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  1. LitchAzazel

    Hit Reg - Server arbitrated or not?

    @Takarii Would probably answer.
  2. LitchAzazel


    I knew people were going to complain about this since WackyJacky added it in his video today.
  3. My first game was in April when the the game was in Early Access. My friend, GF and I jumped at some random houses in the middle of nowhere (I don't remember where exactly this was). We looted the few houses there were, all we had were shotguns, maybe SMGs, maybe one of us had an AR, then all 3 of us went inside of a shack and hid there the whole time until the bluezone would force us out. I remember when i heard the red zones i used to think they were players around fighting and chucking nades at each other. Can't say i remember every detail of the rest of the match.
  4. LitchAzazel

    Sound Issues

    I used to use an Asus Xonar DGX and it worked great. I upgraded to a Sound Blasterx AE-5 and i don't notice too much of a difference. So to me anything other than crappy Mobo audio is great. Also never had any driver problems with either of these cards.
  5. I second the pogo stick.
  6. The should also add a glider and a snowboard!
  7. Then why did you quote more than that? And, well, it's true, they're 2 very different games. PUBG is much closer to ARMA than it is to CoD, what you're saying is like saying everyone who loves ARMA loves CoD, that's just not how it is. And sure, I may not have the proof, but I am very confident that most don't care for it. It sounds to me like you're one of those CoD fanboys who think it's the greatest thing ever and everyone loves CoD.
  8. Umm, so do you need me to link you to patch 22? Or do you need me to list the new guns, maps and attachments? I'll do it anyways: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/292073-pc-10-update-22/?tab=comments#comment-1054185 Miramar Sahnok Snow Map Beryl QBZ QBU Mutant Winchester SLR Laser Sight Half Grip Lightweight Grip Thumb Grip 3x Scope 6x Scope Needles to mention the constant updates of the maps. Miramar looked so much different from day 1 than it does now. Even a few patches ago they added more buildings to Erangel, so the game is constantly changing. Remember that huge balance patch we got a few months ago? The game plays completely different than it did in January. Now, if you're complaining about my reason of the lack of mod support, I don't really care enough to make an argument. I'm indifferent to mod support in this game.
  9. Yeah, and those streamers prefer that style of gameplay. CoD is extremely different from PUBG, I watch Doc a lot and love him but he doesn't seem to really like the core concept of a Battle Royal. Since day 1 he has been complaining about the dumbest shit and asking for it to be more like CoD. That's him and the other majority of streamers that like that. But the 500k players that are still playing PUBG since day 1 will still be playing it and most likely are not going to switch. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd be willing to bet money that I'm not. Bluehole may be amateurish as a company, but at least their maps and content updates are free. I won't have to pre-order DLC, GameStop Pre-Order, buy the Season Pass and all that shit just to get the new maps and weapons. If you don't think PUBG is good, well, it's not the game for you. I hope you enjoy your new games.
  10. LitchAzazel

    Why does I have only 60 PING?

    Ping doesn't have anything to do with your ISP or speed, all it is is the distance between your PC and the server in which the game is hosted on. The only way to have a lower ping is to physically move closer to the server.
  11. Most people that are still playing PUBG don't like CoD, I doubt it's going to make as big of a difference people think it is. Anyways, on to your points: 1. They already mentioned this is coming in Patch 22. 2. They've been releasing new weapons, new maps, new mechanics, etc since the game has released and currently a Snow Map is in development and scheduled to be released this December, all of this is free, btw. In a game like CoD you have to pay to play all the new maps. 3. I guess. I never really felt like I needed to mod this game.
  12. LitchAzazel

    slow down the blue zone

    I agree, the bluezone sucks ass and adds too much frustration. Pre 1.0 it was so much better, you had more time and the first circle was bigger, they changed it to what it is now to speed the game up but it completely screws you over when it comes to RNG, much more than before. I've been playing RoE and I prefer the zones in it so much more.
  13. LitchAzazel

    So.... TPP

    I play both but tend to prefer TPP, that's just how I've always been. My rank has gotten pretty high before and people on the higher rank are not easy. I'll switch to FPP when I get tired of all the Chinese that's in TPP.
  14. This isn't about desync or Chinese people or any of that. This is purely about the amount of fun I have compared to how much frustration which equals a lack of fun. This will be about the loot tables and gun balance. Now, we all know that PUBG is going for a pure balance perspective in which every gun has it's niche or gimmick that makes it good/useful in a situation. I and many other thought this was a good idea, but as I continued playing I feel that this is very much the wrong approach. I feel that PUBG needs to break down a tier list of weapons. Tier 1 being common, tier 2 being uncommon, tier 3 being rare and tier 4 being crate only, with each tier containing more powerful weapons. And you may think to yourself "Doesn't PUBG already do that?", well, you're sort-of right. But the fact that the AUG is so laughable to be a crate weapon (Yes, I understand it has the best recoil), it just doesn't feel powerful enough to belong in the crate. The M4 used to be considered the king of ARs, but ever since they nerfed all ARs they all kind of contain the same power but have their different niches, now I'm not saying this is a bad thing, it's actually good, just try to keep up with me as I explain my reasons against this. In my opinion I think that the tier 1 should have more useful guns. I'm sure most people will agree that Pistols, Shotguns and maybe a Micro UZI or Tommy Gun feel like tier 1 weapons? You see the problem I have here is that Pistols and Shotguns are in most cases bad. Some people love their UZIs or Tommys, but most players will drop them as soon as they find something better. When I play on Erangel or Miramar I tend to find these 4 classes of guns more than anything, and it becomes so frustrating to the point to where I think to myself "How is looting in this game fun? How is the combat fun when I'm getting absolute shit and go up against guys who are finding Snipers and ARs?" It ends up feeling completely unfair, unfun and unbalanced. Now I know many people are going to say "It's about how well you can survive" and yes, that is true, just bear with me for a little longer. Now I think that tier 1 weapons (Which have the highest spawn rate) need to be more versatile and useful. I really think we need an SMG that's literally a clone of the UMP in there, I know I probably lost most of you here but hear me out, the UMP is good because it's versatile and a very solid weapon. We need a gun like it (Perhaps MP5?) but weaker. Just reduce the damage of it. Simple as that. Now you have a common weapon to be found that has decent recoil, can attach a sight and is not overpowered. Now, I don't feel the UMP is OP like some people say, but I don't think this gun should be common, UMP is more of a tier 2 weapon. Another tier 1 weapon could be the M16. This gun has gotten nerfed into the ground that most people simply do not like it anymore, which makes it perfect as a high spawn tier 1 weapon. I feel that these 2 guns being added higher into the loot table on Erangel and Miramar will help make the game more fun. I understand that if you land in Military Base that you get the higher tier loot, but there are just too many times when I land in towns such as Novo, Ferry Pier, Mylta, Impala, etc. that all I ever find are Shotguns, Pistols and Uzis. As I said, it becomes dull very quickly. And before anyone says "Tier 1 is too powerful and no one will use the M4/UMP/Vector, etc." I highly disagree, if you make the higher tier guns better in every way then no one will stick with the tier 1 stuff. And I know people are going to say "Well you'll have the same problem because you're going to lose to people with the better guns" No, I'm not saying make these guns so weak you can't kill with them, they need to be powerful enough to where you can, but weak enough to where you don't want to keep them. Remember, a skilled player with an M16 can still outplay a noob with an M4. And I know some skilled players with a Micro Uzi or a Shotgun can kill noobs who have M4s, but it's just not as likely to happen. I know many of you will disagree with me, but this is how I feel. I've grown very tired of getting trash loot to where I started playing Sanhok exclusively, but I've ran that map into the ground. I love how big Miramar and Erangel are, I like those maps more, but the loot tables are so bad, and I think this is the only way to fix it. I've only talked about tier 1 but I feel Tiers 2-4 don't need much discussion, once you get a UMP/Vector/M4/SCAR/KAR/SKS and so on that you're pretty happy. You may even be able to remove a tier and just make crate weapons tier 3. But PUBG still needs to make each weapon in its tier bracket stronger than it's previous tier counterpart. So we will have an AR in every tier, an SMG in every tier, the only reason I added 4 tiers is that I feel that DMRs are a bit trickier when it comes to the balancing, since they've added so many new ones and they're in competition with ARs, but I digress. As I said, tier 1 needs the most work on. I'm looking forward to everyone's responses and I hope you guys are keeping an open mind. I know many of you feel the game's loot and gun balance is perfect, perhaps I'm just a retard and fixing all this is as simple as increasing the spawn rate of the guns on the big maps, or maybe Battle Royale isn't for me (Which I highly disagree with).
  15. LitchAzazel

    PUBG Caters to whiners AGAIN!

    It was more of a joke. They haven't adjusted the blue zone (as far as i know) since they rollback the patch a few months ago.