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Found 20 results

  1. Hi In first person only servers, i have now experienced twice, having my aim perfectly setup, but for some reason i cant shoot.. I click and click mouse button 2, but nothing happens in 1-3 sec, Then they discover me and starts shooting.... Its bit annoying, loosing fights because u cant shoot back at people OAK
  2. Dear Devs, I'm playing PUBG for a few days and really love the game, but recently I stumbled across a really frustrating thing. Two times when I was in the top10 I got killed by a guy using lag switch really blatantly (prefired without seeing the actual model going around the corner) in close combat/houses. So I checked google and youtube about what the fuck happened and found this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cu_zYY6JBRI Apparently you can use this free tool without getting banned by BattleEye: http://www.softwarelagswitch.com/ Is there a way to report it to the devs, so this shit gets banned by battleeye asap? I'm not really sure how the pubg community is structured so I figured to reach out and see how to report this cancerous stuff. Kind regards
  3. pensez-vous que certains trichent ?

    Bonjour à tous, Je joue à PUBG depuis quelques temps déjà et je trouve ce jeux très sympa mais j'ai parfois le sentiment, pour ne pas dire la certitude que certains trichent. Notamment quant un joueur vous trouve de suite sans qu'il ai pu savoir ou vous vous trouviez !! comme un hasard systématique, une malchance répétitive et toujours identique !! mdr J'aimerais voir votre avis sur ce que nous pourrions faire à plusieurs pour que ce jeux ne soit pas infesté de petit imbéciles (pour rester polis) qui ont besoin de tricher pour exister ... J'ai quitté rust que j'aimais énormément pour cette raison, il y avait aussi dans ce jeu des joueurs que je nommais "dieu" tout simplement car ils vous touchaient systématiquement en pleine tête et tout en courant dans le sens opposé au votre et en sachant à chaque fois où vous vous cachez. C'est tellement dommage ...
  4. Good day sir! I just want you to know that i have this bug on my account. My currency or bp is negative. it all started after i changed my look. As you can see on the picture i attached, it's -3199 but the original is -8000+. I play every day thats why it only has -3199 now. please fix this.

    also, clarify me what's live or test server. thank you!!


    1. Tuesd4yy


      In addition to my problem, i play on live server. Thank you

  5. 1st: Title says it all plz inform me. 2nd: It happened to me 2 many times that i spray half a mag from close range on a target (3th p zoom) and the tango just glitch / teleport / laggs out of my cross-hair. Is this a cheat(-er) or... what is it?
  6. Enemies stuck under the map

    Sometimes when you are in the final circle you find yourself alone with no enemies on the map, even though the player count says there is more. It seems they are stuck below the map where they can't be killed nor seen. The only way to win is to place yourself in the middle of the final death-circle and spam meds, as the guy who is stuck can't heal. A semi-famous youtuber, Aculite, experienced this recently. Here is a link to the video: (Watch from 35:40-39:30)
  7. Character shaking, bug or player cheating?

    I was playing on SA server and found this player, he was the only one with this problem. The date and time are on video title. Can anyone say if is he cheating or just bugged?
  8. --- Bug Description: Dropped with the AFK'ers and this guy was unable to be killed. Thought for a moment it may have been the heads hit box registering the damage properly but the body shots as well did not down him. Hoping it is just a bug but I am worried it could be a cheat. As it would be an effective one for AFK wins.. Uploaded a youtube clip since I was recording. Date Seen: 7/5/2017 Server: Main server. Not test. Troubleshooting Attempted: Shot him more.. Other Information: Clip- (Forgive the quality lol. Practicing for maybe future uploads) Launch Options: Stock. Nothing changed at all System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 Graphics Card: RX 580 8gb CPU: I5-6600K Ram: 16gbs THANKS!
  9. Читеры

    В игре меня сносят с трех выстрелов со scar когда я в броне второго уровня и я слышу только прилет пуль, а самих выстрелов не слышно, что означает стрелявший где то очень далеко или с глушителем. Так как определить читер или нет если не показывается от куда убили? И в подтверждение, что игрок читер я должен записывать видео и делать скрины? Можно по подробней про скрины и почему я должен постоянно записывать свою игру?
  10. New cheat or bug?

    Is this some kind of new cheat or a bug of some sort? The guy literally walks through a closed door and instantly shots me down. The door opens like 2 seconds after he got me. Try me and say "It's EA". Disclaimer: My connection is flawless (additionally, there is no "Network lag detected").
  11. Hacking and Cheaters

    This game needs to sort out the problem of people using hacks or it will die a quick death like all the other games before it. Infestation: Survivor Stories is a classic example of what will happen to this game if they don't put in serious anti hack software. There are already multiple YouTube videos of people hacking and because a lot of younger kids play this, you can guarantee when they start t get owned all the time my experienced 1st person shooter players they will turn to hacks.
  12. 游戏ID jun6666 时间 06/09/2017 服务器 AS 一个人 10秒钟 杀我们4个人。 没有任何枪声, 只有打在身上的声音。
  13. Bug or cheat?

    This can't be for real. Look at this clip and tell me that this is what I should expect of this game? https://clips.twitch.tv/SpinelessAnimatedBeaverNotLikeThis
  14. Player Duplicating Ammo

    Saw a player in the lobby duplicating ammo. Can't see anyone's name, but the cheat is out there. https://youtu.be/XIk1QiIPlsU
  15. Die ersten Hacker?

    Guten Morgen zusammen! Ich wollte mich mal umhören, ob ihr ebenfalls Kontakt mit Hackern, Cheatern oder ähnlichen gemacht habt. Habe gerade nach langem mal wieder eine Runde gestartet und wurde zusammen mit ca. 20 anderen, direkt nach dem Absprung aus dem Flugzeug in der Luft mit den Fäusten gekillt. Die besagte Person hat somit also 10-20 Kills bevor er überhaupt auf dem Boden gelandet ist. Wenn es einfach nur ein Bug ist, würde ich mir wünschen, dass ihr mich aufklärt! Liebe Grüße Unnutz http://steamcommunity.com/id/unnutz/
  16. 遇到个外挂,有截图

    我和朋友双排,被这个人满血各2枪爆头直接打死,图是之后他杀人的截图 希望官方给点力,多整治一下
  17. Cheater / Report

    Hello i not understand how send report to player. Nick: Top 1 EU server Kill Rate. Use hack. pls check him. ty
  18. Hello it's my first topic here i'm very enjoying the game but it's full of bugs and need MUCH tweaking. I encountered an bug/cheat on end of the game when the circle was the small us it could be, namely thare was 2 peaple still alive me and someone. The circle was on totaly open area on military island i was runing all over the circle and no one was thare and i could hear all the time someone SWIMMING other the map oO, when the circle start to shring to the finall state i stand on the middle of it and it(area of the game=circle) finanly killed me(i was having full HP before that so me and that guy shoud lost the HP at the same time) i was 2rd and the other guy who was under the map survial and was 1st. That was really strange and didn't record it in time all I have recorded is view from 3rd person after i diead in the middle of the shrinked circle. I will share the link to the video when it will be uploaded. Sorry for my bad english i don't speak english daily.
  19. Players teaming in Duo

    The_Maverick and his 3 other buddies formed a 5 man and camped in a barn near the end, killed 3 and then suddenly 2 more were there in the smoke and shot us. They were all on the 2nd level of the barn, and they had shot out of the barn at us, there's no way they were just randomly there and not teaming.
  20. cheaters

    this game is completely cheate! a lot of players use Aimbot!!! You see video on Youtube!! I want to return money!! The next game as The Division od Dayz, they are also totally one big cheat!