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Found 40 results

  1. Car changes poll

    So I feel that almost all complaints about cars were from solo TPP players. Almost no duo or squad players seem to have wanted the nerf so I'm trying to get some momentum behind removing the changes for everything but solo TPP and hopefully keep most players happy
  2. Buff the cars

    First off I know there has already been a lot of debate on the forums regarding cars and "car meta" however nearly all the threads I see are about repeatedly nerfing the cars. Here I would like to examine why I disagree with this latest nerf. To begin with let's look at the nerf and what it's done; Increased damage to the vehicle body, and significant damage to the wheels when targeted with gunfire Increased vehicle damage when successfully targeted with a grenade Both driver and passenger will suffer increased injuries from crashing into objects or other vehicles (Dacia, UAZ, and Buggy) Slight reduction to player damage when being struck by a vehicle Now you may be asking what's the problem with all this and if your playing Solo TPP it was probably at the top of your wish list. 1) the biggest issue is that there are 5 other game modes, and on none of these have I ever seen a consistent car meta. This means that a nerf has been implemented to Appease a small (1/6) albeit vocal part of the population.This nerf has detrimental effects on the play of the other game modes . Before the current nerf it was easy for a squad to destroy a vehicle. With all 4 members firing cars could be destroyed in less than a magazine each which meant with correct timing one squad could wipe another with little warning. Now that the damage has been amplified this is even easier. Vehicles, rather than being a quick way of avoiding the blue, have become rolling death traps. This is especially true with the health nerf of tyres, it only used to take two shots to the tire to pop it, now a single shot will wreck a tyre. That means a single stray bullet from a squad at a car can pop a tyre leaving you stranded and easy pickings. This is not balance. 2) one of the greatest complaints was not actually the cars but the individuals shooting the players shooting the cars. In this situation the car is not the problem. The issue is with bad decisions made by the players. Why? A) if cars are the biggest threat then why shoot a smaller threat? It's not like the cars are stealthy so remove the largest threat first, this is a basic of this game. b) if another player is shooting why shoot them and reveals your position to the vehicle that then kills you? Learn the enemy position and track them but remain quiet, it's much more unlikely for you to be run over 3) the biggest issues with vehicle meta is not the vehicles it is individuals ability to shoot. Now before anyone gets in their high horse this is not a "git good" section. The problem is the input lag, which is getting better, but more importantly the AA curve. Now I'm not going to go into the mechanics here, there are plenty of other threads already, but what I am arguing is that this is just a plaster (band aid for any Americans out there 😉) that covers up the actual problem. Rather than fixing the issue, which can be fixed, it is being covered up. By making the vehicles weaker. Instead the actual problem should be fixed as otherwise we will be in a continual state of weapons and vehicles being nerfed and buffed. 4) sorry but this is the "git good" section. Shooting individuals out of cars is not as difficult as everyone makes out. why? A) there is a general lack of situational awareness in this game. Most of the time those who use the car meta leave themselves in vulnerable positions. With more awareness individuals can effectively deal with those in vehicles by capitalising on opportunities. B) shooting people out isn't as hard as everyone says. I can kill a full squad out of a car before it runs me over, now this is rare but lots of times I have shot two people out with a single magazine. If I can kill two then you should be able to kill 1. People just need to learn the game mechanics and where to aim when a vehicle approaches, this is a skill based game. c) the use of cover is often terrible and this is in general. Using cover effectively can completely negate the use of vehicles as they can't kill you through rocks/trees. Don't stand in the open firing, move to cover before you shoot. And don't lie down in the grass if there are lots of cars that all being said I agree with the damage reduction and increased crash damage Sorry for the wall of text, I had more to say/argue but it's long enough. Tl,Dr; the current nerf negatively affects 5/6 of the game modes Nerf doesn't fix the mechanics, just a temporary patch players need to adapt better to the game Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for the CONSTRUCTIVE discussion Tempest
  3. Pan Adjustment

    Can the pan be made to either have durability and break like armor does, or block a limited amount of damage instead of stopping all damage entirely?
  4. Ever since the new patch, shotguns seem to be doing less damage. I've center massed a quite a few people with shotguns since the new patch, and NONE of them have gone down in 1 hit, often even surviving 2. (at about 3-8 meters) Whats the point of even picking up a shotgun if they don't one-shot at that range? your'e better off with just a subMG, or even an AR for your brawling weapon. Don't even bother with shotties unless you have like Shroud level aiming, they're not gonna 1 shot unless you're under 3 meters.
  5. Didn't wanna make a thread only about a single weapon, though for me- it seems that the S12K is overpowered in comparison to the other shotguns. Though I haven't looked at the numerical value/stats of these weapons, The S12 seems to have no negative aspects by almost every factor: range(literally took half my health, single shot, from door-door range of medium sized house), damage (from having a good spread, enough to headshot me in the above scenario), capacity (5 + with extended mag), fire rate, and reload speed (especially in comparison to the pump). This makes all the other shotguns almost not worth holding once you're able to find an SMG/AR. What weapons do other folks feel have unfair advantage over the others under the same category?
  6. The competitive scene is currently BEGGING for custom game options that allow us to adjust the centralization of EACH circle specifically instead of ALL of them grouped under one setting. Our goal is to potentially allow early game safe zones the RNG effect but as the game progresses to late game, we'll force the circles to center on themselves so the circles stop flying to opposing side's of the prior circle and allows more emphasis on team fights and team cohesion as well as strategic planning instead of spending the allotted time JUST migrating to the unfortunate safe zone that unexpectedly favors teams randomly so, so much. This way we have Loot Phase, Positioning or Chess Phase, and then most simply we have team fights. I've personally always looked at competitive BR as an RTS / FPS and settings like these capture that idea and most importantly removes RNG where its very harmful but still lets BR's RNG aspect thrive and predetermine the last couple circles just early on rather than last second. Having functional, consistent, momentum-influenced movement that determined how fights ended was a lot of fun and damn important. Prior to the update the momentum was more forward driven and allowed players to throw themselves to cover ground quickly and to just simply multitask as they could throw themselves in a direction and bunny hop up in that same direction and even uphill while scanning. Where as now, we have a map that emphasizes vertical engagements and potential retakes and yet our incline jumping has been nerfed. Just feels like a HUGE hit to movement and that's without even discussing the lack of crouch jump that fueled the fire to outplays and mind fucks against multiple players that were not only cool to watch but fun to commit to. A single crouch jump can define 1v1s or 1v4s .. it was actually insanely important to close range fights. People will argue that vaulting is a good replacement but when you're adding an animation (vaulting) to an action that was previously done in a literal second (the crouch jump) and then you think of those added seconds in a situation where you already have very few before the player or players are on top of you, that isn't good. Allowing the two movements to coexist makes much more sense. Gives more depth to combat and in regards to the test server - the map is MADE to force players to vault to simply progress through buildings whether you're chasing or being chased or just if you're looting and have to climb for something you want. This is the best of both worlds. For those that don't want to Crouch Jump or struggle to do so consistently - they can vault. For those that see an area they can Crouch Jump over to save time and they're more than capable of doing so, let them. And for those areas that you can't crouch jump in anyways, everyone will be vaulting. Again...best of both worlds. Movement skill gap and it's room for exceptions which also emphasizes map knowledge and a player's play time. Stun Grenades should be adjusted. I'm sometimes stunned upon looking away from the grenade. As in, I toss a stun grenade and get aggressive with it and even upon looking away I still end up screwing myself over somehow with a bright, white screen. CSGO has the right idea. Credit to SOLIDFPS, a stun grenade should be loud regardless of where the player's vision is so having it effect the player's hearing capabilities consistently would be sweet. Allowing us to use it in a more skillful manner is very important. The fuse time is perfect btw Simm's mentioned this a little bit ago. Removing the option to have an 8x on ALL Assault Rifles will emphasize the role of a Sniper and the sniper's efficiency. Quiet walking should instead be absolutely silent walking...CSGO style. Again, this will improve outplays close range and allow a variety of plays to be made as well as options to take mid-combat. Friendly Skulls should only show on our minimap vs on the player's camera as I have opponents standing on top of my team's corpses to conceal themselves inside or behind the skull at times. On the test server - You cannot adjust the Zeroing of your weapon unless you are already aiming down the sight of said weapon. This needs to be reverted simply because it disrupts engagements entirely. There are players who adjust for bullet drop as they don't want to or haven't memorized ranges by sight or just most simply don't want to press a keybind to do what they could just simply adjust for and more power to the them entirely but for those players that would rather Zero, to make them ADS randomly just to adjust the Zeroing is entirely clunky AND unfortunate in hectic combat situations where you have to adjust multiple times in a short period of time. On the test server - the 8x and the 15x zoom doesn't reset so long as you keep the weapon out constantly. It only make sense that the previously adjusted zoom doesn't reset on weapon switch either. This keeps combat smooth and not janky. On the test server - the Winchester should be capable of head shotting and knocking a player who is wearing a level 2 helmet. On the test server - the loot distribution is brutal. More loot please. I figured that would be a priority considered the tuning of weapons and addition of weapons and how the data from players using said weapons is probably important...maybe? On the test server - Kar98 doesn't allow a player to ADS properly upon shooting initially. The problem is mostly reproducible upon quick scoping repeatedly. On the test server - Some areas aren't clipping properly and allows players to clip into/under areas. Sometimes on staircases, sometimes upon getting on top of areas. On the test server - At range, objects aren't rendering in. This is mostly noticeable upon scoping in on a player and suddenly seeing the objects of cover render in front of the player instead. On the test server - There are plenty parts of the map that allow players access to an area that'll get the player stuck for a little bit..and then kill them. Can mostly be found and seen upon scaling down mountain ridges and falling into holes. https://twitter.com/SweaterrPUBG/status/940028714573631488
  7. Assault Rifles weapon balance discussion

    - Put the Vector back to OP status and make it only avaliable on air drops, and keep the Thommy gun as it is right now. - Nerf the Mini-14, at least make the stock an attachment (micro uzi stock maybe?). - Put a grip slot on the AKM to make it a bit more useful. Game plays good, just keep up the good work.
  8. Blue Circle

    Hey everybody, i really enjoy this game, but it makes me Sick that when i fight, i die in the blue wall, often you find not one car or motorcycle, oethertime you find 10 vehicles in 100 Meters.. that should be more balanced, now to the Blue circle. My idea to get rid of the problem the circle make is to seperate the damage. the actual damage ticks can stay, but there are two options. Option 1. you are standing still, or moving on point, so you get the full damage. Option 2. You are moving in a vehicle or by foot and get a minimal damage of the circle. So you cant camp in the circle to kill peaple inside, but you have a fair Chance to get in the White Circle. Sorry for my bad English, and i hope you like this Idea. See you on the Battleground
  9. Hi, i think the vehicles on this game need to turn slower, at least, at high speeds, it's too easy to run over players when going at any speed because the car turns to any direction too fast and it's almost imposible for the player to avoid being crushed into a jelly corpse. Also get damage or something when running over someone with a bike, maybe...
  10. Horrible balance

    hey guys, love the game. love the setting. annoyed by a few "balance" things. I'm playing only FPP so don't know if it applies to 3rd person but I guess it does. anyway I've had tons of games where someone would appear out of nowhere and I start shooting that person with m16a4 for example into body for like 5 times, short range, and that person would have SCAR-L for example and would shoot only ONCE - on me, while i have helmet lvl 2 or 3, hit me in the head and I would be knocked out. now please explain to me, how a guy with police vest 1 or no vest can take 5 m16a4 bullets and not be knocked out, while I take 1 bullet through lvl 2 helm and get instantly knocked out by a weaker weapon. HOW? the balance is horrible, please fix those helmets and what not. it's really annoying. also, your servers seem to respond like they're 10Hz instead of 60 or more. Always have to aim infront to hit someone even on close distances, but due to that server lag it just doesn't feel real. While weaker players will say that "it's newbie", I'd say it's not realistic, and I believe you aim realism.. to some extent right? anyway, this is just a criticism, not sure if people will agree / disagree, and it's fine. but I would recommend that you do something about it, and fast... thanks in advance, keep going strong!
  11. Not just a worse version of the Red Dot, the EOTech Holographic Sight is a marvel of engineering and optics. The whole trade-off with the holographic sight is that the housing is larger than a Red Dot's, but the illusion of a floating reticle projected at zeroing distance makes it worth it. Without implementing the hologram, the holographic sight is just a cosmetic variant of the Red Dot's reticle with a bulky and obstructive housing. Please refer to this:
  12. I was playing in the SQUA Mode and at the end there was 4 people and two of them were in a team. I was over the hill and the team(2 person) was trying to kill me. I was able to manage kill one of them before they surround me. In that position, I was able to see his teammate hiding behind the tree. This gives me a big advantage because I could see when he comes out. After the fight, there are only 3 people left. *I was low on ammo(M16a4 w/ 16 bullet) I know that he is 100% not going to come out because another person was somewhere behind him. His teammate body was right beside me so I choice to loot him hoping for some 5.56 Ammo, unfortunately, he only have AK and 7.76 bullet. I double check his living teammate's position and then pick up the AK from the body, Soon as I starting to reload the AK, his teammate rush out and killed me. I was wondering who gives him the courage to just rush me? Remember, I can see when he comes out, but he can't see me. *I finally notice that when his teammate died beside me, as long as he doesn't switch to his teammate's view, he is able to see the area around his body. His dead teammate saw that I picked up his gun. This is why his friend were able to just rush out. I hope that after the player die, his camera well be force to switch on his teammate. ----------------------------------------------- Their point of view- Person A- his over the hill, I couldn't see him, but I can hide behind this tree. Person B(The person I killed)- camera around his body- HEY PERSON A, HE JUST TOOK MY AK AND START TO RELOAD, RUSH NOW.
  13. My balance went to -

    Hello, help me please with my problemm! I wanted to change my character but the button was not pressed so I pressed several times, the game dropped and my balance became -15000 but the character changed, help me how to get my balance back after that I played and sprayed some things and my balance became -14097 I really hope The fact that you will help me
  14. Nerfing the Kar98

    Headshots are king. Like almost every shooter out there headshots deal more damage in PUBG, it makes sense. However, I have an issue with the Kar98 and headshots. Shooting someone in the head takes skill, not a mad amount of it, but none the less you have to be good with the old mouse and left click. If you land the shot, well done you have out played them. This is all well and good well its an AKM vs M16 fire fight. However, it is when the Kar98 gets involved that I begin to get irritated. Now I'm not 'crying' over having died to the Kar, I am aware that more often than not the player who kills me is a 'good player', it just seems a little unfair. Putting the outcome of a firefight down to chance doesn't seem right. The Kar98 is a 1 shot headshot kill when the target has a lvl 1 helmet. It is also a 1 shot headshot kill with a lvl 2 helmet, IF the target is on anything below FULL health. Maybe I'm a little butthurt that I just so happen to be on 98% health when I get shot with the Kar98 while wearing a lvl 2 helmet. I'm definitely frustrated that I die instantly with a lvl 1 helmet on simply because no higher level helmets spawned anywhere I went. Essentially my frustration lies with the equation of the game. When you get down to it, most mid-late game fights are basically : Your skill + your gear + your positioning VS Their skill + their gear + their positioning. Skill comes from experience and time spent playing, that's fair. Your positioning is, I'd say, usually effected by your skill but also sometimes out of your control. BUT your gear is mostly down to chance. And personally I think the Kar98, basically idolized by the community as a killing machine, is slightly OP when it comes to that equation. I think perhaps its damage output should be altered, at least when it comes to a lvl 2 helmet headshot. Though that is only my opinion. Thanks for any feedback in advance, and please keep any obnoxious tips to yourself. HH
  15. I have a few idea for Battlegrounds and its guns/scopes. Here are my ideas. Idea 1: Replacing 15x Replacing 15x scope with a variable zoom. It would be a variable zoom, zooming to 5-10-15 or 4-8-15 respectfully. I think this is a good idea since 15x's are useless anyways, unless the bubble is in Military, southern Yasanya or the wheat fields, and for the rarity/risking your life to get a crate, its not worth it. However, having a variable zoom between even 8 and 15 would make it more useful, since you can switch it on the fly. Idea 2: Tommy gun and a replacement Remove the Tommy Gun from Crates, and replace it The Tommy Gun without a doubt is not a really good gun to get from a crate, saying as the ammo you get from the crate itself is the only ammo you will probably be able to use, and the tommy guns bigger brother the M249 outplays it in almost every situation. I think replacing it with something like an MP7, which can get 4x's attached, or an MP40, or an M1 Garand. Idea 3. MP40 This iconic gun would be the replacement for the Tommy Gun. The MP40 would be a nice AR/SMG hybrid, with a high damage output and a slow fire rate, the gun would be good for short to medium range combat, and would run off of 9mm. If it had enough damage then it would be a great weapon to get out of a crate. Idea 4: M1 Garand This would either be a crate, or a weapon with the rarity around the same as the Kar98K The M1 Garand, just like the MP40, is a WW2 era gun. It would shoot 8 shots, be accurate, slow fire, and would have the ability to 3 shot kill people with armour/helmets. It would have a new attachment, able to be attached to the front, a Bayonette. It would could attach to the Kar98k, or M1 Garand and would be a barrel attachment like a supressor. It is self explanitory, and would kill in 2 hits. Idea 5: Super Car A car with the speed of about 170MpH, but wouldn't handle good in rain, or offroading and would have bad health. I do not know when the game is supposed to take place so i can't give an example, but maybe something that looks like a Lamborghini Diablo would be something that might look good, (other then the fact that the game takes place in what looks like a communist, USSR country) It would be a nice addition to the game. A more balanced idea, durability of a Dacia, but the speed of the Motorbike, with the rarity of a bike w/o a sidecar Respond to this topic with things you would change or add to the game
  16. I would like to suggest having 2 C-130's fly across the map for insertion instead of all 100 players on one. With 2 aircraft players would be able to spawn across the entirety of the map. It seems the way it is now with just one plane there is a line of players and the vast majority of the map isn't even touched each game. It just seems to be a waste to have such a large map that most areas don't even get touched. Plus you have the added benefit of it becoming more realistic as a C-130 max para-drop is 64 people anyway.
  17. Shotguns weapon balance discussion

    Addressing the power of shotguns or as I like to call them "Shotty Snipers" I am shocked that no one else, as far as I can see, has addressed the issue of the "Shotty Snipers" in this game. First, let's look at the purpose of a shotgun: A shotgun is designed to use in a close-quarters, face to face combat situation. If there is a shotgun in existence today that it's specific purpose is long range neutralization, please inform me. I am not above admitting if I make an error. Second, let's discuss the pellet spread, with and without a choke: All shotguns that I have ever heard of have pellet spread. Pellet spread is the result of the shell opening after pulling the trigger and this makes them less effective at long ranges, even with a choke which reduces the pellet spread for better accuracy. Again, I am unaware of any shotgun in the world that has the ability to have a perfect pellet spread, especially when the target is more than fifteen to twenty-five feet away. I have personally experienced, as recently as an hour ago, being killed by a shotgun at a distance of around forty to fifty feet. This is a huge problem in my opinion because several 1v1 situations I have experienced on this game, have resulted in ultimately losing the fight by a "shotty sniper". Just a little while ago, I was in a situation where my opponent was at least fifty feet away and although I was using the AKM with the fire mode set to full auto, I lost the fight because I was hit one time by the S12K. What makes it worse is the fact that I hit him with at least ten rounds as he peeked around the corner. Once he was in full view, at least five shots appeared to hit as there was blood splatter indicating a hit. He just walked right through the barrage of bullets and boom! That's all she wrote. Please, please fix the "shotty snipers". It's not fun losing a gun fight after shooting an enemy multiple times, only to have them blast me with the world's most accurate, longest effective range shotgun. I will gladly upload a video to my YouTube channel once I can catch this happening on video.
  18. Please use this thread to discuss anything related to balance with ALL the weapons within the pistol and miscellaneous weapon class.
  19. Shooting Tires

    Currently it takes about 3 bullets to shoot out a tire. As a proponent of chaos, this could be lowered to 1-2 just to enable more creative fights. It's already relatively difficult to hit a moving car, but this could add the dynamic of disabling the vehicle before shooting its occupants.
  20. Please use this thread to discuss anything related to balance with ALL the weapons within the Submachine Gun Class.
  21. Please use this thread to discuss anything related to balance with ALL the weapons within the Sniper Rifle & DMR Class.
  22. Shotguns weapon balance discussion

    Please use this thread to discuss anything related to balance with ALL the weapons in the Shotgun Class.
  23. Please use this thread to discuss anything related to balance with ALL the weapons in the Light Machine Gun Class.
  24. Please use this thread to discuss anything related to balance with ALL the weapons in the Assault Rifle Class.
  25. The KAR-98

    For starters, this game is not made to be a realistic shooter. It is not made to perfectly mirror the damage of a bullet done to a human being upon impact, it is made to be a balanced, fast paced, arcade style survival shooter. So don't try and pull the realism card here. This post is made to address the KAR-98's ability to kill in 1 shot to the head. (Without hitting a helmet of lvl 2 or 3). The argument of skill level of the shooter is also invalid as a highly skilled player with an AKM, with an 8x will not have a chance against a highly skilled player with a KAR-98. Skill level is relative, the gun is not. There for, the gun is the problem. For the most part this game profits from having an arcade styled damage model, IE: Taking around five shots to the chest on average to KO a player. In a game like this, I like this style of damage, because it gives you a second chance to fight back. If you were to die in one-two shots from anything, players would be much more hesitant to move around, and the game would become very slowly paced. Now, most weapons are balanced alongside of this ideal, taking multiple shots to kill. The exceptions being the Sniper Rifles, and the Shotguns. The shotguns are somewhat understandable, as they are very limited by range, so they are avoidable by staying away from CQB. The snipers on the other hand, are unavoidable mid and late game. You will run into at-least one player using one.The M24 and AWM, I really don't mind either, as you have to go through a good amount of work to earn them from a crate, and I feel it is justified for these 2 weapons have the ability to 1 shot. But that leaves the KAR-98, the severe problem to the balance of weapons in this game. I have been 1 shot in the head at least 15 deaths the past week. I strafe around, and sit still as little as possible, and sit in the safest possible positions, but eventually, you must stop to heal, or revive, or some other task. It doesn't matter how careful you are, if the shooter is skilled enough. And ranked in the 4000's, it seems EVERYONE is. On top of that, the spawn rate seems to have been increased significantly. I will usually find one by looting 15 or so buildings. 4x and 8x Optics are also pretty easy to come by currently, and end game, you can bet your ass most everyone will have one. As far as protection goes, the level 2 helmet will stop you from being 1 shot, but only if it doesn't hit you in the face, or other unprotected area of the head. The level 3 helmet will fully stop you from being 1 shot, but you can not always rely on finding one. Other than that, there is no protection and you can be hit from anywhere. So, in conclusion, the KAR-98 completely ruins the balance and overall damage model of the game. This is not an uncommon problem, it happens 9/10 rounds I play now and is it an absurd level. Fixes 1: The KAR-98's damage should be reduced just enough not to 1 shot head shot someone, as it is a weapon of medium rarity that can be found anywhere and should not have that level of power. 2: The KAR-98 should be changed to the VSS's level of rarity or higher to prevent so many of them being used. That way, it would become more like the other sniper rifles from crates, and be a more rare pickup and experience for shooter and target.