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Found 8 results

  1. Made this small tutorial along on how to handle weapon recoil while giving my opinion (or well having a discussion with myself) about the announcement regarding upcoming balance to weapons. Now I don't have access to a custom server so I took this footage from 5 live games and it's not like most of the videos in which people just stand and look at bullet patterns, I also have my hand/mouse being shown after the first game (which is about 2 minutes into the video or so) and I don't only focusing on shooting at walls, I do that to a certain degree but I also shoot at real enemies with various set ups and weapons. I showcase the following weapons in various scenarios & set ups (different attachments) with focus on the first 3 mentioned, M416, Scar-L, AKM, UMP9, SKS, VSS & P1911. If people want me to do a more in-depth weapon handling tutorial since I kind of drifted of point with the whole meta discussion and might have neglected certain aspects or forgot to mention some important elements I'd be more than happy to do so. I did record video on my surface as well in order to get a close up perpective on mouse clicks because it can be hard to see the clicks from the webcam overview perspective but battery died so I had to scrap that since I only got footage from like 1.5 games. Anyways, any feedback (both positive & negative) is more than welcome and like I said, I might do a follow up if people would find it helpful.
  2. if there's going to be no level 3 helmets because snipers complaining about having to land 2 shots on the cranium, how about ALL caliber from 9mm to the 50cal headshot's be fatal. Remove helmets and kevlar entirely. Limb damage should cripple i.e. damaged legs drastically reduce move speed and damaged arms affect aiming and recoil and they add a bleeding debuff that could eventually be fatal unless bandaged. Vehicle accidents should cripple or kill. being touched by the blue zone should kill. Add a stamina bar. Running/swimming long distances should affect this and reduce stamina. Sustained exertion with no stamina should cause damage and be crippling if ignored. Mitigated by meds/drinks. Lets make it as real as possible and not do any favors to a specific play style. Thankyou.
  3. This is a message to the developers. Countless times we have seen games go down the drain and crash and burn due to the small percentage of people that complain and whine. I could go on and list plenty but we all know at least one or two that we could mention. Did counter strike ever cater to casuals? No and that is why they are one of the longest running and popular game series ever. Did we honestly need a plane trajectory? If people can't remember and visualize a single plane trajectory going across the screen, this game isn't for them and honestly need to go back to school. Now we are removing level 3 helmets to crates? Please do not go down this road, you will bring in more players at first..( casuals don't stick around very long ) but lose many long term players in the process if you continue to "dumb down" the game. You really need to focus on optimization, networking, and anti-cheat. People are leaving because there are other games that are much better optimized, not because they are better games. At it's core pubg is one of the greatest games I have ever played, and it honestly broke a 10 year record for my buddy who had never left counter strike for another game until this came out. Pubg is great, but it can be so much more, and it's all this passion from the players that just want it to be better. I know the plane trajectory is a small change, but to me it only feels like the beginning of something terrible.
  4. The first two shrinks may as well not deal damage, you can pop boosters and ignore it. Several times a week I'm backed up against the blue wall and i get shot from behind by someone who's burned 4 first aid kits to stay up. If you spend more than 20/10/5/0 seconds in the blue (first/second/third/fourth+ shrinks) you should just be instakilled. If you're not keeping up with the flow of the game you shouldn't be able to circumvent the mechanic. Also it would make the last couple shrinks more interesting. Either that, or make the ticking damage from the blue wall dispel boosters and prevent healing. There should be a penalty to staying out too long at all stages of the game, not just the last 5-6 minutes.
  5. I think having melee switch to stomping or downwards hitting when a person goes down or is prone would be a good addition. thoughts ?
  6. Tempests Avatar

    Buff the cars

    First off I know there has already been a lot of debate on the forums regarding cars and "car meta" however nearly all the threads I see are about repeatedly nerfing the cars. Here I would like to examine why I disagree with this latest nerf. To begin with let's look at the nerf and what it's done; Increased damage to the vehicle body, and significant damage to the wheels when targeted with gunfire Increased vehicle damage when successfully targeted with a grenade Both driver and passenger will suffer increased injuries from crashing into objects or other vehicles (Dacia, UAZ, and Buggy) Slight reduction to player damage when being struck by a vehicle Now you may be asking what's the problem with all this and if your playing Solo TPP it was probably at the top of your wish list. 1) the biggest issue is that there are 5 other game modes, and on none of these have I ever seen a consistent car meta. This means that a nerf has been implemented to Appease a small (1/6) albeit vocal part of the population.This nerf has detrimental effects on the play of the other game modes . Before the current nerf it was easy for a squad to destroy a vehicle. With all 4 members firing cars could be destroyed in less than a magazine each which meant with correct timing one squad could wipe another with little warning. Now that the damage has been amplified this is even easier. Vehicles, rather than being a quick way of avoiding the blue, have become rolling death traps. This is especially true with the health nerf of tyres, it only used to take two shots to the tire to pop it, now a single shot will wreck a tyre. That means a single stray bullet from a squad at a car can pop a tyre leaving you stranded and easy pickings. This is not balance. 2) one of the greatest complaints was not actually the cars but the individuals shooting the players shooting the cars. In this situation the car is not the problem. The issue is with bad decisions made by the players. Why? A) if cars are the biggest threat then why shoot a smaller threat? It's not like the cars are stealthy so remove the largest threat first, this is a basic of this game. b) if another player is shooting why shoot them and reveals your position to the vehicle that then kills you? Learn the enemy position and track them but remain quiet, it's much more unlikely for you to be run over 3) the biggest issues with vehicle meta is not the vehicles it is individuals ability to shoot. Now before anyone gets in their high horse this is not a "git good" section. The problem is the input lag, which is getting better, but more importantly the AA curve. Now I'm not going to go into the mechanics here, there are plenty of other threads already, but what I am arguing is that this is just a plaster (band aid for any Americans out there 😉) that covers up the actual problem. Rather than fixing the issue, which can be fixed, it is being covered up. By making the vehicles weaker. Instead the actual problem should be fixed as otherwise we will be in a continual state of weapons and vehicles being nerfed and buffed. 4) sorry but this is the "git good" section. Shooting individuals out of cars is not as difficult as everyone makes out. why? A) there is a general lack of situational awareness in this game. Most of the time those who use the car meta leave themselves in vulnerable positions. With more awareness individuals can effectively deal with those in vehicles by capitalising on opportunities. B) shooting people out isn't as hard as everyone says. I can kill a full squad out of a car before it runs me over, now this is rare but lots of times I have shot two people out with a single magazine. If I can kill two then you should be able to kill 1. People just need to learn the game mechanics and where to aim when a vehicle approaches, this is a skill based game. c) the use of cover is often terrible and this is in general. Using cover effectively can completely negate the use of vehicles as they can't kill you through rocks/trees. Don't stand in the open firing, move to cover before you shoot. And don't lie down in the grass if there are lots of cars that all being said I agree with the damage reduction and increased crash damage Sorry for the wall of text, I had more to say/argue but it's long enough. Tl,Dr; the current nerf negatively affects 5/6 of the game modes Nerf doesn't fix the mechanics, just a temporary patch players need to adapt better to the game Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for the CONSTRUCTIVE discussion Tempest
  7. Tempests Avatar

    Car changes poll

    So I feel that almost all complaints about cars were from solo TPP players. Almost no duo or squad players seem to have wanted the nerf so I'm trying to get some momentum behind removing the changes for everything but solo TPP and hopefully keep most players happy
  8. Loneliness1337

    My balance went to -

    Hello, help me please with my problemm! I wanted to change my character but the button was not pressed so I pressed several times, the game dropped and my balance became -15000 but the character changed, help me how to get my balance back after that I played and sprayed some things and my balance became -14097 I really hope The fact that you will help me