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Found 19 results

  1. PUBG game should have a secured network protocol or applicated based encription to avoid cheats based on network sniffing from other computers. Cheaters are using this type of cheats to detect nearby players using "radars" in other computer in same network sniffing PUBG traffic, obviously this type of cheats are completely undetectable as BattleEye has no sniffer detection and passive sniffing in networks is almost undetectable even with adecuate tools, also they are using this same cheat to use it in console gaming and not only PC gaming as the cheat is executed in other computer in same network. The solution is to encrypt network data at application level or at protocol level (better using both of them to avoid or do more difficult a reverse engineering of PUBG's networking traffic) Advantages: Makes it a bit harder (but not impossible!) to reverse-engineer your protocol with a packet analyzer Protects your users privacy. This is especially relevant when you have passwords transfered over the same channel. Protects your game from any cheats based on network sniffing. This is really only applicable for LAN gameplay, though. Sniffing on the Internet is hard, unless the attacker is an internet service provider. Protects your game from cheats based on client impersonation through packet injection (really only applicable to UDP) Makes it harder for firewalls to block your game. Disadvantages: Makes it also harder for you to debug with a packet analyzer Encryption and decryption costs some CPU cycles which makes the overall hardware requirements higher (but the cost is not as high as you would expect - modern CPUs often have optimized instruction-sets for common cryptographic algorithms) Costs time to implement (which you can and definitely should reduce by using a library) You need to manage the public and private keys for your servers. This isn't that difficult when you host all your servers yourself because you can then distribute their public keys with your game executable. But when you want your community to host servers, they will need a certificate authority to get their keys signed, or you lose protection from MitM attacks.
  2. The vehicle physics and mechanics are garbage. The anti-cheat is garbage. The net-code is garbage. High ping players make the game garbage. The desynch when fighting laggers is garbage. The game performs and looks like garbage. Honestly, it's easy to deal with all of these issues when you believe that the game will be fixed, but once the reality of the situation sets in, you realize, this game is just garbage. Bluehole, why are you putting all of this effort into cheap gimmicks like new maps and features, rather than simply fixing the known issues with this game? People are leaving your game and going to Fortnite because Fortnite is polished and reliable, not because it's more fun per se, but because it's consistent, and you don't have to worry about dying to a well known bug that has existed for a year. Fortnite is cartoony and ridiculous, but they still passed you guys in revenue, and it's a free game. I'm sorry but their success coupled with the fact that you have shown steadily declining players for months now, clearly shows that people are just fed up with the rudimentary programming. All you need to do to keep bringing in new players is actually fix the known issues! Why is that such a foreign concept? Ping lock players, so they can't join servers where they have greater than 300 ping. If they have a bad connection and aren't able to play on any server, throw them on a laggy server where everyone can compete with one another for the "best desycnher" trophy. Stop incentivizing cheating with goods that people can trade. It's obvious that you aren't able to stop people from cheating, but you can at least nip the problem in the bud and stop encouraging it. Fix the vehicle! I jumped from a dock onto my team's boat while it was standing completely still, and insta-died for some reason, which dropped my corpse on the bottom of the ocean, where no one could revive me. I have also died from hitting pebbles in a buggy, but survived doing 100 front flips off of a hay bail at 100 mph. This is just lazy programming from someone that seemingly doesn't care. Fix the hit detection! It could be that someone is desynched, cheating, super laggy, or some other strange reason (god knows there are alot with this game) that this happens, but alot of the time when I shoot someone, they kill me, and when I watch the kill cam, I either didn't even shoot, or I only shot twice and didn't hit them at all. But on my screen I emptied at least 10 rounds into their head and blood was splattering all over the place. Come on guys, how is it that a game in 2018 actually has this problem???? Clean up your net-code! Enough said. You are now in a player decline for the first time in the game's history. Take this as an opportunity to actually look at yourselves and ask, honestly, why it's happening. If you think you need strange gimmicks, you're mistaken. Look at what people are saying that play both your game and Fortnite. People love the concept of your game far more, but they're all sick of shooting at someone, only to have the bullet magically travel through the enemy. Seriously, fix your game.
  3. Bluehole should ban users permanent by MACadress. thats the best solution for those assholes not comming back again. I tough that a cheater would get banned and he couldn't use his account again, so he could buy an other copy and go play again. wich means... extra copys sold for bluehole.. $$ Guess whot.. they get banned for 3 days... ONLY 3DAYS BAN and then they can join all servers again. say WHAT? yes... I'm not 100% sure, because i don't use cheats... never have and never will I know its a story of i know somebody who knows somebody who... But I wouldn't know why he would lie to me about it so here it goes. My friend has a new girl, she has a kid, like 13-14y old.. guess what he plays pubg! One time, he heard the kid talk about pubg to one of his friends... that he was killing ppl from the other side of the map, he used multiple cheats.. so he got banned. hooray! end of story? Guess again! 3 days later he could play again, on all servers.. I have absolutely no reason at all to not believe my friend, he also plays pubg so why would he lie about it? First of all, Bluehole should ban users by MACadres, so that those assholecheaters can't use an other key/copy to play.. the actually need to get a new PC (won't happen so fast) And 2cnd..Why tha fuck is bluehole erasing bans after 3 days??? Wth is the benefit from that appart from other users getting fuckedup because they got killed by a cheater? And no i'm not a shitnoob who can't stand to be killed. I've been playing the game from the 2cnd month it came out. I've played cs since 1.3, I know when i'm being shot by a cheater. I just want a clean game!
  4. Just curious if anyone saw or knows of the bans in February from Battleye. I've looked a few times but I haven't been able to find them. I'm curious if they are doing better or worse or numbers are dwindling whatsoever. March numbers as well would be nice as we're closing in on the end of the month.
  5. Anyone really getting to the point of just quitting this game all together? There really is no point in playing anymore. After the full release was rushed you would have thought the cheating in this game would have been significantly decreased but instead I actually have noticed it has in fact increased. Why does the Bluehole prioritize other meaningless things above anti-cheats. People are still playing, they already have gotten their money from them I get that, but do they even care about the end product? In every game someone named "xiaochingchongpingdinhao" or what ever some guy in china who happens to be using scripts gets to 1 shot people all the time with no recoil on full auto from like across the map. In anticipation for all the silence on this topic and the lack of transparency , at least enough to satisfy us, I am waiting and expecting something extraordinary to curb the cheating going on in this game. I will give this one more week of this then probably uninstall. It's a shame, I liked the game, but the quality of game play is extremely bad.
  6. All this talk about working on fighting cheaters, and still no options to accurately report someone who is using nothing but Wallhacks. Because who got time to watch replays and actually punish those low-key cheaters that cannot be detected by any other means except actually watching replay and realizing that the person can see people through walls. And boy there are so many cheaters like that, watch your replays boys and girls.
  7. I don't know why this forum is defaulting to white font and large gaps between paragraphs. Something to look into. Anyway, onto my topic: Based on a suggestion I found on the Steam forums: Rather than directly banning hackers, let them play among themselves. Crackers are always gonna breach your system until they succeed, so mislead them, make them think they've succeeded. Make them the ones to rage-quit LOL Respawn Entertainment did this with Titanfall Titanfall forces cheaters and hackers to play with each other There was another game where detected cheaters had their aim intentionally thrown off just enough to miss every target. I can't remember the developer that did this but it was major! All this can be done incognito, don't even tell the public you are doing it, just do it under the radar and it's practically guaranteed to deal with hackers.
  8. I don't know why this forum is defaulting to white font and large gaps between paragraphs. Something to look into. Anyway, onto my topic: Based on a suggestion I found on the Steam forums: Rather than directly banning hackers, let them play among themselves. Crackers are always gonna breach your system until they succeed, so mislead them, make them think they've succeeded. Make them the ones to rage-quit LOL Respawn Entertainment did this with Titanfall Titanfall forces cheaters and hackers to play with each other There was another game where detected cheaters had their aim intentionally thrown off just enough to miss every target. I can't remember the developer that did this but it was major! All this can be done incognito, don't even tell the public you are doing it, just do it under the radar and it's practically guaranteed to deal with hackers.
  9. Grafikstein

    PC 1.0 Update #6 ~ Deutsch

    PC 1.0 Update #6 ~ Deutsch http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1307926052 Eine Positive Bewertung sowie ein Daumenhoch wären im Guide erwünschswert. Aktuell haben wir eine Gewinnspielverlosung, zu Gewinnen gibt es Steam Guthaben. 1. Platz | 20€ Steam 2. Platz | 10€ Steam 3. Platz | 5€ Steam Wie kann man gewinnen? Ihr müsst den Rang 5 bei unserem TeamSpeak³ Server erreichen um automatisch für die Verlosung am 01.03.2018 teilzunehmen. Teamspeak³: ts.grafikstein.de Lg euer Grafikstein
  10. Boa tarde Estamos lidando com rollback no incio do jogo, que já é chato, mas que usam programas ilegais, como ta sendo tratado isso, 80% jogos deparo com um, e ainda tem o bug das cercas onde de um lado não leva tiro
  11. Past week i have encounter a lot of people using no recoil, getting kill by a automatic weapon fully unloaded on me with little or no recoil. its getting absurd, is like 8 out 10 times there is some one using no recoil. i did research and i found a hack brand new cost 5 dollars. no wonder 8 out 10 have no freaking recoil, i just got this game about 3 weeks ago and i am starting to dislike it just for the simple fact that people always gotta have a unfair advantage on other people.. yesterday morning a guy unloaded a scar on automatic and shot 20 rounds on auto and hes recoil stayed on my head i got killed instantly.... the other day i knock a guy down and i had to shoot him 7 more times before he actually died i haven't look in to that one yet but the no recoil is just getting out of control.... plz people help me stop it!!!!!!!! just like this
  12. My buddy and I ran into a speed hacker last night (only the second time we've seen a legit hacker). My buddy and I dropped at the military base, both started hearing this weird sounding gun fire and it sounded like the M4 but with a fire rate five times faster that what it normally has, hard to explain I guess. Then we saw a flash, like a ghost almost, then BAM, we both died at the exact same time to headshots with the M4. Then the hacker flashed again to appear on our bodies on our death screens looting us. Unfortunately my DVR was turned off so I don't have video evidence. I did write his/her gamer tag down but I didn't know if there was an easier way to report a cheater. If not, there needs to be one.
  13. Getting headshot, while you are hammering them with your M16 on burst and wearing a helmut, is crap... why cant the coders code checks for things like this I bet theres a lot of other scenarios that they could code in to instaban the priks too, like ppl shooting others they cant even see kms away.. What human on this earth could pull off a headshot on a millisecond while taking bullet wounds to his body ??? There should be delays in bringing up the sniper rifles also to make for more realism, stop the CoD quickscoping rubbish.. Cheats and lag aside its the best FPS game ever written ! Vote 1 for 100-150ms ping caps also... we arent old women with no reaction time !! Oh, i just realised this is a crapbox1 forum, i see PC gets left in the cold again
  14. PUBG_The Sparrow

    Atualização do Sistema Anti-Cheat

    Jogadores, Primeiro de tudo gostaríamos de pedir as nossas sinceras desculpas pelo inconveniente causado por cheaters. Lamentamos que não tenham, ultimamente, conseguido jogar PUBG num ambiente justo e seguro. A nossa equipe de desenvolvimento está fazendo o seu melhor para detetar e banir de forma mais eficiente aqueles que fazem uso de cheats. Estamos conscientes que ainda há muito a fazer. Estamos usando todos os recursos disponíveis para combater os cheaters e promover um ambiente de jogo justo. Continuaremos também a agir sobre aqueles que desenvolvem e distribuem cheats para o PUBG. Como anunciámos anteriormente, estamos neste momento adotando novas funcionalidades para detetar e verificar os jogadores com padrões de jogo fora do comum. Hoje, iremos lançar novas medidas. Nós continuaremos a banir permanentemente aqueles que usam cheats. Quando um padrão de jogo fora do comum é detetado numa conta de jogo, essa conta será temporariamente suspensa e investigada. Apesar de esperarmos, assim que possível, conseguir trazer esse ambiente justo e seguro para o PUBG, essa batalha não acabará da noite para o dia. Nós continuaremos a nossa investigação e o desenvolvimento de mecanismos que estabeleçam um melhor sistema de combate aos cheaters. Nós tomaremos medidas mais fortes para encontrar e banir cheaters e ao mesmo tempo tentaremos não afetar os jogadores justos e inocentes. Na próxima semana iremos lançar mais uma atualização relacionada com a deteção de cheaters. Uma vez mais, gostaríamos de assegurar todos os jogadores que continuaremos a nos esforçar para construir um ambiente saudável no PUBG. O seu feedback é crucial para combatermos os cheaters e para combater o uso de cheats. Nós continuaremos abertos a ouvir o seu feedback enquanto continuamos a construir o nosso sistema anticheat e enquanto adotamos novas medidas. Obrigado,A Equipe de Desenvolvimento e Comunicação PUBG
  15. tested

    Using Accelerator/VPN

    Greetings, as you are aware that there is no PUBG service in China. People are using "Accelerators/加速器“ (you could copy and paste the Chinese text in the "baidu" search engine and you will get a fair amount of results) The accelerator/vpn Does Not provide any in game advantages ie: Aimbot, Speed, Locator etc etc. The accelerator only provides access to servers outside of China eg Asia, EU, US etc etc I have a question regarding the use of these accelerators: Does it make a customer eligible for a game ban?
  16. Листал Ютуб и наткнулся на подобный багоюзинг: Какого черта?
  17. Artemkras47

    Invisible last player.

    Hi. I was in game of duos. It was the last zone with me and my teammate alive and another enemy (3 alive). We tried to rush him, as it was 2v1. We couldn't see him, but we heard him and his teammate on the voice chat. He was in the middle of the final zone. We could hear them mocking us and playing troll songs, we shot everywhere but couldn't hit. Eventually the match end timer ticked down and the zone started coming. The guy was laughing and calling us morons. I started panicking and drinking an energy drink, I saw in the "chat" my teammate died and so did the enemy. My energy drink saved me with like 1% health giving me a win, the guys then started booing me, saying I was cheating. Was that a hacker or a bug? Is anyone else having it? Please respond ASAP.
  18. Играл в соло игру ситуация получилась странной. Ребята втроем на машине решили меня задавить, но что то пошло не так.... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/155769786