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Found 8 results

  1. Lag will continue to be on the radar for fixes but I wanted to create a post where people can discuss other minor changes to improve gameplay. A one I would like to see is when you enter a veichle it should place you into the driver seat automatically if no one else is currently there.
  2. Why aren't syringes instant use?

    You should change adrenaline needles to instant use since later crates tend to drop outside of the play zone anyways.
  3. Hey everybody im new here and i just wanted to give my input on some changes that they should make let me know what you think. 1. When they release the first person only servers please make it so we can hold down LT to ADS instead of toggle and make hip fire aim toggle. I not to sure how this would work with 3rd person servers but im sure it would be okay. 2. Make cooking grenades a thing. 3. For first person only servers make reloading weapons easier by just a press of X instead of having to hold it and then you can use LB to interact and RB could also be used to throw grenades since LB is used to hold breath when aiming and not used for anything when on hip fire and RB will be blank because camera with be locked. Tapping X to reload could also work on 3rd person and use LB to interact. 4. IDK about this one but maybe make melee clicking in right stick when not ADS but it doesn't actually keep it equip just just does one hit and then back to your gun. 5. Make changing fire mode up on d pad and equip melee left on d pad or just make it so we can edit some of the control layout like to d pad settings for example. 6. Make it so guns that are full auto are set to full auto by default when picked up same goes for guns that are burst like m16. 7. Add more settings like being able to turn off music or editing your HUD. 8. Add weather effects and also day and night just to spice it up a bit. 9. Make aiming a lot smoother it feels like there is something wrong with the aim acceleration. 10. Make it possible to preview your characters appearance before purchasing. Also make it so we can purchase just one thing like hair so we don't have to spend 3000 BP every time. 11. Make it so we can view the control layouts at the main menu. 12. Fix the message controller disconnected every time i open up the xbox guide or go home. 13. Make independent camera modes a thing so i can be set to 3rd person for my vehicle and 1st person on foot. 14. Since the guns that you pick up off the ground have no ammo in them make it so there is no clip in it when you pick it up so all you have to do is insert one. 15. Add first person only servers and maybe a hardcore mode for 3rd person and 1st person. Thats all i have for now as im at work but i will be trying to edit/re-post this weekly please comment below let me know what you think also if you know when they will be adding first person only severs that would be great!
  4. Server lag

    Hello All, As I am sure you are aware, At the start of the game when you land (the most important part of the game I'd say) There is a lot of rubber banding going on, now maybe that could be because the servers currently can't handle the amount of input from the 80-100 players all landing at once, trying to loot or melee fight ect but I am sure this issue won't last for long. I don't believe that the AUG is crate worthy, It's nothing like the Groza which SHOULD stay in the crate drops untill you add more firearm's, Also I think it maybe a good idea later on down the line to maybe nerf the Groza fire rate so that it can become a world spawn? As that I believe is what makes the Groza so good is the fire rate combined with its accuracy. Shotguns are still super strong as they would be in real life but for game play purposes, maybe you could increase the weapon shot spread size? Just so that for the shotgun (after that possible change) would definitely need the choke add-on to reduce the spread. Also, I think it's about time the Tommy gun had a change, Reduce it's original magazine size so that u can put a sight on it. Let's say a holographic sight only Like you can only put a silencer on it currently as a barrel add-on. I know that the intent of the game is to be survival and you have to use any means necessary to win, But let's be fair, Somebody proning in grass and u run past, they pop up and drill you from behind, that shouldn't be able to happen unless they are wearing a guillie suit and is rather game breaking in my opinion, So my suggestion is, Maybe reduce the foliage content on the current map by 10-15% across the entire map? So at least it gives us a fighting chance to get that lovely gravy covered chicken dinner Now for the optimisation, I currently am running an i7, gtx 970 and 16gb memory, the game itself runs fine for me as of yet on the test server with everything on low averaging 40-50 fps which SHOULD BE HIGHER with everything on low I should be getting 80-100 but it's slowly getting there and with every patch i am seing slight improvements across the board so Good job on that one! Also one final thing, Get rid of the fog game mode! I would imagine a good 70% of players hate it and leave games and join a new one! It's horiffic u can literally see nothing lol! Especially when basically forced to play with everything on low. That's me done, Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to reading the comments! Cheers, GoKu1g
  5. Main Screen Design & Settings

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you some of my ideas, how the main screen and some settings could be improved. I think that I can talk for the most part of the PUBG-Community that it is very hard to add awesome People you just met in a Squad or Duo, so why is there no add (+) button next to the player, as you can see on the picture/spoiler... Another thing that I want to be a Change is the color of a player, so that you don't need to read these confusing names and just can call out the color of the player you want to talk to. The communication will be a lot easier, faster and not that confusing. Also there should be a mute, color change button and more general settings (like block for ever, so you don't have to queue with this person ever again, or customize the volume etc.) for specific people within the squad. A setting to make the Map transparent would be awesome aswell. I died a lot of times, because I couldn't see the landscape while driving or a person running in the forrest. I want to see the mini-Map and the km/h and fuel all the time (not only on the main Screen, but also in the Inventory for example) and my kills aswell. The last thing I would consider to be usefull is a simple "Play again" button, after you win or die. Thank you for your attention! I hope some of these things will be changed!
  6. Hey, so I've noticed this happen a lot recently (since the hotfix a couple of weeks ago). I start to loot as per usual, but sometimes when I switch weapons, they switch back to the previous weapon. Example: I pick up an Uzi and shotgun. After a while, I switch my shotgun for a SCAR. After a few seconds (or when I close my inventory) it switches back to my shotgun. It has now happened to only weapon switches and when I change attachments. Video proof [yt] I also experience lag opening inventory at the beginning of the game (happens less and less while the game progresses) Video proof [yt] FFP Squad (lag?) I hope this is just lag and gets polished ASAP. So far I tried to verify integrity and reinstalling the game. No success so far. PC spec: i5-4590 @3,3Ghz GTX 1060 3GB 8GB 1600MHz 550W XFX 2x Samsung Evo 250GB SSD (raid 0) @2560x1080
  7. First let me just say this I have played games for pretty much all my life, I never really got into the singleplayer games I always wanted to compete against other players and practise to get better, I've played all cs games got around 5k hours in that game, I also played every game similar to this, dayz,arma2 Battle Royale, Warz, king of the kill, arma3 battle Royale and they all seem to fail at one thing or the other. So here is my suggestions, get rid of all the suggestions that encourage camping and hiding, like aiming and moving whilst proning, fov slider that will just encourage more building camping as it will be easier to hold corners and stairs, the fov should be locked and stay as it is, bipods? Really? Do I have to go thrue this? Adding bipods will just make it too slow paste and change the whole game same goes for the contextual lean suggestion, the only thing that would be good in this regard is too have bipods only for LMG class weapons and make the LMG anti vehicle, skins and crates is out of the question not until the game is in a better state, h1z1 made a huge upset in the community due to them releasing skins and crates more frequently then game bug fixes. Don't add a crafting system for petes sake, the crafting in h1 was just annoying picking up cloths and shirts and shredding and then crafting bandages and stuff waste of time and just makes the game paste too slow. Don't add too many guns and attachments, there is a thin line between too much and enough, this will just add confusion and annoyance look at almost every competitor shooter and you will see that they have just enough selection too make different playstyles viable but still remaining in the state that players don't feel overwhelmed. Don't make third person aiming more accurate it's perfect currently to present a viable option close range but still forcing ppl to use ADS in mid range battles Now let's get into what you should fix/add The obv is server lag, everything feels clunky due to the lag, picking up guns, ammo, getting in cars, opening doors teleporting players, this is obv I know but I would get hate if I didn't list this. Switching shoulder cams, sometimes I lean left to shoot a guy then I third person aim due to him being close and I forgot to switch shoulders, some small indicator like move the cam a little to left in thirdperson is a good reminder, don't move it too much to the left since this will again encourage building and corner camping. End game circles in it's current state is way too strong, make it so you can outrun it would be a nice touch. shotguns, the shotguns in this game are just incredibly strong, 5x stronger then in h1, you can't just make it so someone can 1 shot ppl regardless where on the body it hits, in it's current state you can 1 shot ppl regardless of armour and they can be 10x better then you but guess what you just clicked mouse 1 you win a shotgun shouldn't be able to take 50% of your hp from 20m away, if you make shotgun an point blank gun this will encourage more variety between smgs and shotguns. get rid of gloves and shirts, all wearables from spawning as loot, useless junk that just adds clutter. And finally for now... Just optimise game for high frames, you are already destroying your competitors, don't make major changes that will upset the community.
  8. Map changes/rework

    We really need some map changes . The map is already so boring. Safe zone ist 80% of time in the central of the map so you barely go to any city on the corners of the map. A lot of citys too small. Bad loot in villages. I hope they add some new cities.