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Found 1,880 results

  1. Test serverında bir kaç kez başıma geldi yerde yatarken etrafa bakıyorken oluyor ve ilk değil bu çoğu kez oldu video ile gösterdim ilk videoda ki oyunun versiyonu test server patch#1 ikinci ise patch#3 umarım düzeltilir. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAqWo_g5TKQ&feature=youtu.be
  2. Every 40 minutes to an hour me and my friends games keep closing. really messing up the game play. seems to happen when there’s either a lot of people around or driving a vehicle to fast
  3. Me and my friend recently played a Duos match were we should have won as no players were left alive, we had even scouted the whole play area recklessly in case there was someone actually breathing but no, we even stayed until there was no play area yet we came second which makes no sense. I can only put this down to a bug or glitch, hope this fixed soon.
  4. Another test server and still this bug is here. On developer stream was said 3 months ago that issue is known and still not fixed. 1 2 3 4 5 6 [ ] ; ' etc. because here it is + ľ š č ť ť ú ä ô § and there is no workaround except of changing keyboard layout in Windows.
  5. AR mag bug?

    still cant swap or drop ar mags/clips when inventory is full
  6. B2 L7 New Map

    There is a bug where you get stuck in a whole on the new map at B2 L7 in the town. There's a little pit that you can get stuck in outside of the buildings.
  7. Just started a game of PUBG. Soon died, went into the killcam and saw that it was a bit buggy. I don't see any other details I can provide https://clips.twitch.tv/BadAltruisticSnakeVoteYea
  8. Don't get points

    I have bug with getting points, i don't get BP points when i finish in top 5, i have finished 1st 3 times and 2 times in top 5 and did not get any points, but when i finish top 10 - top 100 i get points... P.s. Same bug for me on live servers and on test servers
  9. Bug Description: On the north side of Minas Generales, near the hill, there are a series of grain/mineral silos that you can walk into and out of as if they didnt exist, but can still use them as cover. They essentially are giant protective pans of safety. Date Seen: This was experienced on December 14th Server: Test server Troubleshooting Attempted: Well - we tried to see if they all were like that. The small silos in the immediate area were all like this, so please keep an eye out on the rest of the map for more of them and report them. These could ruin your game. Other Information: I imagine this is already a planned fix - but in case you haven't heard a proper description this is it. Launch Options: I revisited the location to test it again upon relaunch and they were still suspect.. System Specifications:
  10. Mass Plane Drop

    There is a bug on the new Miramar map in which the plane drops all 100 players as soon as it enters the play zone. I imagine that many folks complain about this but I think it is great. This bug (if it is a bug-- maybe the devs are running an experiment...) seems to fit the spirit of the game beautifully. It should not happen often but it should happen just enough that players should be nervous about it. You could even have it where the plane does not let you jump out but dumps everyone at a predetermined location (cities would work best). And when folks cry about it the devs should respond with their best Bond-villain laugh: "Do you expect us to play without all our gear?" "MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! No Mr. Bond I expect you to die!"
  11. Hello it's been now 5h that I'm looking for the problem and still nothing! did you have a resolution to fix the problem !? know that yes I already delete and reinstall all the folder plus the game and tjr nothing! thank you
  12. I was playing a match earlier today and was down to the top 25 and I went to go toss my smoke and it wouldn't leave my hand. I tried to dump all my inventory and dump the grenade and still wouldn't fix the issue. Hope this gets fixed soon.
  13. Hello fellows, i have found a place where you can get stuck and you can't climb or jump out. Pretty sad when you have to kill yourself like me with a fully lvl 3 equip. But i made a screenshot so bluehole can fix that place.
  14. Audio is flipped. Left is Right and Right is Left...
  15. No lobby font

    Every word in the lobby was blank
  16. This is my friend on a roof. he is looking for an enemy player. I was spectating. https://youtu.be/O6fQ-WtWVTE
  17. It's a trap!

    Sorry for the lack of map location, it was grid 4:7 left side of the bridge going up the mountain side.
  18. This happens every time. When you crash before game starts and reconnect you are not able to jump from airplane. You will be ejected once your at the end of the ride. When you press ctrl-2 and then ctrl-1 you will be able to jump from airplane during the flight. So just change seat like in car.
  19. Tried vaulting over some pipes at water treatment plant and got stuck between them, can stand up once you crouch and can't prone under them to get out.
  20. Spots without exit

    Bugged spot - no exit
  21. Went in Miramar prison in duo, found a crashed (maybe?) boy where the lobby was. I guess he didn’t make it into the plane, proceeded to kill him to end his suffering.
  22. I was recently playing squads when I entered a car by myself. I noticed that I had not reloaded and wanted to see if I could reload while in the driver seat. So I held down the X button. To no surprise, my character did not reload, however, surprisingly the car's health began to plummet at a rapid pace not allowing me to exit the vehicle. I was NOT driving the vehicle. I had simply entered the vehicle and nothing else. The car lost all HP and exploded killing me in the process.
  23. My post is regarding two important bugs that I feel need attention. I'm sure you guys are already aware of the BP bug wherein games are not providing BP at the end of each game, so I will not touch on that too much, however, character customization is my main concern. It is apparent that many people have been wrongly jipped out of their first free customization. For starters, the customization is so glitched that people are inclined to press "A" in hopes of previewing their options (as hovering just does not work)... and as a result they are locked into their undesirable characters. There is no warning of the permanence of said changes (which I may add is apparent in almost every other game customization), and most people only learn of this fact after seeing the ridiculous cost of changing it. Others have been glitched past and forced to accept default characters. There is a clear issue here that should not be resolved with "earning x amount of BP", a number that grows more and more impossible with each passing day. Sure it is a cosmetic issue and doesn't affect gameplay, but it is evident that many gamers fell victim to this and deserve for it to be treated as a misleading bug. Hand in hand with the BP issue, this incredulous 3000 BP it is not as attainable as PubG help on twitter so claims. As I had proposed earlier, I say you guys add in a notification of permanent changes and if you're feeling really generous, grant ONE free character change for all of those on the xbox, at least by the time of the final game release. I don't really expect the latter, but I would hope future players could be warned of this issue. Attached below I have numerous complaints regarding this customization, each similar to the last. I know it is not as important as performance issues, but I do think it should be addressed with a bit more sincerity. Disclaimer: I absolutely love the game, I would just love it 10x more if instructions were a bit more clear.
  24. Raven here again. 2 Head shots. 1st. 1 helm. 2nd. No helm. Literally between the eyes. Ballistics don't feel right. Its like bullets don't have power anymore. I uploaded a headshot with a AWM the other day as well. That the guy didn't die. Hope you guys address this soon. https://clips.twitch.tv/LazyBlightedWolfTriHard
  25. A house overlooking San Martin has a door that cannot be entered on the second floor. The door has a sort of invisible wall blocking it as if a player was standing there.