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Found 126 results

  1. Dear Bluehole! The game is becoming unplayable. Especially in third person. I ran into cheaters in 7 of my 10 games the other day. I know you are banning cheaters by the thousands, both through us reporting and through BattleEye. While this is a must in every competitive game, it is not enough. Not by a long shot. It seems to me that you are too focused on the "catch them, ban them" part. What you don't seem to focus on, sadly, is the preventive part. You need to limit cheating before it happens. You need to be ahead of the cheaters. We all know you won't get rid of all cheaters this way, but it needs to be a priority nonetheless. Servers You seem VERY reluctant to implement region- or ping lock on your servers. Why is this? Again, this will not get rid of all cheaters, but it will help tremendously. It WILL limit cheating before they cheat. While there are negatives to this solution, it can be bypassed by adding different types of servers. Incentive What about removing some of their incentive to cheat? A normal (read; non-cheating) players, rarely gets more than 10-20 reports. Freezing BP after 10-20 reports and keeping them frozen until the reports have been reviewed, will remove some of the cheater's incentive to cheat. They can still earn points by playing, but won't get access to them until the reports have been reviewed. You seriously need to ask yourself; is the Steam Market more important than a healthy game environment? It would be REALLY sad to see one of the best and most fun games in a LONG time, go down the sewer because you are to hesitant (or willing?) to adapt.
  2. Anti-cheat System Improvement

    Four things: First, implement a semi-automatic suspension system for TKers. If someone TKs, and it is reported (indicating that it was malicious), implement an automatic one-hour ban, increasing over time (with perhaps an unstated grace period of one game out of twenty or something - lord knows nobody should TK more than that by accident). Second, I noticed that obvious cheaters who have brand new accounts don't last as long as cheaters using the same set of cheats but have a longer established period. I understand the importance Third, it would be great if there was better enforcement vis-a-vis teaming. I've encountered this as often as other kinds of cheating, but tracking the accounts, most of them still seem to be active, whereas hack-users seem to be banned semi-frequently. Using the server+steam information, one could automate a system that flags players if they repeatedly queue into the same game/at the same time as other players on their friends list despite not being squadded up together. Fourth, I noticed that some likely hackers primarily cheat in certain modes/certain servers. (a gentleman I recently played with appeared to be using an aimbot. I noted that he had a 70% headshot rate on my server, but a much more normal 28% on his home server, and at 90 games each, there was a respectable sample size. I suspect that this helps them dodge your heurestic for longer. Automated scanning for major differences like this might be a good idea.
  3. PC 1.0 Update #5 ~ Deutsch

    Neues Update vom Entwickler Team übersetzt. Eine positive Bewertung und ein Daumenhoch im Guide wären sehr lieb! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1294957635
  4. Way to report botters

    Literally, there are botters we all know this, who drop in duo or squad with some bots to farm BP. But theres no way to report them on the report menu, why?
  5. Dear Community, I wanted to start this thread in order to evaluate our collective attitude in relation to visual postprocessing softwares such as ReShade which are being flagged as a cheat as of late. What is your opinion about such tools? Do you treat it as an act of cheating? BEFORE you answer, maybe consider taking a look at some of these reflections: ReShade is available for everyone. Its a free and legal (non-grey-market) piece of open source software. It adds visual effects via post processing of a pre-rendered image given by the game. It is injected via a 3rd party API and can be hooked. Such as every other piece of software interacting with the game. Many users are very unsatisfied with the visual fidelity of the game. ReShade allows you to adjust it to your personal habits and preferences, offering the opportunity to compensate for deviations of color, contrast and overall dynamics which are given by your specific hardware (interaction of monitor, graphics card and the cables used) as much as your operating system. Furthermore, you can add effects like alternative anti aliasing techniques that may reduce annoying artifacts and blur or simply apply artistic filters that create a filmic, atmospheric look. What do you consider to be an unfair advantage in a video game? Is it how capable your PC is or how smooth the game runs? Is it how many pictures your monitor can render per second? Is it how wide your screen or how high the pixel density is? Is it how advanced the sensors of your mouse or keyboard are? Is it how premium your headphones are? Is it how much you paid for a surround headset? Is it how many hours you can play a game per day? Is hit how advanced you are in a specific genre? Is it how good you can communicate with your team mates? Is it how fast or efficient your personal cognition behaves? Or is it how you utilize a visual postprocessing software? Which of those factors can you actually measure? Do you think they are or should be part of an anti-cheat program? What are you going to do against new approaches like Nvidia Freestyle? Thank you for your patience. Best regards, Bockender Bronko
  6. In game name of alleged cheater / hacker(s):ckqujie Evidence of offense: Date and time of suspected cheating / hacking offense:2018-01-31 00:00 SEA
  7. I encountered one player from our own side, random squad having quick full healing. So he takes hits, and then goes cover and less than 2s he heals from 10% to full 100%. Several times within same game. The same player probably had also some kind of new aimbot that does not target to head but keeps it in the body or helps as he kept shooting long ranges with AR at full auto at 4x. For this I'm not sure but could think of. I reported the player with all marks (4 checked) as there was no good option to report. Could you add e.g. some other like (none of above) reporting capability. I could provide replay video if needed.
  8. Like, we can put ip block and make the game more fair to play but no, now, lets being eaten alive by cheaters 10 games today, 7 died to a "xongxan" or "213821309214" who insta kill everyone with aimbot or a winchester from 3 km and behind a mountain and it on a SA server (i from america latina, dont speak inglish well, sorry) and here there is some china guys with 400 ping killing everyone and teleporting PUBG you gonna kill youresel this way, everyone is moving to the other game without telling the loot system who is totally broken now and the lack of progression in the game, the ranks and leaderbords are broken and only have cheaters on it. saddly the majority of the PUBG public is Chinese the game started so fucking well, it is a perfect battle royale, but the company is going to shoot at the own feet... and again, i dont know how to speak inglish so sorry, but i not a troll, i just fucking frustrated, i love this game so much but it is unplayable, hope you can uderstand...
  9. Hello, I've been hosting a podcast with a friend about battle royale games, predominantly pubg. Podcast is called winner winner podcast. We plan on delving into the issue of cheating for our episode tomorrow and possible will do some follow up on our podcast next week. We live in America and know a lot of players who are live in America who have a lot of opinions and view about cheating and that many cheaters seem to be based in China. This begs a lot of questions and we would love to talk with and play with players who live in China to get a better sense of how members of the Chinese pubg community view this issue. I assure you that we enormous baseline respect for gamers of all nations and our discussion will be conducted in a fun and respectful manner. If you are a Chinese pubg fan or are a fan who simply lives in China we would love to hear from you, especially if you are interested in being interviewed. Thank you!
  10. So after spending a good chunk of my weekend playing this game (104hrs total to date), I wanted to test the waters a bit. I don't know how many games i played but must have been around 100 rounds on both solo and squad (EU Server). Here's what I found: 1) I managed to get a chicken dinner twice in squad mode - both times one or more of my team mates cheated with aim bots and map cheat. 2) 99% of the times i died the guy who killed me had a cheat, as a minimum the map cheat so he knew exactly where i was all the time. Once this whole weekend i was killed legitimately...ONCE! 3) I can't see any improvements vs anti cheaters happening anytime soon so.... I've read these forums and seems a lot of players are feeling the same way I do, as in what's the point of logging in if you're just going to be killed by cheaters, or win games because you have cheaters on your team. I'd be interested to see if we can setup a private game where only non cheaters are allowed...just not sure how this would be managed logistically? Has anyone run their own private game and does this work? Can the person who setup the private instance ban players from entering again if they cheat etc. I truly love this game, I just want to be able to play it the way it was intended.
  11. Please fix the glitch where people can get into the wall at the military barracks. Nothing more aggravating than playing a game get the dream team of guns and then get killed by a person shooting you through the wall. Please fix this ASAP!
  12. Tried a little FPP tonight and my two ropiest deaths both had the shooters doing weird things with leaning. Like I ran round a corner and the guy shot me leaning *into* the corner which is a bit weird as if you gonna shoot someone running past you you;d surely not bother leaning or lean *away* from the corner. I watched the replay of the other guy and noticed someone else shooting at them and so they hid and did some weird leaning left and right and then just ran round the corner and shot me, again leaning. What''s this all about?!
  13. Several games on steam have seen a drop in cheaters by implementing an system that links an active mobile number to their game account (1 per account and non-transferable and it has to be on a physical mobile not a digital number like skype etc) they can then queue for lobbies with other linked accounts and play together. It'd be a purely an opt-in service of course, Linked and Unlinked accounts can still play with each other on the regular servers. This is just a suggestion. Sorry for my lazy grammar
  14. 录像已放出,希望能够审查,以及制裁! 抵制外挂行为!!!!
  15. The subreports are nice but they aren't inclusive of all the aspects of how people are cheating. Additionally a cheating subreport for Player shot through wall, rock, or tree.
  16. I want answers on my reports, is it possible?
  17. In game name of alleged cheater / hacker(s):FengZi_9999 Evidence of offense: Date and time of suspected cheating / hacking offense:2018-01-18 11:41 KR/JP
  18. Seriously guys, come on! You patch the game and first two games of the day! These are bad enough, the videos are 10x worse. If you can't fix this crap, your game will DIE.
  19. In game name of alleged cheater / hacker(s):hyosang0712 Evidence of offense: Date and time of suspected cheating / hacking offense:2018-01-17 18:26 KR/JP
  20. In game name of alleged cheater / hacker(s): Evidence of offense: Date and time of suspected cheating / hacking offense:2018-01-16 23:06 KR/JP
  21. In game name of alleged cheater / hacker(s):DouYu-6416564 Evidence of offense: Date and time of suspected cheating / hacking offense:2018-01-17 17:55 KR/JP
  22. Hello PUBG Team and the Community. We all want an enjoyable game without cheaters, Maybe this is the solution to it. I've personally seen cheaters against me, and It's never fun. Someone with cheats will just completely ruin your match. During a game I came up with an idea of a replay / Overwatch system to prevent cheaters ruining the matches, and the community. Of course I understand that cheaters will always try to find a way, however I am sure this kind of system will at least reduce the majority of the cheaters. How would it work? To start with an example, "Player X" has been reported X times in one hour. The Overwatch team or a player part of it, will be given a clip of the games where this "Player X" was reported. As soon as this team or player is finished processing the clip and a make a final solution out of it, It'll help the PUBG Team a lot since someone has already done a bit closer work on that and give a bit more sense what kind of case are they about to handle.This idea is a lot like Valve's CSGO Overwatch system, In fact it inspired me to make this thread. Who would work on it? Working on such system as this one, I believe only players who are experienced with the game should be given this "privilege". A great example of these players are those who have many in-match hours, and maybe even pro's. This does NOT mean certain players who receives this "privilege" are able to ban people, Only help the administrator for their the final answer. How would it help the Anti-Cheat System? Together, The Community and The PUBG Team can make this work. The Community is already recording clips of these cheaters, and reporting them. There is already BattlEye detecting the cheaters, However I strongly believe real players knowing they can make a change will have a huge impact on cheaters, and the cheating community. Maybe even reward players for it if these cheaters will be banned, After all rewarding players for reporting cheaters will encourage them to do it more efficiently! What if people abuse the reward system? This should not be possible if the reward will be received after the cheater you have reported is banned. What about those who were unfairly banned? The "Overwatch" System itself should not ban anyone unfairly, since there will be an experienced player and an administrator processing the report. And as the story goes, This should not become a place for ban appeals. There is a separate thread about it. Help! I'm banned. How do I submit an appeal? -Sincerely, Olass.
  23. UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    Just came is 2nd on a solo bc someone was using whatever glitch it is that makes you invincible to the play area. The last update said it fixed it but obviously not I killed the 3rd place guy played it cautiously then after a min I started running around shooting trying to get his attention low and behold I am the only one in the circle. Died when the circle fully closed. Please fix this blue hole it’s ungodly annoying.
  24. There's obviously a lot of talk about this right now. This poll is meant to gauge if PUBG players really want their items to be removed from the marketplace. Bluehole, if you want to make more money, consider allowing players to purchase (well designed) cosmetic items. I certainly enjoy this game enough to buy a cool outfit from the Battle Royal movie or something. Anyone else have suggestions?
  25. Iv been looking for confirmation from some official source that the xim is against the rules. Is there any?