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Found 65 results

  1. Just a quick bug report about the menu screen. After launching the game via steam, I am greeted with the Bluehole logo, and then the generic background that you see your player standing in on the main menu. However my player doesn't load, none of the buttons are there, and it gets stuck on loading in the top left corner. Restarting the game doesn't fix this. I have verified the integrity of the game files multiple times, and still not working. Sometimes I can get through, other times not. Frustrating.
  2. eTanium

    BUG: Crouch cancels reload.

    I have found that my firearm will perform the full reload animation, but sometimes now result in having a full magazine afterwards. This seems to happen mainly when crouching during reloading. Has gotten me killed many times.
  3. cdubfrommi

    (Bug) Player Movement Speed

    Just did a clean install of windows 10, steam and pubg on my solid state, my character moves significantly slower than everyone else. My friends can out run me with weapons drawn and I can be unarmed AND boosted. There have been other posts about this but none have gained traction. Any solutions? Have uninstalled/reinstalled both steam and pubg, launch options don't seem to make a difference, nor do graphics settings. Bug Description: The player moving significantly slower than others, team mates or enemies included. Date Seen: 9/13/2017 Server: All servers, release. Troubleshooting Attempted: Changed priority via task manager, attempted reinstalls of both PUBG and steam, adjusted graphics settings, unplugged ps4 controller, changed all launch options Other Information: FPS does not drop at all but team mates report me micro-stuttering in game, brief flickers in my movement. Launch Options: --maxMem=13000 -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 home 64bit Graphics Card: Radeon RX 580 series CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 8 core Ram: 16384MB Ram
  4. Meu pc Processador fx8370 - placa de video gtx 1050ti 4g - 8 g memoria ram - placa mae asus. Desde quando comprei o jogo acontece a mesma coisa indiferente do que eu faça já modifiquei praticamente tudo resolução, reshade, configs na pasta do jogo sempre que eu abro o jogo no inicio da partida a tela fica preta eu vejo algumas coisa mais não anda não tem som nenhum e não sai disso. O estranho é que dentre as milhoes de tentativas ele abriu a partida normal umas duas vezes e eu joguei tranquilo ae usando a mesma config de tudo eu tento jogar de novo da tela preta. Tentei reembolsar o jogo mas eu tentei jogar por mais de 4 horas ou seja eu tentei muito e nao funciona.
  5. Após essa ultima atualização, meu jogou realmente ficou melhor, porém tem um "bug" muuuuuuito chato, na qual toda vez que saio de uma partida, a região é setada em "AS SERVER" (região da ASIA), e obviamente eu jogo no servidor "SA SERVER" (South and central america), então toda vez que eu quiser jogar, tenho selecionar o servidor SA SERVER e dar play, o que é bastante chato, pois quando morro a unica coisa que quero fazer é sair da partida e dar play novamente (o que eu fazia antes da atualização), não sei se esse problema é somente comigo, se não for, vocês estão cientes do problema ? estão trabalhando nele ? se for só comigo, o que posso fazer pra solucionar meu problema ? MEU SETUP: CPU (processador): I5 3570K @3.40 Motherboard (placa-mãe): PEGATRON IPMH61P1 Memória RAM: 8GB Placa Gráfica: RX 460 2GB Gigabyte PSU (Fonte): EVGA 600B Sistema Operativo: Windows 10 Pro 64bits
  6. So just downloaded the latest driver for PUBG new futueres ( GTX 1070 15 6600k ). But it shows that it is pushed to hard due a lot of flickering/sort of lighting? When i put everything on low it gets even worse. On high/ultra is it the most stable. I unchecked everything for optimalization, nothing. Used the old driver again, nothing. The game is added to my 3d programs within the control panel but for some reason the fps counter has never been seen aswell after the update. Think this might be a good clue to what exactly is going on? Windoed mode 1280 resolution nothing helps it even get worse and worse. Seems like the graphics cards communication with the game itself is bad ? All other games 0 problems that indicated that it has something to do with nvidea but uninstalled it and still ,nothing.
  7. Good day. As me and my wife started to play the game, we've had several issues with the match loading screen. When loading the steam FPS counter just vanishes and the "loot island" start wont show up to me, I still am in the game (wife can see me), only option is to kill the game and rejoin. Which leads to another problem, the new afking rule. By this bug i am forced to "afk" and hope that no one kills me before I can join again. Is there an way to make it stop? My graphical settings are all set to low, except view distance is high. This is just not me, my wife get's it as well, but I think it's gpu related issue than game related. System specs: Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 6300HQ @ 2.30GHz RAM 8,00Gt Single-Channel @ 1063MHz Graphics 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M Storage 931GB Western Digital WDC WD10SPCX-24HWST1 (SATA) 232GB Samsung SSD 960 EVO 250GB (Unknown) (sorry if you cannot understand what i'm saying, English is not my native language).
  8. Derelict_Crab

    Cancel Game Search Bug

    While searching for a game on Asia Region servers, clicking to cancel the search does not cancel the search. Appears to also affect at least North America Region servers.
  9. mmmint

    Revolver reloading bug

    So I found a long time ago "revolver bug" which is revolver's looped reloading animation. It happens when you start reloading your revolver and drop it before you reload all of 7 bullets. Video:
  10. So every time the game crashed mid game (which happens very often, as it's a common issue) even after reconnecting to game and completing it I receive no BP for that game. It's not annoying if it happens once in a while, but for whatever reason (i followed all the "stop your game from crashing" advises and none of them helped) i pretty much crash in most of the games. PUBG is installed on ssd so it doesn't take a minute to load back in, but even if i win the game (happened with a friend in Duo, got chicken dinner and was supposed to receive 600+ BP and go nothing ) after crash+reconnecting I get no reward. It kind of kills the motivation to play, especially if the game crashed in early stages, then it's like well meh i'm not getting anything out of this why bother. So my question is, is this a known bug and how the difficult can it be to fix this? For a game with such a common issue with crashing this should be addressed ASAP. thank you and good day hope to see you out there p.s. please don't shoot me if you see me running mindlessly into a wall, means i crashed once again.
  11. twitch@palmthree

    I get shot from behind cover???

    So here i have two clips of me getting shot from when i already was behind cover, this is a must fix otherwise this game is horrible. clip number 1: https://clips.twitch.tv/GlamorousBlightedPlumageDxAbomb clip number 2: https://clips.twitch.tv/GorgeousRockySoybeanAliens
  12. I posted a week ago about the BE Service issue and how I haven't been able to play. I'm now on week three of not being able to play this game. Every thread just gives the same troubleshooting reply that does NOT work. Then after the troubleshooting post I get absolutely nothing. Every driver has been updated and reinstalled. BattleEye has been uninstalled and reinstalled. I have restarted my PC. I have tried with and without Firewall and Anti Virus. I have Verified the game files and even reinstalled the game with no luck. I continuously get the same "BE service not running properly 2.5.39" message whenever I start a game. It doesn't matter what server I join. I have steam running as admin. I have tried running the game and battleeye as admin. I have done every possible fix that has been posted on this site and none of them work. I cannot refund this game as it used to work. For the love of god, I'd rather play h1 at this point. You know how annoyed I have to be to want to play that shit? Jesus Date Seen:9/1/17 Server: Live server Error Message: BE service not running properly 2.5.39 Other Information: Just started recently, I am no longer able to play the game... months after I bought it. Troubleshooting Attempted: Tried everything mentioned along with other stuff such as reinstalling battle eye, turning off AV and Firewall , reinstalling the entire game...No luck. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: R9 390X CPU: AMD FX-8350 Ram: 16GB DDR3
  13. Hi guys, Maybe someone has the same problem and can help, I didn't found something on this topic so far. The Problem: When I play pubg at first everything is fine, it runs very smooth with around 120 fps. But after like half an hour I get massive lags, I can't even turn around anymore. Fps stays around 120 but it feels like 5 fps. It also feels like the mouse input is "stuttering". When I close the game the problem REMAINS. It only happens with pubg. Bug info: It startet happening about 3 weeks ago, since then this bug occurs in nearly every game I play. I play only EU server, but when I testet NA and SA the same happened. Trouble shooting: - I always monitor my hardware temperatures, everything fine there, nothing even near to hot. - I reinstalled Pubg and the graphics drivers. - I start pubg as an admin. - no start options / commands used. My setup: System: Windows 10 x64 Board: MSI z270 sli plus CPU: Intel i7 7700k @4,5ghz GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 @1990mhz RAM: 16gb DDR4 Trident @3200mhz Power: 650W Corsair VS Pubg running on a crucial mx300 ssd with enough free space. Sorry for my bad English, not a native speaker.
  14. LRG-TOKO


    Hi Devs, Lean (Q & E) doesn't work in the area highlighted red. I have had this around 15times and happens to other players around me, soon as i leave the area the lean starts to work again. Please put a fix in place.
  15. I've attached a couple screenshots of a game where ~90% of the AFKs landed underwater and ~90% did not drown. I waited for several minutes past the point where they should have died and verified that the server player count was working correctly for other kills. I.e. the AFKs that appeared underwater on my client must not have actually been underwater on the server. This suggests that there is an issue in the netcode where player positions for un-moving/still/afk players are not synced properly to other players' clients. The first screenshot shows 2 of the underwater AFKs drowning correctly, the second taken half a minute later shows their coffins and that the rest of the underwater AFKs have not drowned. As all players start with the same health and take underwater damage at the same rate, if the client view was correct (it is not) then 100% of those underwater AFKs should have been coffins in the 2nd screenshot. Date Seen: I've seen this before, but this instance happened at 2017-09-05-2311 PST. Server: Live Server - Squad FPP EU Error Message: N/A, No error message. Client seems to still be in sync with server, can move around, kill feed updates, can still self-drown and die correctly. Other Information: N/A Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A. I believe this is reproducible in any game where AFKs land in water; please correct me if I'm wrong. I've also noticed issues in non-water landings where ragdolls still stay upright after AFK player death *but* at least they sync to be the correct position (i.e. they don't get swapped for the coffin box model but at least the ragdoll can correctly punched, behaves according to physics, etc.) Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 15063) Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.5GHz Ram: 32768MB RAM
  16. Boa noite pessoal. Meu jogo abriu com muito custo. Escolho o servidor e tudo mais, mas a partida não abre. Poderiam me ajudar? Abraços.
  17. Mr. StrangerDanger

    Throw nades through the wall (1st person)

    Bug Description:
  18. Cris ~

    Ambiental sound bug

    A lot of games im having this issue. Im playing in the fields and then the ambiental noise sounds like im inside a house, and viceversa, I can be in a house and the ambiental noise sounds like i was outside. It's anoying cause all the time its switching no matter where I am. I play with all the options in Ultra if that helps. (i7 6700k, 16 RAM, 1080 ti)
  19. Hi everyone, I have been installed PUBG, and the first time that I launched the game, they displayed a message saying "It's an early acces, blablabla" then you have to click on "I Undurstand" to continue or "Exit" to leave the game but when I want to click "I Undurstand" I can't... So I'm blocked on the "menu" and have spended 30€ for nothing... I found a guy who's having the same problem, i let you the link of his video here: Thanks...
  20. Hello My name is Klezy today I was playing with my friend when i noticed that some buildings wherent loading (as you can see in the picture) its gamebreaking. Can you please fix it? Thx
  21. However following this issue I had opened the game with my speakers as the default audio device, then changed over to my headset after the game had launched (Which I've done hundreds of times), but for whatever reason the game will not play the audio though anything but those speakers. Even if that audio device is disabled/unplugged, then I get no sound at all. I can start the game with only my headset enabled and it will not convert sound to my that default device, and if I enable the speakers or any other device it will give me game audio through that instead. My sound drivers are up to date, I have unplugged my headset, I know it's not the master volume muted so please don't give me that answer like every other thread about this issue. Other things I have tried are unplugging all audio devices/other monitors. Reinstalling the game, verifying game cache, reinstalling audio driver for my headset, different usb port etc... If i launch the game and set any other device to default device, I can instantly hear things in game again. My headset plays ALL OTHER audio sources games, videos, music, 7.1 surround tests, so this is just PUBG that does this to my headset so it's not a hardware issue. I swap my devices all the time and restarting the game/app or either computer would solve any issues however this is not fixing it despite my attempts. The game is extremely unstable I just started playing again and looking past it's in game issues isn't a problem for me. But when the game doesn't run with mid to high end hardware it's a sign to look into the formatting of the game/engine. Using DirectX diagnostics I can see I have no driver issues, all devices are detected and working. No other game or audio source is effected by this issue only PUBG, I have had other issues where changing my sound device actually crashes the game, and all game audio sounds distorted until I had either restarted the game itself. ' Specs are CPU - 4790k i7 OC - 4.2GHz GPU - 980 GTX MSI Motherboard - Asus Maximums Hero IV /w 7.1 sound card. Ram - 16GB DDR4 2400MHz Headset - Razor Timat 7.1 surround sound (Combination of 3.5mm jacks and USB)
  22. My POV of performing the glitch. Its a simple crouch jump at the window and then you just scope in. https://gfycat.com/SinfulSevereInsect My Teammates POV when we discovered it. He could not shoot me while i was able to shoot him. https://gyazo.com/1067c58040dccda4bffba18d96204bce I am not sure if it works in other locations, but i would assume so since there are a lot of these buildings.
  23. Bug Description: A set of boxes to the south west of Yasnaya has a glitch so that if you walk up to them you get flung high up into the air to fall back down. Date Seen: 10th of September 2017 (about 5:30pm AEST) Server: Standard Duo Oceania (although my friend also tested in in SE Asia on solo and it worked there). Troubleshooting Attempted: *cough* We tested this bug worked by running into it several times on different servers... although, riding a bike into it didn't seem to do anything *cough* Other Information: You can find a hilarious clip of it when I first discovered the bug here: Launch Options: -USEALLAVALIABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4 -lowmemory System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 750Ti CPU: Intel i7-4790 Ram: 16GB Good luck with the fix but uhhh, don't rush about patching it just yet lol
  24. We can't find him in area. Full size: https://imgur.com/a/eWBLr
  25. stuck between two rocks.. towards the end of the game.. fully geared.. 4 kills.. ready to win.. and this happens.. cannot move cannot heal cannot do anything it glitches and makes your char float.. so i just blew my self up with a grenade and left.. heres a screen shot.. bullshit.