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  1. Takarii

    Vikendi main screen

    Is your desktop UI scaling set to something more than 100%? its a known issue that has been raised already, but as an interim workaround you should be able to resolve it by setting your scaling to 100% before loading the game.
  2. Takarii


    Oh, please don't misunderstand - I was simply pointing out people in general are more likely to comment on something if it negatively impacts them than if it positively does. The survey does indeed provide some good feedback and I certainly agree that a number of the voices I have personally heard would like to see the same as you: increased loot or more consistent/evenly spread loot instead of wallking into a compound of 5 buildings and finding only pistols. Feedback is always important, so thank you for taking the time to explain why you personally feel a change is needed
  3. Takarii


    Its worth noting that people will most often point out when random "screws" them, but rarely mention when random favors them. This can give the impression that there is a problem where one may not even exist. To put it another way - If you order a pizza and it arrives hot, and the order is correct, how often do you call the store to say it was correct? If you order the same pizza and it arrives cold or is the wrong pizza, what are the chances you will call them to say that mistakes were made? If the pizza place puts out 3000 pizzas a week, and gets 100 phone calls where 90% are complaints vs 10% compliments , does this mean that they are screwing up 90% of orders, or is the fact that 2910 of the orders didn't call back and so can be assumed to have recieved their orders correctly (and therefore one can assume the error rate is vastly smaller). Typically you will find that people are more likely to be vocal when something happens that they dislike, or believe to be incorrect - You see this all over the internet. The item spawn rate is something that can randomly work with you or against you and each game has no connection to the randomness of any games moving forwards. Perceptions and opinions change from person to person. I personally don't feel that it has a problem, but thats my own opinion on it. I beleive that the abundance of items and the item spawn ratio on sanhok could be skewing perception a little too.
  4. Takarii

    squad mode only? really?

    I'd like to remind you that the point of the test server is to test the patch and the new map. This can be done equally as well playing in a squad or as a solo/duo. In order to do this, people need to be able to get into the game without having to wait extended time for matchmaking to be done. As such, a single squad size reduces the potential queues by 2/3
  5. Its web cachining issue. If you can matchmake as normal, you can ignore it.
  6. Takarii

    need to know about pubg

    PUBG on PC is not going free to play and there is no public information on if it ever will. If this ever changes, an announcement would be made. Payments are handled by the Steam or Xsolla depending on where you purchase it from and are not something that we have control over.
  7. Takarii

    News for FPP?

    Please see the post below regarding how perspectives and squad sizes will be made avaliable
  8. Takarii

    Non riesco a mirare

    Per favore guarda questa guida
  9. Takarii


    There have been no recent changes to how loot is spawned. Unfortunately, random is still random and will produce random results.
  10. Takarii

    Does Pubg Corp Listen To Its Players?

    In none of your previous posts did you mention what troubleshooting you went through, whether or not you followed the troubleshooting guide (https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/181292-read-me-first-troubleshooting-steps/) or even list your system specs. Given you are still experiencing this problem almost a year later, despite there being multiple updates in that time, it does suggest that something on your system could be causing the problem. Since you originally mentioned the problem, have you reformatted your system at all, or is it still the same as it was back then? If not, please ensure you follow the 14 steps in the guide before we go any further. As you mentioned that the test client works fine, i would recommend attempting step 14 of the guide first and seeing if the problem persists. Sometimes a clean install fixes the majority of issues.
  11. Keep in mind that the PS4 and PS4 Pro are not running the game at 4k, unlike the XB1X.
  12. Takarii

    Ps4 pubg gameplay feedback

    PUBG Mobile is an entirely different game and is developed by an entirely different developer. The games are not compatible with each other and that is why you cannot connect your accounts. Regarding darkness inside buildings, I had a similar issue with it myself but changing my TV settings appears to have significantly improved it. Have you tried changing your own TV's settings?
  13. Takarii

    Where Is FPP?

    Please see the post below explaining how modes will be opened on the PS4. Keep in mind that this is designed to keep matchmaking times as low as possible but is constantly being monitored and that the game is still only 4 days old on PS4.
  14. Takarii

    need to know about pubg

    I'm unsure what you mean by cash on delivery, however as far as I am aware, there are no physical versions of PUBG for PC and all keys are digital.You can purchase the game by visiting https://buy.battlegroundsgame.com/ to purchase through the main game website or you can visit the steam website directly at https://store.steampowered.com/app/578080/PLAYERUNKNOWNS_BATTLEGROUNDS/ to purchase it directly onto your steam account. Please note, in each case you will require a steam account in order to play the game. Regarding matchmaking, PUBG employs a rating based matchmaking system that aims to place similarly rated players together to provide as even an experience as possible as much as possible.
  15. Sorry, I have no information to share regarding that as I am not part of the developer team.