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Found 172 results

  1. Please only use this thread to discuss current bugs and known issues from the lists below. For any new bugs, please create a thread following the bug reporting format seen here: For bugs relating to map issues and getting stuck see this thread: BUG LIST IS CONSTANTLY UPDATED BY @Caesar of Roma and occasionally @Hawkinz.
  2. tout les bouton du lobby ne marche pas impossible de leur cliqué dessus par contre les bouton de paramètre, de rechargée le jeu et celui de l’éteindre marche très bien qqn saurait d'ou sa vient
  3. I was gliding from parachute and it released. I landed in the middle of two rocks which were impossible to jump, wiggle or move out of. This was a bunch of rocks when Pochinki was East of me.
  4. The R1895

    So, while reloading the R1895, if you drop it, and pick a different weapon up like an M16A4 or the AKM, you will continue the reload animation of the Revolver. It's a pretty funny bug. And if you run in third person with a pistol while doing the bug, your arms get extended. (Same works for the rifles and shotguns). Please fix. - The meme god himself
  5. its what the title says i've lost about 1500 points in squad games that i never got because of crashing and reconnecting, even if i take the shot that kills the last guy when i enter the pregame lobby it tells me that my previous game is over as if i wasnt there and doesnt give me the BP from the win
  6. I just downloaded the game I had problems with the launch, but I got that solved picking a server , begin matchmaking , once the loading screen comes on it doesn't go pass it. I sometimes hear gun firing and the plane but I cant play the game. sometimes when the game finally loads I already died by the zone any help with this issue
  7. Negative BP Currency

    look at bp boys

    Date Seen:September 8th to current. Server: Live Server Error Message: When the game crashes, I guess it automatically saved the error to your clipboard in windows. I randomly found this when trying to ctrl+v a link I had copied for a friend and THIS error message came up. I'm not a programmer, nor do I know what to do with this. PLEASE! computer wizards out there give me a hand with this error so my game doesn't crash several times per match. It looks to me that this D3D device is the problem and ALL issues stem from the GAME and not my system, specs, settings, etc. Thanks in advance. LowLevelFatalError [File:D:\tsl\tsl-client-branch\build\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\RenderCore\Private\RenderingThread.cpp] [Line: 791] Rendering thread exception: LowLevelFatalError [File:D:\tsl\tsl-client-branch\build\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp] [Line: 176] Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 - 'HUNG') KERNELBASE.dll TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe KERNEL32.DLL ntdll.dll ntdll.dll Other Information: I had random crashes before the 8th of Sept. or so, but since around the 8th it's been crashing like mad. I reinstalled windows 10 pro. Updated the entire system and drivers. Installed pubg on a "clean boot" and played the game with literally nothing but windows and pubg on the machine.... it still crashes like crazy. Troubleshooting Attempted: I have tried EVERYTHING over the last week or so from youtube videos, forums, Microsoft tech support, en masse forums, etc, etc, etc and even reinstalled fresh windows 10 pro. Launch Options: I set the launch options to what everyone suggests, have deleted them and tried everything in between with no luck. Here's what I had in the launch options: "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4" System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 pro (fresh install) Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU: AMD FX 8370 (lottery winner, benchmarks at 10500, well above the FX 9370) Ram: 16Gb DDR 3 Corsair
  9. Now the game exist some bugs and in-game issues. Some is important to me. like: 1. public talk in game. in fact, i already set it as"team talk only", but i can still heard other talks. maybe this changes are for encouraging player to interact, but the truth is that encourage people's ignorance and "bad/ugly face". cause u can hear like "fxxk u"(English)、"cao ni ma"(Chinese)、"Cyka blayt idi nahui."(Russian)、"xi ba".(Korean), and noise from different guys microphone. 2. Since the several updates after Tuesday, i find helmet re-spawn is tremendously reduced. (too less) Now, even a level 1 helmet, is hardly to find out. u may need 5-6 house to get a level 1 helmet. Why i say this comes atfer Tuesday? cause in Tuesday's update in PTR, everything is fine. so, please check it. 3. motor/vehicle sound bugs. now it was said motor and vehicle sound had been reduced in change log. but i noticed a issues. while in frog/rain days, the Jeeps sound are too quiet even it closed to u, like 20 m, still can't locate its' position. this is a unbalanced bug i think. another bug i found is: while the vehicle suddenly stopped, u will can't located it position, even if it just park in your left or right house. My headphone is Hyperx Revolver, best one for CSGO, it still hard to capture the location, then what about the cheap one for other players? 4. 9mm too much, 5.56 to less. now, 7.62 mm re-spawn is just fine. but 9 mm are too much. and u know, except UIZI and UMP, there is no SMG use 9 mm. Even the new Thompson, it use 0.45 mm. so, it's kind of waste. if u thought this is a kind of "balance", maybe u should onside to add 1-2 new 9 mm guns. and 5.56 mm are too less. for balance consideration, it should be not too much, but now it re-spawn too less. maybe add 10%-15% percent should be just fine. 5. a new weapon suggestion: since the game now has a completely system of 5.56 mm, a common situation is: if a guy don't use masked-man rifle and AKM(also a uncommon used pistol), then he will never need 7.62 mm. but 7.62 mm is a common bullet in game. so, maybe u should consider to add some a new weapon like very new gun: Desert MDR or Scar-L, which use 7.62. the key is: this 7.62 new weapon must has more accuracy than AKM. but for balanced consideration, u can reduce some performance, like less damage than AKM(equals to 5.56 mm damage), or 25 bullets in magazine(20 is too less). and the gun can use all kind of subs, like scope, magazine, handle. but i think full-auto is necessary. cause 5.56 mm system already have 2 full-auto and 2 semi-auto guns. good luck.
  11. The following major issues have existed for months now, with ZERO net progress toward resolution: * Some sounds (plane, vehicles, rain) are much louder than they should be relative to other sounds in the game. This is an easy fix, but first there needs to be recognition that this is an issue. There are lots of streamers and high-level players that quit out of rain games as soon as they enter the lobby for this reason. I've talked to many people that either mute the game entirely or majorly turn down their master system volume whenever they're in the plane because it is so ridiculously loud. The vehicle loudness is even worse in 1PP than in 3PP. * There is no good indicator to show when shots will be blocked by near objects that are below the aim point. Again, this negatively affects even top-tier players, so the fault is with the design, not with players failing to adjust. * Two-seat motorbikes flip forward and throw off the rider (instantly causing death by falling) whenever they land on anything but the front wheel first at high speed (and sometimes they do it even then). To the best of my understanding, landing on the front wheel is the exact opposite of what you're supposed to do (in real life). This behavior hasn't changed at all since the introduction of the two-seat motorbike months ago. It's frustrating to see the lack of progress on fixing major issues such as these, coupled with the fact that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of other bugs logged that also haven't been touched. When, if ever, are the backlog of bugs and issues going to be addressed?
  12. All around problems with the game

    I honestly had no clue where to post this but it has been the most infuriating thing that has ever come to this earth. my pc should be more than capable of running this game I can run damn near any other game no problem amd fx 8320 nvidia gtx 1060 6gb vram 16 gb ram. when ever I launch the game it seems like no problem I can navigate menus without a single bit of anything I mean that's not very impressive but at this point I'm surprised this horridly optimised game can even do that. when I get into game all the buildings look like play dough which that's fine I've been playing with it like that no issue for a while it only lasts like 30 seconds after I've landed but about a week or 2 after me having it it got to the point where the game lagged it completely stopped my pc from working like my cursor moves but with like a 3 minute delay it takes 30 mins for me to even be able to turn off the game another 30 mins to even open the task manager so please explain to me how to fix this or whats wrong cause I've seen people with 10x worse computers than me play it with no issue. if this is how the game is optimized I could make a better-optimized game by slapping my dick across the popes head than they could with a team of 100000 people. and dont say get a new harddrive cause i know i need a new one but a bad harddrive should only cause the playdough thing not this
  13. this happened when i tried to enter the bunker. after being stuck in around 30 seconds i teleport to the "middle" of the bunker.
  14. Invisible walls

    So i have had around 5-6 games now where as soon as i jump out of plane all buildings are invisible. Sometimes i can even walk through walls BUT i now noticed i can also take vehicles and drive straight through pretty much all buildings in the game and kill the enemys in them by running them over. I have never seen or heard about any other players doing this and i just want u guys (developers) to know about the issue so it can be fixed asap. Just for a note i have NEVER used cheats or somehow reworked/exploited a game on purpose, i only tried this to help developers fix the problem so it wont happen to other players in the future. Hope this can help u guys in some way. HF.
  15. I can't join the game

    I have a problem when i open the game and i can't do anything and it's showing this :http://imgur.com/a/ZtmhY
  16. Invert controls while in-game

    The game freezes for a sec then once it unfreezes the controls becomes inverted, and aim stays only on 1 direction, left button mouse stops working and other times the controls invert differently
  17. Sometimes When ever I'm aiming down sights or just shooting in general , from hip or ads, I will hit the left clicker on my mouse to fire and the game won't shoot my gun !!!! It's so frustrating , cause I'll have the jump on the guy come around the corner and aim down my sights and just stare at him while I'm bashing my shoot button and nothing happens but him turn on me or just light me up . Now this ONLY happeneds in game , when im on the island in pre game I can shoot all day long at people , this ONLY happeneds when I'm in game , a lot of time aiming down sights and have a sight on my gun . Literally I'll have a head shot ligned up and I'll hit my fire button and nothing happens , after bashing the mouse clicker something eventually comes out but by then my aims way off . But sometimes I'll have to re aim down my sights For it to register . Also this happeneds when I'm just aiming down sights in general , I'll zoom with my 8x then click right button to zoom out and nothing happeneds still sitting there aiming down my 8x . I'll have to bash it 10 times to finally get out . I've tried fixing this on my own , I have done pressure test , I've turned off my touch pad , I bought a 100$ new mouse , I've went to a corded and wireless mouse , I've reinstalled the game twice !!!! This games fun as hell , BUT it's unplayable at this point . There's nothing more frustrating then being top 10 and everything's been working pretty good and I got my sights on someone would be a easy kill but literally the games not registering me hitting my mouse and BOOM I'm dead . Please I hope this was enough info , please look into this I've heard other people have this promblem too .
  18. Gamescon keys not received

    Hello I purchased two gamescon crate keys and did not receive them. I was wondering where I can get assistance for this issue. I have already messaged PUBG_Harusol.
  19. Best DEVS WORLDS

    Best bug NA? No walls, No buildings. (I'm at the apartment complex)
  20. Floating buildings

    Saw some floating buildings at C6-L9 and the surrounding area. I haven't noticed it there before.
  21. Party separation

    Today is was playing with a friend and his game crashed, upon restarting his game he was no longer in my duo's team so i restarted my game, After the restarts his "being" was on the starting island but he was stood next to me in game, the blue zone came in and killed his "being" and he continued to play, I was still in his party but i wasn't there is the vod https://www.twitch.tv/videos/169942842 Thanks ThatsRizzle
  22. Mouse Cursor Bug

    Hello, First off, incredible game. Love it! Have great times playing with friends and solo. However, I keep having a very annoying issue while playing. Almost every round of PUBG I play, when I click to shoot, my mouse cursor will randomly click off of the screen. For instance, I see someone, I click to shoot, and I instantly cannot move(not lag). My mouse jumps off the screen. I have tested it many times randomly, and it still happens. I have attempted to re-enact this before the match begins. I click to punch repeatedly, and the cursor jumps off the screen. The mouse will jump out of the game and into windows. It will not minimize but the mouse will come up, and I have to click back into to the match. I am playing in full screen. This has happened while playing on one and two monitors(I've unplugged one to see if a double monitor setup was causing it. Happens regardless if there are two monitors). When I started playing PUBG, I noticed the bug while I was running Windows 7 Enterprise with an R9 290. I figured it might have been a Windows 7 and R9 290 bug, so I upgraded graphics cards to a GTX 1080 and Windows 10 Pro. Much better graphics and higher FPS but I still have the same issues. Please help. I will try to take a recording of this happening to post as a reply in this thread. Current PC Specs OS: Windows 10 Pro - Version 1703 Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1080 CPU: i7 4790k @ 4.00GHz Memory: 16.0 GB MotherBoard: Maximus VII Hero
  23. 1) Kar98, Awm, and all other bolt action sniper rifles : you should make a way to stay in the zoom mode even after shooting (In Battlefield you could just by keeping the shooting button pressed on) , it's a very important mechanic which allow a player to see were his shoot is gonna land. I had many problems in my gameplay trying to find out if my bullets were hitting a target or if they were just missing above or below -> Result : most of players will use semi-automatic rifles just because they can see their bullets. 2) Sounds in airplane and parachute are way too aggressive. Just get them lower NOW. It's not that hard, and many players will thank you so much. Also the sound of the buggy, especially in FPP is cancer and you must deal with it and resolve.. 3) Visual bugs while shooting.. You shot an enemy you kill a rock / window / house This is the most important of all problems I am telling. I put it last because I bet (I hope) many players alright reported it. I won't be talking about 3rd person problems. I just want you to get FPP games. I'm behind a big grey rock, I just let my head and my scope get out of it to snipe an enemy, she sees me at miles of distance and she can shoot me. When I'm going to shot at him, even if I'm properly aiming at his body, my bullets go on the rock. This is something really weird, I think it's caused by differences between 3rd and 1st person. Just take them a part, and resolve the FPP like if it is another game..
  24. please check and help, i BOUGHT GAMESCOM INVITATIONAL CRATE #1, i lose 1200 but i dont get the crate. Please check it for me.
  25. in game chat problems

    I've been having a problem were I cant here in game chat. when I first started I could here it. but now I cant. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that didn't help.can someone help!?