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  1. Well...... It's an ongoing multiplayer game, that needs running servers -> servers cost money, so i am somewhat fine with them trying to cover their monthly cost without cutting too much into that sweet initial game purchase cash. Let's face it, 90% of the gamers ( if not more ) have bought the game already and i doubt that re-buying cheating account cover much of the costs. That being said, i am totally fine with the Season Pass - you get guaranteed stuff, if you need/want it. No chance, no gambling - grind and you get. As much as i have read, they stopped the renting with the pass, so all is fair in my personal opinion. Same with the skins, that you can buy - if you feel like shelling out 10$ for a skin, cool for you, not my money. The Lootbox/Key system on the other hand is a friggin scam and should be seriously reworked. Yes, it IS gambling and everybody knows it. Having 5 of 7 boxes every week locked is pretty much on the same level as EA with their Battlefront desaster and if we gamers would be at least a tiny bit on the smart side, no one would buy keys currently. Keep the keys, eliminate the chance of getting doubles, triples etc. - cool. Let players opt out of getting locker crates and just the regular ones - cool again. But paying 2.5 $ for a beige rugged skin, that i already have 4 times - nopes, that's scamming and keeps me from actually buying keys anymore. Would be perfectly willing to shell out a few bucks every now and then, but not within the current scheme.
  2. Same and after watching every replay, where it crashes, i am by now very sure, that this is a hack. Given the googles, apparently its a hack that exists at least since release. Seriously not sure, HOW they do it though, probably feeding some rubbish to the client<->server connection.
  3. Thanks, though still....HE'LL BE BACK IN 2118 !!!!! Now, i am aware, that BH improved a lot in this regard and just wanted to check, if the Crash on Report would be worth doing the Zendesk again. MIght just be a coincedence then.
  4. Indeed. But browsing through my Appdata to find the correct folder with the replay, packing and uploading it...and seeing the reported and obviously cheating players two months later is just not worth my time, when the police is rather pursuing other goals. Strangely though - my client almost never crashes without the "Report" button ( 1 total shutdown w/o error report since launch ), that's why i actually posted.
  5. Heya, just out of personal curiosity - is it a known bug, that the client sometimes crashes completely after pressing "Report" or is this a Hack of some kind ? I am aware, that some of the hack groups are advertising with "you can't be reported" though i am not sure if that could be what they are referring to. As subjective as it is, it seems to me, that this only happens, when i am ( again totes subjectively ) very sure, that i am reporting a Hacker ...and not being salty because outplayed Already stopped using zendesk, because it is pointless, but would like to know, if pressing "Report" is moving into the same territory. ...aaaand yes, i know rhat in 5000 hours you have not experienced a hacker/cheater and i am also aware, that you get hacked in every game, so please do not consider this to be another cheating discussion, but just a query for this ( crashing on report ) issue. Thanks and have a nice time
  6. While i agree that the Kar should be way more limited, i usually get hipshot by it ...which might point towards an entirely different issue
  7. Flagg

    PC 1.0 Update #12

    a ) i am sorry, but this looks just funny and would actually count as a game that you at least remember. b) how often does this happen ? playing since beta and had the circle ONCE close in partial water c ) what does the change alter in a situation like this, besides resolving it faster ?
  8. Flagg

    PC 1.0 Update #12

    We’ve made some adjustments to the way swimming works to reduce the effectiveness of hiding underwater. We’ve decreased the maximum submersible time from 35 to 15 seconds Once you’ve run out of air, you’ll now take 10 damage per second (up from four damage per second) We’ve increased the delay for breath recovery time from one to four seconds. (In other words, when you lift your head up out of the water, it’ll now take four seconds before you begin to recover your breath) Just my personal opinion - bad change. "Hiding" underwater was always very situational and came with the disadvantage of not being able to shoot, while people could see you emerging. It WAS possible though to reach the island if necessary with swimming without being immediately headshotted. 15 seconds underwater is just silly....are all chars in the game 10+ year smokers ?! Why not just turn the water into lava and be done with it ? Me no likey this one.
  9. tl,dr and that in a game that has the revolver and winchester.......
  10. Flagg

    Cheating Discussion

    Well, as a guy i know from the eastern part of EU is saying "why you not cheat ? everyone here cheats" and yes, he was seriously baffled about the concept of playing fair. Thats actually whats bothering me most....everyone is picking on the chinese and yes, they ARE problematic, but the EU got its own cunts to care about too.
  11. Flagg

    Cheating Discussion

    Same on EU....at least one in every single game, there is a bit on the positive side though - we got WEAPON SKINS now and i am SO, SOOOOO excited about that. Milk that cow as long as you can, from a business perspective - kudos for your balls PUBG "Corp", seriously !
  12. Flagg

    Cheating Discussion

    Given this wonderful piece of information also implies, that the "Open a ticket with video evidence" is pretty much a smoke bomb Given the amount of tickets opened, we can assume that the attachments are not being saved for a long time, if not immediately being erased. If you don't attach anything you get a copy paste in the sense of "Unfortunately we can't do anything without video evidence" So, spending our time and bandwidth to help BH improving their game is essentially being disregarded and unless a number of x reports are going in for a cheater, nothing is happening at all. Further we can assume, that the "number of x" value is pretty much known in certain circles and at least the not completely braindead cheaters will take care, that they stay under the radar. Can't wait for any AAA company to give me exactly the same game with more server side calculations, ping locks and an actual interest in more than a quick buck (ok, last one will be tough). I honestly think that unfortunately the game will be a footnote at the end of the year due to bad business decisions.
  13. Flagg

    Cheating Discussion

    But you can emote your displeasure about it now ! And no, different teams do different stuff does not really work for me anymore, since in the last months the excuse for lack of new content has been "Most of the ressources are being put into Anti Cheat" Can't wait to hear about the major victories from BlueHole, like we managed to ban VMWare !!!! Weeee ! I bet there was a lot of high fiving and fist bumping going on after that accomplishment. Also i am still missing an explanation, in what way the Ping approximation solution is way better than a Ping Lock....this puzzles me greatly.
  14. Flagg

    Cheating Discussion

    Todays Anti Cheat update is pointless too. As it seems, they did not even have to upgrade their Aimbots. Good job, seriously GREAT job ..unfortunately by the Cheat Coders
  15. Flagg

    Cheating Discussion

    Not sure how true, so take it with at least a grain of salt, but since i experienced the same and did some googling, some cheatpages advertise a "not possible to report you" function, which might or might not be that. Still can report with page and replay, though i guess that if not at least 5 gamers are doing that on someone, it gets deleted anyway. That said, it might also be a plain bug, though it happened three times for me on VERY obvious cheaters.