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Found 4 results

  1. I've noticed that no matter how hard I try, every time we go back to the lobby after a game, if we're in duos or squads, it saves the choice of what type of game we are playing. If we play a solo FPP game, make it so that when it loads back we can simply just click "Play" and save the FPP choice. Instead when we get thrown into lobby after a solo match, we're automatically slammed back into 3rd person mode. If I had the SDK I'd gladly write the code for you. And you've already got all of the "if checks" in place for duos and squads, so can you please focus on making this a saved thing soon in the next patch hopefully for those of us who prefer to save our solo game choice?
  2. Cheating has killed this game

    I have over 600 hours in this game and for the most part I've loved every second of it. However, this last week I have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of players using cheats which has ruined the experience completely for me. Today alone I have played roughly 20 matches and in every single one there has been someone using a hack. Hacks I have noticed: Speed hack- The player can move faster than me whilst I am sprinting and they are in crouch, they also seem to be able to fire their gun whilst sprinting. Aim hack- Multiple times I have been behind cover only to have the exact spot my head is behind bombarded with bullets, almost as if the enemy can see my head position through surfaces. Not to mention the times my whole squad has been wiped out by a single enemy using an AKM at long range, in a matter of seconds, no shots missed. Teleport hack?- This may or may not be a thing but my squad was driving full speed in a UAZ only for us ALL and I honestly mean all four of us to instantly die to one guy getting headshots on us. We waited around in the game and watched the kill feed only to see the same guy take down multiple squads all by himself in quick succession. Either all these squads were close together in the circle or this guy had some way of moving between locations at impossible speed. From what I've seen the accounts using hacks often have similar names, for example I have encountered numerous cheats called CN-(series of numbers) or a random arrangement of letters. Check out the NA solo 3pp leader board, same name almost in all top 10 spots. As far as I'm concerned there's nothing I can do other than stop playing the game, and despite people suggesting to play fpp or on a different regions server, I am still experiencing numerous hackers. Please let me know if you're experiencing this too, and I hope to God there's a solution to this crap in the near future!
  3. Third person discussion

    I've heard a lot of people complain about how third person camera gives campers/hiders too much of an advantage since they can remain hidden while keeping full view of their surroundings. One alternative, is, of course, the first person only mode and I know some people are looking forward to that. I was wondering if it weren't possible to have the best of both worlds. What if other players were invisible (or perhaps mostly obscured through some graphical effect where you couldn't really see exactly where they were) unless your character had a line of sight to them from his or her head? This would reduce or eliminate the safety of camping totally hidden while preserving the look and feel of third person that so many of us prefer.
  4. What does everyone think about the 3rd person crosshair shooting mechanic? I feel like it needs to be nerfed a bit or have the crosshair taken out for 3rd person. This will give more incentive to aim down the scopes/iron sights and give a more real and immersive gameplay experience. Theres all these cool iron sights and reticles to attach on the gun for a reason So why not? Anyway, thoughts on this?