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Found 71 results

  1. Is there a reason for the lack of ability to report a player for *usually a reason to report someone* ? also I don't think -5 battlepoints for teamkilling (in war mode).
  2. ID:cxna 最後附上戰績 這季雙排KD不到1 近二十場或四排 隨便打傷害卻可以破千
  3. Bundybear101


    What is with people leaning all the time when shooting ( even when out in an open field ) is this a bug to help recoil or a key map for a hack???? ( we have tried to do the lean and shoot thing to see what it's doing but we see no benefit ) Also we are seeing a lot of players jump spin to avoid getting hit, is this a hitbox bug or another hack?
  4. DDP 1985


    Is this guy cheating I run 300mbs internet and Xbox one x and have never had network lag ever http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ddp-1985/video/48418469
  5. Regardless of whatever measures are being implemented, the ratio of cheats on the OC server seems to be growing. The problem seems to be that when you fumigate one barn, most of the vermin just run to another and, from a ping basis, OC seems to serve quite well. It was bad before but now it's just infested. Right now the game isn't worth playing. Obvious cheating is in every game some nights, and the names of suspicious players can be found on any of the stats tracking sites with unrealistic figures, be that k/d rations, win/top 10 percentages and the like. This is really a constant source of frustration and confusion; surely the developers must know what their game is and isn't capable of, and thus what is and isn't realistic. Why these accounts, long-standing and established, are still allowed to exist when all the information is there to see, baffles me. You look at the finest competitive players, the streamers and the Names, and none of them have stats even close to what you can easily find on a leaderboard. The stats of players on OC, AS etc servers show just staggeringly obvious levels of cheating, but still they persist. There's no joy to this game on OC now. My expectations have dropped from 'I hope I get a clean game' to 'I hope I die to a clean player' and that's just depressing. It's also the reality of playing right now. Time to give it a rest. If there's no fun to be had, find the fun elsewhere. I hear Fortnite's got promise.
  6. Rinzler_AKM


    I'm sure most of you are well aware of how PUBG is doing on PC. If you are active on these forums you can see that Bluehole is actively trying to stop cheaters on PC. From Youtube videos showing these cheaters I've seen aimbots where people can shoot you in the head as soon as you come into their vicinity, people running EXTREMELY fast, or even driving cars at alarming speeds just running everybody over in the game. I haven't seen any footage of this on XBOX however, are there cheaters on the XBOX version of PUBG? Just wondering because I'm very glad I haven't ran into any yet, but I have dealt with cheaters on console in the past and I don't want them F***ing with my PUBG.
  7. Grafikstein

    PC 1.0 Update #5 ~ Deutsch

    Neues Update vom Entwickler Team übersetzt. Eine positive Bewertung und ein Daumenhoch im Guide wären sehr lieb! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1294957635
  8. I encountered one player from our own side, random squad having quick full healing. So he takes hits, and then goes cover and less than 2s he heals from 10% to full 100%. Several times within same game. The same player probably had also some kind of new aimbot that does not target to head but keeps it in the body or helps as he kept shooting long ranges with AR at full auto at 4x. For this I'm not sure but could think of. I reported the player with all marks (4 checked) as there was no good option to report. Could you add e.g. some other like (none of above) reporting capability. I could provide replay video if needed.
  9. In game name of alleged cheater / hacker(s):ckqujie Evidence of offense: Date and time of suspected cheating / hacking offense:2018-01-31 00:00 SEA
  10. Please fix the glitch where people can get into the wall at the military barracks. Nothing more aggravating than playing a game get the dream team of guns and then get killed by a person shooting you through the wall. Please fix this ASAP!
  11. 录像已放出,希望能够审查,以及制裁! 抵制外挂行为!!!!
  12. In game name of alleged cheater / hacker(s):FengZi_9999 Evidence of offense: Date and time of suspected cheating / hacking offense:2018-01-18 11:41 KR/JP
  13. In game name of alleged cheater / hacker(s):hyosang0712 Evidence of offense: Date and time of suspected cheating / hacking offense:2018-01-17 18:26 KR/JP
  14. In game name of alleged cheater / hacker(s): Evidence of offense: Date and time of suspected cheating / hacking offense:2018-01-16 23:06 KR/JP
  15. In game name of alleged cheater / hacker(s):DouYu-6416564 Evidence of offense: Date and time of suspected cheating / hacking offense:2018-01-17 17:55 KR/JP
  16. Iv been looking for confirmation from some official source that the xim is against the rules. Is there any?
  17. taymond11


    Just came is 2nd on a solo bc someone was using whatever glitch it is that makes you invincible to the play area. The last update said it fixed it but obviously not I killed the 3rd place guy played it cautiously then after a min I started running around shooting trying to get his attention low and behold I am the only one in the circle. Died when the circle fully closed. Please fix this blue hole it’s ungodly annoying.
  18. In game name of alleged cheater / hacker(s):2FestFUM Evidence of offense: Date and time of suspected cheating / hacking offense:2018-01-12 22:54 EU
  19. In game name of alleged cheater / hacker(s):MrXellx Evidence of offense: Date and time of suspected cheating / hacking offense:2018-01-12 22:01 EU
  20. There has been a few occurrences of players using a teleport glitch with a sequence of buttons involving a table either on the spawn island or in game. This teleport glitch has made it so that any player who has decided to use this glitch teleports to a location out of the map and is unable to die, therefore causing the last remaining player in the circle to die by the playzone. I myself have been affected by this glitch already once in Solo-FPP with 9 kills and it cost me the game, which also for some reason I crashed at the end of and it didn't count towards my stats as I should have another 9 kills added to my Kills, another Top 10 Finish, as well as another Win to my stats. This is harmful to me because I enjoy grinding for my rating and my rank in the world, but due to issues like this playzone glitch and stats not saving within the game. This issue must be fixed because as more players find out about this then more games will not be winnable by the players who have earned their Chicken Dinner.
  21. Andymh5


    Hi all, just played a game and got to the final circle with one other player and they weren't in the circle and I died and came second. I believe the other player was using the button press cheat at the start on the island (I'll not say what they are for obvious reasons). Could this be addressed in the next patch please? Thanks for the great work so far
  22. I was recently playing (last night) the new map on the test server. I had level 3 helmet, level 2 vest, full health, and zero damage to my armor/helm. I was traveling down the road in a bronco truck at max speed and I was killed via one shot by a guy cheating with an UMP. When I watched the kill cam, this was verified, the hacker walked to the road, aim snapped on my head already 200m in front of him, and he fired a single shot to my head killing me instantly. The game told me I was killed by a UMP head shot. So either: 1) the hacking ignores the level 3 helmet collision with the bullet, or, 2) it gives the hacker insane amounts of bullet damage letting it kill the level 3 helmet in one shot, or, 3) there is something associated with 9mm bullets that allows them to ignore level 3 helmets, or, 4) there is something about the UMP, where it has the potential to ignore the level 3 helmet.