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  1. Lol, you act like they did it to personally attack you.
  2. LitchAzazel

    Please nerf UMP? (smgs)

    UMP takes so long to kill compared to other guns, if you're dying that quickly to it then maybe you're getting some desync.
  3. P90 definitely. If AUG can be in crate then P90 can.
  4. LitchAzazel

    The whole map selection issue thing

    That's kinda what they did when Miramar first came out. I remember it felt like the ratio was 80% for Miramar and in a later patch Bluehole made the chances even.
  5. LitchAzazel


    I don't have that monitor but that sounds like a problem with the HDMI Port/Cable, does it ever tell you in the corner "HDMI Connected" when this happens?
  6. LitchAzazel


    So they finally broke you.
  7. LitchAzazel

    The SKS currently sucks...

    SKS is easier to control than SLR and it only uses one attachment more (The grip).
  8. LitchAzazel

    What is better fpp or tpp

    I like TPP better. But I've always thought First Person in any game looked off and I can't get into it.
  9. That patch got rolled back cause "Everyone" hated the new zone mechanics.
  10. I know Miramar is the less popular of the map, but I don't think the amount of players would ever drop below 85, which that itself is enough since a game usually starts with around 92.
  11. Damn, that sucks. I hope they find a way to keep it for you and your friends. I'm with you on that I think the Map Selection hurt the queue times for it. I don't think Sanhok will bring many people in but I think that around the time of the Winter Map release the average player base will be so low to where PUBG is going to try to do something big to get a bunch of players back. Something with marketing, price drop/Steam sale, New Map releasing, etc.
  12. Why do you play OC Server? Is that closest to your region?
  13. For those of you who haven't read it: Here is the article First off, I want to say that I love and thank that Bluehole is finally going to be giving us weekly responses to our concerns and I do hope they keep this up. In response to the article (Note: I am skipping the sections that I feel are not relevant to me): Map Selection Changes: They talked about the removal of map selection and the impact that it has on queue times. I have seen people say that they were never effected by long queue times but I will say that I have had many instances of long queue around the time the Map Selection was introduced, and I do support them for the removal of it. I used to hate Miramar just as much as most others, but that map has come a long way since 1.0 and I feel that it is now a map worth playing on. Matchmaking UI Improvements: This is something that I never really gave much thought about, or have seen people talk about. But I do feel that with the current UI we have in the lobby that it does look and feel like the Alpha version of the game. So any improvements is definitely a plus. Ping-Based Matchmaking: Okay, I have a big problem with this one. When you guys first introduced this it did feel like it made a difference, but now it doesn't anymore, I don't know if this may be because of the player base drop or maybe it goes back to Map Selection, but whatever it is, this Ping Matchmaking just is not working anymore. I do hope that you will be discussing more about this and adding more permanent solutions, because with the way the game is right now it becomes unplayable for me at times to where I need to take a break. I can deal with all the bugs and cars trying to kill me when I drive them and what-not, but when I die to a laggy player it really digs deep. Other Popular Topics: Every single topic listed in here I am very much looking forward to more feedback on. Especially network performance. I think that the future plans of PUBG and what your goals for 2019 are and I would like to see a topic about the Crates and BP system, because as of right now, I REALLY dislike it. I feel that the RNG of getting a locked and unlocked crate is too in the favor of the locked crates. As of right now I have 25 locked crates sitting in my inventory that I never plan to open, over the past, I think 2 months, I have gotten less than 5 crates that I didn't have to pay for while the rest, as I said, are locked. Many people have suggested separating the two crates from each other to remove the RNG of it, I would like a response to this suggestion. I know that you guys are trying to make money and I don't blame you for that, but with the current crate system I just feel like my "Reward" for earning BP is getting the opportunity to pay real money for Keys to open my crates. This is just my two-cents on the topic. I really am glad and love that you guys are working harder to communicate with us and give us more insight on what's going on. I just hope that you keep it up. Thank you.
  14. LitchAzazel

    Dsync ?

    The Dsync is feeling extremely bad today to me.