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Found 212 results

  1. Worst patch so far

    So with the latest patch it's almost impossible to play the game for me since it crashes all the time. I also hate the new Parachute and Jump mechanics, they feel horrible and don't make any sense to me. Also there seems to be a graphics bug. I can't really explain it but edges on objects in the distance are now wierdly looking. All in all the game just got a lot worse and i hope the devs will just completely abandon this horrible patch.
  2. Killcam

    Hello, when I play on the test server and I'm killed I click on "Killcam" I have a download screen, sounds, but there is no image. After that, you have to restart the game. How do I fix this?
  3. 1.when loading a squad game with three people, sometimes it won't load into matchmaking unless another friend joins in, instead of looking for a random person. 2.when my squad has finished a game and a friend leaves, I end up with one friend's name on both characters in the squad (aside from myself) 3.there has been occasions where my buddy will get stuck in a corner with no way of getting out (I'll have to make a follow up of this with detail on place and area of map) 4. When riding motorcycle with comrade, they tell me my hair is floating above my head when I'm in passenger seat, one occasion with floating hair and guns in the Jeep. 5.winning chicken dinner, left the game and it said I actually left the game, thus no bp points earned, another time won and didn't leave but got kicked back to the lobby screen no bp points earned, the win is on the record (both occasions) but no bp points 😔. 6. I toggle my gun (ump) to auto, only to cycle through my guns and it's set back on single fire. 7. When swimming in water and coming back up for air, I have to make sure the camera is not in the water to get my breath back even though I'm above the water surface. That's all I can think of from the top of my head. My friends and family are all enjoying this game and hope to see improvements on it soon 😁 I'll report any more problems I run into along the way.
  4. Several buildings are missing staircase which make it impossible to get to another floor. Also found this building (marked on the map) had lighting issues.
  5. Hey Devs, so if you really want to replace the duck jump instead of adding vaulting and keeping the duck jump, please make sure vaulting does work properly and on every spot that would make sense - otherwise you take away lot of pace and freedom when moving around the map. Two obvious examples where vaulting isn't possible but should be (I guess it is a bug, since you probably need to flag objects that are vaultable and forgot about those?): Vaulting out of these windows (applies to all houses with those windows) is not possible, but duckjumpiung out of them was. Please fix this. Kind regards,
  6. military stuck report

    stuck in room report if you want to see video
  7. Game crash: Megathread

    To whom it may concern, i have currently already spent about 15hours into this game... and you have not acknowledged us on some of the big issues which you should of. You address problems with some stupid cosmetic items but not actual game changing and infuriating issues. I have loved this game on PC and find the xbox version to be fun also because I feel more at home with the controller and my friends... However.. Having the game constantly crash mid game, resulting in leaving you running/driving to death whilst you scramble to load back in, is unacceptable. I and the more resonable players understand this is going to happen due to its preview state, but where is your communication.. a few lines such as “we know, there is a problem. We are working hard to fix it, would be sufficient enough”. Your lack of communication is what will kill this game before it’s of the ground. This is a game changing bug, happening often and in horrible place and needs to be acknowledged. Thankyou for making a game I enjoy to the max, but give me back the effort that I have put in with you by purchasing the game multiple times.
  8. Game freezes up and crashes to dashboard a lot, network lag, while aiming straight shotguns shoot side to side even while aiming at someone who’s downed and not moving, the 3 seat motorbike bounces on level ground and flips for no reason, textures not loading properly until you’ve spent a minute in a match, match making for squad takes 20 minutes most of the time, can’t zero scopes or weapons, massive amounts of lag in every match, no audio options to turn music off.
  9. This is a list of bugs I have personally found so far playing the test server recently. These are not by any means all the bugs in the game but just what I have run into. Most of these aren't game breaking but can be annoying and a couple are pretty bad. Bugs: Everyone ejecting from plane at the moment it says press f to jump. Bad lag at the start when first landing in a city which can make it so you can't pick up items for about 10 seconds. Most of the time it's fine but every so often when landing with 8+ people in a town the lag is real. Crashes when loading into game and upon rejoining a game as a duo at least sometimes your team sees your name in prison and can't revive you. This also works the other way where you can't revive them the progress bar gets to 50% and stops. I think I have found a work around for this. I noticed it was a ram address error and so I lowered my texture quality to low rather than medium. This could be more textures needing to be loaded but I'm no computer engineer but this seemed to fix it. This is by far the worst bug in this list. Overall I haven't noticed too many but these are pretty bad. Overall the map plays great in a completely different way to erengal and the art style is great really feels like a south American desert wasteland after some sort of epidemic. Loot seems to be buffed too although this could just be the sheer amount of rooms and buildings to explore but I like this change. With less focus on Mil base and prison being the best loot spots but gives squads a decent amount of gear to share about. The terrain is great and it feels a lot more rewarding travelling any distance by vehicle. The increase in hill cover makes for great fights where you can really use mind games to greater your chances, want to throw a grenade but only have smokes. No problem throw a smoke and watch em run for the next bit of cover and then wipe them out while they run or just simply outplay them with a burst of accurate shots right to the face. All round this map really makes it feel like a new game and the map is AAA good if not better. You can really tell a lot of Man hours have gone into this and a lot of money too even with the game making tonnes of money the devs really do care about the playerbase and with the xbox launch all they can do is expand and let them experience the game in a totally different way to how they have seen on YouTube or twitch. Thanks devs great work and I'm sure the above bugs will be fixed in no time. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see what's in the works next, heard a snow map maybe and I think you guys will smash it! And to all the players I'll see you on the battlegrounds!
  10. Stairs

    My buddy and I went into a few of the buildings and they were missing the stairs to get upstairs. Don't know if it is a bug or it is supposed to be that way. The same model has stairs just some don't.
  11. @PUBG_help - Bug = Crashing loading game and, loading into a match | - I've already tried all the suggestions to try to fix the problem, ranging from restarting my pc and uninstalling the test server and reinstalling. As well as, Verifying the integrity of game files. I'll include the 2 common error messages I get... * Very Common Error Message: * Other Common Error Message: - PC Specs: - So if there is any fix, please let me know, and if not, if the developers see this or anything, can you please fix this error or bug in the game? It's stopping me from trying out the Test Servers. Thanks!
  12. Nasty glitch Found !!

    This is north of Los leones. Its sort of like a 1 way mirror !!, poeple on the other side or over you cannot see you. To put it like this, i tested it with some mates and you can even shoot trough it !!! But people on the other side cant shoot back ! plz fix. ps found it by accident lol
  13. Besides the fact I can't load into the game after the countdown 90% of the time! This has happened to me at least twice after I finally get into the game! I land and can't open any doors or turn. Just fly around on my ass! kinda funny but pisses me off too!
  14. As the title suggests that's the gist of the bug. Another thing to the bug is that I was also invicible to my squadmates, in that they couldn't see me on the map nor the 'number-icon' above my head. All of this happened in the current test-server (1.0) - Region EU. Specs: GPU: GTX 970 4GB Gaming RAM: 24 GB CPU: Intel Core i5 4690K MOBO: Asus Z97-A OS: Windows 10 Home, 64-Bit
  15. The Groder Killah

    GASIENDA I landed on the roof, want to jump between rails, and while walking on them the falling animation began to play , and then I crashed to the floor below. Extremely quick match!
  16. This is the case in many buildings, and sometimes I hit something invisible near the walls and then only bottles render sometimes later.
  17. So I was just minding my own business, looting the luchador arena when I see a message. The message indicated that I had died outside the play zone, despite me being well within the play zone. At first, I think nothing of it, thinking "Oh, maybe they haven't fixed when messages pop up or whatever, I just go report that later". Fast forward into later in the match, and I'm in top 5. I kill the guy in front of me then die because someone else flanked me. The problem comes up when the death screen pops up (the one with how many you killed, points you receive and placing you got). For some reason, instead of the placing saying I got top 4, instead, it says I got top #43, the same placing I got when I supposedly died while looting before in the luchador arena, and I got points that reflected a placing in top #43, not top #4. I don't have screenshots because I was in fullscreen and it didn't work for some reason, but I do have pictures on my phone of the death screen for anyone who actually wants to see it. Bluehole, plz fix.
  18. whenever I load into a game the "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds The ultimate life & death fight" title screen stays there. I can load into the spawn, hear game sounds, and can hear myself parachute down and land. I can then control my character and hear them punch and run etc, but cannot see anything happening in game. This usually takes several minutes to resolve and for the screen to disappear so I can see the game again. This happens every game in the test server. Does anyone know a fix to this?
  19. Swimming on land HACK/BUG

    See for yourself in these two videos.
  20. Key Rebind Bug

    Hi. As the name would suggest some of my rebinds won't work. Now, I play with my left hand on my mouse, and right hand on the keyboard, this makes me have to use pløæ (Yes I'm from Scandinavia) instead og wasd, which is the normal. For some reason, even when i have set my driving keys to pløæ, i have to use wasd to move my character in the air, but as soon as i am on the ground, and use a vehicle, it uses pløæ. This is very weird, and i was wondering if there was a fix? Thank you for your attention, Askinatr2
  21. Sosnovka Bug

    Today, with my pal have found some serious graphic bug. Gonna atach here a short recording that assure you. For additional info contact me. Admins only. Thank you.
  22. UPDATE V1.0 - 22.11.2017

    Siema! Trochę info od Polskiej Społeczności! Jakub Z tymi lunetami nawet fajnie postąpili w końcu to karabiny szturmowe 😊 optymalizacje ❤ Piotr W rzeczywistości da się też zamontować piłę mechaniczną. Balans rozgrywki wymaga wykluczenia takich rzeczy. Janek Killcam 👌 Mateusz M16 z 8 była całkiem ciekawym rozwiązaniem. Dla mnie smutek troszkę. m16a4 nie można x8 ale w s12k dalej można Piotr Ja nie widze roznicy a kazdy mowi ze super poprawa. Ma dopiero wejsc ogromny patch optymalizujacy gre po wprowdzeniu skakania oraz penetraci pociskow przez drewniane belki itd. Przed 2 mapa ma wejsc taki patchyk Marek Może ja się wypowiem, mam gtx 660, mimo że mam w okolicach 60fps czułem jakbym miał ich 30, fpsy były mocne niestabilne a najgorzej było w takich miastach jak pochinki, przycinki były zauważalne i ciężko było tak grać, teraz odczuwam te 60fps przez cały czas nie ważne gdzie się znajduję. Fpsy może nie wzrosły ale za to wreszcie czuje że je mam. Dlatego sporą różnicę odczują osoby ze słabszym sprzętem. Michał Hmm... Ja tam jadę na gtx 650 ti 1gb i widzę wyrazny wzrost fps Nie dość, że wszystko ładnie wygląda to wreszcie nie mam ścinek - wszystko jest stabilne. A no na rozdzielczości 1920x1080 Filip Killcam niestety ale wykrzacza mi grę Bartek Klikasz killcam i od razu crash Filip Klikam killcam, jest loading screen przez kilka sekund i wywala do pulpitu, mogę wysłać tylko crash report, co robię za każdym razem Na forum czytałem, że to może być od NvidiaHighlights, ale z wyłączonym też to jest Maciek W końcu sie da strzelać z lunety x15 Bartek 120-130 fps prison , wczesniej jakies 100-110 Rafał Podswietlania podloga i z killcamem to samo mam na solo mi jedynie dzialal Rafał W trybie SQUAD po wyskoczeniu z samolotu lista graczy wprowadza zakłamanie co do odczytu wysokości lotu, przez co będąc już na białym polu jeszcze chwile się leci, zanim spadochron faktycznie samoistnie się otworzy. Smoke'i rzucone w okolice pojazdów działają tylko częściowo. Kompas jeszcze przed rozpoczęciem właściwej rozgrywki jest ukryty, lecz liczba określająca kierunek jest widoczna. I tak czysto od siebie, to starszy - mniej lazurowy - wygląd wody lepiej się komponował z grą. Paweł Liszka ak dla mnie jakaś tragedia. jakiekolwiek załączenie antialiasing dowala taki blur ze patrzeć się nie da na ta grę. kolory tez jakby mi się zmieniło, gra zaczyna wyglądać już bardziej jak rust pod względem grafiki. celowniki to już w ogóle jakaś tragedia. wcześniej mogłem spotowac bez większych problemów graczy, a teraz nie dość ze ściemniało wszystko i zrobiło się słodkie to jeszcze ten blur. mam nadzieje ze nie wprowadza tego do wersji live tak jak jest teraz. Aleksiej Nauczony z innych gier kasuje config i pobieram aktualizacje na czysty cfg. FPS miazga - stałe, bez drastycznych dropow. Rozgrywka płynna. Wszystkie zmiany na plus. Kilka błędów które już opisane były. W moim odczuciu za dużo rozmycia na dystans, bardzo niekomfortowe dla wzroku, chyba że tylko moje odczucie takie jest. Paweł Nie tylko Twoje takie odczucie. Bardzo niekomfortowa jest grafika na wzroku, ciężko kogoś zauważyć. Jakub Najgorzej jest z antialiasingem.. Na test serwerze musiałem z high zmienić na v.low bo się nie da grać... Grzegorz Ogólnie z ustawieniami graficzny nie eksperymentowałem, lecz zauwazyłem, że uzywając vaultingu na murkach nie zniszczonych gdzie mozna było przeskoczyć Ctrl + C postać strasznie długo przechodzi natomiast w innych miejscach vulting działa już szybciej. Gra ogólnie na duży +, o ile FPS nie skoczył drastycznie jedynie o 5-10 FPS natomiast płynność rozgrywki uległa dużemu polepszeniu. na początku zauważyłem cos jak dropy czy lagi. Cofało mi postać kilka razy ale po około 2 min się ustabilizowało Aleksander Imo to tak - Vaulting jest świetny, fpsy po ostatnim test serverze spadły, ale i tak po 20 więcej niż na officjalu + płynniej i stabilniej chodzi gra. Co do hudu to czcionka nie pasuje dla mnie + tragiczny system oznaczania drużyny, ciężko będzie się przyzwyczaić do zmian miejsc hudu i czułem się jakbym grał pierwszy raz w gierke. DP jest git, a augiem nie grałem bo anlaki dropy. Ogólnie to dobry patch dla mnie głównie ze względu na optymalizacje i oprócz hudu wszystko git Maciej Mi się podoba zmiana oznaczenia drużyny, jednak wczoraj jeden z naszych miał dc wrócił i nie miał oznaczenia bo zostało na wyspie i przypadkiem żeśmy go sprzątneli i nie mogliśmy go wskrzesić. DP to brońka jak M249 tylko wolniej strzelająca ale nawet fajne obrażenia zadaje. Aug kozak jest trochę jak groza ale jeszcze nie miałem okazji go przetestować na dalsze odległości, System oznaczania zabojstw też jest fajny, tzn. przyzwyczaiły nas do niego wszystkie FPSy, dlatego mi się podoba bo szybko wiem kto kogo zabil i w jaki sposób, szczególnie przdatny na ostatnich strefach, gdzie można wywnioskować że jak ktoś kogoś powala HS'em to ta osoba traci kask, obecnie na live przeczytanie informacji ze ktoś kogoś zneutralizowal za pomocą broni X strzalem w głowę wymaga dużej dekoncentracji względem wydarzen na mapie Patryk Mapa i hud są teraz zdecydowanie mniej czytelne. Ponadto stare czcionka była przyjemniejsza dla oka. Filip Mapa jest dużo bardziej czytelna pod względem ukształtowania terenu. A musieli ja zrobić mniej kolorowa żeby znaczniki było lepiej widać Bartłomiej fpsy o około 30% więcej, nie ma stop klatek ani lagów. Pojazdy posiadają zawieszenie a nie imitację zawieszenia, o wiele trudniej się przewrócić. Nowy system grafiki. Grafika jest o niebo lepsza (według mnie). Hud poprawiony, w fajny sposób zrobili to w prawym górnym ekranu że pokazuje jak ktoś ginie. Na radarze na środku jest obecny kierunek spojrzenia , definitywnie na ++++. Minusem jest według mnie mniej czytelna minimapka... I to wszystko z minusów. Nowa broń DP-28 , robi robotę ..Jest wyposażona w dwójnóg dzięki czemu w pozycji leżącej rozrzut poziomy jest praktycznie 0 . Mateusz w sprawie polskiej czcionki i jej poprawy będzie coś działane? Mateusz Ode mnie dwa slowa. Po 1 w inwentorze nakladaja sie bronie na siebie, co juz bylo pisane. Po drugie lagi serwera na samym poczatku gry. Cofa po kilka metrow itp. Po za tym wszystko jak dla mnje na plus.
  23. Every game I play on the test server both mine and my teammates mics bug out and don't work after the pre-game phase..........ps also in my inventory it shows 2 items in 1 slot whenever I pick up any gun other then shotguns or pistols.
  24. Dear Bluehole This is a test server, 11/22/17 I Found a bug which is in prison near the big house you can see the cliffs at the windows to locate it and the bug lets you climb the stairs when you run up at the stairs and press space mostly at the end of the stairs and i think it can happen at all stairs (haven't tried at other houses). Also there is another problem that i found with rendering houses but it happened in only 1 game out of a lot of games i played) maby it's my computer but i am reporting it just incase there is a problem with rendering. Thank you.
  25. Me ajuda por favor

    Eu abro o jogo normalmente e ele simplesmente fica nessa tela: Eu já verifiquei a integridade dos arquivos, reinstalei o jogo, reiniciei o computador, mas nada resolve. Agradeço se puder me ajudar eu já tentei rodar o jogo pela steam (pela livraria), ja vi os antivirus e não há nenhum, ja verifiquei integridade dos arquivos, reinstalei o jogo, reiniciei pc e internet, ja desativei o firewall do windows, ja vi o sistema de proteção no router, ja mudei o dns pro do google. PLS HELP