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Found 3 results

  1. So, the site linked isn't exactly correct on whether this can run this or not For example my rig, site says it will not run I7 4810MQ 2.8mhz -> 3.8mhz turbo 8gb ram GTX 870M 6gb That's the core, different sites say different things, but the long and the short of it, you might want to do comparisons of the base requirements and your own gear, all my kit out performs everything mentioned for the min requirements, however it states me laptop can't run it Aside from basic latency issues at the start of the game I have experienced no issues within the game That said, if your pulling the top end your rig can expect to perform to run the game you will need to lose what programmes you're not using. TL:DR Do some research, your hardware may be old, but it might be able to run this gem of a game
  2. can my pc run this game?

    my pc is about 1 year old and i want to get this game. SPECS: gpu = GTX 950 Gainward cpu = Amd FX 8350 Memory = 16 GB RAM my question is: can i run it If there is anyone that has close to these specs and has the game then please tell me if it is runable! THNX BTW!!
  3. Hey so i wanted to buy the game because it seems like fun but im not sure if my laptop could run it. May I get some help from the community please. I got a Acer Aspire E-15 (Laptop) CPU: Intel I7 7500U- (2 cored cpu is bad ik) GPU: GeForce GTX 940MX 2gbVRAM 8GB of RAM. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- PC: CPU: Pentium Q6600 GPU: GTX 960 OC 2gbVRAM 8gb RAM Thanks for your help <3