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Found 166 results

  1. Hello everybody, I would like to know if we will keep our BP acquired during the release 1.0?
  2. I need new face and new hair .
  3. Описание бага: Не засчитывает BP. Играю разные режимы на RU сервере. Дата когда вы столкнулись с багом: 04.06.2018 Сервер: RU Попытки устранения: Пробовал играть в разные режимы, долго, быстро. Не засчитывает никак. Другая информация: - Параметры запуска: - Характеристики системы: Операционная система: Windows 7 Видео карта: GTX 1050 Ti ЦП: core i5-3340 Оперативная память: 12 GB
  4. Dupezza

    Награда за матч

    Почему за топ 10 и лучшие результаты такая огромная награда даже если 1 килл, а если я закончу катку в топ 20-30 имея большое кол-во киллов получу 300-400 поинтов? Я считаю что за убийства нужно давать более весомую награду. Ты пытаешься убивать всех, но погибаешь с большим кол-вом киллов. пока в это же время крыса с 0 киллами лежит на краю белой зоны в кустах и ждет попадания в топ 10. Я понимаю что цель выжить, но пусть топ 1 получает большую награду даже с 1 киллом, но за топ 10 тоже нельзя много давать, а вот киллы другое дело. Так и уменьшится число кемперов.
  5. 0ld_Snak3

    BP N/A and "error occurred" Bug

    So even after this new update I still get N/A BP and the message 'an error occurred' when i click on the customization on any other tab. It has been like this since i bought the game and I couldn't find any fixes. I reinstalled the game twice now and deleted all the residue data but still the problem persists. I'm stuck running around naked and not even able to spend the BP points we got as a reward and it's really frustrating.
  6. gOlden_sOht,,,,

    Negative BP Currency

    Admin: For everyone with a negative BP currency Issue. You need to Direct Message PUBG FWG on these forums with a current screen shot of your UI and he will be able to further assist you. Thank you. -Caesar Hi, i changed my character once and my bp droped to -19.000. I played up Bp and i hope u can fix it. At the moment i am about -15.000. http://support.enmasse.com/playerunknown-s-battlegrounds/tickets/072317-000288 I wrote support first. They told me to aks for help here. Pls help me.
  7. PUBG_The Sparrow

    O jogo não está dando BP

    Jogadores, Queria, por favor, pedir a todos aqueles que têm o problema de não receber BP no final de uma partida que respondam nos comentários: Em que mapa você estava jogando quando aconteceu isso, Erangel ou Miramar? Você tinha no momento mais ou menos de 1000 BP? Por favor deixe aqui um print do jogo com o resultado final da partida em que você não ganhou BP (após você morrer) e outro print no lobby depois dessa partida mostrando o valor BP. Obrigado,A Equipe de Desenvolvimento e Comunicação PUBG
  8. Hello, 3 Bugs brought back during the last patch: 1) Not receiving BP after the game, especially in Top10/When winning a chicken dinner 2) Asia pre-selected randomly (I'm an EU player) 3) When leaving the server PRIOR to the plane start, it still counts as loss/bad placement and gives negative rating (wtf). Please fix this asap.... and with all due respect... don't you have a proper version management or something? How can this happen at all? Kind regards,
  9. Lokyter

    Not gaining BP after match

    Hello developters! I'm here to present you this bug that I encounterd today. After ending the match 2nd I noticed that I won 796BP's but on my wallet there was only 534BP's. Clearly a bug. Help! Regards, Juan
  10. loubar

    Not Receiving BP After Match

    Hello! Recently I noticed that after playing the game a bit there would be times that I do not receive BP, it is random when this happen, but has seemed to be happening more often. Any help with this bug would be great!
  11. soubile625

    Missing BP/ Lost BP

    Hi, this happen earlier this week and i commented some one else post about it but nothing has been fixed. I have missing bp / lost bp i had roughly 21k saved up sunday night and money morning comes and im down to 13k. i didn't accidentally buy any crate i stopped on the 5400 crate and had the left, that was the first thing i checked. Has anyone else had this issue?
  12. После отправки отчёта на очередного мошенника, мы не знаем был ли он забанен или до сих пор портит нам игру. Если разработчики действительно заинтересованы в уничтожении этой заразы, то было бы не плохо поощрять данный процесс игровыми денежками. Мы ловим, Вы платите нормальная практика. Например: с одного отчёта за каждую "зверюгу" 3к-5к bp при положительном результате (бане читроля) Во всплывающем окне результат (справа снизу гл. меню игры). (сделать возможность вызова этого окна в ручную, помимо авто всплывания, так, что бы было) 1. Ваш отчёт обрабатывается (5) <--- в обработке 2. Обработанные отчёты (4) ----> сразу после обработки начисляются заслуженные "тугрики" bp Глядишь и дело пойдёт быстрее. А что думает почтеннейшая публика на эту тему ?
  13. So I've noticed that I'm not receiving my BP after I die or after a Chicken Dinner if I've had to rejoin the match do to the game crashing. For example, I needed 56 BP for my next reward crate, me and a friend went into a duo's match where we both crashed and rejoined. We got the chicken dinner and the game tells me i earned 800+ BP but when i went to buy that next crate, i was still 56 BP away from my next crate and that 800+ BP was not added to my BP wallet total. This has now happened to me multiple time now. It doesn't matter if you die or win the game, will not receive your earned BP if you have crashed and rejoined the match. This is something that need to be looked into because this game crashes all the time.
  14. Nikkooooo

    bp loss

    Before I logged out my account I still have like 8k bp left in my account. Then the next day I opened my account and there was only 500 bp left. Knowing that i didnt even buy crates that day.
  15. Nighto

    BP Bug

    Please fix my BP, i dont know what happend. I play many game but the bug persist.
  16. TimeCrisis86

    Lost 15,000 BP?

    So I had about 18,000 BP saved up and after playing a few matches, I noticed that my BP dropped down to about 3,000. I haven't seen anyone mention this issue so I'm posting here. How can I get my BP back? What I was doing at the time: Trying to buy more Early Bird Keys from the in-game shop (not market). After the steam overlay appeared, I wasn't able to click anything, but did notice that the PUBG in game menu's were responding to my mouse clicks. I figured maybe some how I bought a bunch of crates by accident? I checked my crate inventory but it doesn't reflect that. Who can I talk to about getting my BP back?? Thanks
  17. I just stressfully carried my entire squad to a chicken dinner and all that work went out the window when I didnt even get the 600 bp it promised me. Please fix this, this is rediculous. I even have tje gameclip saved.
  18. Slice Rector

    No BP after win

    I just won a game and was supposed to be awarded around 775 bp. I didn't screenshot it and when I returned to the menu I didn't receive any bp.
  19. Hello, I just recently purchased a few crates using BP (1/15/2018) and I received 2 Wanderer crates and 5 Biker ones. I think the 2 Wanderer should be Desperado crates, please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks
  20. Unfight

    negative BP value

    Dear Admin, I have been playing PUBG for a while (250+ hours) and loving every moment. An awesome game, great development, super interaction with players, just an overall super game. Of course starting off with the great news. Now I found I was on negative BP for a while and hoped it would correct itself (maybe a server update or something). However since this has not been changed I thought I would give some feedback. In around December I have changed my character and from then I have had a massive decrease in BP. As when I tried to save my character it glitched. This resulted in me having a massive deficit ( I think it was around -5k BP. If possible please advise me what to do to fix this. Or if you need any further information from me please ask. Best regards from a Fan !
  21. Jesty

    Free BP Bug

    As we all know from the topics and plenty of us experiencing it. Some of us are getting the correct amount of BP we missed out on and then some of our friends or some of us ourselves are getting 10BP to some people getting something like 50,000BP which is obviously not correct, but there is absolutely no word from them on this issue. My buddy plays with me everytime I play, we do duos and I got close to 4kBP and he got 11BP. How is that correct?
  22. AbyssalLurker

    Account Bugged?

    After the last patch I am no longer able to play. When I start game after menu 1st pops up, I see a small message saying just "An Error Occurred". I then try to start the game see a larger error message saying "Matchmaking Failed. Try Again Later". That's my biggest issue at the moment but I've also been seeing the message "An Error Occurred" whenever I try to customize my character's wardrobe appearance or even look at the crates since the beginning. After seeing a message for the update about BP being awarded for some issue, my BP score next to my screen name still says N/A instead of whatever the bonus was as well. Have also repeatedly tried restarting the menu, restarting my computer, and even reinstalling the game.
  23. صفر

    problema con los BP

    Despues de la actualizacion al final cada partida no me estan dando los BP ya me paso 3 veces seguidas, alguno tiene idea de que puede ser?
  24. Hetu82

    N/A BP Issue

    Ive bought clothes to my character but cant see them in my wardrobe. I have waited for them to update there for few days but still nothing.
  25. I played squads on NA server and did not receive the BP for team rank even though we placed second. Is that supposed to happen? https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/919165265899156405/872BC47E42C025BC5D86918002626D3239DB1C3D/