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Found 54 results

  1. KavalierPirat und ich sind auf Ninja Jagt gegangen
  2. 16kills M24 Dinner

    Hello guys, would love some feedback on video quality , leave a like if you enjoyed video tnx for your time!
  3. hi I'm looking for people to play duos or squads. if you would like to join me in game then please add me on steam [TFB] Johnny Ballistic and I can invite you to my teamspeak thanks look forward to meeting you

    You guys should add a reward system where if you win 1 time then you get like a clothing item that you can't sell or trade and only people that have won can wear it. And if you get 5 wins you get a better clothing item, or if you it a 500 M shot you get a reward. That would be a cool feature.
  5. twitch.tv/hellspawnftw https://www.youtube.com/hellspawnxxx https://twitter.com/hellspawnxxx "NOT ME OUCHY" !!! Lawl

    Jumped into military base, landing on the control tower, find an sk12 and a vvs. Scratch 2 running outside past me take fire from the apartments hang out a bit for the firefights to settle a bit. Run around the generator room, find and SKM, through it to the south apartment to the roof stairs. Taking fire from the rear I jump down and locate the shooter as they empty their mag on their SKS. Took a few hits and pop a med kit, crouch down behind cover shimmy along and blast him with my SKM close range, load up on his ammo and scopes. head to roof of apps like a was before, hear footsteps, creep down stairs and around front, hear target running upstairs, peak down hall, easy kill. Military base quiet and "The Maiden" closing in I grab everything I need and run to the scattered houses on the north side of the military base island. All the doors are open but my VVS scope shows me a buggy, move along the houses and get in the buggy. Front tire is shot out, but it still drives straight(ish). Drive to the small hill just before the bridge and sneak a peak down the side. Guy is looking at the water, 3 hits with my SKM but he is still moving, run to the burnt RV, toss a few frags(had about 9 from the base) but the all fall short. Run up to the targets assumed position and he peaks, I take a few hits and drop down scoped in, BOOM HEADSHOT!!! Grab his ammo and a cheek rest for my vvs and the rest of his 7.62, take the UAZ to the gas station at the end of the bridge which to my luck is centre circle. Peak down the beach and see a runner, 2 hits and he is out of LOS. It's OK "The Maiden" is closing in driving 2 more players into my view, SKM takes them both down after they try to duck and dodge my bullet rain. The player I hit before rabbits and I tag them for the kill. More gunfire in the distance, cant see it, cant shoot it. Circle is closing, pull out VVS for another look down the beach and I start taking fire, run, prone crouch and scope in on the shooter, takes a few shots to get the range but I land a few hits as they prone behind a dune, I change location and scope just over the rocks, see them prone and land a few more 9mm into them, they start creaping behind the dune again so I send some shots into the grass, see blood, keep fireing, kill #9. Look around my killing field see a noob running, range finding shots and the noob goes prone. Easy Headshots. Circle closes again and again 3 left NO 2, from my niche I lob all my frags out into the circle. One frag flies in as a response, RUN, peak, scope, shoot, CHICKEN DINNER!!!!!!
  7. #1 in Solo on 10/15/17, does not say in Stats.

    Attached is a picture from 10/15/17 at around 11pm, that I won a Solo round. I checked the morning of 10/16/17, and stats still have not shown up. Please let me know what I can do to help get these stats on the record.
  8. https://plays.tv/s/LTC4RORbnuZE Here is a Chicken Dinner I got recently only using 2 SMG's. One of the players I killed had 10 FA kits on him, so that helped out quite a bit. It's plays.tv so I did very little in the way of editing, but I clipped it to cut down on the run time.
  9. Amazing episode with my buds on PUBG. Crazy Car chase, EPIC Flank retakes, Ultimate team work, violence, Speed & Momentum. ♦ Twitter ➝ https://twitter.com/_SnipeTrocity ♦ Facebook ➝ https://www.facebook.com/Snipetrocity/ ♦ Like to learn & giving you a idea on how we play? Don't Want to watch people play "Running Simulator" & watch them "Loot" the hole game or Hiding behind trees waiting? Do you want to "Watch Ultimate Tactical Team Work, Violence, Speed & Momentum". My video's are for YOU!!
  10. Chicken Dinner Solo Not Updating Statistics

    It was 4 people left, one of which then killed 2 others and then died outside zone. After that the endscreen came up declaring me nr 51 and ending the game, even though I should have received the win. Proof of final screen with me alive in the last cirkle as nr 51
  11. The Perfect Game PUBG

    Put together a video of my game tonight, hope you all enjoy it was a blast playing and making the video, let me know what you think!
  12. Will i clutch it!?

    If you liked this video, please consider subscribing!  
  13. Really wanted to upload PUBG for a long time. I can finally record it and this is the first video to come of MANY!
  14. Hey there! I'm UltimateTactix, and I run a 1 month old PUBG YouTube channel. I uploaded a video yesterday on how to effectively engage other players. I'd greatly appericiate it if some of you could check me out, drop some likes and maybe give me some feedback! I'll leave a link to the video I mentioned here: Thanks, UltimateTactix
  15. I just had the craziest chix dinner 🥘 ever. It was so strange. (I’ll upload the video when it finishes uploading to YouTube) So I drop Yasnaya right under the plane’s path. Hit my fav spot, but there is literally no loot. I get like 15 Bandages, an uzi, and a VSS. It’s terrible. But, there was like 7 Red Bull’s. The circle drops just outside the hay field to the west. I start making my way after a bloodbath I was not part of right outside my building. As soon as I get into the circle, it drops to the west again, way over there. I start running. I see a UAZ, but some dude grabs it, and I couldn’t kill him cuz I was too far away with my uzi. Then I kill some dude hiding in a bush just before the river. All he has is an M16A4. So now I’m good. I had 4x I couldn’t use on anything else, so I drop the VSS and start running. i literally ran all the way to the hay field just north of Georgepol, circle dropping away from me the entire way. I’m literally using up all my boosts and bandages to circle damage. It’s crazy. Either way, I get into one of the final circles, with around 15 left, and proceed to potato 2 different guys while entering the hay field, but they don’t really ever fire back at me. So I creep my way into the next circle in the top 10. ofcourse, the circle keeps dropping away from me, so this time it’s across a road, and into another hayfield. While cussing my luck, I begin to gear up the run, and then I hear a silneced AR just before the road. I literally walked right up to him while he was shooting across the road and uzi the back of his head. For some dumb reason, I don’t grab his AR Silencer, and cross the road. As soon as I do, another guy dies, and his killer dies to the circle. So just me and 1other. We’re both prone in the hay field, and he gets the circle, all though I don’t know that. I get in, and barely see what I think is his backpack across the field. As I’m oulling out my Grenades, he fires a silenced AR at something he thought was me, but it wasn’t, letting me know my instinct was correct and he was right where I thought he was. I air strike 3 grenades on him and win. Look, I’m not that great streamer like player, running and gunning and getting 15 kills. I generally get 4-5 kills a game, and generally 5-7 in my wins. But I have never had a game when I was forced to run the entire map, with barely any loot, and end up winning like that. It was crazy. I was just shocked someone with far better gear couldn’t take me out. I was basically running full boar the entire time until the last circle. I had no choice. And with an uzi, I killed the only 3 that mattered. I love Chicken for Dinner,
  16. How does the PuBG Community feel about receiving a "Chicken-Din Crate" for Winning the game? This crate will have Limited Winners items. My thoughts were, if you stay alive in a game and Win..you receive a "Chicken-Din Crate" I have won quite a few games and all I received was small number of BP's The BP credit was close to the same as if I placed second or even 12th This Idea could go as far as having "Solo Win Crates", "Duo Win Crates", and "Squad Win Crates": - In Duos if you win with one person you get the "chicken-din crate" - If you win with both players you each player will receive a "Chicken-Din Crate" as well as a "Duo Winners Crate" - In squads it would be the same.. Everyone has to be alive to win both the "Chicken-Din Crate" & the "Squad Win Crate" - If just 3/4, 2/4, 1/4, win the squad game the players only receive a "Chicken-Din Crate"