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Found 6 results

  1. I'm gonna be generous here and say up to 10% of teamkillers do it simply for the love of chaos. The other 90% do it for the clear benefits the game presents to them: Kill your teammates and their armour/weapons/meds/vehicle will be yours for the taking. It's widespread, it's annoying, and it's severely affecting many people's ability to play the game. Here's how we fix it overnight. When you are killed, everything you have drops into those little wooden boxes, right? Now instead of those boxes being open for everyone to browse instantly on death, they are unlootable for the first ten seconds, and the deceased gets those ten seconds to assign a state to their box: Normal The box behaves as they all currently do. Individual lock You can list the name of someone in your squad that you want to refuse box access to. Anyone else can loot it as normal. Team lock Your crate is locked off from anyone in your team being able to access it- useful if a whole team gangs up on you. Anyone outside your team can still loot it. If nothing is selected, after ten seconds the box reverts to being open to everyone, just like current boxes are. Now, if teamkillers know they might not even get the loot they desire by murdering their teammates, a giant chunk of the incentive to do so has just vanished. Now, I recognise this might be exploited by salty players to prevent their honest hardworking team from grabbing their stuff in a fair firefight, but since instances of looting a teammate in the middle or after a gunbattle get more and more scarce the deeper into the match you go (and dead opponents cough up better stuff later on anyway), this potential drawback seems negligible. What do you think?
  2. Help Game Code dupluicate

    I Bought the game on amazon for the digital code from BlueHole, Inc provided by Amazon digital as soon as they sent me the code i put it in Steam and i get a duplicate code it is already attached to an account. Now if you go to amazon they say contact steam steam says contact retailer neither has an option to contact them about this. I have the proof i bought this code how i can i fix this. No one will help me. No one to contact i have tried everything. I am literally just screwed? Cant they void the previous code and give me a new one. I tried to contact someone at battleground no luck. I bought this today tried to use it 10 min after i bought it. Please anyone i need help and no one will help.

    I want to know about the version in xbox one, it will be available or exist?? please this is an amazing game the players in Xbox One need it.
  4. Shared Access NAT

    Hello, I do not know if this is a problem with my PC solely or a general bug. If I activate "Internet Connection Sharing" under windows 7 and start the game it pretty often (about every second game almost only at the beginning in the Lobby) just crashes without an error message. In the Eventviewer the following Error gets generated: "SharedAcces_NAT" Event-ID: 31004 (see Picture below ) When using "Internet Connection Sharing" while playing other games or surfing the Internet I don't get any Problems and no Errors get generated in the Eventviewer. I share my Connection from my LTE Internet-stick to my WLAN-card to generate a Hotspot. If any specific information is needed just ask and I will try to provide it.
  5. How to acces

    Hey , i watched a lot of this game and im loving int , how do i acces? do i need any key or something? i have enough pc to run it