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Found 1,954 results

  1. TwinLinks

    Movement issue.

    Bug Description: Moving the left stick to the left at a certain angle makes the character walk. Can easierly repeat the process, tried with 2 controllers. Location: Any map Evidence: 20180918_135054.mp4 Replication: It is very easy to do again, also very annoying when trying to move to the left to avoid shots but instead of dodging im an easy target 😂 All you got to do is move the left stick to the left all the way and slowly move it towards the top. 20180918_140217_1.mp4 Xbox One Version: Xbox One X Connection: Wired Game Mode: All Modes
  2. Spartanise

    Twitch Prime loot not received?

    Linked my twitch prime to my account weeks ago and never got my prime loot... IGN: Spartanise
  3. Darth Ioannis

    Prone bug

    I have noticed many times on Sanhok that when I am prone on a hill my player “bugs” and I float like I am Iron Man or something else that you can imagine.... please fix this because I try to stay hidden but my player floats like a ghost! I haven’t recorded this on a video yet but if it is so important I can do it next time I will play. But I believe this has happened to many of you.
  4. I included some footage prior to the shot to illustrate that I had not been running and gunning recently. If you notice after the guy ducks back behind the rock, my lungs show red -- so I was holding breath during the prone shot. Target is about eye level. Using the map bars as a gauge in paint.net, I can assure you he is 100 M away, and my zeroing is set to 100 M.
  5. Susurravientos

    Fallo al iniciar juego

    Buenas. Después de esta ultima actualización no me deja entrar al juego dándome este error "The global cache file...... is missing". Gracias!
  6. TheMadDragonVI

    Loot glitch

    Just played a game where when I'd hit start to bring up nearby loot it would scroll all the way down to the last item. Stuff in backpack would scroll normally, but clothes and weapons would scroll down automatically as well. Wasn't my controller, I could aim and move around fine. Also I got in two buggies that looked fine until I got behind the wheel, then the tires would disappear. Weird
  7. When playing SanHok, most of the time my skins show on whatever weapons I have skins for. Sometimes. Sometimes not. But on Mirimar and Erangel, my skins have never shown up. Has this happened to anyone else?
  8. It looks like it shoots to the "right" of the object by a little bit - but you can compensate it by aiming just to the left of the target. See clip above (its all in slow mo to show the issue).
  9. Hoodedwildkard

    Visual movement glitch

    Noticed an odd visual glitch when moving. Happened on Miramar last week. If you crouch sprint at a certain angle the leg animation goes a bit weird and makes it look like your character is doing a weird cossack dance. I replicated it more than once to take the video. I took a clip of it, here's the link. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/hoodedwildkard/video/59440789 On Xbox 1 x
  10. Forgive me im new to forums but the problem im having is after the start menu where you hit A, and then a black loading screen with a PUBG logo, im greeted with a white screen with lobby music and in the top left of the screen i see "LOADING lobby" ive been getting this since the first update and the latest hasnt fixed it. Im not the only one with this problem as my friend has the same issue.
  11. On latest live servers , roll up roll up and witness the amazing invisible box https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/blckadr1980/video/59114928
  12. Vehicle hits me when clearly I was not in its path and this definitely shouldn't have happened
  13. ArmedAccountant

    Unable To Run Full Speed When Going Straight

    There is a video of me demonstrating this bug. I run full speed going diagonally and auto run but cannot go full speed when my analog stick is pointed completely straight. I ran manually, then diagonally, then auto run, then back to manual. You should be able to tell a difference
  14. MsSloth420

    Bug when going to fire a weapon

    So either I'm losing my mind, or I just experienced a bug where I went to fire my kar98 and I clicked to fire but it just made the sound it makes when it's not reloaded, I know I reloaded it when I picked it up in the beginning of the game. Prior to using it I had just switched to it to use the scope for a second then switched back to my m4, if there was no ammo in it I would have noticed. I never accidentally swapped it out for another weapon or anything. I don't understand wtf happened but it died due to it.
  15. TheMadDragonVI

    Controller disconnect after hotfix

    First game after hotfix, contoller disconnected several times, followed with the eh eh eh eh eh noise. Same noise it made when game used to crash a lot. One time it made the noise and I couldn't control my character, but controller wasn't disconnected.
  16. https://clips.twitch.tv/MoralSarcasticClamOneHand Both me and my friend, as seen in the clip face the problem with different setups, glitch on the map.
  17. XmasTeaTowel

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Have tested. TYPE B ONLY General sensitivity (look camera) bugs to the sensitivity of what the 1x optic is set too! immediately after you ADS. The only way to shake this is too over the shoulder aim. But as soon as you ADS again. It happens again. Have also test with 3x optic. Does ANYONE test the PTS internally? It's took all of 15 secs of playing to realize this. Can't play. Too annoying.
  18. I looked and couldn’t find a post if there is another thread please link it. X1X 4K HDR hardwired 400up-40down I’ve had multiple instances where my audio got flipped. It was exactly as if my headset was on backwards. The only link between them so far is that a teammate was spectating me. I wasn’t paying too much attention still trying to pin it down but this is what I have. My dead teammate was spectating me then switched (I’m not sure how long before) then I noticed my sound was flipped had him spectate me again and it fixed it. Not sure what the connection is between the two but that’s the only similarity between the 3-4 different times it has happened.(that I’ve noticed) anyone else whose had this problem please chime in it is game breaking and seems to be rare.
  19. I have the impression they are trying to deceive us, someone else has noticed that we can not move in 16 directions (from 8 not 360 degrees as they said? I posted the same thing on reddit 80% of people agree with me
  20. Не переключается сетка на юмпе при помощи PGup и PGdn. Красная точка уже достала просто. Пофиксите уже как нибудь.ъ P.S. с голографическим то же самое.
  21. Wonder why you can’t quite figure out where that shot is coming from? It’s most likely not your fault, it’s still the game’s. I first noticed this when I was walking around waiting for a match to start, trying to figure out which character is attached to what voice isn’t that easy, while it should be fairly easy... right? What’s in front of you is centered, what’s to your right should be panned hard-right, however when you’re running, walking, turning or whatever, the position where the sound comes from is delayed. Meaning that it takes a - idk, a few hundred milliseconds ? - for PUBG to play the sound from the right “direction”. For instance, when there is a shot coming from exactly NW, but you’re spinning in circles for whatever reason, the gunshot sound will **NOT** come from exactly NW because the panning is behind - idk, a few hundred milliseconds ? -. Idk if this is a bug, or whether or not Bluehole intended it to be like this, it shouldn’t be there in a game like this.
  22. Shot flare gun in the air, airplane didnt came, no loot.
  23. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/el-gran-orgo/video/56148256 winner winner chicken... oh damn feelsbadman
  24. Many may not know, but there is a major fundamental bug in the way pubg that has remain unresolved for over a year. The mouse input was reflected very poorly, and thousands have commented on how "funny" it has felt. For the majority of that length of time there was no real dev approved solution, like entering certain lines into your input.ini file. Many players were able to simply use their razer or logitech mouse software to adjust the x/y ratios, a third party software solution. For those with mice incapable of such a solution, their only choice was to use something like povohat's mouse accel program. As of now the devs have been very unclear on the official position in regards to these third party software. Is it a violation of the TOS to use third party software to change the mouse's x/y ratio? The pubg team should really clarify their stance on this issue, as people are being wrongfully banned for it in my opinion.