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  1. Takarii

    Miramar only.

    Currently the map you will join is entirely random. As far as I am aware the split is even. However, due to the nature of how random works, you can still end up getting the same map repeatedly. That said, the chances of getting a particular map can skew slightly based on a few other factors. My understanding is that the matchmaking system prioritises adding players to games that have already been created over creating a new game instance. This can mean that if there are multiple games that have been created (but not yet started) then the system will connect you to one of those games. If people are leaving a game before it starts then that could explain why it appears the game is "favoring" one map over the other. That's my understanding at least. Before map selection arrived on the PC I was experiencing a similar scenario.
  2. Takarii

    Parachuting & Invisibility

    Maybe its because the new parachute skin is camouflaged /endjoke Does the "invisible parachute" issue appear in the replays too? Next time you think it has happened, can you take a look at the replay for me?
  3. A large number of spam accounts get created manually by an person these days. Unfortunately this means that it doesn't really matter how many questions you put in a signup process, a human isn't going to get stumped by them in the same way that a bot does.
  4. Takarii

    Why my crossbow kills from the event doesn't count

    As far as I am aware, achievements aren't tracked during event modes.
  5. Takarii

    Lags and Fps Drops with new PC

    Can you get your buddy to visit the thread below and ask him to submit a ticket with the information requested? Data is being actively collected regarding FPS issues.
  6. Takarii

    DLC for Xbox?

    That's correct, however a tweet made earlier stated that the ingame outfit store is currently unavailable. You can use the main store in the link on the tweet in the mean time.
  7. Takarii

    Has ANYONE been banned on Xbox?

    Ha. Nice try Account bans like that are enforced by a global clock and not what your system is set to.
  8. Takarii

    First time build

    Looks like a pretty solid build. Don't forget to get some thermal paste. The heatsink will come with some on it, but a good aftermarket paste like arctic silver will be much better than the factory stuff it comes with. The one thing I would mention is that if you can wait ~3 months or so (maybe less) then you might be able to save yourself some money or be able to get a nicer graphics card. Nvidia are due to launch their next generation cards at some point this summer (fingers crossed). At the least it should make the 1080 cheaper to buy, at best you can get an 1180//2080 (whatever they decide to call it) for roughly the same price as you are already willing to spend (or perhaps a little more - price is still a little speculative).
  9. Given that the game is unfinished, it should be expected that changes are being made rapidly. Anyone who purchases the game is made aware that it is part of the Game Preview Program. Your report of it causing your console to switch off is the first I've seen so far, so I will keep an eye out for similar posts. Given that a number of people have mentioned that assets are taking a while to load in, and that your system shuts off when you jump (and would technically be one of the points in the game where the system is working the hardest and most likely when it pulls extra power) the suggestion that there could be a fault with the system (or more accurately the power supply) is plausible. I'm not saying its for certain, that would be impossible for me to tell. Check out microsofts troubleshooting page regarding the console shutting off when playing games https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-one/console/console-turns-off-unexpectedly
  10. It's not actually a daft suggestion. A PC with a power supply fault might only shut the system off when performing certain tasks. You could be happily playing away and then stumble upon 1 game that keeps triggering the fault. Given that the Xbox is basically a PC with custom hardware, the idea that there could be a fault with the power supply isn't all that far fetched. Did this only start happening recently, or has it been going on for a while?
  11. List the hardware you have in your computer.
  12. Takarii

    $4500 Setup - PUBG Unplayable - Help!

    Could you take a look at the information collection post below and submit the information requested to our support team?
  13. Would you mind posting your system specs, including driver and windows version? If its windows 10, can you also let me know the build version?
  14. Takarii

    Why can't I sell these stuff

    Please refer to this announcement
  15. Takarii

    Why not

    Information relating to the FPS issues people have been having is being actively collected to identify the causes of the drops/stuttering. If you are having issues regarding FPS, visit the below post and submit a ticket with the information outlined.