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  1. FPP sensitivity.

    Completely agree, I posted a smiliar topic about this today, good to know other people have noticed this too.
  2. We need aim assist on console

    don't put aim assist aim assist = less skill curve
  3. It would be great if the base sensitivity would be 1-20, to enable faster base movment for more skilled players. Clearing buildings, or suddenly turning, the *base* sensitivity is just too low compared to other games, thank you.
  4. Console Control Settings

    Clarification! I ment on 3 that it would stay like the current game, a different sensitivity option for each scope level.
  5. Console Control Settings

    Hello there, I'd like to suggest 4 things that might make future concole gamers more happy. 1. Make sure there is an option to turn off acceleration, (if there will be one on concole). 2. An option to make a custom key bindings, in BF1 for instance I like the crouch/prone to be on R3 and melee on O. 3. Make sure the option for different sensitivities for scopes and off-zoom stays the same on concole. 4. An option for a Lean mechanic, similar to Rainbow 6 Siege when zooming and pressing r3/l3 or r1/l3. Thank you, and have a good day