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Found 107 results

  1. Firstly you guys are doing a great job on the updates keep them coming... The third person aiming in the game is useless I have the crosshairs on screen on the person and it just doesn't seem to hit the hit detection or hit marker needs looking into, I know you can aim down scope and go into first person but sometimes its quicker to fire from the third person perspective and holding the trigger to concentrate fire doesn't help...can you please look into this cause even standing directly opposite someone and no shots land is ridiculous
  2. Hey guys I just wanted to throw this up because this really bothered me because I feel like I had the advantage on this guy everytime I seen him. Was I missing? Was the blood fake? Does pubg need to work on hit detection before cars? What do you think?
  3. Shotguns

    Could shotguns change from buckshot to slugs and just have a hard damage fall off at range? This could also give you the chance to put red dot and holo sights on shotguns. You could make the range damage fall to practically nothing after 30 meters. If that happened then shotguns would actually be effective to take into late game circles with an AR or sniper.
  4. For those who don’t know; Aim punch is a mechanic which makes your character/aim twitch and/or move a little when being shot. Aim punch as a mechanic is a nice balancing factor especially with one shot snipers. However I feel that aim punch in PUBG is badly executed. In PUBG aim punch is random. Sometimes you (or the enemy) get it and sometimes you don’t, regardless of armor lvl. In my opinion outcome of PvP combat should be determined by individual players mechanical skill and decision making, and not to be influenced by coded-in RNG mechanic. I think that if PUBG is to have aim punch it should be 100% and not based on RNG. 100% or not at all. What do you think? Like/hate Aim punch, hate/like that it’s random? Vote and discuss..
  5. I prefer to play without aim acceleration, and I've noticed that in some situations even with all values set to 9 or even 10 the turn rate is far too low. This makes it difficult to respond when taking unexpected fire, especially in close quarters. I think a good fix would be to add higher values, instead of making the current values of 1-10 have higher input and therefore higher gaps between them. It's important to give players as much flexibility as possible and fine tuning sensitivity is a crucial component of a players experience.
  6. Aiming and camera flow patch soon? (Xbox)

    I have recently been playing PUBG on the Xbox. I have noticed that the flow of the camera is delayed (both first and 3rd person). I'm not an expert in the mechanics of the game, but the timing between controller to game is noticeably slow. It sucks because if i'm in a firefight, I have to try and compensate the dead time between controller to game (which usually loses tons of ammo or kills me). Other games like COD or Battlefield have the mechanic down; but i was wondering of it has already been addressed or in the process of being fixed? I know its in the early stages on the Xbox One, and i just was hoping the developers can adress the problem.
  7. Aim teleport bug.

    I noticed that my aim suddenly spun in the opposite direction when I ADS on an enemy and I have found how to recreate this glitch. Whilst tapping Alt + Right click + Move mouse, it will always instantly spin your view to face East every time, I have been able to recreate it multiple times and even got a friend to do it. It's just unfortunate that this glitch happens when you need to quickly turn and kill someone.
  8. Aiming still needs more love. 3rd person aiming becomes so laggy in CQC, so much so that by the time the screen has caught up with the control input I've usually over shot my target. Long range is less of an issue because it's smaller movements, close up it's a lottery. Supporter of aim assist but agree with some comments that I've see that is could be used to help identify opponents. Perhaps limit it to within 50 meters and not whilst ADS. Only works in 3rd and zoomed 3rd. (Waits for the "get good" comments) Currently ranked between 800 - 1500 solo EU. In my defence.
  9. Hello Bluehole, It's been a long time since 1.0 release now, and I can still quite honestly say that you ruined the game for me with your 1.0 release. I won't start about the desert map, since atleast THAT is fun to play once in a while. No, why I'm making this post today has a very different reason. Ever since 1.0 got introduced to live servers, I have been the victim of: extremely pixelated sights; ranging from the Red Dot Sight to the 2x Scope, as well as including the Crossbow default ADS. These sights are SO pixelated that they aren't playable anymore. It looks like the sights are "loading". Also, the blue zone has the usual lightning/electricity, but it becomes SO pixelated I can't even look through the zone anymore. Lastly, 200M+ distances and the water from out of the plane look SO blurry I have no idea what's going on. I have tried all fixes I could find, I've been trying fixes since 1.0 RELEASE. I'm really getting sick of it, I have been playing PUBG since last year, I never had trouble like this before Bluehole released the "1.0 official release" patch. Sometimes during a game, the scopes will fix themselves for a couple of minutes, as will the blue zone lightning. Every time this happens I feel so happy, because suddenly, I get my pre-1.0 accuracy scopes back and make it to top 10 almost always. But alas, as soon as I switch to another gun and ADS with that (usually a 4x/8x scope), the fixed scope is back to the fuzzy, pixelated format and the blue zone has such pixelated lightning that I can't see anything through it. I will once again say that I had ZERO problems until the 1.0 release. In fact, PUBG became my favorite game. Now? Every game where I feel like I have a chance, this stupid bug will come and instead of a small Red Dot Sight, I get a huge Red Square made of pixels. Same all the way to 2x Scope (including Holographic, Crossbow default, etc...) This is unplayable AND an EXTREME disadvantage to players suffering from this bug. I know I'm not the only one, just check this forum to know what's up (including screenshots): Now, so far I've tried EVERY POSSIBLE FIX IMAGINABLE, all the way to Windows reformat, I tried Windows 7 to 10, disabling/enabling DPI/screen scaling, ... This is a problem on YOUR end Bluehole, because I NEVER had this issue before patch 1.0 Yet not even a whisper of a response from Bluehole? They fucked up a game I paid 30€ for and could run perfectly, now it's a pixelated piece of garbage where other players have an advantage over me because they are lucky not to have this bug? Sorry but it's been over a month and NO WORD from Bluehole. I would understand if they had said "ok yeah, we understand and are looking to fix it", since I never, NEVER, had this problem when the game was Early Access. I'm sorry if I'm wrong for what I'm saying Bluehole, and I truly hope I am; but it feels like you have given up on PUBG and cashed in your prizes (combined with a couple "new" lootboxes to maximize the profits) while taking PUBG out of Early Access because you KNEW you wouldn't be able to fix the problems and wanted to cash in. Just like Day-Z. Sorry if this seems like I'm a little upset, but the game worked PERFECTLY up to 1.0 patch, and I'm really down that I can't enjoy my favorite game anymore. TL;DR: All I feel is frustrations because of this bug, because Bluehole REFUSES to answer to ALL THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE THIS BUG, it seems like they are denying/ignoring it exists. THIS is the reason I am so let down. Yeah, you put new lootboxes and keys in the game, but you let others play with ADS Sights so pixelated and blurry that I have to play without Red Dot, Holo, 2x, Crossbows, AND can no longer use a strategy around the Blue Zone? Where is the fix for this Bluehole? Do you want to make a proper game, or die like h1z1 in about 6 months? If you don't fix your bugs, and this is a MAJOR ONE, you will end like h1z1. You nor I want that to happen, I love PUBG to the core. Please make it so I can play PROPERLY again, without pixelated sights or bluezones, EQUAL chances? I beg of you... Rarely has a bug in a game affected me this much, it really makes me wish for the Early Access version again. Thanks for reading and I hope you fix it soon. PS: I have tried EVERY POSSIBLE FIX IMAGINABLE, from reformat to new drivers to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ versios, to DPI Scaling, etc... I've been trying stuff over a month, this is a PUBG problem. There are A LOT MORE posts about this issue, just google "pixelated sights pubg". I even read that a lot of people have this issue on XBox, the same issue!!! BLUEHOLE PLEASE FIX!!! I really hate Fortnite, but I gotta admit, their game is a lot more stable than this. I would never have said this when PUBG was still in Early Access. Sorry but you guys just rushed PUBG to 1.0 so you aren't obliged to fix the tons of bugs still remaining. I hope I'm wrong, please let me be wrong about that and make PUBG as awesome and bug-free as it used to be before patch 1.0, PROVE me wrong, but if not... It's pretty isn't it? TL;DR: Unplayable Sights/Blue Zone/200m+ distance, NO public fix works.
  10. sick and tired of leaning a corner or window, lining up my shot to their head and having the shot hit either the haybale, window or door frame, or even the corner wall. dont understand how the gun is apparently 3 full feet in gap between the scope and gun barrel. issue has been in since closed alpha.
  11. I think they need to put the shooting range on a server where you only drop at the shooting range with all weapons and ammo avaliable to practice. I have landed at the shooting range and there is A LOT of good stuff there that i think could really help people practice aiming and what not. It would be nice to just be able to get in and practice shooting and aiming with different guns and get good with handling different guns and different situations. You could allow squads with friends and allow friendly fire but make it so you respawn in. So that you and squad mates could practice shooting each other and moving targets and also dodging fire and finding cover to fire back quickly. We need a shooting range to practice our aim not aim assist. Thoughts?
  12. The game is getting better each patch. And in one patch, there it was. Finaly i could adjust the acceleration. But hey, it is on 0 but there is still some acceleration. Why??? 0 should be noooo acceleration. It would make the game so much better.
  13. I really like PUBG and I want to continue playing it, I’m even considering buying an Xbox one x to enjoy the game at higher quality. But the one single thing that Is really killing this game for me is the aiming mechanics, it is so broken and wonky and feels so ridiculously unusable and foreign to me that it’s keeping me from enjoying the game. Why can’t this game just have the same sensitivity settings as CoD, Battlefield, R6S and so on? The highest possible sensitivity is incredibly low, and for someone like me who likes playing FPS games on the highest possible settings to get very quick aim, it’s murdering my experience in the game. The only way to counteract the stupidly low sens is to move aim acceleration all the way up to 10, which makes the entire aiming system borderline unusable. Just please fix these simple settings in the near future or I probably won’t be playing the game for much longer. Literally all it would take for me to love this game is to add an option to REMOVE aim acceleration and a higher general sens setting, that’s it. I can get by the frame rate and terrible rendering and rubber banding issues if just the aiming mechanics were tweaked just a little! That’s it! I just simply can’t play the game in its current state with the aiming, ill try to get my sites on a moving target, the aiming is literally too slow to catch up with them, so then I move my stick more to the side and WHOOSH there goes my character turning with maximum aim accel. Just please remove it, please.
  14. Xbox One Input Lag

    My personal experience with this is near a HALF of a second of input lag, or a severe delay between when I move my right stick and when PUBG processes it. And this is with and Xbox One X and and Xbox One Elite controller. I also know that some people aren't affected by it as much because my friends say that this doesn't affect them as much, but it certainly affects me. Imo this is more game breaking than the 50+ crashes I've had because it makes the good games unplayable. The only solution I have is just aiming in front of the guy at 100m and then firing, rinse and repeat.
  15. There allot of bugs in the game im still crashing just not as much, pain when your dead because your in a vehicle stand still making loads if noise just asking to get killed but what my main issue is and its a big one is the aiming cursor whenever your tilting left in 3rd or 1st person than after to aim in 3rd (hold LT) person your cursor isnt in the correct position its on the left the amount of time i been in battle and hold LT but my aiming cursor is on the left and i cant aim properly my player right handed yet the cursor is aimed as if he left handed becasue i tilted left earlier for my cursor to become in default position (on the right) i would have to tilt right and than its back in the same place when i aim holding LT in 3rd person ads, if you dont know what i mean try it play in 3rd person than hold aim and tilt left and let go than just aim like you normally would hold LT in 3rd person and you see the aim curson isnt on the right like it should be becasue my player is right handed and holding the weapon in his right hand not left but the cursor is aimed on the left as if he left handed with the gun in his left hand and not in the default position really bad when i come to shot emenies because i forget i have to tilt right again for my aiming to go back to normal but by than i do that and i die got no time for that when your getting shot at, please fix this bug.
  16. We need to address the issue that we all have on the console! Getting killed cause we weren't close enough to - as Prodigy put it: "....smack that bit#h up!" (Link for those confused, here's the sauce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZPECFQ4NhE) Seriously though-trying to wallop someone on the head with the skillet can be cumbersome. I know that there's a level of "realism" to this game: but can you really claim that, when you fire a sidearm at someone point blank and the bullets miss? Now I've fired a weapon in real life - yes, you'll get an errant round here and there, but for the most part you end up getting a decent grouping together when you go "balls-out"pulling that trigger at point-blank. This issue needs to be addressed so that when you are doing CQC it's a bit more reliable. The other issue is the lack of support or documentation to help users on the console with understanding the "aiming" mechanism. Changing the values in the scope settings option is much to random for "average" gamer or a new player. The learning curve is extreme in this game-but there needs to be a foot hold to help new users better understand what the changing values in the settings do/mean. Let me know what you think. UnlixGhost
  17. aim problem

    hello bluhole i have a problem after you relles the game in the 2.0V i have problem in the aims in this case red dot holografic and 2X scooup i add 2 pic of them to show you how i see the red dot and holo please do something with this its a big problem and not only i have this all so couple of my friends to and its the time to fix it tnx and hope you read this and replie me in Email
  18. As of now, if we want to Aim/ADS with one button, we are restricted to holding for aiming, and toggling for ADS. If we want to switch this, we have to bind them to seperate keys, and then switch it. If a swap option was added, it would be much easier.
  19. Aim

    The new update definitely helps with aim but it’s still not quite right yet. The thing that still bothers me is the different sensitivity zones in the sticks you try to make a small adjustment and if you go bast the half way point the sensitivity jumps up dramatically. It should be progression based like most other games, the further you move the stick the faster you go at a steady increase until you hit you max sensitivity. It just needs to be a smooth increase and the controls will just about be perfect.
  20. Aim Acceleration Setting

    Can someone confirm how the new aim acceleration setting works? 0-10 slider with no in-game explanation. I originally thought 0 would mean no acceleration but others are saying to use 10?
  21. This topic has nothing to do with complaining about the game. I love this game and enjoy playing it very much. I am currently a Game Designer myself with a Bachelors Degree in Game Design. So please don't use this thread to complain about how the game currently runs. I'm just listing off some small things that need to be added to the game. Graphic Settings 1. Camera FOV (at least for FPP) 2. Graphic Settings which include (Shadows, Textures, Effects, Foliage, View Distance etc..) I've been playing this game since release on PC, and the graphic settings played a vital role with keeping decent FPS. It would be nice if we could adjust the graphic settings on Xbox to maintain decent FPS while the game is being optimized. Control Settings 1. I would really like to see the sensitivity settings for everything to be able to expand from 1-100 instead of just 1-10. This will help a lot of players find that sweet spot for each sensitivity setting. 2. Add a walking action like the PC version has. I used this a lot while crouching to be as stealthy as possible when trying to sneak up on someone. I don't believe LB is used when just free roaming without using any of the aiming functions. LB could be used to initiate the walking action. I could be wrong though, I just cant think of it off the top of my head. 3. Add auto run. I normally don't complain about games not having auto run, but with this game there is a lot of running involved and that actions is a must have. 4. Swapping weapons is fine at the moment, but when you have 3 weapons it makes it difficult to get back to your main weapons. I personally drop my pistol every match once I find 2 primary weapons. The best option would be to hold Y or double tap Y to switch to the pistol. I have died multiple times because I switched to a pistol when trying to switch from M16 to AKM. 5.Aim/ADS - I don't really have an issue with this, but I have been reading the forums and have been seeing countless complaints about how this is implemented in the game with the game pad (Xbox Controller). If you do attempt to change this please don't just change it without adding the option to swap those controls. Do this so it doesn't anger the other players that actually like/don't mind how the current controls are set up. Gameplay 1. Add the option to turn on/off the character model in the inventory menu. (This helped players on PC to improve frame rate) 2. Add the option to turn on/off the equipment and weapon slot HUD. (This also helped a little with frame rate) 3. Crosshair Color! This is the BIGGEST one I would like to see get added FIRST. There have been numerous times that I would lose sight of my crosshair while in the middle of a fire fight and I die because my crosshair is 2 inches to the left of the actual person. Not while I'm zoomed in with FPP view, but from the hip fire perspective. It becomes very difficult to see sometimes when you get exposed to the different lighting throughout the game. 4. Peaking. This another big one. Add the option to hold/toggle for leaning left and right. I personally would much rather have it on hold, instead of having to click to enable and then click again to disable the leaning action. The last thing obviously would be to add a button mapping menu for players to change the layout of their controls to better fit their play style. I don't mind the current setup, but others would like to change a lot of buttons to something that makes sense to them. Overall I think the developers are doing a great job with the game thus far. They listen to the players and add changes/updates weekly. If anyone else thinks differently about this, just take a look at other games that takes months to make changes. The best example I can think of off the top of my head is Elder Scrolls Online. If something is broken within the game and isn't dealing with ruining the games economy of making gold, they wont fix it until they release their next DLC and that is usually between 3-5 months. Remember this is a game preview. Bugs, glitches, crashes, and anything else is expected to happen. The developers don't need to keep the servers up, they can take the servers down at any time. Be grateful that the servers run 24 hrs a day and you get the chance to play the current game as is.
  22. Hello guys, dealing with an input lag above 133ms isn't a very enjoyable experience, especially on FPP-servers. It feels like you are driving a tank. I am playing on a monitor with 1ms response time (GTG) and an average of 10ms input lag , so i can notice that pretty easy. For example when i want to get behind a tree, i move my analog stick, have to wait to see if it was actually enough, because of the movement delay, then adjust again. Same applies for aiming. It doesn,t feel very responsive. At the current state of the game most players have a very hard time to aim with a controller. So some of them decided to use mouse and keyboard instead. It's pretty easy, you just need to buy XIM4 and take an hour to find the right settings. It won't be as good as on pc of course, cause it's only emulates a controller, but compared to controller players you will be like a god of pubg. I don't know what you can actually do against it, cause it's basically an adapter that emulates a controller, so the game engine can't recognize which control devices players are using. Even adding aim assist wouldn't solve that issue. I've played a lot competitively and i would consider myself to be very good at aiming but to be as good as with M&K i need basically an aimbot.