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Found 1 result

  1. I think it would be awesome if PUBG added some kind of qualifier for a big tournament on Xbox or ven Xbox/PC crossplay? I don't know anything would be cool. Like how Fortnite had the ProAm/Celebrity at e3 and they than announced the Fortnite World Cup in which ANYONE ON ANY SYSTEM CAN QUALIFY!!!! PUBG needs to do something like this it would be crazy especially if it was on the Sanhok when it does get released for the Xbox, because being a smaller map it would create a more action packed match for people to watch and not lose interest if they were watch on Mixer/Twitch. It would also give some unknown and very skilled players to get their names out there not just the top ten on the leaderboards(I'm not saying they are not good I'm pretty sure they are very good and would like to qualify). I know, I know that PUBG definitely needs to focus on the optimization and crashes as their number one priority and I 100% agree. How could they do this if the game is not running smoothly? But I do think PUBG is going to make some very large improvements to these areas and others in the next two updates. This is just my opinion and I might just be filled with false hope and hot air but I really do think they will get this game running how they want very soon( hopefully). But I think they should at least start thinking of something like this or something similar for the Xbox player that would like to give competitive gaming a go and show case their skills. What do you guys think? Would you try to qualify or just blow it off? I would like to see a solo and squad ladder or whatever if they did for sure, What would you want if they did? LMK guys I would like to read what you guys think of this or if you could care less and you wouldn't be interested in it even if they did do something along these lines.