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  1. Game crash: Megathread

    Crash at end game at least 5 times death circle get back im dead and this is on the new console one x
  2. Blue Zone

    Solo strat xbox stay out of the damage area hmmm engage enemy player or players 21 seconds to shrink two enemy players down 50 meters from safe zone no heal just move 10 seconds to shrink 20 meters from safe area 5secs to shrink enemy contact enemy down. Ok so from this point there are 9 enemy combatants left I know one if I dont heal now im going to die barely a vest barely a helmet. Heal but cant move until this med takes affect. Healed now i can move 10 meters to play area death zone closing fast well in less time it takes to heal 5 meters from safe area im done. I already had full boost from pain killers and a heal and I know my strat works I have managed to make it many times before. Im saying decrease movement shrink on the second to last circle or the dot. If I didnt have over 300hrs on pc I would keep this to myself and try another strat which I will do anyway. The xbox version has a long way to go before it holds a candle to the pc version so being toxic with comments like stay out of the damage over time area doesnt cut it it can be fixed thats why I made the suggestion im not reporting a bug cause this version of the game is full of them.
  3. Blue Zone

    The play zone before death circle dial blue zone back death over time is way to fast with full meds of pain killers and full health died from the blue zone twice because of this less than 50 meters away.
  4. Anti-Car Opportunities

    Spawn less vehicles they did it on pc the hole spike strip mines and shit well that b way to much code to put n and xbox cant handle it. Its called skill good frames which the xbox in its current state well lets just say its not ever going to have and performance of vehicles thats funny cause i had three kills lvl three out plenty of everything motor bike goes by which i hear it but the uaz that killed me well lets just say wtf. This game needs a lot of work. The spawn less vehicles will work because when the bad players cant find one and they r forced to fight and get put out of the game 1 less vehicle u or me have to worry about.
  5. It has grown a especially new thing use vehicle get kills smart right yes. Its outrageous blue hole will evan condon it but if ur not good at no aim assist go back to COD please i beg you. Blue Hole less cars equals less the childish game play yes fun but no more and yes i have used the car thing and to me its stupid. Lesson the vehicle spawn thank you especially in the solo game mode.
  6. I got the loot body crash weeeeeeee