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Found 4 results

  1. I believe this update made he game a lot more playable the acceleration option was genius, now I feel like I’m playing a shooter that is about skill and not luck and cheap shots, I don’t know for everyone else but imo I feel like now you can aim properly, and the vehicle damage increase is sweet also! Nos you don’t have a bunch of assholes chasing you around until late game (some still do and they’re getting owned) i would just ask for a couple of things! *a higher gas consumption! Like 10% or so. *and a gamma/brightness/hdr brightness setting since we have to manually change the tv settings and it either looks washed out and contrast on hdr is horrible, I’ve seen this on a lot of screens even tho you managed to fix it a little bit (indoors) but it’s still weird and not real colors. *better servers. What do you think? Brilliant update!
  2. My PUBG Ideas

    Welcome to my Second Post, I hope it will not be a bad one, but one filled with a lot of ideas and open discussion and thoughts about them. Here I go. (font was not working with me so excuse the inconsistency.) MAP IDEAS - One with many Islands, where boats are the dominating vehicle - Very dense big city, 1KMx1KM, with 10 story buildings and dense&tense gameplay. - Underground bunker, probably 5x5, with very minimal aboveground action - Canyon, Lots of sniping across canyons, bridge camping, and loot will most likely be at the bottom. - Dense jungle, with temples of loot. - Suburban Style Map, lots of buildings, but you may have to loot a lot to find a good gun. GAMEPLAY IDEAS - 50 vs 50, would see lots of groups of people working together, territorial wars. - Conquest mode, servers where players can respawn on a limited supply island (bullets can respawn) players can build buildings out of reinforced walls, and raids would occur to gain more resources. These would be constant servers where you can reconnect and disconnect. - Gamemaker mode, someone is assigned to kill as many people as possible by controlling the red zone, where the blue zone goes, loot spawns before match starts, plane angle, and maybe even natural disasters. More points = more kills (vice versa), and players have to duke it out until 1 remains. (This would have to be balanced so there are no trolls and such) - Limited Supply mode, where items are 10x as rare, and gun spawns are realistic to actual gun-owning statistics. - Natural Disaster mode, where there are tsunamis, meteors, tornadoes, etc. Similar to game-maker mode but no one is controlling. - Zombie mode (of course) - deploy parachute close to ground, but could potentially die from falling if too late - Make it so that when you are outside of the circle, the image gets warped to a sort of glassy blue texture, hard to see - Have the blood overlay when shot actually show from what direction you're shot from. - Different Camo Guillies! (grass, leaf, wheat, urban, dark, snow for snow map, etc.) VEHICLE IDEAS - Rare spawns of civilian planes, probably at military, hard and require skill and is a gas guzzler, but can get you from point A to B fast. You could probably parachute out of the plane again if you really wanted to (would support probably 6 people) - Gun mounts for UAZ, like an M249, but you would have to supply the ammo and gun, but it would be more stable. (rare) Would be placed on top. - Jetskis?(2P) - Bikes that don't require gas, are faster than running but suck at uphill climbing. - Spike traps to put on ground, to pop tires - Pickup Trucks to put loot inside of. (3 Seater) - Army Trucks that can carry lots of people or lots of loot (not both at the same time though) - Helicopters with gun mounts (4 seater, ejection would probably be an option aswell) - Increase vehicle spawns by North Georgepol! WEAPON IDEAS - Landmines (they start blinking when 4 meters away, triggered when 1 meter away, like a redzone blast) Activates in 15 seconds. Would be used for bridge camping as cars can not slow down fast enough to avoid the blast. - Grenade Launcher (increase launch distance and accuracy, as well as increasing capacity. Takes Primary Weapons Slot) - USP-S Silenced Pistol - Taser (Extremely Close Ranged, does a ton of damage and stuns the enemy) - Tactical Shield (hold defense, takes up a primary spot, can't use another weapon while holding) - More Stock types - More Cheekpad types - More sights (maybe a night vision, or a really rare heatmap one) - Binoculars that can zoom to over 20x! - Baseball bat (Extremely quickly to select, so you can hit grenades away, even if they already landed.) - More Grip types - Bullet types (Incendiary, shrapnel) - C4 (can blow up walls, not sure if this is possible with the engine currently used) - Controllable detonators (you can hook them up to C4s or landmines to automatically detonate) - More Muzzle Attachments - Make bullet tracers visible - Make recoil follow the swing of your gun, so if you flick to an enemy to the right and start spraying, the spray will lean a little more to the right. RANDOM IDEAS - Make stims spawn naturally like med kits. - Make knocked out players have the option to bleed out faster. - Make knocked out players be able to slowly pull out a pistol, and shakingly innacuratley try to aim and shoot, each shot takes like a second per fire (no automatic)but at the cost of bleeding out faster - Add containers that you can check for loot that can actually open - Make the AC130 look like it is returning to the spawn island (would be cool but unlikely) - Make bodies disappear in 2 minutes instead of 40 seconds - Make energy drinks only make you run faster, maybe a tiny bit of healing but it makes no sense at all. Make painkillers viable for healing. - Applying bandages rapidly should stack the healing. I'll add more later, please add your own responses to the ideas! Tell me ones you like or disagree with! Thanks!
  3. Vehicle idea 1- a vehicles only game mode where you ride with someone as a gunner or driver and they have unlimited ammo last car wins. NICE IDEA.- TURBO PROPELLED RACES.. MEGA- FLAME THROWER.. even if you kill your self.. COOL- DANCE EMOTES. TRY HARD- A plane that can catch ppl with its wing.. DOPE-BOSS HEALTH ULTRA-perks you can unlock after a certain amount of kills. HAPPENING- CREATIVE AUTOMOBILES.. Like a flaming paint job BIG TRUCK you can run ppl over easily with.. GREAT- A pair of gloves that grants you a mystery ability.. like lightning or fire.. or shadows from your hands..the item could be called player unknowns gloves Ending notes.. idk what you awesome guys over at player unknowns are working on.. but we wouldn't mind a zombie mode or MEGA BEAST HUNT MODE if you guys got it locked in the vault.. I praise you in this post You Masterful devs your game is lit and millions have and will enjoy playing it.. You guys can be great.. I know you can keep up the hard work on your Gem and may it be a true work of art by the end.. you guys can do it. We're counting on you. Much love and bless you guys Sincerely, AmadayusL
  4. DependableDanes Suggestions and Ideas

    Suggestions 1) Interactable Map What i mean by this is, playing duo's and squads is all about playing tactical and doing team work. I would really like that you could be able to set "Team Waypoints", Draw on the map for possible enemy activity or last known locations. It would make great for team play! 2) Shared "Markers" I would really like to see an option for placing down markers. Lets say i spotted an enemy, im aiming down my sights and wanna tell my team mate where he is by simply pressing a buttom that then translates into describing the terrain. This should obviously be kept away from hardcore modes, but would be sweet for the casual player. 3) Custom Standard Settings For Each Weapon Being able to have a menu in the "settings" which would allow you to customize each weapon for... lets say a firing mode would be great so that every time i pick up my SCAR-L my character automaticly sets the firing mode to "Full Auto" this wouldn't remove any of realism you're aiming for with the game. 4) Multiple Ghillie Suits So far i have only seen one ghillie suit, and it's all green. Being all green is great for hiding in tall grass or inside bushes, but since 30% of the map is also covered in grains and hay it would make a great addition to have multiple ghillie suits. P.S This is obviously my own personal oppinion, but i like going around being the "lonely sniper" in solo's but just playing as a sniper seems almost impossible since 90% of the snipers and the ghillie suit can only be found inside crates. Make the "sniper class" more playable. As of now everyone can go around and pretend to be rambo, or kimbo slice.. while only 10% get's to enjoy the awesome feeling of being a sniper. 5) Add Wildlife Again this is only suggestions. I saw someone mention a snow map and the ability to track people by the footsteps they make in the snow. So i figured "hey that sounds pretty neat why not lets us track people with wildlife". What i mean is.. Imagine having a flok of crows sitting in a tree, you don't notice them and scare them by walking too close to the tree, so that they fly away. This would alert other people of a possible enemy location. I dunno if this is a good or bad idea.. Maybe it would just be an annoyance to look out for all the time.. But in my oppinion it would be fucking awesome. This Thread Will Be Updated From Time To Time! Kind Regards DependableDane