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Found 25 results

  1. On hills the bike (not sure for the other vehicles) slowly moves down the hill when stopped, even when you jump back on it to use the brake or handbrakes.
  2. Yeah.... What are the chances of that.
  3. This fance bugged?

  4. bike bug

    when i exited my bike in slow speed it fell on it's side. later on i entered the bike and got instakilled because it was on it's side. please fix this.
  5. Bike proposal

    Hey An interesting thing to me would be a bike as a means of transport You do not hear it, it goes 40-50 km / h and you can have a white gun or a gun in it. Good to be able to move fairly quickly between zones I think it could help to move to the quiet zone and quite a few people would benefit from it. You could take a bike like any other vehicle by the road and in the garage. Regards.
  6. I need an opinion or official comment about the bike. Could I affect(control) bike(for 2 passengers) movement in the air on the backseat? Is the bike system kind of bobsleigh? Things happened today. I was playing duo with ma friend. He was driving the bike(for 2 passengers) and I was on the back. He and I injured very badly after he lost the bike control. Then he started blaming me. He said I tilted on the backseat and broke the balance. (Even I don't know how to tilt) He talked way tooooo much with F word. Therefore I gave him my 5.56mm bullet to his head around 60 times.
  7. Vehicles Bumping Issues

    Hey there , I played the game for a while now and I use to always go for kills more than anything . But one thing that happened to me and got me so frustrated is when i followed someone , and of course I thought that when he stops I'll just run the player I was chasing over , but apparently when he stopped , he just took cover behind the bike , I was like I could just bump his bike on him , and everything went wrong ... I mean how is it possible that a big vehicle or a car not even more a small bike 1 CM ? I recorded it , the bike didn't even move ... And I can see why you guys say "Early Access" under the health bar . If it is really an Early Access game , then listen to the people that probably play it everyday and see what happens with them through out the day , yeah I mean next time I hopefully hit a bike with a UAZ or a Dacia , It should at least get pushed like a 10 M distance ... Depending on the speed the vehicle was going at . I don't know how hard it is to like do something about this , just try and do something . Thanks for reading
  8. Скилл на байке)

    Красиво получилось, зацените. https://youtu.be/H7m919FTxYw
  9. 2-man bike has some problems..

    Playing a duo with a mate, made my way to the motorbike. It had fallen over previously when we left it, so I pressed F to let the motorbike right itself. Instead, I was placed on the bike in the driver seat and the bike immediately flew up into the righted position, which caused my character to not only dismount it, but the bike itself slammed into my character and flung him against the fence causing a knock out at full health. The second half of the clip is another part in the same game (just 2 minutes later, actually) in which I was placed onto the back side of the bike. This time, the bike at least didn't fling me across the map into a fence.
  10. Make Bike Cart Detachable

    Hey all, I have an idea that I think would be awesome. On the dreaded bike with a cart, could there be a way to make the cart have a detachable pin with the 'f' key so it could be a solo cart? I feel like this would be a pretty realistic feature and it would make solo riding (especially solo games) so much more... less glitch crashy lethal? Theres a good amount of times where I'll see the bike+cart and just skip it because its not worth it. On the same token maybe you could have some unattached carts in garages around the map so someone with a solo bike could add a cart for his mates.
  11. Falling of a bike

    I think everyone since the first time they figured it out thought that falling off a bike where the physics feel so weird and you have no control over is such bullshit. I know it'll take some tweaking, but dying like that in a game like this is very disappointing. Thank you
  12. Headless on bikes

    Free-looking (alt-looking) in FPP, you can see your (headless) neck if you look behind you.
  13. Bikes are a Death trap !!!

    Damage is to high when falling of a bike. YOU SHOULD NOT DIE FROM FALLING 4 FEET AT 70KMH (Triggered)
  14. Hi Team, The sounds of any vehicle and rain is really loud. Especially in First Person View, it's super loud and can barely even hear people on discord. Overwatch had a great video explaining the different levels of the sound design, which really makes a lot of sense. I'm sure you've already seen it, but I couldn't find the link now. Best, Jacob aka. hankat
  15. 1.Person on bike Bug

    Hello I found a bug today on a first person Server, I was driver on a bike with sidecar. I looked around with Freelock (ALT). You can see the result in the screenshot. I could look all around like in 3. person.
  16. Hey guys, I made video when i show this problems. When u fall on ur front wheel, ur bike want to kill u. Pls check this and may be fix)
  17. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    after jumping from the tower next to the millitary base while on my bike it got stuck inside ground and i couldnt get it out
  18. Really important motorbike issue

    Hey, i dont know if i should create a Topic for this, but i thing is GAMECHANGING. HEY GUYS GREAT GAME! REALLY IMPORTANT: If i have a helmet and body armor and etc... and full life... its really anoying to die from a MOTORBIKE crash at normal speed. I didnt fall from a cliff, the bike just flipped so my body touched the ground. I think that if you have a helmet, motorbike crashes SHOULD NOT KILL YOU INSTANTLY. Also, when you jump from a moving vehicle should kill you instantly. I think the best optimisation would be to calculate damage from speed and type of helmet or/and bodyarmor equiped. Regards, Lisandro.
  19. So my game ended abruptly as I tried to get on a motorcycle that was knocked over. Instead standing the bike up, it killed me instantly, with the reason being fall damage. The bike was on a slight incline, and I might have been slouching over it a little bit, but that's no reason that it should instantly kill you
  20. 2 person Bike and Doors

    Reversing a bike into a door then closing it on the bike, second person gets on bike on the back, when you open the door well things get weird, https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyAdventurousQueleaKappaRoss Myself am shown on the right of the bike while my Partner is on the back, BUT to the person on the back of the bike he sees himself on the right of the bike where i am (so vise versa) Yuki.
  21. Bikes do little to no damage

    I tried running over someone with a bike and sidecar, the person moved with the bike, but didn't get downed when at full speed
  22. You know what's not cool? Getting out of a vehicle and when my friend STARTS to reverse into me (UNDER 5 F**KING MPH) I should probably not go from 75 health to downed instantly. It's 5 F**KING MILES PER HOUR for the love of god! Fix that s**t. Thanks.
  23. Death From Motorbike is Back

    Since the patch today I've died 3 times from a flip of the motorbike. Has some recent optimization made it possible to instantly die from full health on the bike again? Pretty frustrating to loot like a fool then die from a near non-existent bump
  24. Bug Description: I was driving the new bike downhill and got a little bit of air. When the bike landed I fell off and instantly died from falling damage. On any of the other vehicles I would have been fine. Date Seen: 20-04-17 Server: Live server System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64 bits (10.0 build 14393) Graphics Card: GXT 980 Ti CPU: Intel Core i7-6700k @ 4 GHz 8 CPUs Ram: 16 GB