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Found 76 results

  1. Bug Description: The cars/UAZ are flying around all the time. There is no problem with the buggy and the moto. Date Seen: Permanent since the august patch. (never happened before) Server: It happened inn the test and normal server Troubleshooting Attempted: Verify integrity of game file. Other Information: If i get in the car while and drive the car, I get catapulted across map with the car. If someone else is driving the car is fyling around but we dont get catapulted. If you have any other question about the issue i can stream it. My friend sent you a video a bit early about this : Launch Options: I've tried -sm4 System Specifications:
  2. Hey! My client crashed while I was in a car. When I reconnected I was still in the car but there was no way for me to get out of the car. The usual "F" sign was gone. My friend had to knock me for me to get out of the car. Video: https://plays.tv/s/LONZZ0qSO-Jv BR, fRAGGE
  3. Nice CAR Block!

    Go to the end of the video and check it, WTF is that shit!! can you fix your bugs, you have earnt enough money. Minute 25:03
  4. Currently exiting moving vehicles is way too punishing sometimes you die when really you aren't going that fast. Being shot is a lot worse than jumping out of a car going 15 miles an hour. Even 30 miles and hour shouldn't deal as much as it does. 60 Should be close to lethal but not quite. In car wrecks what kills you generally isn't the speed it's the force of stopping immediately. Which if you were to exit on a surface like grass you have a pretty good chance of living. In summary currently, exiting vehicles going any speed does way too much damage. Most importantly its not a fun mechanic. Regardless of realness.
  5. Pleasure fix

    Hello, I was nearly winning a game,we was in big hangars on military base. We was in this hangar,and tryied to go to the white zone on the car.We got in the car and.... explode! Plesure fix it ;3 (sorry for mistakes)
  6. Car falls through bridge

    Date Seen:8-7-17 Server: Live Server Other Information: So, my friend and I were in a dacia, other two in a UAZ. We crossed a bridge at E3, K6. Some of the buildings in the surrounding area were not loaded, I could only see door frames, rugs, and furniture. The two story red and orange building were fine though. Those buildings were surrounding Rozhok, to the east. My texture for the aforementioned bridge did not load, and I was like "Ha look ill get a screenshot of a floating car." So I have attached the screenshot I have taken. We drove over the bridge and my friend was like "what???". He saw the textures, I did not. I was driving, and we fell through the bridge. Took no damage. But my friend said he literally fell through the bridge. Our car was in the water and we had to evade. Not quite sure why the position of our car seemed like it was client side, and not server side. System Specifications: win 10 home 64 bit i7 4720hq 16 gigs of ram 960m 2gb 500gb samasung MSATA SSD (where game is installed) (laptop is ge70 2qe apache pro)
  7. Delayed shooting after exiting vehicle

    Bug Description: After exiting the vehicle, I pull the trigger and the game refuses to shoot for a while until about a second after being outside a car. It is a gamebreaking bug that causes the player to lose a gunfight despite them trying to fight. Here is a video of the bug Date seen: 8/8/17 at 1:30 am Server: Regular servers Troubleshooting Attempted: Nothing as I am not able to control the bug Other Information: Possible connection to netcode/desync? Unsure Launch Options: No launch options have been used System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Graphics Card: MSI GTX 1070 Gaming 8G CPU:Intel i5-6500 Ram: 16gb DDR4
  8. Turn down the Buggy

    turn. down. the. buggy. I have to literally yell over my teammates
  9. Oi, Is it possible in the UR4 world to have a camper-van where you can walk/ freely move in when it is driving? If so.. i hope there will be a camper-van in the future as some kind of ww1 / post-apocalyptic APC Who knows the ins and out of the UR4 engine. PLzzzz tell me
  10. Hello Community, Have you guys experienced that the car horn has made it difficult to hear shots, nearby or far away? I have not heard that many using the car horn so far, but, makes me curious though:)

    so I was just driving and then I was going to stop by this building, I turned to the right to stop and drift a bit u know, I jumped out while it was still moving a bit and then this happened. I was stuck like this for a solid 4 minutes until suddenly standing on top of the car.
  12. Hi Team, The sounds of any vehicle and rain is really loud. Especially in First Person View, it's super loud and can barely even hear people on discord. Overwatch had a great video explaining the different levels of the sound design, which really makes a lot of sense. I'm sure you've already seen it, but I couldn't find the link now. Best, Jacob aka. hankat
  13. Bug Description: Sedan's will consistently spawn like this in a small compound on the northern road to Novorepnoye, which I have marked on the attached map. Before the update which reduced stuck vehicle explosions there would rarely be a car here making me assume that the car was spawning then exploding due to how deep in the ground it is. The car is not drive-able. Date Seen: August 5, 2017 Server: North American Non-Test Server Troubleshooting Attempted: Driving the car was attempted and I have checked multiple times to see if this is recurring (which it is). In all cases the car does not drive but does not explode. Launch Options: No special launch options have been applied System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 860 CPU: Intel Core I7-6700 CPU Ram: 16 Gig
  14. Vehicle Balance and suggestions

    Hey guys, i came up with an idea for cars. It will be cool to have some mods for the cars, so it can be faster, can have more hp, wheel adhesion, or the boats have some machineguns on top. We can find on the ground like the gun attachment and have a countdown when to attach to the vehicle, like wheels, window shield, even a better engine.This is some idea from a dumb hungarian. Thanks for havin me. :>
  15. Glitching into a house

    Hi all, This recently happened to us in our recent game. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug. Please advise/fix. Video below: https://clips.twitch.tv/IronicElegantPanUWot Description: We stopped a car really close to a house, an upon exiting , entered the house directly.
  16. Shooting Tires

    Currently it takes about 3 bullets to shoot out a tire. As a proponent of chaos, this could be lowered to 1-2 just to enable more creative fights. It's already relatively difficult to hit a moving car, but this could add the dynamic of disabling the vehicle before shooting its occupants.
  17. I think the Dacia needs it's vehicle weight adjusted as well as some improved driving physics. Too often hitting a small bump causes the car to fly. There's also these issues:
  18. Hey my car was in to a fence (Driver door was facing the fence), i pushed F to get out. My character started to flapps hes arms between the fence and car fore like 3 sec and then i died from falling.
  19. Bug Description: Possible bug where players driving in vehicles will have their player models duplicated elsewhere on the map onto other vehicles. The reason I suspect this is because the first person I spotted was floating inside the boat I just beached ~1 minute ago, and that I was firing multiple rounds from a position open to both of the players that may have been bugged. Provided screenshots with the floating players and both of their names if it helps to track the problem. Date Seen: July 5th 2017, ~13:15:00 AEST Server: Live servers, Solo OCE ( - 30221C) Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: N/A Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (Strix) CPU: i7-4790 3.60GHz Ram: 16GB 1600Mhz
  20. Roadkill bug

    hi, i have some weaks already a problem, when i take a car on beginning of game and want drive over other player (i hit player with car) the other player dont get dmg or dead nothing. its happens many times. but same start and other player get car and hit me littel bit i am instand dead^^ i make every time livestream when i play so i give you link where you can see the problem https://youtu.be/lGpU7lY9naE time 15:15 maybe my char is broken?
  21. So when I approached the drivers side of the car (any 4 wheeler) instead of prompting me to "drive vehicle" it says "get in car", putting me in the passengers seat. This did not exist before the recent update. Im not sure if this is intended by the developers or if this is a bug.
  22. Cars showing up on maps?

    Wouldn't it be nice if cars were to show up on the map? They're about the size of a shack so it would make sense to show up on the map? Or would that be too much to have to be automatically put in when the car placement is selected? I don't know just an idea to have..
  23. radio in the car

    So we all have been playing GTA and are used to listen to music in a car. since the map is on an abendon island i agree that there may not be any stations. Meanwhile every car have some cassettes inside which can be used to play music. patriotic music for the military cars like armored uaz f.E. soviet hymne, Soviet Choir - Nasha Derzhava, Farewell of Slavianka. some rock in the buggys and calssic or happy russian songs in the Lada. I would like to use the cars with the tuned on music as a bait so to attract other players to my cars;) and of course the honk and lights
  24. dead body got stuck in car

    Hey, a guy drove with a car in my direction, I killed him, the car stopped and his body got stuck in the car. So I couldn´t loot him, but I could drive the car. After about 20 seconds the body disappeared.
  25. A couple of Textures/ 1 Bug

    In zone KF, the 3 story building has missing textures of the top of the bricks on the roof as well as the plain texture of the ramp so that you can jump off the roof. This is the same with zone KB, most likely the same for the building in other locations as well!! Secondly the bug. When in a car and you lean out of the window, if you hold Alt to look around then you jump back in the car on your own screen, however to others whilst you are holding Alt you are still outside the window, being able to be shot! Cheers, I'll provide screenshots if necessary as well as reporting any more problems I find!