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Found 32 results

  1. PC 1.0 Update #6 ~ Deutsch

    PC 1.0 Update #6 ~ Deutsch http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1307926052 Eine Positive Bewertung sowie ein Daumenhoch wären im Guide erwünschswert. Aktuell haben wir eine Gewinnspielverlosung, zu Gewinnen gibt es Steam Guthaben. 1. Platz | 20€ Steam 2. Platz | 10€ Steam 3. Platz | 5€ Steam Wie kann man gewinnen? Ihr müsst den Rang 5 bei unserem TeamSpeak³ Server erreichen um automatisch für die Verlosung am 01.03.2018 teilzunehmen. Teamspeak³: ts.grafikstein.de Lg euer Grafikstein
  2. Cheating Discussion

    www.steamcharts.com/app/578080 players are now down -7.61% players are now down -120,557 per hour cheating has gotten even worse since these new "anti cheat measures" were installed! PUBG is losing the war against these cheating terrorists!
  3. PUBG game should have a secured network protocol or applicated based encription to avoid cheats based on network sniffing from other computers. Cheaters are using this type of cheats to detect nearby players using "radars" in other computer in same network sniffing PUBG traffic, obviously this type of cheats are completely undetectable as BattleEye has no sniffer detection and passive sniffing in networks is almost undetectable even with adecuate tools, also they are using this same cheat to use it in console gaming and not only PC gaming as the cheat is executed in other computer in same network. The solution is to encrypt network data at application level or at protocol level (better using both of them to avoid or do more difficult a reverse engineering of PUBG's networking traffic) Advantages: Makes it a bit harder (but not impossible!) to reverse-engineer your protocol with a packet analyzer Protects your users privacy. This is especially relevant when you have passwords transfered over the same channel. Protects your game from any cheats based on network sniffing. This is really only applicable for LAN gameplay, though. Sniffing on the Internet is hard, unless the attacker is an internet service provider. Protects your game from cheats based on client impersonation through packet injection (really only applicable to UDP) Makes it harder for firewalls to block your game. Disadvantages: Makes it also harder for you to debug with a packet analyzer Encryption and decryption costs some CPU cycles which makes the overall hardware requirements higher (but the cost is not as high as you would expect - modern CPUs often have optimized instruction-sets for common cryptographic algorithms) Costs time to implement (which you can and definitely should reduce by using a library) You need to manage the public and private keys for your servers. This isn't that difficult when you host all your servers yourself because you can then distribute their public keys with your game executable. But when you want your community to host servers, they will need a certificate authority to get their keys signed, or you lose protection from MitM attacks.
  4. Guys I been playing pubg for a month now, and one night i got killed very fishy the guy's recoil was like not normal so ok i keep on playing not big deal everyone dies right, but than again some other dude went full auto unloaded hes whole clip on me but yet hes recoil was not even moving, so i went did some investigation there is a no recoil hack for 5 dollars and i think people are buying it and now the game is infested with this hack. yesterday i played 4 games which out of the 4, 3 i got kill by some one with Little to no recoil at all died instantly, some other guy was shooting me thru the tree, he also had no recoil m16 burst mode spamming left mouse button but yet the red dot does not move, i got this game a month ago and i am to the point where is not even worth it cause the amount of people hacking,cheating, i just wonder the day i will have a fair game with no one cheating, Come on guys need to enforce this bans make this game serious if u cheat get ban an ip ban would be nice make them stop..... there are tons of hacks out there i don't understand why they are not looking in to them and patching them
  5. Past week i have encounter a lot of people using no recoil, getting kill by a automatic weapon fully unloaded on me with little or no recoil. its getting absurd, is like 8 out 10 times there is some one using no recoil. i did research and i found a hack brand new cost 5 dollars. no wonder 8 out 10 have no freaking recoil, i just got this game about 3 weeks ago and i am starting to dislike it just for the simple fact that people always gotta have a unfair advantage on other people.. yesterday morning a guy unloaded a scar on automatic and shot 20 rounds on auto and hes recoil stayed on my head i got killed instantly.... the other day i knock a guy down and i had to shoot him 7 more times before he actually died i haven't look in to that one yet but the no recoil is just getting out of control.... plz people help me stop it!!!!!!!! just like this
  6. My buddy and I ran into a speed hacker last night (only the second time we've seen a legit hacker). My buddy and I dropped at the military base, both started hearing this weird sounding gun fire and it sounded like the M4 but with a fire rate five times faster that what it normally has, hard to explain I guess. Then we saw a flash, like a ghost almost, then BAM, we both died at the exact same time to headshots with the M4. Then the hacker flashed again to appear on our bodies on our death screens looting us. Unfortunately my DVR was turned off so I don't have video evidence. I did write his/her gamer tag down but I didn't know if there was an easier way to report a cheater. If not, there needs to be one.
  7. I can't play a game that can't or won't do anything about cheaters. Not all cheaters are Chinese Last guy just blatantly said "i'm cheating and i'm from america." I just want to play the game and even if i go squad or duo I have a 75% chance to get a non american speaker or group. I know you cant region lock but do something like NA servers for Chinese? I wanna talk to Americans when i play. Please fix the game find the cheater and IP ban them. If you make a game make sure the hackers are somewhat controlled if not don't make a game. So i suggest that people put suggestions of how to stop hackers. And I ask that you just listen. my suggestion is for recoil hackers, make something that will count or mark the amount of bullets that hit a single player per second or millisecond. then look at say shrouds amount. if someone can put 10-15 bullets with a m416 in one go then something may be up maybe because none of the bullets missed. Please just listen to the suggestions its all I can ask. Because I want this game to be fun for me and thousands or millions of others that are just tired of cheater.
  8. Today I reported a player that used an AIM BOT. It take my a while, because I attached the probattory videos. So, my suggestion is: to increase the contribution of the community to take some time to report, you can return a rewart, for example BP to use to buy items for costumitzation.
  9. 1) You can only use the in game report to report someone that killed you. It's not possible to report someone else you clearly observed cheating but didn't kill you. You have to use Zendesk for that which is slower for everyone. RECOMMENDATION: Allow selection of who you want to report from a drop down menu of players in your nearby sphere. 2) Sometimes the Death Cam is insufficient evidence to tell whether someone cheated to kill you. Only by watching the full replay can you then be certain that someone was cheating. For example with long range no recoil spray you can watch them do it to five other players and be certain it wasn't a one off. Or with wall hack or ESP you can observe them tracking you through terrain or buildings for minutes before the actual kill incident. It may be possible that you're unsure at the time you're killed, and so don't press Report, but then you watch the replay and see it clearly. Only option then is to pester Zendesk or the cheat got away with it. Or, it may be that for this reason you report anything you're even suspicious about and this starts to generate false positives - meaning that the algorithm doesn't take your reports seriously in future. RECOMMENDATION: Add an in-built report function to the Replays feature. 3) When reporting to Zendesk I spend a lot of time trying to establish the exact time the offence took place, presumably to help someone view a replay or log? It would be most useful if in the Death Cam and Replay facilities each match was given a unique code so it would be very easy for the reporter to quote this, the offender name, and the in game time of the offence. It would then be far less necessary to supply recordings of replays when the anti cheat team can just go look it up themselves. We are filling up Youtube! RECOMMENDATION: Give each match a unique reference code. Thank you for reading and have a nice day. I hope that someone in the development and/or anti cheat teams reads this.
  10. Eu gostaria muito de saber oque a Bluehole está fazendo pra diminuir essa onda GIGANTESCA de hacks no game, está simplesmente IMPOSSÍVEL jogar. A cada 10 partidas, 8 tem alguém usando e acabando com a jogatina dos demais players, é frustante ! Nós queremos uma resposta rápida e efetiva, NINGUÉM aguenta mais passar por isso toda hora. A empresa não se pronuncia (só fala que a luta contra os hacks é a prioridade, faz um site exclusivo pra reports) mas palavras ao vento não servem de nada, queremos ver na pratica isso funcionando ! Basta saber quando isso sera resolvido, 1 mês, 2, 3 ? quem sabe ?!
  11. Getting headshot, while you are hammering them with your M16 on burst and wearing a helmut, is crap... why cant the coders code checks for things like this I bet theres a lot of other scenarios that they could code in to instaban the priks too, like ppl shooting others they cant even see kms away.. What human on this earth could pull off a headshot on a millisecond while taking bullet wounds to his body ??? There should be delays in bringing up the sniper rifles also to make for more realism, stop the CoD quickscoping rubbish.. Cheats and lag aside its the best FPS game ever written ! Vote 1 for 100-150ms ping caps also... we arent old women with no reaction time !! Oh, i just realised this is a crapbox1 forum, i see PC gets left in the cold again
  12. Ola galera eu jogo muito PUBG e gosto muito do jogo mas infelizmente os hackers chineses estão acabando com o server SA a cada 10 partidas que voce joga 9 tem hack infelizmente se continuar assim o jogo vai morrer no pc. Veja uma prints de alguns hacks que achei so hoje
  13. Yes, im thinking the cheaters will be the end of this game... Sadly they're taking control, it's becoming impossible to have fun in-game. There's no way, every single round has at least 50 cheaters minimum... I'm wondering if the company will do something really effective to solve this or will let this game die because of this huge number of macros/hackers.... Please people, do something!!!
  14. When Bluehole introduced the the latest patch i didn't know you would be able to pull off a curve shot until now. wys1998 or "Wan Yip Su" really has outdone himself this time. The accuracy of this shot amazes me indeed. In fact it was such a clutch shot, it ended up winning him the round. Thank you Blue hole for enabling players like Wan Yip Su the platform to operate with out any actions taken against him. The players who came second place were no match against his skill. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/215197454 But really, Well done Bluehole
  15. Boa noite players. Hoje, após assistir minha death cam, eu notei algo fora do comum; o player que me matou usava uma AK sem nenhum recoil, zero, nadica de nada, retinho!!! Então um amigo me disse que viu o pessoal da stream reclamando sobre isso e falando sobre uma ferramenta ilegal que esta a fácil acesso no mercado; o macro. No vídeo (em português) o moleque da todas as instruções com demonstração - é para pirar a cabeça do sujeito de tanta raiva .
  16. Anyone really getting to the point of just quitting this game all together? There really is no point in playing anymore. After the full release was rushed you would have thought the cheating in this game would have been significantly decreased but instead I actually have noticed it has in fact increased. Why does the Bluehole prioritize other meaningless things above anti-cheats. People are still playing, they already have gotten their money from them I get that, but do they even care about the end product? In every game someone named "xiaochingchongpingdinhao" or what ever some guy in china who happens to be using scripts gets to 1 shot people all the time with no recoil on full auto from like across the map. In anticipation for all the silence on this topic and the lack of transparency , at least enough to satisfy us, I am waiting and expecting something extraordinary to curb the cheating going on in this game. I will give this one more week of this then probably uninstall. It's a shame, I liked the game, but the quality of game play is extremely bad.
  17. Have 470 hours logged in this game. The amount of cheaters have ebbed and flowed. They dropped off temporarily after 1.0 patch only to be far worse now than ever before. Before deathcam and replays, I was hesitant to claim cheating in most cases; now however, the cheaters are obvious and I encounter them in about 50%-80% of games i play in.
  18. Demonetize the clothing market in PUBG, as soon as you create a micro economy in a game it opens it up to people taking advantage of it. In this case, we have people cheating and committing fraud to get ahead essentially. Remove the crates for now and remove the value .... Make it so that the drop rate for every article of clothing is the same... that way there would be no need to hack and get as many point as possible to buy new crates in hopes to sell a skirt or a coat.. Fuck. The thing is, Bluehole in a way benefits from them as well simply from the popularity of the game ( which is going to shit and will continue if they don't really fix the cheating ). China has Billions of people and millions of potential players and also cheaters, every game purchased from them is money for Bluehole, if they halted all cheats with an amazing anti cheat software, then that's money they're losing out on. If the demonetize the value of clothing, it would give these cheaters from china and elsewhere no reason to play. I am wondering what Bluehole will do for the fair players? It sucks when you're killing it in a game and end up losing to people like this. Take a peek as some of the videos I've started collecting. I think I will try to capitalize on this in a series of videos haha. https://www.twitch.tv/cutiepie1453/videos/all
  19. Boa tarde Estamos lidando com rollback no incio do jogo, que já é chato, mas que usam programas ilegais, como ta sendo tratado isso, 80% jogos deparo com um, e ainda tem o bug das cercas onde de um lado não leva tiro
  20. Easy Reporting

    When you watch replay and see a hacker/suspect player there should be an option to file a cheat report with replay data attached from the replay function, would make reporting players easier, instead of having to upload a vid, submit report with link.
  21. Please take it seriously First of all, i'm a Chinese player and i'm going to tell you why hacks and cheats will be so common in china. 1.There are a lot of hacks and cheats seller on the internet,even on TaoBao, which is the biggest online selling platform in china,(just like Amazon) you can see them selling hacks and cheats shamelessly ,I even suspect that they have paid money to the government because they don't even accept my report on those sellers. 2.All those hacks and cheats are in two main form.First,they installed some kind of plugin into the mouse and sell it, so players can use Aimbot without getting detecting. Secondly, they provide some software for players to use the aimbot,X-ray,instant kill... they got a lot of hacks and they said that if the player get banned, they can provide a new account for them to play(usually 5 dollars for each account)and i don't even know what makes it is so cheap, and some of the hacks won't even show up in the background software even through the device manager, which means it is almost impossible to detect. 3.those sellers have a big big big community in QQ(which is the biggest social software in china)and they using use a code of QQ id to attract those players to join their group to share the hacks and that's why the hacks and cheats can be spread so damn fast... Same situation also happening in CSGO H1Z1 BF4 and other Games , it is a really big problem , and i really hope you guys can work harder on developing a better mechanic or detecting software to catch those little fuckers.
  22. What is up fellow PUBGuardians, Hey, this is not a rant by any means, simply thinking clear here. I like to think I speak for a majority when I say cheaters have a big impact on my appreciation of the time i spent playing this game. God knows how much I strive to find a solution to get rid of them completely. Heck if there was only an occasional odd cheater encounter once in a while, I'd be happy. Hit reg, desync, latency issues are the least of my concerns cause I've seen bluehole work at it on the original map over the course of this year since release, and they did a fantastic job in my opinion, so its easyer to keep faith about those issues. But cheating is different, its like playing a single player game vs an AI that has you beat no matter how skilled or clever you are, cause you chose the CLEARLY UNBEATABLE game mode. Its not a matter of how good you need to be to beat it, but simply how long can you last befor you die of a miserable death at your first encounter. Is it a challenge still if theres no possible outcome of winning? Well I guess so, in a victim with sado-masochism tendencies kinda perspective, there is. But anyway, thats not my thing anymore. Theres a few things to consider when pondering about this plague; -Cheating has been around since games exists, and will persists as long as games are going to be released. -Hackers are intelligent, the cheats they create for the public are adaptative and overcome *ANY* counter-mesures by a matter of time. ie; BattlEye, VAC, video proof, spectator. All useless now. -Cheats are cheap and accessible, as easy as typing: PUBG cheats on google and clicking on first link to find them. -**Games are either free or they are cheap to anyone who has money to throw out the windows. Rendering bans to be a completely innefective counter mesure**. -Cheaters adapt too, they can toggle their cheats on and off ingame. -Creating new Anti-cheat mesures is a very costly business for any game producers. No guarantee of effectiveness in the long run. Now lets talk about solutions; -Start cheating too, cause you know, if you're also cheating then it becomes a challenge again. Like winning cause you're more skilled at cheating than you're cheating oponent. ie: The new META. Just like unlocking the normal game mode and start enjoying again instead of playing on the *CLEARLY UNBEATABLE* mode and slowly becoming a bitter version of yourself. - Use KYC application verification. Know your customer (KYC) is the process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its clients. For example, everyone has their PUBG account locked until they are thoroughly verified. New and old customers needs to send a picture of themselfs holding a government issued identification document proving the authenticity of their identity. Now finaly rendering bans effective. Yes it is a harsh mesure, and legaly speaking its possible but really complex because you want to protect your client's informations and from identity theft. As per the gaming industry it would probably be a first, but would'nt we all be proud to be part of a community that took the right turn in order to overcome the biggest problem in the industry? Setting an example for all the other companys to come. By the way, people who aren't familiar with KYC applications, there are ways to make it safer, like making it a prerequisite to gray out any subsequent information other than the face picture, date of elegibility and full name on the document, making the use of a passport safer for the application. I personally had to go through many KYC applications befor, for business and finance reasons, never doubting the elegibility of the demands because it gave me the reassurance that I'm not dealing with some shady or fraudulent companies. But thats my opinion and I'm entitled to it. OR - Keep playing a few games befor I get bored again, take a break of a couple weeks until I miss it again. Rince repeat. What are your thoughts? Any good or bad I accept criticism and am open for discussion on the matter. Thankyou for your time.
  23. My account has been banned

    Hello, im going to tell you the reason why i am talking with you right now, i've been playing PUBG for 250 hours and today when i started the game a message appeared on the screen saying this: "You are banned from games for using hacks/cheats (875995 hours left) ". I never used any type of cheats, i would like if you can check it twice because i cant play anymore because of that error. Thanks.
  24. So I posted someone who was live streaming their cheats so the pubg dev's can get his name with the proof of the stream as he was currently on at that time so they can ban him. INSTEAD I WAS WARNED, And threatened by the moderators of the forums for the post? You know what... If you want cheaters roaming in this game then go ahead but thats the last time I ever report since i've been threatened now... The game is infested with cheaters I try to do the right thing and I turn out the bad one....... Righto