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  1. Takarii

    Wrong matchstate pre-login:In progress

    As I said, its something that needs investigating as its unclear if it is a bug that prevents the loading or simply a connection issue unreleated to the game.
  2. Takarii

    Bug with aiming

    This has been reported to the team and is being looked into.
  3. Takarii

    Graphics crash on Miramar while in vehicle

    Could you please verify your game files to make sure there is no corruption?
  4. Takarii

    Wrong matchstate pre-login:In progress

    This error usually appears when you havent loaded into the lobby yet and the connection fails due to a crash. You then see this message when you try to "reconnect". This message itself isn't a bug, however the steps leading up to the crash/forced closure is something the team may need to investigate.
  5. Takarii

    invisible wall on miramar

    Thank you for letting us know. This has been forwarded to the team to be looked at.
  6. Takarii

    dlc reward issue :(

    The most you can do right now is raise a ticket with support and see what they say. Chances are that may not get the item as the pass ended quite some time ago and this should have been raised when it happened. Visit the support page to raise the ticket https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us
  7. Takarii

    Duplicate game key

    You need to speak to the place that you purchased the key from. If they have issued you an invalid key, they are the ones that will rectify it. If you used Xsolla, they are the point of contact you need to speak to.
  8. The team is aware of this bug and is working towards a fix
  9. Takarii

    Please fix for map sellection Community

    Please read this topic on why individual map selection was removed and the current queue system was implemented.
  10. Thanks for pointing this out. It has been raised with the team already to be looked into. Keep up the good work!
  11. Takarii

    Please patch Driving!!!

    The team are aware of the problem. It appears to be occuring when you have a second controller charging via USB while playing. Unplugging that second controller should solve the issue while the team work on a fix.
  12. No matter what time the maintenance is done, someone somewhere is going to be inconvenienced. The maintenance is done during office hours in Korea where the developers are based. Contrary to what some people believe, NA is not a majority region and it just happens to be that the maintenance windows affect them more than anyone else. Almost all other regions are mostly unaffected and these regions contribute far more of the playerbase that those who are unable to access the game due to the nessecerary downtime. Keep an eye on the official twitter account so you can keep up to date when maintenance happens.
  13. Takarii

    Routine Maintenance

    Every time there is maintenance it is put on twitter and in the official discord.
  14. Stream sniping is against the rules. If you are caught breaking the rules, then you will be punished accordingly. This isn't a topic that is open to debate as to whether or not is should be punished.
  15. Takarii


    Could you follow the steps in this post and let me know if it is successful? https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/212986-crash-issues-information-collection/?page=8&tab=comments#comment-932099