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  1. Calling Out the Pre-Release Sham

    Ok, here i laughed - this i have to admit. Are you trying to say that people are NOT doing business to cater to my, your or anyone elses needs, BUT TO MAKE MONEY ??!?! HERETIC !
  2. Sadly, once reaching the top....i don't know what....probably 1000, nearly every single game has at least one. No, EU is as pestiferous as NA by now. Just had 8 out of 10 games obvious cheaters and though PUBG still breaks records on Steam, i am out for now. Thanks PU for "inventing" the genre, but this is so far from being seriously competitive in the current state, that it's ridiculous. Yep, i know - Buh-Bye.
  3. It may sound cruel, but playing from Thailand on NA Servers with a 200+ ping actually makes you come pretty close to a cheater on these servers, involuntarily as it might be.
  4. "As we announced at The Game Awards, we will be leaving Steam Early Access and launching version 1.0 on PC on December 20th (or December 21st, depending on your timezone) and there will be no price increase when we move out of the Early Access. In addition, all new Battle Royale maps will be free for all players. " From the biggish "The road..." post
  5. It would be so much greater to release a build with a known and apparently pretty fixable (within an hour) bug ....ON A TEST SERVER .....IN ( Yes, still ) EA ... some people seriously puzzle me.
  6. The PUBG servers are not in specific geographic locations ? is NOT the internet Still, to go with the metapher....could ask a friend to send me some, but the experience would be below my expectations.....I WANT MY BACON BURGER DAMMIT !
  7. If you want to see cheater stats, just go here https://pubg.op.gg/ First 10-20 of pretty much every region/mode should be under very close observation imo
  8. I like it actually and guess i'll open reports once a week with the site stats as evidence.... Seems like a good waste of time
  9. Same gamepedia : Q: What is the ranking system? | A: ELO to be added in the future after Early Access; An early version of the skill-based matchmaking system is already in the game. Seems a bit contradicting oO
  10. Eh, you've been fun for a few minutes, while you were at least trying to have an argument, but your eagle post just makes me laugh, so i am out. Enjoy the game though
  11. No Sir, players of my skill level won't blast me to oblivion, but have a fair chance, as much as i do. You have been ranked, apparently the system estimated your skill too high and in the next rounds ( and hopefully with an improving matchmaking ) you'll be ranked accordingly. Random matching is just a bad idea, which is why we have leagues in pretty much every sport. You ARE aware, that you are actually proposing communist matchmaking, right ? Competitiveness is not really a communist concept and i am puzzled why eagles would help....
  12. But as you said - in your first game, the noobies didn't bother to move and things were so cool and amazing, since you could win 2 games Apologies if i got you wrong here though. As far as i am aware pretty much every current competitive game employs some kind of matchmaking and at least for me, it's fine - i'd rather play against people within my skill range ( admittedly not that high ) and improve instead of being on a shooting range or having someone way above me. Just my 0.01$ of course.
  13. Sooooo....this is "I only want to play against people with less skill, because reasons" ? Baffling....
  14. We might have played on the same Ultima Online servers.... That being said, sad thing is - they DO see the person and that's exactly what they are going for, it's all for teh lulz.