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  1. Cheating has killed this game

    B....b.....but they banned 322000 This is a joke, seriously.....all leaderboards occupied by cheaters 2 hours after reset....
  2. Cheating has killed this game

    Keeping my fingers crossed too, though what could the leaderboard influence ? Check the Steam forums and you can see their workaround for advertisement. And playing mostly EU Duo, the situation is not that much better and just yesterday from 4 sessions....2 fine ones and 2 with a duo wiping the session with "headshot with punch" As long as the skin trade goes on and the regions are free for all... this will go on and judging the international sales curves most likely get worse. Still enjoying it too much to give up on it, but for some weeks now it is getting worse.
  3. While i would totally agree and vote for the OldMan to keep his Camel Coat, i heard a million cheaters fistbump.....;)
  4. Thought they would go the Blizzard route with "Buy Boxes from us", but thanks for the clarification, i wasn't aware of it. Doesn't fill me with hope that the widespread cheating will stop at some point....
  5. Guess the legal part is pretty much covered in the EULA You agree and acknowledge that all title, ownership rights, and intellectual property rights connected with the Game Software and any and all copies thereof (including but not limited to any derivative works, titles, computer code, themes, objects, characters, character names, stories, dialogs, catch phrases, locations, concepts, artwork, graphics, animation, sounds, musical compositions, audio-visual effects, text, screen displays, methods of operation, moral rights, “applets” incorporated into the Game Software, and any related documentation) are owned by Bluehole or its licensors. It's the good old story....you don't buy the game or item, but the license to use it according to the owners terms
  6. Well, yes, i have a hard time seeing this happen too, but i see two options - the system works as intended, which means that in the long run there won't be a solution for the cheaters given the incentive of getting a 1000$ skin. - the system does not work as intended and is getting out of control. PU announced months ago, that they intend to earn money from skins and if BH only would sell them - go on guys. The public trade though ( as far as i would think ) does not generate a considerable income for BH ( Steam IS getting a share from each sale, but i am not sure about BH ) . If someone decides to spend cash on items in EA...no one said, that there WON'T be a reset, so ... Items that are there because of very early supporters should stay though, since those players actually helped the Devs
  7. While i still think, just prohibiting the player <-> player skin market would be s great step in the right direction, i do not see it happen - so how about announcing, that all characters will get a total reset on 1.0 ? I would presume, that this would hopefully discourage people from buying skins and give Bluehole/Battleye some time to work on a more solid ban system. Just an idea though
  8. Cheating has killed this game

    Even in the single digit percentage, given the size of the sessions, it means you got one per game on average. The cheating problem in pubg is starting to get a bit of media attention though ( sorry for german link ) https://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Playerunknown-s-Battlegrounds-hat-ein-massives-Cheater-Problem-3863322.html
  9. Cheating has killed this game

    It's a bit tricky imo. Only a very tiny amount of cheats and cheaters are obvious and the people that are not selling, but actually using the cheats are utilizing them very carefully to leave a reasonable amount of doubt. Not EVERY headshot hits, but every 2nd or 3rd, Wallhacks/ESPs are being turned on/off selectively etc., so the kills are moving into the "Could be explained/legit" areas The problem is (mostly) not the chinese hackers which are filling the boards with K/D > 30 - these people sell and want their product advertised, which makes their cheating obvious and reasonably easy to ban. The buyers mostly don't want to attract the attention that comes with Top10 and see their cheating more as assists and use them as such. I am pretty jealous of you guys, that never experienced a cheater, but denying that PUBG currently has a problem with cheating is as helpful as every kill MUST be a cheat. From my perspective the current problem with/emergence of cheating on a large scale makes me a bit paranoid regarding kills and instead of just accepting that i have been outplayed, a lot of times the tiny voice in the back of my head argues with "There are a lot of cheaters, hence this must have been a cheat" Besides all that - taking away the Steam Market item sale WOULD help, but if BH really is getting a cut from every sale i don't see this happening either. Companies value money for some reason....
  10. Other game to practice shooting???

    Might not be the top choice, since browser based and there might be slight latency issues depending on your connection, but https://aim400kg.com/ might be helpful. Absolutely not similar to PUBG though
  11. Seriously, F’N VEHICLES.

    Possibly because that's the route everyone else, like from Gatka and Pochinki, has been taken before you ? In that situation i'd rather risk the coastal more scenic route
  12. Cheating has killed this game

    I would not go that far actually,, but KillCams as cheating proof do have issues - Performance, Subjectivity and sheer amount of data to review. Given that Desync and Server Performance are still an issue, having to store accurate KillCam data for 100 players/session would have an additional impact on this. While i would appreciate a KillCam, i would rather see them adressing the issue and ban according to the data they and Battleye collect instead of relying on players subjective impressions. Even when you presume a low cheater base of...let's say...0.1% it means that at peak times 2000 matches/videos/reports per 30 minutes. No company that i am aware of would have the manpower to actually review this, so ultimately the Killcam reports would be useless.
  13. Seriously, F’N VEHICLES.

    Would also agree, that the vehicle spawn rate is fine as it is. Technically you should not rely on them to get to the circle and time your ways in a manner, that you can reach the circle on foot. Works 90% of the time for me and the other 10% i either looted for too long or.....nopse, let's be honest....i looted for too long. As with a lot of things in PUBG, high risk, high reward. Prefer to have a quiet time and land in Zharki - risk to run A LOT, land in the middle - have 10 players around you. Take the reasonably safe but slower UAZ or risk your limbs on a motorbike. The motorbike with sidecar though....oooh boy, now THAT'S a death trap.
  14. Cheating has killed this game

    30+ Headshots with Punch and/or <Insert weapon of choice> , Running like a rabbit on Amphetamines, Shooting through walls, Jumping out of cars and immediately headshot Duos/Squads.... These are the things i come across pretty much once every evening and i am playing on EU, which is (as far as i am reading) one of the less impacted regions. And yes, i am very aware of my limitations and mostly also my mistakes
  15. Cheating has killed this game

    Soooo.......impossible to say unless they are cheating ? J/K, i would agree that sophisticated cheaters are very hard to confirm, but sophisticated is not the rule currently and most cheaters are blatantly obvious. Yes, there are some amazing players out there, but judging from my own decades of experience there are more cheaters than Grimmz or Shrouds. Simple thing is - cheating in PUBG will never be completely eliminated, but it started to get out of hand when money was introduced into the equation and that CAN be easily removed ( as has been suggested several times ) If one successful lootbox can get you the money to a) pay the monthly cheat fee and b) buy some new copies in case of a ban, the system is faulty. - MAC Ban would be awesome, but so far i haven't seen a single company with the guts to implement it ( and even then MACs can be spoofed, so it might make bans just a wee bit more effective ), getting a machine hash might work, but as said - most likely won't happen. - Cutesy fanboys with "I got 15000 hours and never met a cheater" are as helpful as "I report 100% of my losses, cause i'm the best and no one can hit me" - there IS a cheating problem in PUBG currently and this can be easily confirmed with data ( leaderboards etc ) - Given a cheating population of 0.5% ( i do not really have numbers, so take this as a wild and probably wrong guess ) in games with 10 players per session is not much of an issue....you might meet one every 10th game - in a game with 100 per session you might meet one every 2nd game. - The current ( and i sincerely hope ONGOING ) hype is immense and attracts people who want to capitalize or want/need to make money as well as it most likely overwhelms the studio. So bottomline - besides the desync issue (Regionlock plx ), where i am convinced that it is being worked on with a high priority, a lot of the cheaters could be discouraged with just taking money away from it. Heck, if BH wants to do their own skin sale to make money, i'd be fine, but enabling players to make 1000$ on a friggin random lootbox is wrong. It should be a game, not a lottery - want to make money, play tournaments/stream/whatever. As i currently see it, this change is not on the horizon and just relying on Battleye/Steam is obviously not working very well. For me personally (!) this means that there are more doubts in the game than necessary and if the cheating continues on this scale, i'll just stop playing it ( yes, close the door from the outside, no one cares, bye bye - i know ) Cheers guys and see you ingame.