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Found 61 results

  1. What general patterns have you been most successful with jumping to? Do you jump close to the flight path or further out? Do you jump to larger cities or something where you can loot with relative safety? Are there specific spots that you always jump to given a flight path? (I.E. I always find myself jumping to either Yasnaya Compound, somewhere between Farmlands and Quarry, and warehouse cluster south of Mylta Power, those are my go to spots) I tend to make far jumps for the purpose of looting in safety and then looking to fight about 3 circle, but I feel like I'm consistently running across the map after my first loot and usually die trying to make into the circle with about 15-ish people left. I'm trying to figure out what I need to do more consistently that puts me in a better spot towards the end and gets me to top 10 and a chance to win the game more consistently, and just want to compare my general strategy with those who regularly finish in the Top 10/Win. Right now I'm about 2200 on the Solo TPP ranking, but I'd like to break top 1000. But I think to do that I need to get top 10 more consistently.
  2. How did we win? getting shot at & barrel rolling around the map. I had hardly any loot until the end. Won by a hair's breath of LIFE! Check this episode out, you will not be leave it! Subscribe to my channel and be updated when I release new Ultimate Gaming Videos. I'm Dedicated to giving you the most epic game play videos on YouTube.
  3. Hey guys, I'm stoked with this game and the community and wanted to introduce myself with a clip of my FIRST chicken dinner! My hands were shaking so much on the last kill I didn't think I'd even get a shot off! any stories on your first win? The video of my first win:
  4. rewards

    Hello I think we need something for winners of the season. My ideas: I would give TOP 3 players/teams unique skin or skin set with a sign: "S1winner" "s1top2" "season1winner" I really think there should be something to reward these good players and motivate other to try to grind What do you think?
  5. Hey guys, I'm a YouTuber who is looking for some fun people to play games with. Hopefully people who would be down to do unique challenges and fun activities within the game so i can edit out some great entertaining videos. If you would like to check me out before answering to this post you could click here to check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC24ToX7LFAHGX-nf55T9I5w I take it quite seriously so my content will both get far better and stay consistent. Hit me up if you're interested!
  6. Hi PUBG Community, Always had the idea of pinning your wins onto a pinboard with Erangel on the background? Well I did! This is way I created PUBG Wins, your digital cardboard. A way to keep track of all your wins and their locations. A way to look back to all your greatest victory moments. PUBG Wins is a website I made for the community to keep track of all their wins, have them in a nicely arranged structured map. A map they can share with their friends. And a community based site where they can view and visit the maps of others. The wins you can add in PUBG Wins can also household more data than just the location. Whether it was a FPP Squad game with 11 kills or a TPP Solo game with 8 kills, you can add it all. Bringing along an image or a video to add more to the memory. You can even add the players with whom you played the game! See map example I hope to see you at PUBG Wins! Visit now Greetings, Jos
  7. Hello everyone! Just sharing some clips here and there! I hope you enjoy it! Any feedback and/or suggestions are very much appreciated! <3 Playlist:
  8. PUBG - Intence teamwork and CHIIICCCCKKKEEENNN !!!!!
  9. Hello, today I become winner of a round in PUBG. But after I got the chicken dinner with 1028 Credits and 4 Kills, I did not receive these points to my account. The round ended after the time run out at the end of the round. I received a error message in main lobby "kick at end of match - 2.5.39 - EE4904". Attached you will find the both screenshots. I also could not save my records with GeForce Experiance Center "Highlights", I just could save the video evidence in the normal way. Had somebody the same problem? I would like to have these points in my account... Best regards, Klinger1985
  10. Hey, a few weeks ago, right after I bought the game, I was very lucky to achieve my first chicken dinner, proud of myself I took a screenshot and went on. Recently I checked my statistics window, because I accumulated a few top ten placements and I was curious how I was doing and what I saw was very disappointing, the chicken dinner and other stats didn't show up or were wrong. Server: EU Maybe somone else experienced this or can tell me if this is a known issue? Best regards, Xeles
  11. Has anyone have this problem. Just won a game, didn't exit out the proper way due to me having to go to bed. So I just shutdown my computer and checked the next day and didn't receive my chicken dinner reward nor win count.
  12. So... I've been talking about this for a while and I think it would be an awesome enhancement. what if winning a game allowed you to keep one piece of clothes or armour for a certain amount of days? I think that would just add to the salty, succulent, deliciousness that is a Chicken Dinner, BayBay! Cheers, SalveyB Twitch YouTube
  13. HI guys, I was playing solo in a squad match, and a random message came up saying "You died outside playzone" i was running in the middle of the first circle at the time. Later that same game i managed to get to the final 10 and got my first kill for the game but i noticed that it didn't come up in the kill feed. I killed 2 more and still no action in the kill feed. Then i end up getting the final kill and it comes up with the winning screen but instead says "Better luck next time!" and gave me a team rank of #17. Watching the recording i took of the final 5 minutes of the match i noticed that none of my kills registered. This was super annoying because i won solo in a squad server but didn't get awarded or feel like i even won. I've attached a link to a terrible attempt of a video to this thread that shows the whole thing going down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vlphm7BdmPY&feature=youtu.be
  14. Hey so me and a couple of friends which includes a top 100 NA player back in season 1 have started a steam group that should help, the community of PUBG find different kinds of players to play with. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PUBGNorthAmerica The Owner:ANXT and me also run a youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-8914HWYcgB7-yesN3PDPQ If we can get this group big enough we could maybe be able to host private games such as zombies for our group members Thankyou for reading and have a great day - Wendlton
  15. I went from 1 win to 0?

    So last month I got my first solo chicken dinner on the NA servers. But ever since a few days ago (after the update), it now says 0 wins. Is it because of the update, or did the game glitch out? Thanks
  16. LF Duo/Squad (EU)

    Hi, I am looking for a EU times players for duo or squad. Usually playing at evening from 21h up to late night hours. GMT +1 I am quite new in this game and here are my stats... my steam account: datboistani I am using TS3 there for i think that MIC and English are mandatory. Thanks
  17. Hey guys, I was streaming earlier this week with a buddy of mine. Our second match we ended up winning a chicken dinner. I've cut the entire stream down into something more watchable time wise. Hope you enjoy it. https://youtu.be/F5tUWErp5E0 If you're interested in following for future streams its http://Twitch.tv/HiRezMonk