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Found 59 results

  1. I like that you use BP to buy gear for your character, I just feel that the prizes are a little lackluster. I wish you could take it up a level by adding "Chicken Dinner Tokens" (essentially an additional prize for winning) to use in conjunction with BP to access rarer crates with "better"/"snazzier" gear. This would add an additional prize for winning and push the game to be more competitive adding an additional tier of prizes. Furthermore, you would be able to express your complete PUBG dominance to anyone who sees your character. Please let me know your thoughts PUBG forum world.. and devs be sure to write this down. -Yahh moose (Xbox one, NA)
  2. Chicken Dinners Partnership

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Tie-in with popular food chain! Maybe KFC, Popeye's, Church's, etc. Think Jack-In-The-Box Munchie Meal, but geared toward PUBG fans! I'd buy it!
  3. Keep picked up clothing with Win

    Just a thought to make the clothes around the map worth something. If you get a chicken dinner you get to keep the clothes , jackets, hats ,etc. That would pick up in game.
  4. Sorry to the last three players in this game. Your story and leadership will be told... http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/DisciplesOfAres/video/42393790 Even with the struggle of this game. I still love and will continue to support this game. Keep working hard Bluehole. Sharing my chicken dinner experince with with my fellow PUBG warriors. Ps: No Keyboard and Mouse needed
  5. HELLO! Let me introduce myself first, Im RB-XVIII, Asian gamer who fell in love with this buggy game! (got 900hrs in 4 months play) the most addictive game I might say. Which considered me to create a youtube channel with gameplay, montages, discussion, and etc. Here's one of 'em, go check it out! (What Im trying to imply is fun, serious, and meaningful to my vids) *People call me lame,cringy, and other mean things. I really appreciate it! I will take it as my development for the future! lol
  6. Pan Fried Chicken Dinner

    So I had what may be a silly idea but I figured I would throw it out there even so. My idea is that if you win a game with a Pan kill you get to permanently keep the pan Friends of mine have suggested that this be limited to winning a game in solo but I think it should apply to ANY game wining pan strike.
  7. Okay, so here's my idea to make chicken dinners a more interesting thing. You can have all of the BP from the game or trade it for a special chicken dinner crate, which contains a few of the items from other crates, but chances of getting blue, cyan etc. items are increased.
  8. Hey All!The United Gaming Center are searching for players of all skill levels and nationalities to join us in PUBG.We are now 670+ active PUBG players from all over the world, so you won't have any problems finding a group of great lads to squad up with. We have been playing a multitude of survival and battle royale games, but it doesn't matter if you have never played a battle royale game before as we are willing to teach new players.We have a few set prerequisition requirements to join to ensure a mature and enjoyable environment:*Have a microphone and Discord, to allow effective comms between members in the group.*Maturity*Understanding of the General rules. (Found in our welcome info)*Most of all, have fun!*Discord link: https://discord.gg/CX2rXpqOn the chance that anybody has any questions don't hesitate to ask here or any admin/moderator on the discord.
  9. Looking for some players to squad up with. My K/D atm is a 4.0. I have been playing since launch on PC
  10. Thank you

    Just reading about the new update and all the positive feedback at work now. Can't wait to get home and grt me some chicken dinner!
  11. I am an English speaking 18 year old looking to get some chicken dinners add me on steam if you wanna play!! http://steamcommunity.com/id/rgar44/
  12. Hey all you PubG Developers! how about some "Chicken Dinner" swag for our characters when we get the big win? Shirt, Hat, leather Jacket? Something that we can wear to show off our skills. that'd be pretty dope, just sayin'.
  13. Last Alive but got 2nd

    I have PUBG for Xbox one and I bought an X to prevent as many bugs as possible but this still happens. I was in a squad game on NA I had 3 total members in my squad alive then at the 1 second circle spent all my time looking for this guy but he was not anywhere. We naded trees in case he was stuck inside shot at random grass patches and ran around every inch of that tiny open fielded square. This was not at shelter and more so up by stalber but he was nowhere. When my squad died to the circle after it fully shrank the number on the top right for players alive read 2 even when it said 4 which meant 3 in my squad and 1 enemy. I have a 2 minute video recorded on xboxdvr.com under the GT: PUBGsPunisher and have uploaded this gif. This happened on 1/3/2018. The player or players that the game claimed was alive had no way of surviving outside of that circle because they were not in the 1 second circle before it closed. The full 2 minute video shows my surroundings in case someone thinks its just the camera angle. ;-; My Win/Lose ratio will never let me live this down. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/PUBGsPunisher/video/41935628
  14. Hit & Run Drivers

    I think a good idea would be to fix it so that people using soft skin vehicles and FAV's run low on fuel in the last few circles, and eventually without a stop and a top up with the jerry can, come to an all embarrassing juddering spluttering stop, making the driver and any occupants more susceptible to enemy fire. Who knows, might even draw people out, making it an interesting show down? If your looking for a solid and reliable team player in Europe add a like, and then add me to your friends list to form a Squad. Outlaw2sHero (Xbox One)
  15. No points!

    I've only gotten two chicken dinners so far, one in solo and one in duos. Both times I receive none of the points from this. The first time I figured "okay early access whatever" but the second time is pretty upsetting, I worked my ads off for that chicken dinner. I'd like to eat it.
  16. Won a match but didn't recieve any BP, I hope when this issue is fixed we get all the BP we're owed. ive seen a lot of people with the same issue.
  17. I just won my first Chicken Dinner in a hard fought game where I lagged out twice but still managed to get 7 kills. At the winner chicken dinner screen it showed I won a bunch of money, this excites me,but when I get back to the main menu there is no money, this angers me. I did everything ...restarted,redownload...nothing. Has this happened to anyone else? And to the game developers... “where’s my rewards?!?”
  18. Not Recieving BP from matches

    --- Bug Description: Not recieving BP after winning a Chicken Dinner. Recieved BP game before and after this one in question. Date Seen: 12/21/17 USA Server: Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarted PUBG from force close. Attempted another match which i DID receive BP for. Waited more then 24Hr in case the system lagged and didnt pay out. Restarted PC, did NOT do clean install. Verified game integrity with steam. Other Information: Has never happened before that i know of for me. No overclocks CPU/GPU, Latest windows update. Latest GPU Driver Launch Options: NaN System Specifications: VIDEO FROM PLAY THROUGH
  19. So the issue is this, i notice that about 3 weeks ago in the test server , when ever you win game no matter if you play FPP or TPP or solo and squads etc... winning game wont reward you even though in the end of the match says you won 1K-1.5K BP! but when you lose you will get the right amount it says example i lost in place 20# and won for example 400BP so that registers and i will get the points. how ever even getting TOP 10 no one will get the points.. hope there will be fix for it good day.
  20. The highest of rewards on winning not added to the main menu on wins. This happened on test servers a few times in duos and squads when bp were finally added for fpp. Now I have noticed this happening on live version with me, friends and saw a post on Facebook as well. 2 squad wins, 1 duo win, 2nd in duo, the Facebook post was a solo win.
  21. BP not awarded on Chicken Dinner

    As the title states I do not receive any BP from a Chicken Dinner. I'll add images later on, that show my BP before and after a chicken dinner.
  22. Hey guys, my name is LocustLab in game. I played 1 match in solo tpp as of the 1.0 update. I won. had 240 bp prior, still have 240 bp after. it was a ten kill game with a win at the end. A couple nice quickscopes with a kar 98 in there too. Please fix this, I would like my 1, 190 bp that I earned Also, this has happened in the test servers as well leading up to the 1.0 update. I saved that match as well. heres a link to it happening to me I was streaming at the time luckily. also, i was just trying to tactically scare my fighting buddies. I said I was rank 97 i am not
  23. can't win I need help

    I just can't win a game of pubg .. no way .. I always make it to top 10 and I went on top 2 in a few occasions but those final kills are just impossible for me. I know what my problem is but I just don't know how to fix it .. I position quite good , always on the edge making it impossible for my enemies to get me from behind but when it comes to "finishing" I'm just terrible. Now this is my problem..I aim quite good and always get a few kills on my way to top 10, but when it actually counts, I suck. I discovered that these top 5-10 fights are always somewhat mid to low range .. and at that distance I just suck ..give me acog or iron sight on a short range and I'll smash it .. but long range where I need to watch for my bullet drop or getting a kill with a sniper (kar98k) I can't shoot a standing enemy.. my problem is , I just don't know how to practice these long range shots in PUBG.. the game just pushes you in and my shooting ability came from games such as battlefield and COD where you don't encounter such bullet drop vs fast player movement .. I just suck at that range ,don't get enough chances to practice it and when the endgame comes I put on scopes on my weapons to have a better vision and of course to stand a chance in late game , but I can't kill with those scopes .. so please help .. what do I do ? how do I practice this ? .. last game went pretty well for me until I got into top 7 and missed an open target with a sniper rifle .. missed him like 5 times .. just seeing my bullets fly above his head all the time ..help
  24. hey guys, had a really fun round tonight! thought i would share a video i made covering it. added some effects, and highlighted some critical vaulting! 7 kills is a good round for me! hope you like it!