please the read the steps only do this if u cant make the game full screen in the game options Hold Windows+R to open the Run prompt, type in "%localappdata%\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor" without the quotation marks, open GameUserSettings in notepad and make sure the lines shown in red end in a 0. If they do not, change them all to 0, save the file and then launch the game. This will change your game to run in fullscreen mode, instead of fullscreen windowed mode, which should resolve the issue.
  9. Please help asap.. Mod or anyone!

    hello. first lets start with come basic stuff can u press the start button type in power press CHOOSE A POWER PLAN and make sure its on high performance Do you have MSI afterburner or Rivatuner open? Please close all other applications and attempt to launch the game. next Download and run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, as some malware files can block the BattlEye service from running.please disable your antivirus after downloading malwarebytes have a look through this if u are still having this problem, follow this one plz fill in the template at the bottom of the page and upload it
  10. i agree battle eye is doing there job. blue holes process,gets alot of complaints.
  11. Mouse cursor position is off

    there fix is to just change it lol i doubt there going to role a patch to fix this when a simple solution is to change ya bar the error it self is caused by not having your task bar on default they have 9990 problems and a task bar aint one
  12. Mouse cursor position is off

    you should its a known bug. they know about it but im sure they have 10000 more important things to do before this is fixed gl with ya problem
  13. stole the words right out of my mouth lol imagine 100 people landing at gataka cause the zone finishes there not a fan i would also avoid going to places with bad loot out dated map u get the picture tho
  14. Mouse cursor position is off

    hello For now, moving your taskbar to the default position at the bottom of the screen should fix it