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Found 1 result

  1. Anyone really getting to the point of just quitting this game all together? There really is no point in playing anymore. After the full release was rushed you would have thought the cheating in this game would have been significantly decreased but instead I actually have noticed it has in fact increased. Why does the Bluehole prioritize other meaningless things above anti-cheats. People are still playing, they already have gotten their money from them I get that, but do they even care about the end product? In every game someone named "xiaochingchongpingdinhao" or what ever some guy in china who happens to be using scripts gets to 1 shot people all the time with no recoil on full auto from like across the map. In anticipation for all the silence on this topic and the lack of transparency , at least enough to satisfy us, I am waiting and expecting something extraordinary to curb the cheating going on in this game. I will give this one more week of this then probably uninstall. It's a shame, I liked the game, but the quality of game play is extremely bad.