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Found 18 results

  1. Ok. So I understand that watching the bridge as the circle closes is an easy way to get kills, cheap but easy, has anyone ever noticed how a truck can not drive throu a motorcycle? Like I just died because the UAZ literally came to a dead stop because on one bike blocking half a lane. This needs to be fixed lol. Made for a good laugh but damn.
  2. "The Flying Bridge"

    The Bridge on Erangel (connecting Military and Mylta) is flying. Underwater the pillars are flying. 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 You can even swim right under them. Please fix this, just because it's not realistic.
  3. Be the first to admit If i land at military and the circle is over the bridge I will sit and wait for others to be forced across just easy kills.. who else will own up to it 🤗!. Clip form me get the clips up boys. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Thats Savvy/video/42609813
  4. Bug description: While I was crossing the bridge, and tried to run over a guy on it with a vehicle,but suddenly, I went to the another car because it was invisible. The guy on the bridge knew it by the way, cuz he attempted to cross the bridge on foot pretending that he tried to do not let me run him over. But then, he suddenly stopped, I guess he knew about this bug. I'll provide the video from the death cam. It is not for the first time I've met this kind of situation when I was crossing the bridge. ( approx. 3 weeks ago,right after the official launch of the game). Date seen: 1/12/18 ( around 6 o'clock,Beijing time) Server: Asian server(NOT TEST SERVER) Launch options: empty, no changes. System specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 16299) (16299.rs3_release.170928-1534) Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.6GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM DirectX Version: DirectX 12 Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Display Memory: 10133 MB Dedicated Memory: 6061 MB Please,check out the video,so you would better understand the issue I've met. And if it is possible, It would be perfect if u will ban the guy that knew about this bug and have been using it for quite long time as u can see. My steam profile: scorp_neq Video death cam:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Lhc7PRUIwarnpzb3nZ8V8zgM9nazBOKm Video first person(replay): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Xu3U2o-AeS2TMzua_sIyqFuAHTAXQQFE PS: I don't know why but I can''t upload a video straight to the forum(It says that I can't upload mp4 or any video file but gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png)
  5. Died while driving?

    Hey! I just drived with a bike over the bridge and then just died.... i linked you a proof video, just look yourself....
  6. Stuck on Bridge

    Hello, today i drove with a car over the bridge at valle del mar. If you park to one side of the bridge and leave the car, you drop out at the edge of the bridge. You can't climb over the fence to get back on the bridge ... the only option left is to die. so basically you are stuck there with no where to go
  7. Bridge Camping

    Your bridges between military base and the rest of the island bring nothing to the game but frustration. They are easily camped and make all the effort put into a military drop and loot pointless when some jacked up kid waits for you to cross so they can lazily steal your shit. If you want there to be combat on the bridge, then make the road narrower and put pedestrian footpaths on either side with a railing or fence separating the two. That way those crossing on foot have to be wary of what is on the road and the paths, perhaps with some obstacles and areas of cover, and the vehicle users can just drive down the road with less clutter. Less clutter on the roads themselves makes it more obvious where an enemy could be waiting and then both parties are aware of each other, which will lead to more enjoyable shootouts and strategic moves. The footpaths can also lead to combat for those not willing to brave the open road, as it is narrow and leans towards close combat intensity. Bridge camping is the cheapest thing anyone can do on this game, and so far they get away with easy kills. It would be nice if that changed. Feedback on my opinion would be nice, but keep the "you're just bad" etc to yourself. Had enough of dumb kids for the day.
  8. So i found this bug on pubg today please spread this to let the devs know...
  9. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    *Took some screenshots here* Basically was trying to get some cover at the rock, near the west bridge on the military island and got stuck. Tried everything to get away, but nothing worked.
  10. Invisible/missing bridge

    This bridge appeared to be invisible in my game. Our other squadmate could see the bridge and was able to drive over it. When we tried, our buggy fell off and sunk into the water. We were unable to leave the vehicle and drowned.
  11. a friend and I started a Duo game on EU servers, we connected normally, but the bridge was weirdly moved, the bridge itself had no hitbox (we tried to drive over it thinking it was a texture bug) but the bridge wasnt solid, houses were spawned in the middle of the river and in the air, not able to enter them. the bridge was moved into the center direction, going through houses, blocking door ways and so on. i dont know if the bug is common or if anybody posted it. if it happens regularely I hope that it can be fixed soon. (video doesnt show the part where we fell through the bridge with the car video proof :
  12. Hello Community! My Team and I found a Bug (Game Crash): When you cross the Bridge in Georgopol from the top side of the city to the bottom side the Game Crashes everytime! My Team Members already told me about that and we thought that is an "1-Time-Only Crash".... But everytime, all of us get there an Game Crash.... Fix this! When you enter the "Red-Marked Area" you get the Crash. Thanks.
  13. Being able to shoot through objects.

    I just played a game and in that game i killed 4 people through the bridge. I know it wasn't ethical to abuse an obvious bug that happened to be in my favor but my team would have died otherwise and i didn't really think. What happened was that a lot of buildings from the bridge area just didn't load in on the right spot of the map. It kind of shifted to a different place and that allowed me to see through buildings and also shoot through them like there was nothing there. I might have gotten reported for this since i was literally shooting them from under the bridge with a S12K shotgun. I have a shit computer so this happens from time to time and really needs to be fixed, it is simply game breaking. Im sorry for the guys i killed, we won the game literally only cause i killed them and that allowed us to get over the bridge.
  14. Bridge Walking Paths

    Gday guys, Was just giving my two cents to a area of the game i think needs work personally. The pathway on the large bridges going to and from the islands have walk paths on each side. My only concern is that when in a down state, you cannot get onto the path on the sides as it is alleviated from the road. Before the crash vehicles and debris was implemented into the game, this wasn't as much of a concern, because when you were knocked down, you were very very likely to die, but now with the added cover on the bridge, it encourages fighting and conflict on the bridge which were not happening before, and the restriction of movement and opportunity to save allies/yourself conflicts with the goal of adding the debris into the bridge in the first place. If a player in a down state could travel up to the path and down to the road again, the fluidity of the fights would be complemented as well as reducing the unfairness to a players death, and bringing back to a "Yea, i guess i made a bad decisions to do that" instead of misleading paths.
  15. As I was free falling at 200km/h to my inevitable doom, as one does, I took a moment to enjoy my view from the evening sky. As I steered myself towards my destination in northern Georgopol, I took a moment to examine the vast shipyard and its multicolored shipping containers to my south. The large number of parachutes I saw was discomforting so I made a mental note to stay away. It wasn't long after that I finally hit the pavement. As I sat there on the road lamenting over my rolled ankle, as one does, I took a moment to examine the bridge that loomed nearby and pondered fleeing from the staccato of gunfire less than 50 meters away from me. Not wanting to risk being spotted by a violent individual, I made haste across the bridge. As I was sneaking down the horrifying expanse of concrete and steel, as one does, I gazed out into the bay when suddenly it dawned on me. This bridge crosses the bay! The shipyard is in the bay! How on earth is a cargo ship expected to reach port with such an impressive bridge blocking its course? Truly an architectural blunder. An engineering conundrum. A maritime mystery! To whomever is in charge I implore you to reconsider the location of such a grand structure in future designs so that freighters can avoid any unnecessary inconvenience. Cheers -A Wrongfully Abducted Combatant
  16. Buggy instantly stops

    Driving a buggy across a bridge to the military base going 100km/h ish and when my rear tire got shotout I instantly came to a dead stop. Started moving again and when my other rear tire got shotout I instantly stopped again, then died. I know this is a game but this is kinda lame physics... Just a heads up and not sure if this has been reported.