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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, so I've noticed this happen a lot recently (since the hotfix a couple of weeks ago). I start to loot as per usual, but sometimes when I switch weapons, they switch back to the previous weapon. Example: I pick up an Uzi and shotgun. After a while, I switch my shotgun for a SCAR. After a few seconds (or when I close my inventory) it switches back to my shotgun. It has now happened to only weapon switches and when I change attachments. Video proof [yt] I also experience lag opening inventory at the beginning of the game (happens less and less while the game progresses) Video proof [yt] FFP Squad (lag?) I hope this is just lag and gets polished ASAP. So far I tried to verify integrity and reinstalling the game. No success so far. PC spec: i5-4590 @3,3Ghz GTX 1060 3GB 8GB 1600MHz 550W XFX 2x Samsung Evo 250GB SSD (raid 0) @2560x1080