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Found 33 results

  1. If you're looking for someone to be the driver of a motorbike w/ sidecar, I'm your guy... http://xboxclips.com/MattRittman/222b6df7-80e1-4952-b361-f254591b48dd
  2. Bike glitch

    I was trying to hop on a bike normally, and this happened. I can provide any additional information if needed.
  3. Also, game chat never works after crash no matter if u leave party or what. Steps to reproduce: 1) Hop in as a passenger to a motorcycle or vehicle. 2) Note that someone is driving. 3) Stick your head out the window to aim in first person with control type b setup, hold left triggsr and sometimes hold LB. 4) Note the game randomly crashes when taking these actions. 5) Note when u re enter the game, that game chat no longer works. 6) Maybe test this on a samsung smart tv, with xbox 360 s and a verizong wireless connection thru foxfi on a samsung galaxy 4.

    sort your fucking shit out, the update to support "rubber banding" seems to have just smoothed the gameplay but lag has actually increased. just got 6 hits with a scar, 1 or 2 in head rest in the chest on a lvl 2 vest... kill cam shows 3 hits and the guy runs up and hits me three and im dead oh and 2 of the hits were through a fucking tree. a couple of days ago i played 5 games, 4 of which i was killed by hackers, 3 recoil mods and one guy that hip fired from around 500m hitting every shot through a window and it wasnt a killcam bug because he didnt even have a scope. you apparently sorted out the bikes, they are buggier than ever, you stopped them from killing us when we stand them up, but now they seem to hit thin air and have too much oversteer (like every vehicle atm). Oh and while we are at it, the game seems to crash now more that ever....... SORT YOUR FUCKING SHIT OUT BLUEHOLE!!!!
  5. entering vehicle issues

    ok so, I have no real corols with this game since I've been playing on Xbox, I'm usually always top 5-10 in solo and have a few b2b chickens in squad, the only issue I have is the entering the vehicles. I understand the concept but its a bit to intuitive for the lack of everything else in the game. It feels like there has been too much emphasis on entering and picking a seat instead of first available starting at the driver seat. Then there is with the toggle a.d.s which is about as outdated as halo 1 btw. xbox and pc have pressure controlled buttons on controllers nowadays! im tired of getting killed because I have to wait for it to say drive buggy or drive bike or get in back seat when someone is 5 feet away when clearly ou can getinto a vic and drive away with minimal damage vs getting mercd when in all reality of any situation gaming or not you are looking at getting in the seat behind the wheel not behnd the head rest or on the throttle not in the cart on the other side of the bike... honestly don't care if there is another thread on this or not didnt bother to read anyone's bitches gripes or complaints.... irrelivant game is great expet for this... I love the scramble for weapons or the hand to hand and flight running to a jeep to run over the dumb whited, I love it and have many saved vids of it I just hate the cheap kills due to slight game error... thanks for reading me hope ta take you out in the game.... beat me if you can !
  6. This bike keep crushing into me and sending me flying like crazy while the bike stick to the ground as if i was a piece of paper he was hitting. just look Just the last few seconds of it from Nvidia Shadow play but it was about 5 minutes of me flying randomly by every little touch
  7. Bicycles!

    Hey fun easy fix for demolition derby effect, less gas in cars limit range to a fourth of the map and add bicycles. Or just get rid of cars and add bicycles. Whoop whoop.
  8. I think the clip says it all

  9. These motorbikes i see an replay now an all bikes are jumping a little it seems they are physical rendered (sorry for my bad English skills) what i mean is the server must calculate the physics of all bíke on the map even when theys are not used or any player is in the near area i think vehicles should just be static to the point we use them
  10. If you get off your bike in this exact spot, to the crates, you get instantly killed by "falling" :)), so yeah patch it please, had great loot
  11. I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature, but when riding as a passenger on a bike (and sometimes in the Buggy/UAZ/Dacia) the camera shakes/jitters so bad it's hard to tell what's going on. Totally impossible to aim. It's like I'm being driven over cattle gates and speed bumps when we're actually on perfectly smooth paved roads. Doesn't matter the terrain, at any speed above "slow as heck" the camera goes crazy. It basically makes my role as the passenger completely null as I have a better chance of shooting myself or my teammate than I do even coming close to hitting an enemy. Also it's very annoying just to have to look at the screen when its fluttering and skipping frames all over the place. System: Original Xbox One
  12. This fance bugged?

  13. bike bug

    when i exited my bike in slow speed it fell on it's side. later on i entered the bike and got instakilled because it was on it's side. please fix this.
  14. Bike proposal

    Hey An interesting thing to me would be a bike as a means of transport You do not hear it, it goes 40-50 km / h and you can have a white gun or a gun in it. Good to be able to move fairly quickly between zones I think it could help to move to the quiet zone and quite a few people would benefit from it. You could take a bike like any other vehicle by the road and in the garage. Regards.
  15. Vehicles Bumping Issues

    Hey there , I played the game for a while now and I use to always go for kills more than anything . But one thing that happened to me and got me so frustrated is when i followed someone , and of course I thought that when he stops I'll just run the player I was chasing over , but apparently when he stopped , he just took cover behind the bike , I was like I could just bump his bike on him , and everything went wrong ... I mean how is it possible that a big vehicle or a car not even more a small bike 1 CM ? I recorded it , the bike didn't even move ... And I can see why you guys say "Early Access" under the health bar . If it is really an Early Access game , then listen to the people that probably play it everyday and see what happens with them through out the day , yeah I mean next time I hopefully hit a bike with a UAZ or a Dacia , It should at least get pushed like a 10 M distance ... Depending on the speed the vehicle was going at . I don't know how hard it is to like do something about this , just try and do something . Thanks for reading
  16. Скилл на байке)

    Красиво получилось, зацените. https://youtu.be/H7m919FTxYw
  17. 2-man bike has some problems..

    Playing a duo with a mate, made my way to the motorbike. It had fallen over previously when we left it, so I pressed F to let the motorbike right itself. Instead, I was placed on the bike in the driver seat and the bike immediately flew up into the righted position, which caused my character to not only dismount it, but the bike itself slammed into my character and flung him against the fence causing a knock out at full health. The second half of the clip is another part in the same game (just 2 minutes later, actually) in which I was placed onto the back side of the bike. This time, the bike at least didn't fling me across the map into a fence.
  18. Make Bike Cart Detachable

    Hey all, I have an idea that I think would be awesome. On the dreaded bike with a cart, could there be a way to make the cart have a detachable pin with the 'f' key so it could be a solo cart? I feel like this would be a pretty realistic feature and it would make solo riding (especially solo games) so much more... less glitch crashy lethal? Theres a good amount of times where I'll see the bike+cart and just skip it because its not worth it. On the same token maybe you could have some unattached carts in garages around the map so someone with a solo bike could add a cart for his mates.
  19. Falling of a bike

    I think everyone since the first time they figured it out thought that falling off a bike where the physics feel so weird and you have no control over is such bullshit. I know it'll take some tweaking, but dying like that in a game like this is very disappointing. Thank you
  20. Headless on bikes

    Free-looking (alt-looking) in FPP, you can see your (headless) neck if you look behind you.
  21. Bikes are a Death trap !!!

    Damage is to high when falling of a bike. YOU SHOULD NOT DIE FROM FALLING 4 FEET AT 70KMH (Triggered)
  22. Hi Team, The sounds of any vehicle and rain is really loud. Especially in First Person View, it's super loud and can barely even hear people on discord. Overwatch had a great video explaining the different levels of the sound design, which really makes a lot of sense. I'm sure you've already seen it, but I couldn't find the link now. Best, Jacob aka. hankat
  23. 1.Person on bike Bug

    Hello I found a bug today on a first person Server, I was driver on a bike with sidecar. I looked around with Freelock (ALT). You can see the result in the screenshot. I could look all around like in 3. person.
  24. Hey guys, I made video when i show this problems. When u fall on ur front wheel, ur bike want to kill u. Pls check this and may be fix)