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  1. LitchAzazel

    PUBG Caters to whiners AGAIN!

    It was more of a joke. They haven't adjusted the blue zone (as far as i know) since they rollback the patch a few months ago.
  2. LitchAzazel

    PUBG Caters to whiners AGAIN!

    Still waiting on that Blue Zone adjustment...
  3. Markers should stay, but after watching that Air-Drop video I do think they need to put a restriction on the marker now. About 50-100 meters
  4. Nah they should keep it. Makes it easier when you're saying "He's behind the tree in front of me" *There's 9 trees in front of you*
  5. Headsets suck. I use sennheiser headphones and a samson q2u mic.
  6. Yeah, they really need to make switch view its own button. I would put it on MMB if I could.
  7. I love all the snakes. Usually i run by them and see their head poking out of the bush and i run next to them (they can't turn when their side is blocked) and unload my gun into them. They don't know what to do lol
  8. LitchAzazel

    looking for people to play pubg with

    Ah damn my friends and I all play TPP. You could try the discord servers though, theres a bunch looking for new players.
  9. LitchAzazel

    Custom games

    You need 10 people to start a custom game. Wackyjacky has special privileges since he's a youtuber.
  10. LitchAzazel

    looking for people to play pubg with

    Do you play TPP or FPP?
  11. It's not perfect and, well, it's not good either, but this is a game that requires 100 people to play one round. If they were to put in a tighter matchmaking i think it would slow down queues by a lot which is probably why they haven't changed it. If this was a game that only had like 20 players a game then this would be a different story.
  12. Top 10s effect rating way more than kills. People can hot drop and get 10 kills in the first 2 minutes but if they die at like 50th place they'll have a average/low rating.
  13. My friend and i have a rating between 1880-1930, we dropped in the mountain next to camp alpha and there was a solo dropping near. We both got guns and rushed this guy. I think we scared him cause he started firing wildly in the air when we shot at him. After we killed him we looked at his stats and saw how low he was. We actually felt pretty bad..
  14. LitchAzazel

    Immersion. Limping after being shot

    The mechanic isn't a stupid idea, it would work great in a game like metal gear solid 3 or maybe arma.
  15. LitchAzazel

    Immersion. Limping after being shot

    In a simulation game that would be a fun feature, but for a competitive game like PUBG a small mechanic like that would drive many players away.