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Found 31 results

  1. Global Ban When Not Cheating

    Hi, I've been banned while not using cheats and received a global ban and a game ban on my profile. I have just under 1000 hours and this is my main game, please, I need help with this. My "ban" ID is dc0e8d and my name in game is Devious__ . Just before the ban, my friend and I played a duo and I got two kills while he got 1, then we died to his teammate only to play again and get banned before loading in. Now before I say this, this may sound like a lame excuse but I was playing with the same friend as before and we dropped military base with about three other people. We both were looting while a car pulled up and insta-headshotted me with an uzi. only to kill a team all the way across the map instantly and kill my friend. We know he was a hacker because his name was KOR-AUTOAIM and then some numbers at the end. This was about 3 h0urs before the ban. My inventory is worth about 200 dollars including the game price and let's be real, no one cheats with a 200 dollar inventory. I'm 14 and 200 dollars is like a new car to me and I would never do that. Please, I need help with this, just under 1000 hours and been playing since July and banned, what a way to treat people that actually play your game legit. NA Rating Duo 77,783 Win Rating Duo 121,765 Kill Rating Duo 13,556
  2. Hi, A pretty generic question - but does reporting players and uploading videos actually work? I've reported about a dozen players and my first 2 reports I got one reply where I was informed the player got banned. On the second one I also got notified that it was inconclusive (which was fine). Since then I have had no replies but I see that people have viewed them. I checked the accounts of some of these and they are still active. These people were speed hacking so it was 100% obvious they were cheating and yet they are still active in the game. So my question is should I continue to waste my time reporting users? Are you inundated with video evidence? I highly doubt a high percentage of players take the time to upload videos and report obvious cheaters. Thank you.
  3. Being Banned for no reason!

    So people are getting banned for no reason other than streamers being whinny. They aren't the best people who play this game. There needs to be a better way to do the reporting instead of auto banning people just because they are skilled and out played someone who thinks they are good, resulting in getting reported and inevitably banned. All I am saying is that this needs to be looked at because it isn't right that people are getting banned for cheating when they are not only because someone thinks that they are. The current system is flawed and needs to be restructured.
  4. Prior to about 3 weeks ago, I would find a cheater in 1 in 30 - 40 games I played. Now, literally every other game is a blatant cheater. At least in the past, if someone made a crazy shot on me I would chalk it up to the guy pulling a random shot out of his ass. Now, due to the fact that every person that pulls out a 'crazy' shot is a Chinaman, there is no way to know if they are cheating or not. Then the next game you play, a speed hacking guy named ZhaoMing will kill you. I am literally the last of my friends to still be playing this game. I enjoy the game, I love the concept. It is a ton of fun. I dealt with the bugs - I dealt with the shitty idea of putting fog in the game - I deal with the fact that rain makes the game almost unplayable - I deal with the poor optimization - I deal with the lack of vault. I will not deal with cheaters. Fix the cheating - and you can start by limiting your player base to their own continent. 98% of all players that play cross continent are one of two people: -Trolls -Hackers I realize that at this point it doesn't make sense as a business to finish a game that everyone has already bought and paid for. If you guys were smart you would just release this game as is and maybe fix a bug or two then reinvest all your money into a new game. Honestly, if people haven't bought PUBG by now, they won't be buying it after the rampant rumors of how garbage it is optimization wise and how bad the bugs are. Now hackers? Probably a complete waste of time but, made me feel better.
  5. Yes I've already reported the person who killed me so no need asking. I don't know if GeForce Experience recorded my death, but it's giving me problems logging in. (Skip to the last paragraphs if you just want the potential cheating part.) So I'm off to a good start one round today. I start off at the shipping ports near the military base. I found a mini14 with a 8x scope so I'm excited. I killed a confused guy on top of a shipping container first. I damaged his level 3 armor so no point in taking it. I then found a car to escape the incoming bluezone, but before getting in I heard gunshots. Wanting as much action from this match I go to inspect. I see a guy running off but he runs behind a shipping container after he supposedly kills another player. I get to higher ground, but I cant see him. I begin to walk back to the car I found and see him trying to find a car. I shoot him and kill him, but he nearly kills me too. I don't have much time left so I look for the car I found earlier. I begin driving off and midway enroute to the bridge to the top left of the military base a guy near a UAZ starts shooting at me. I would engage, but the blue zone is closing in. I'm halfway across the bridge and this camper begins shooting at me. I get out at the end of the bridge to fight because I'm safe from the blue zone and have great cover. About 3 vehicles past the bridge and he manages to kill one person while the other two make it by. I connect some shots and he does the same. The only difference between us is the fact that I have more meds. I get a headshot on him since he's behind poor cover. I loot him and the person he killed and it's back to running away from the blue zone. I barely avoid a red zone that spawned right in front of me. Now on to the potential cheating. I come across a UAZ in a hay field. Planning on getting into a gun fight I stop and jump out of my car. The driver does the same and I manage to kill him. But another guy walks around the UAZ and kills me. Do you think this was teaming (this is solo)? What are the chances that he was in the middle of the hayfield because I definitely didn't see him wearing all black in a all yellow field. Is this a banable offense?
  6. they need to find a way to keep players from outside the region of the servers playing on different servers. im tired of getting killed by a team of 4+ asian guys in solo, yelling at me in broken english and their own language telling me to go fuck myself. this has happens 80% of the time when i played solo and its ruining the fucking game, and not to mention all the hackers from asia who come with it. find a way to keep people playing on a server outside of their region..or atleast have a international server or something. its ruining the fucking game. you hear them planning where they are going to go as a team in the plane..ON SOLO. broken, fucking BROKEN. please fix it. REGION LOCK IT. we paid for early access to help the developers make a great game, and this is ruining this great game. help your supporters..please. because it feels like all the report of hacking and teaming are being ignored.
  7. Hackers and cheaters...

    Recently hackers and cheaters have been a huge problem with PUBG. I don't know if I have just been really unlucky or if they are an actual problem, but more than a quarter of my games I've ran into cheaters. I'm not just throwing random accusations out just because they headshot me. Im talking about the hackers that kill literally about half the people in the game before the first circle even closes. The kill feed will be full of the same name and its usually some random numbers and letters. Whenever I want to play PUBG now I have to second guess myself whether i want to deal with cheaters or not. They ruin the fun of the game and makes me no longer want to play PUBG anymore.
  9. Well, I have to admit Bluehole did something good with that last quick patch. I've played a good 11hrs plus the last two days and have only ran into cheaters twice. Before the patch I was getting them 8 of 10 matches. Let's hope this holds up! I only play solo/na. So, I can't speak for the other regions or game modes.
  10. Easy way to solve cheating issue.

    First of all. I sorry for my bad English skill, I am from Thailand and English is not my main language. but i will try to explain it. Easy way to solve cheating issue is. Just kick player who got more than 8 cheating report (Less or more up to congruity) , Kick them away from that match and make they can't reconnect to that match again, Then you ban them later. It is possible? PS. I love this game but i really hate cheater, I don't want to stereotype but I don't know why every time when cheater killed me they always speak Chinese , If you add china server and make them play only this server might be solve cheating issue too. Sorry for my bad English again, Good Luck and Have Fun.
  11. Less Vaulting work and more anti cheat

    Love this game , its totally epic ! But there is one major drawback that is seeing me want to play less and less , Hackers ... Almost every game I'm encountering some form of cheater and its getting ridiculous . We as a community are getting pretty fed up , i don't care about the silly glitches or the shit physics with some things or lag i don't care about not being able to host my own game or jump over a wall (although i appreciate the work) it would be more prudent for Bluehole to sort out the cheating before a mass refund or something happens Please fix it guys (but otherwise good work)
  12. In it's current state, the game is basically ruined by cheaters. Between 1/4 and 1/2 of the games I join on NA servers during the daytime are completely ruined by flagrantly obvious multi-hack cheaters (speedhacking, aimbot killing multiple people across the map in different directions within seconds, etc.). A screenshot of any of the leaderboards for NA servers today show zero legit players. The #1 ranked solo player as of today is a phone # for a username with a K/D ratio of 236.8 and a win ratio of 84% with as much as 50 kills PER MATCH in a solo game. I don't need to review a demo to know that's a cheater. This in itself is unacceptable, but here's the way to start fixing it: Add in a hardware-id ban system. Currently, you developers are incentivized to allow the game to be ruined by cheaters because you sell them more copies the more they cheat and (slowly) get their accounts banned over and over again. Therefore, step 1 is to make it extremely difficult for them to just get a new account and be back to ruining thousands of people's games. The technology exists and is used to great effect by other developers such as Blizzard with Overwatch. An obvious Step #2 would be to simply hire a few people to manually review & ban the cheaters that are inevitably getting reported 100's of times a day and that are obviously cheating with a cursory look at their stats (or the leaderboards). How difficult is it for someone to simply ban all the obvious cheaters crowding the leaderboards -- with permission and an ability to review a couple minutes of game footage from each of those accounts I could ban hundreds, maybe thousands of them a day and have the top 10 on the leaderboards full of legit players quickly. *shrug* All the other bugs in this forum are meaningless to fix if this isn't dealt with properly and aggressively first. Your playerbase will rapidly decline as people's games are ruined over and over by cheaters. Thanks for your time.
  13. Stop allowing crates/cosmetics to be sold on the market place and region/ping lock certain areas.. Do this and 95% of the hacking problem is gone overnight or is it you or Steam are making too much money from re-bought accounts and % from crates sales? I don't see that many myself (usually one a session) but you only need one cheater in one game to spoil a whole session and when you look at the forums all the posts are pretty much about cheaters and cheating in general (mine included obviously) The game is so much more than this and it's a shame you "seem" to be hell bent on wrecking the "perception" of the game before it's even released.
  14. Dear Bluehole and Mods, This had being tweeted by battleeye ! https://twitter.com/TheBattlEye/status/918731198679183360 BattlEye @TheBattlEye· 2h Replying to @TheBattlEye and @PLAYERUNKNOWN We are currently banning at a rate of 6K-13K per day, nearly 20K within the last 24 hours alone. The vast majority is from China. Is this not the time to take some action? I am in the line of consulting work. One key fundamental princpal we used to resolve our cilent problem is The pareto principle aka 80 20 principle! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_principle Put it simply the 20 percent of the players from the community is causing great pain to the community as a whole! Or you can put it 80 percent (not figurative of the cheating issue may came from china. Doesn't creating a server delicated for the region china (seperate from rest of asia) benefits all? This measure could be temporary and can be ratified once battleeye can improve its detection process ? I am a chinese by race. I speak mandarin as my native tongue. This post is not meant to be racist but it is a burning question right now as many people had asked for region/ping locked. I read the chinese forum too and i undestand a lof of them also hate cheating. I believe there are a lot of clean players too but this still cannot discount the fact that a significant portion of the players from that place is ruining the experience of all the other players from the rest of the world! A quick note a lot of players here like to accuse CHEATERS from asia region. But a quick look at the the atlas will tell you asia region comprise of a lot of countries! China is only part of the asia community. To lock asian players only servers is not only unfair and truly a mistake as there are a lof of players who play cross region. It will also not resolve the cheating problem with players from china in the asia region ( hugly unfair to players from korea, japan, taiwan, hongkong etc.
  15. 10 times there are 8 times will be killed by cheaters This game has no playability But the official still can not think of any way to effectively solve the problem of cheating The reason why there are so many cheaters is because the cost of crime is too low cheaters can spend a low of money to buy a cheat tool so they does't matter to buy a low of IDs Therefore, to increase the cost of crime in order to effectively avoid cheating The game client needs to record the PC's hardware code, IP address, MAC address and other information, if determined to be cheating the client directly prohibits the hardware to run the game So after that who wants to cheat, they have to think about if they have so much money to buy new hardware ps. Hardware code is not too diffcult, a lot of software activation is based on the hardware If possible, directly prohibit the blacklist in the CPU, motherboard and graphics card i am chinese and i hate cheaters
  16. 整个世界的PUBG社区对你们的行为感到愤怒 你知道这是多么糟糕? 人们看到昵称看起来像中国人的第一印象是cheater. 为什么大陸玩家有这样糟糕的行为? 请去看看英文论坛里发生了什么? 最让人困惑的是你们大声喊叫 “China number 1” https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/79936-seems-legit/ https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/71053-cheating-has-killed-this-game/ https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/7474t7/bots_using_scripts_in_asian_servers/ https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/79391-cheaters-are-on-top-of-the-leaderboard/ https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/79841-ping-lock/?tab=comments#comment-265881 请问”China number one”你们的定义是什么? Number one in CHEATING? 我甚至没有提到你们“红衣军团” 你们已经成了一个笑话,但这个笑话根本就不好笑!
  17. Ok so two times in three games I've died with no one around. Instant headshot, no gun sound. First was with a Mk14 in a building where I could only be seen from one window, which did not get broken when I got shot. I had a teammate who was right next to me who never got shot at. Second time was in the school after I had cleared it out. Someone with an S12k killed me (again with no sound, not even suppressor) instantly, and they weren't even there. I stayed in the game for 5 minutes afterwards to watch and listen for footsteps, and there was no one. Bluezone closed on the school and no one ever made noise. How is this happening and are the devs aware?
  18. Idea for shadowban

    To prevent banned users from continuing with a new account the shadow ban is a powerful tool. In PUBG I would imagine it like this: change the damage input/output to the disadvantage of the player have the player randomly be killed from non existing players manipulate the performance of the game kick the player from the server randomly with a technical nonsense message All this should gradually increase to not create suspicion.
  19. Getting sick of people team killing in squads either because of the language or because they just to steal your loot. What happens when you report an intentional team killer? Does anything happen at all?
  20. Stream sniping shouldn't be an issue.

    I don't think you should ban stream snipers, it's the streamer's fault not yours, you should let the streamers handle this, they can easily solve this by covering their screen when they're finding a game, so the stream snipers wouldn't know when they'll start a matchmaking.
  21. Cheater confirmation

    Hello guys ! I'm glad to join the community ! But what makes me not really happy is that first post on it lol. I just wanted to be sure of something, before I create a post to report a player I need to confirm that the man I dealed with, was a cheater. Could you confirm or infirm that by sending to you the clip ? Thank you in advance boys !! here is the clip:
  22. Is it considered cheating if some one use a software like X-mouse button controller reassign some mouse buttons? like if I used the software to always aim down the sight when ever I hold down the right mouse button, is it cheating ?
  23. I just want to send out a PSA to counter a lot of recent threads complaining about "huge amounts of hackers" or "tons of cheaters". I've been playing this game for nearly 600 hours and I can firmly say with much confidence that cheaters and hackers are not as common as some would have you believe. 90% of suspicious deaths you sustain could be easily explained if the game had an actual replay system. Most serious players that confess to their tactical mistakes would generally agree. Stop spreading panic and distrust. Its 2017, blame lag instead.
  24. So I just read about this program and cant help but feel it is cheating. If PUBG wanted you to know these things they would include in the game. One example: you are running for a zone, you have a map that shows spawns for cars, using that you can plan the best route to run to find a car while making it into the zone. I think that is a clear cut advantage over those who dont have the same information, thus cheating surely.
  25. (Also posted this in the Steam forums) With the onset these systems in place, it is possible for a player to profit from the game, by either remaining AFK for the whole match or staying in the plane until auto-ejection - at which point you drop and kill anyone who went AFK, thereby 'farming' them for coins. If players find ways to get autoclickers/macros in place, they can be AFK and be earning 30+ coins for every game they get queued on. More elaborate systems already exist or will surely be invented. This creates a kind of financial incentive for certain people: Cheaters - Who will now be able to cash in on the cost of the game + hacks and eventually generate profit; Sweat shop owners - Think WoW/Diablo gold farmers; Opportunists - They can just be AFK and eventually break even. This means a solo match of 100 people may actually be a match between 50-60 actual participants, while the rest are there only to farm (or be farmed). This means that, over time, the number of people who play for ill gained profit will eventually match/outweigh the number of people who play for fun. It is antithetical to the point of the game and not sustainable for the health/future of the game. ------------------------------ The simplest solution to solve this problem is to kill the cosmetics market; get the game out of Steam's community market. I believe this game is a great one. The core gamemode is fun to play and to watch, the gameplay is about to get better with vaulting/climbing. And I would like to see it flourish based on those merits. I certainly do not want to see it go down the shithole because of broken promises and rampant cheating due to the financial incentive described above. ------------------------------ In conclusion, I'd like to hear the thoughts of the developers on this. Did they anticipate it, are they aware of this, how do they intend to solve it.