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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, This is my first post here, so hopefully this is the right place. I tried searching for "bad service version" but couldn't find anything related to my issue. Please let me know if this has been reported already. I've been having a few problems with being disconnected from the game with a "Bad Service Version" error. I've seen this error a lot and have tried a few things to fix it including verifying game files. However, one thing that always makes the issue go away for me is for me to disable the "Enable In-Game Overlay" in Geforce Experience. Of course disabling this means I can't use ShadowPlay, but that's a small price to play for being able to play the game... I know that many/most users don't suffer from this issue as I'm sure ShadowPlay is a highly used feature. I'm running the latest versions of both the Nvidia Drivers and Geforce experience. Here is how it usually goes: The In-Game overlay is enabled as I've been using it another game I start to play PUBG I get into a lobby and after a few minutes my screen freezes for 3-5 seconds, after which I am booted back to the lobby with a "Bad Service Version" error. I quit PUBG and return to the Windows desktop IMPORTANT OBSERVATION: BEService.exe REMAINS running even after I've exited PUBG. I cannot kill BEService.exe with task manager as I get a permission denied error. Because of this I'm forced to fully reboot my PC before I can start PUBG again. I reboot my PC (sometimes I even have to hard reboot with the power button as it seems even Windows is unable to kill the hanging instance of BEService.exe, but othertimes windows managed to restart ok) I get back into windows, open Geforce Experience, disable the In-Game overlay. Restart PUBG and join another game Game runs fine. Is there anything I can do to help you trace this problem? I realise it may be cause by some combination of software / hardware as it doesn't seem like a common bug. Let me know if you need any further info, but here's a brief rundown of my system: Hardware i7 4770K @4.4Ghz Gigabyte 980Ti 16GB Corsair Memory Several SSDs + HDDs - PUBG is running from a HDD. 120Hz Samsung Monitor Corsair K70 Keyboard Logitech G9 Mouse Creative X-Fi Titanium PCI-E Sound Card (my sound output is via Optical out via an Astro Mix Amp) Software Windows 10 Pro 1703 GeForce Experience Nvidia Driver version 387.92 Discord Samsung Magician Corsair Link Intel RST Logitech Profiler ESET Smart Security
  2. CPU (processador): AMD 9590 4.7GHZ Motherboard (placa-mãe): M5A99FX PRO R2.0 Memória RAM: 16 gb Placa Gráfica: GTX NVIDIA 1060 3GB PSU (Fonte): TERMALTAKE 700WATS Sistema Operativo: WINDOWS 10 As vezes MUITO RARO eu entro no jogo e não acontece o erro, e jogo normalmente. Ele só acontece somente quando está na contagem do servidor, quando está aguardando os jogadores conectarem e depois quando todos se conectam começa a contagem e trava. A tela congela e depois de travar, passa alguns minutos aparece esta seguinte mensagem estou tentando jogar há mais de 34 horas de jogo com este erro persistindo. já formatei o pc, desliguei as atualizações automáticas, todos os drivers estão atualizados, já procurei no google e youtube algum tutorial e não achei nada, dei search com a tag "bad servicversion" e não encontrei absolutamente NADA no fórum. Por favor me ajude, estou querendo muito jogar este game porém este erro insiste em me deixar frustrado. Agradeço desde já.
  3. thug_leffe

    BAD SERVICE version

    Joining a squad,game freezes gets bad service version, when trying to reconnect it says connection faild..
  4. About an 1/8 of my matches end before I get in game due to a "Bad Service Version Error. Anyone have any fixes?
  5. MyNewNick

    Kicked from lobby in squad games

    Bug Description: Every second-fourth squad lobby i join i get kicked with the error message 25] Bad Service Version 2.4.13 - 616AB8 It's only in squad lobbys, never happens in duo or solo. When it happens the game freezez for 2 seconds before i get kicked to the lobby with the previous error message. Date Seen: I've had this happen randomly for about a month, but most recently today. Server: This was not on the Test servers, regular matchmaking. Troubleshooting Attempted: I have attempted to re-install the game, and then once more but on a different harddrive. Other Information: Launch Options: None System Specifications:
  6. MyNewNick

    Kicked from lobby in squad games

    [25] Bad Service Version 2.4.13 - 616AB8 That is the error i get when in the lobby playing squads, it doens't happen every time i join a squad lobby, but rather every second/third lobby i join. Only in squad games, never in duos or solo. Couldnt find anything like it. I have reinstalled the game on 2 separate hardrives with the same problem