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Found 79 results

  1. hackers still everywhere. still players abusing your shit network coding from asia on US servers. still loot spawning after players hit the ground.. 20hz tickrate at the start of the game is bullshit... fix this shit sometime soon?
  2. RIght, there's a crap load of cheaters about, there's a crap load of discussion about cheaters, but the only element of Bluehole taking part in these discussions, or any other discussions, is to hand out warning points for naming cheaters in this forum. There is the "in-game" report button, but this does nothing really, it's a sop to pretend you're doing something when you're really not. Dozens of games have this type of "anti-cheat reporting system" but it's been shown in the past that they do nothing, in fact some players who report "too much" have had their accounts marked so that their reporting is automatically placed in File 13 and ignored. The Support website for reporting is another sop. I have reported numerous cheaters with full and clear video evidence, and nothing has happened to those players, they are still playing months later, and more to the point, not one single person from Bluehole has even looked at those videos, not one, the only viewer that has ever been on them is me, the YouTube analytics show that, some have zero views because I didn't bother watching them since I uploaded them myself. I have even uploaded zip files of the replays, they have never been downloaded. Bluehole, you are doing nothing, you are not even faking doing something, you are not even talking to the people who paid you all those millions you've now got to play your game. (over 30 million copies now?). Your favourite answer is "you're all racists and xenophobes, here's some warning points". Do your job. Git gud. PS I expect to be banned from this again, same as I am banned from the Steam PUBG forums for "spamming" (there are only about 4 posts from me in over 4 weeks, but because I dared to say "Ping Lock" on a "Region Lock China thread", and I'm still waiting since the 4th Feb for an answer from Support as to who/why/where....)
  3. Battleye- 99% OF PUBG'S BANNED CHEATERS ARE FROM CHINA -IGN http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/02/16/99-of-pubgs-banned-cheaters-are-from-china BY SHABANA ARIF PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' problem with cheaters has been a major issue for the game, and recent data from the company's anti-cheat tech provider, BattlEye indicates that 99% of accounts that have been banned for cheating are from China. Youxi Story reports the statistic, adding that 46% of PUBG's total players are based in China. It makes the problem a significant one in PUBG's most important territory. One million accounts were banned for cheating in January, with BattlEye saying that "things continue to escalate" in spite of this. PUBG reached a milestone this week, with sales reaching 30 million. Despite the apparent success, the active player base is beginning to drop off on PC, with the rampant cheating possibly acting as a contributing factor. Since acquiring the rights for PUBG in China, Tencent has announced a PUBG Chinese server and will crack down on cheaters using plug-ins if the problem is a serious one.
  4. Player crowd control

    okay, so im pitching this idea (not knowing if its been suggested before) i keep seeing all these new anti cheat posts made, but seeing more and more cheaters/hackers each day. My idea is that upon death, a player can watch the kill feed (assuming it is proper to how the person was actually shooting (ive seen a lot of people shooting the ground or shooting when gun is aimed down because cover is blocking them)) at which point if it is indeed a cheater/hacker then they can file a ingame/current session report. Enough of these reports will kick the player/duo/squad from battle and give them a cooldown on joining another match. cooldowns can scale depending on how many times theyve been kicked from a game within the past day. The more reports, the bigger the cooldown, it could start off as 5minutes, then 10, then 20 and so forth. As reports come in they stick to that players info in their stats for all to see and for devs to keep track of (unless wiped on all new updates that come out) meaning they get a clean slate each time. As for amount of reports needed, i thought of 10 for solo, 6 for duos (both members count as 1) and 4 for squads (each squad count as 1) so its a group decision. this could be taken advantage of if groups just report everyone. This can be fixed if prior to being kicked itll give a little option (maybe in map ui) to send your recording to the devs/mods to view, thus allowing you to play the game to the end and sending direct footage to people that can judge if that person should be banned. if you dont send it in then itll kick you and you will receive a cooldown. Please give me proper feedback and your view on it
  5. This is just business as usual for PC gaming. In Battlefield 4, a five year old game, someone is ALWAYS getting banned for cheating somewhere. Hell, you'll even find cheaters in freaking NBA 2K18. They just keep popping up all over the place no matter the type of game and its age. These chumps need to be banned by IP address and not just by username if they aren't already.
  6. Cheating Discussion

    I must say that I have encountered so many cheaters lately. last match I played today I was confused how I died. I was sure that in my place where I was, there were anyone. I watched replay and I was right. there was none, but this one player who came from far away knew exactly where everyone were. He looked every player position by aiming in their directions. and me.. He ran behind a slope and suddenly stopped when I started to move 100m away and shot me behind grass and bushes without sight. ( not seeing me ). So this anti-cheat thing hasn't came online yet, so I will stay away from this game till it comes online. I love this game but I can't stand these cheaters anymore. there is no point, no fun.
  7. I took about a month off PUBG because the game became unplayable with all the lagging Chinese players and mass-cheating going on. Decided to make a return today and jumped straight into a game on the old map. Landed at military base in the radio tower. Loot was good so I decided to camp the top and wait for the circle collapse because I was in the center. Hadn't moved and was prone in a corner for 3 or 4 circle collapses. Next thing I know someone called BAOBAO<bunch of numbers> starts shooting against the wall at the exact spot I had been in all this time. Starts throwing grenades in and then when I decide to stand up (first movement all game), insta-headshot. Why are we still dealing with these wallhacking/aimbotting cheaters from China!? It's been a month, I thought PUBG were working on solving the issue and all I've seen is loot crates and an improved reporting system.
  8. I keep seeing doubles and solo's and sometimes even squads with other players working as a team through communications... I'm not about to record everything as the Xbox/Game aren't going to perform any better with 2-3% or whatever amount of the console's RAM being used. So we need to be able to report matches, and/or even better, RECENT PLAYERS. The game isn't rendering/populating recent players unless they are your friends. Which is useless for reporting cheaters!
  9. The game has gotten so bad to play now with cheaters I'm not playing pubg anymore....
  10. The cheaters are out of control, the streamers are abandoning the game too... that is sad cuz is such a nice game but for now it is impossible to play, Shroud quit for a while today in his stream
  11. Seems the problem is now getting worse... http://www.pcgamer.com/watch-a-pubg-cheat-that-enables-instant-healing-and-revives
  12. Bad behavior online such as cheating in games is strongly influenced by how players identify with gaming communities, appears that this is accepted as part of the Chinese gaming culture. Anonymity and a sense of belonging to social groups within gaming affects in-game cheating -- something which has the capacity to adversely affect the experience of enjoyable gameplay. Cheating can be pretty hard to define in relation to gaming -- you say "morally reprehensible actions", I say "totally legitimate exploit" -- but for the purpose of making a statement on the topic, I define cheating as "strategies that a player uses to gain an unfair advantage over his/her peer players or to achieve a target which is not supposed to be achieved according to the game rules or at the discretion of the game operator". I have found that playing with strangers (equates with anonymous gaming) significantly increases instances of cheating behavior. But rather than anonymous cheating being the result of reduced self-awareness and reduced inhibition, I believe that it's connected to identification with group norms. That means, rather than being a case of "I'm anonymous I can be as salty as I like", players are cheating because they feel it's a norm within that online gaming community and the only way they stand a chance of raising their status within the community. In conclusion: "These deviant online behaviors such as game cheating are largely influenced by the online social groups people feel they belong to. An online group, despite its fluid, unstable and imaginary nature, is powerful in constructing and changing its members' attitudes and views on behaviors. Hence, a behavior that is perceived as problematic and deviant can be reconstructed with a different interpretation." The implication here being that if we can alter what is considered normal in the Chinese online gaming communities we might be better able to counter toxic behavior such as cheating as well as flaming, trolling and other forms of abuse.
  13. Why is there so much cheating going on and you guys are not doing anything REAL about it... yeah you guys ban 2 million accounts, ALTERNATE accounts and these no life plebs keep buying new accounts and using their hacks. I dont get why its so hard to fix this problem... CS GO and other major competitive games have cheaters too, but the amount of cheaters is so low because of the VAC system and VERY GOOD ANTI-cheating software... I dont understand how you guys are taking THIS LONG to fix the problem... Its not even blatant cheaters either... A lot of the "TOP" pro players are using ESP, No grass or Tree foliage AT ALL, NO FOG(When Fog map was out), No Recoil on their weapons, Aimbot, ETC ETC.... Its really ridiculous the amount of cheaters you have to play against when you get 2k+ rating... If there was no cheating in this game, it would be much more enjoyable, but the cheaters are just ruining it and I dont know how many people would agree with me on this, but all Im going to say is, Im done playing your game until YOU GUYS FIX IT. I've reported so many hackers, etc... It doesn't change anything. You guys need to get your shit together and fix this problem.
  14. I've been killed like this many times. At this point i think it is either a bug with the replays or there are way too many cheaters in the game. I don't want to cry about cheaters right away, but i don't know what this is and if it happens to anyone else. https://gyazo.com/f3d40a1ece0e6cc4260b9781f6be6c1e
  15. VAC Ban free servers needed

    Cheating is a major problem with this game, we all know it and most of us feel that cheaters are destroying what is a good game to spend a few hours on weekly, either playing solo or squad game with friends and randoms. However, yesterday and over the last few months, my self and the people I play with have been killed a plethora of times by people able to fire their gun faster than Lucky Luke, with better aim and recoil control that God. So whatever Bluehole is doing is clearly not enough, even if they permabanned 100.000 players recently. The way I see it, if a person caught cheating in one game, this same person is more than susceptible to cheat in another game, ie. PUBG. If ever caught cheating in any online game, been VAC banned one or more times, the privileges of playing against people with clean accounts should be reworked. Bluehole, give us, the players that don't use aimbots or other cheats to have an option with clean servers. Players with a history of one or more VAC bans should only have an option to join servers were other VAN banned players can play.
  16. 1st off, I very much appreciate and thank you for getting rid of so many cheaters. I just wanted to know what the title of this topic really entails. Maybe you were just exaggerating to show how dedicated you are to making the game cheat free? Not that it really matters much to me, but I have to laugh when I read that. - "These players will be permanently banned in a single wave. This is an example of additional measures we will be taking on top of the basic detection systems in place. We will continue to check the data logs like this even if it means the anti-cheat team has to filter through hundreds of billions of data logs manually." Manually as in look through one at a time hundreds of billions of lines of data? For 1 person to count to 1 billion without eating, sleeping, breathing, and all that... It would take 31 years, 251 days, 6 hours, 50 minutes and 46 seconds. Times that by a few hundred billion, account for the things it takes to survive, and divide by the number of people in the anti-cheat team. If my calculations are correct, that's approximately 999 quadrillionsextillionmillionbilliontrillion years. I must be missing something.
  17. This post will actually contain a few suggestions that I hope BH addresses: 1. First and foremost, I think there should be a region lock. To keep things fair, the region locks should be for each server. If you're from China, you're locked to Chinese servers. Same goes for Europe, South America, and so on. It's obviously frustrating playing with cheaters that are predominately from China, but it's honestly more frustrating being paired with people who don't speak English. For this reason alone, I'd like a region lock for each set of servers. This seems like a fair solution for everyone, and keeps the game fun. It doesn't necessarily solve the cheating problem, as I know that there are plenty of cheaters from all regions of the world, but having English speaking teammates would be great at the very least. 2. The mid-air driving mechanics are way too sensitive. I can't even venture a guess as to how many times I've launched off a hill with a motorcycle trying to counter balance my forward lean by tapping space, only to do a backflip and crash. On that note, I also notice that when riding as a passenger in duos, the game becomes almost unbearable to look at with all of the jittery screen tearing. 3. I'm not sure if this is just me imagining things, but the last update seems to have altered the way players clip into objects. I notice myself getting caught on a bunch of small obstacles that should easily be traversable. Features I would like to see AFTER the game has been optimized: A second type of map-marker. Setting waypoints is nice, but there should be a second type of marker that lets you tag locations of interest without replacing the original waypoint. This would be a nice way to communicate with your squad members last known locations etc. Remove car explosions. I know a lot of people will disagree with this one, but for the sake of realism and gameplay, I don't think cars should explode. They should simply catch fire (forcing players to get out or else take damage over time). This gives people a fighting chance if they get gunned down in the middle of an empty field, because at least they have a form of cover. The car should simply continue rolling until it slows down and stops. Once the car catches fire the player should still have control of the handbrake (but no steering) so everyone has a chance to get out safely and engage in firefights. This would make the game more dynamic and interesting, as it emphasizes gun fights (especially in squads where cars can be focused down really quickly). The smoke from the cars should travel far up to act as a signal for any passing players should they wish to enter the gunfight or not. First and foremost though, please work on optimizing the game. The most frustrating moments have not only been cheaters stealing the game in the final 10 moments, but also when I've spent 10+ minutes looting and running only to have my game end because my motorcycle bounced and tossed me off, or it randomly exploded because I walked into it at a funny angle, or I someone get caught between a fence and car and it counts as a falling death. P.S. - I think I've noticed some people using AFK bots for easy kills.
  18. Reporting Players

    Hello! Over the course of the past week or so, I've had the unfortunate luck of encountering three hackers in total. Of course, I went to check the replay and watched them a few times to verify whether or not they were really cheating or if I'm just bad (or anything, really). Taking their perspective into consideration, such as possible exposure in their LOS (even if super brief) or information given to them by their teammates (In X building at Y location), I was able to conclude that these players were cheating without a doubt. One player even shot me through an entire hill! (I checked to ensure it wasn't something like... a stray bullet). Now, my question is: When submitting a report, is there a confirmation screen/window? On all three of my reports, nothing seems to happen upon hitting "Submit" - aside from the button fading and becoming un-clickable. I do not know whether or not the reports have gone through. In fact, I refilled my first report multiple times, believing something went wrong. I would just like to know that my reports have been received. Additionally, beyond in-game, is there an alternative way to report players? Something like e-mail or similar? I have video evidence of the hackers I have encountered which have been attached to each report.
  19. Guys I been playing pubg for a month now, and one night i got killed very fishy the guy's recoil was like not normal so ok i keep on playing not big deal everyone dies right, but than again some other dude went full auto unloaded hes whole clip on me but yet hes recoil was not even moving, so i went did some investigation there is a no recoil hack for 5 dollars and i think people are buying it and now the game is infested with this hack. yesterday i played 4 games which out of the 4, 3 i got kill by some one with Little to no recoil at all died instantly, some other guy was shooting me thru the tree, he also had no recoil m16 burst mode spamming left mouse button but yet the red dot does not move, i got this game a month ago and i am to the point where is not even worth it cause the amount of people hacking,cheating, i just wonder the day i will have a fair game with no one cheating, Come on guys need to enforce this bans make this game serious if u cheat get ban an ip ban would be nice make them stop..... there are tons of hacks out there i don't understand why they are not looking in to them and patching them
  20. WTH????

    Not sure if this is the right area to post - Apparantly its the only place I can post so if a Admin/Dev could place it in the right spot that would be appreciated. I am getting pretty fed up now of the Hackers, Cheaters and exploiters - Is there no way to enable an autoban function - i.e like BE detects a file/script being used that is not in the original game and just autobans people - Problem solved... Literally - On this game, right now - The desync / Lag is terrible - Unable to move for like 3 minutes at a time while slowly dying to the blue zone - All the way through the game... - I have it recorded if devs wish to see, Honestly the worst game/experience I have had so far in PUBG - I died from randomly being ejected out of the vehicle and being thrown 400m away - "Died from falling".... But enough is enough - Just start autobanning anyone that runs a script ig that is not part of the original game - And then modders will have to have an approval system - Gaming is meant to be fun for people, but when your dying from snapshot - Insta headshots 24/7 its ridiculous - Not even looking at you and killing you - Its pure BS.... Devs/Admins - I get your working hard to resolve this, and alot of us REAL gamers are appreciative - But just end this insanity - AUTOBAN on script detection is the way to go - Its easier to appeal a mistake than it is to get banned in this game apparantley......... Let me know if you wish to see the vid of the LAG SWITCH/DDOS Insanity.... Alot like 50% of the server died from the first BZ due to being unable to move.....
  21. EVERY time I submit a cheat report and it brings me back to the main screen I get the message "An error occurred". Thanks, thats really helpful information. So is my report actually going through or not? Why bother reporting cheaters if the report system doesnt actually work. Is anyone else having this problem? Will this be fixed?
  22. EVERY time I submit a cheat report and it brings me back to the main screen I get the message "An error occurred". Thanks, thats really helpful information. So is my report actually going through or not? Why bother reporting cheaters if the report system doesnt actually work. Is anyone else having this problem? Will this be fixed?
  23. Past week i have encounter a lot of people using no recoil, getting kill by a automatic weapon fully unloaded on me with little or no recoil. its getting absurd, is like 8 out 10 times there is some one using no recoil. i did research and i found a hack brand new cost 5 dollars. no wonder 8 out 10 have no freaking recoil, i just got this game about 3 weeks ago and i am starting to dislike it just for the simple fact that people always gotta have a unfair advantage on other people.. yesterday morning a guy unloaded a scar on automatic and shot 20 rounds on auto and hes recoil stayed on my head i got killed instantly.... the other day i knock a guy down and i had to shoot him 7 more times before he actually died i haven't look in to that one yet but the no recoil is just getting out of control.... plz people help me stop it!!!!!!!! just like this
  24. Are we still having to submit videos for cheaters? Or does the server save the replays?
  25. So apearantlly Tencent company as sued and imprison a few chinces who were selling hacks for PUBG full story at : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-16/tencent-cracks-down-on-cheats-in-world-s-top-selling-video-game Bluehole might want to learn something from them about how to deal with hackers!!