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Found 49 results

  1. My twitch livestream & youtube channel! If you are bored and want to check out a stream, you can always try mine out. The quality is rather high (same OBS settings as Shroud use) and I also offer fun commentary with lots of wisdom and insight. I also found a webcam that seems to work so you can see my reactions, everything from laughters to tears as well I suppose. Most of the games I don't aim for chicken dinner directly, even though I get it every now and then. I usually go for the more action filled gameplay so most drops are in military base or school but I mix it up quite with some slower games where I hunt along the boarder or from the circle after landing in a more ordinary town. I like going for air crates and those fun weapons which often lead to a lot of action. Simply put it, whatever happens happens. I'd appreciate any feedback about every aspect of the stream (gameplay, quality and what not), either here or on twitch comments so I know what I improve! Thanks, bNy (in-game: zollebolle) https://www.twitch.tv/bny_ (Stream) https://www.youtube.com/user/bNyHD1080 (Various content)
  2. Liebe PUBG-Community, Wir von Endside-Gaming e.V. sind ein Multigaming Clan mit mehr als 400 aktiven Mitgliedern und einem eingetragenen Verein mit ca. 60 Mitgliedern. Man kennt uns eventuell durch unsere Charityprojekte um Gamer gegen Krebs, wodurch wir mittels Tournieren und Events Spenden für die Deutsche Krebshilfe sammeln. Bei uns wird hauptsächlich CS:GO, LoL, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm und eben auch PUBG gespielt. Da der Bereich noch relativ "Jung" ist, sind wir derzeit auf der Suche nach neuen Membern im PUBG Bereich und natürlich auch nach Teams! Also wenn ihr bereits ein Team habt oder euch eines aufbauen möchtet - wir unterstützen euch soweit wir können! Skill hat bei uns keine große Bedeutung - je mehr Leute zu uns kommen, desto mehr können die Leute untereinander Spaß beim Spielen haben! Was wir euch bieten: - Große Community - Teamspeak³ Server (IP: endside-gaming.de ) - Online- sowie Offline Events - 2 Mal jährlich ein Clantreffen (August, Silvester) - Organisiertes Adminteam - Möglichkeit, sich selber zum Admin hoch zu arbeiten - regelmäßige Clan- und Bereichsbesprechungen, um uns permanent zu verbessern - Möglichkeit ein eigenes Team auf zu bauen - Freundliche und Lustige Leute soweit das Auge reicht Was ihr mitbringen müsst/solltet: - Mindestens 18 Jahre alt (bei vorhandener geistiger Reife können Ausnahmen gemacht werden) - Teamspeak³ + Headset mit funktionierendem Mikrofon - Kein VAC Ban in den Spielen, die wir vertreten - Frendlichkeit und Spaß am Spiel! Wenn ihr also Interesse daran habt, euch einfach einmal ein Bild von uns zu machen oder direkt zu uns kommen wollt, dann schaut doch bei uns auf dem Teamspeak vorbei , und kontaktiert dort einen der Admins. Für Fragen stehe ich als Leader des PUBG Bereiches natürlich immer gerne zur Verfügung! Liebe Grüße, Markus 'Major Winters'
  3. I haven't played much recently so I don't have any more new clips to edit. Forgot to share this video. Hope you guys enjoy. Shadowplay still cuts of the end match too fast.
  4. knot_gillty

    Classic memes

    Made this meme today and I’ve seen some bloody rippers. Got me wanting to see some you’ve made or seen that split your sides with laughter.
  5. Can i get a like and subscribe?
  6. If you liked it, could i get a like and subscribe? ty dudes
  7. MiniUziShhh


    So the weekend has passed and now we're at work or wherever we are. Thinking about the good times we had. Have any good clips? Let's see them !!
  8. I will be streaming on twitch (twitch.tv/NobleNoBama) providing some badass content. Also doing a 10 - follower challenge tonight, join now! Thanks!
  9. c4guru


    Don't know how many of you have seen this,,,,I just accidentally ran across it , thought I would share, many of you could relate to this lol.
  10. My Live-Stream will start at 11p tonight, stop by on mixer! Say hello, give me a challenge, or simply stop by for a laugh. Mixer.com/NobleNoBama
  11. Me and a mate decided to play on NA servers today and came away with 3 consecutive chicken dinners, me being in Australia and him in New Zealand I don’t know why but it felt so much better, the last game we completely murked everyone we came across got a PB of 13 kills.
  12. OurSavageGaming

    Got my first solo win!

    So hype! So excited! I got many squad and duo wins.. But every solo match that I get into I always choke! My anxiety gets the best of me! This time I managed to pull through!
  13. Hey I’m jumping on my mixer for a quick live stream with a few other steamers! Join in me now! mixer.com/NoBamaBama
  14. Mixer.com/NobleNoBama
  15. Sharley01

    Team Tanktop

    Hey, we are Team Tanktop, a new youtube Channel providing casual german gameplay for easy entertainment. Our latest gameplay, showing a nice Duo Match with 11 Kills and an epic ending... I hope you enjoy, maybe leave a like or a sub if you like
  16. WiggyDom


    This was such an awesome game, and the kills just kept coming. Want to see more videos like this??? Check out www.youtube.com/wiggydom
  17. Zombiehunter Bob

    Hello Folks

    Hello Friends ! My name Is Zombiehunter Bob and iam atm tryn my luck at Playerunkown, i try to be a content creator ! Suscribe and like if you got fun watching my videos. Iam not famous or something just at the start of my youtube content career. I played survival games before and now i stuck at Players!
  18. Hey everyone! Ive recently added another video to the channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVjgLtkfqnEJovP4ybY85dQ) and it’s a duo video containing 2 chicken dinners :). A lot of effort went into the editing of the video and some feedback would be appreciated! Thanks for the time.
  19. Chicken dinner https://vimeo.com/255297442
  20. Finally got a chicken dinner it’s been weeks since I’ve been able to secure a win, there was moments I shouldn’t have survived, sorry for double clips I forgot to record last 5min. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Black Dahlia NZ/video/43852939 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Black Dahlia NZ/video/43853032
  21. Who has the most Chicken Dinners for FPP on XB1? I have 37 right now
  22. Sorry to the last three players in this game. Your story and leadership will be told... http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/DisciplesOfAres/video/42393790 Even with the struggle of this game. I still love and will continue to support this game. Keep working hard Bluehole. Sharing my chicken dinner experince with with my fellow PUBG warriors. Ps: No Keyboard and Mouse needed