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Found 17 results

  1. Picking Clothes ON/OFF

    We should be able to choose wether pick clothes or ignore it when picking items that are close to them. Often I try to pick weapons in a hurry, just to change my shirt... Maybe an option in the settings should be enough, or at least set the priority/order of picking clothes to the lowest possible.
  2. There are several reasons to remove them: On ground > withe t-shirt > after picking up > red t-shirt They are useless / annoying We already have clothes from crates We buy clothes with real money or bp They disturb looting Picked up by accident They block / hide other items that spawns next to it (below, under/top, item in item) Less used spawn slots And more... I'm using my desired clothes right off from start and don't want to change them ingame. By accident, i tend to pick them up when i'm in a hurry what does annoy me.
  3. I am unable to change clothes In the client menu, I can pick the cosmetics, however this does not have any effect in the game. I am unable to tell exactly how long this has been affecting me, but in the beginning I changed my load-out few times.
  4. N/A BP (Coins)

    My character is not wining any money since a month ago and I lost all my BP, is so annoying, also I don't have any clothes.
  5. Skins suggestion

    I would like to suggest this as a future addition to the game. I know you guys are knee deep in the development so I would not expect this to be a lets look at this now type thing but just something to mull over. While no one wants this game to become ARMA or a mil sim in general I would like to request a couple of different camo patterns / uniforms be added as skins. Combat boots, Something like EDRL pants and shirt, tiger stripe, OD Green, Desert Camo Given the new map and the current one these seem to be the obvious choices. Like it or not cover and concealment are a huge part of the game and being able to blend in to your environment somewhat would be a great thing IMHO and add a good deal more spotting ability into the game. With the way shading works now You stand out like a sore thumb. You are very dark in bright light and in shadows you literally glow as if the sun is shining directly on you. It seems that the character model is not affected by the shading /light source and stays one specific value as far as lighting goes. Some form of camo would be nice to help counteract this effect.
  6. Can i get an skirt or hotpants from crates if my character is a male? If I have it, can i wear it? Thx.
  7. Tusken Raider Design

    Okay so I spent money buying the Twitch Prime Balaclava, goggles, khaki coat and gas mask. I saw that the goggle show under the mask and they look very similar to the star wars tusken raiders, I thought that was cool and new the mask was the only think needed to make it look very similar. As the goggles can be worn underneath why not the gas mask? Pls add Bluehole (PS- ngl these clothes would fit perfectly with the new desert map coming soon)
  8. lost progress

    Just today i was playing and i die. i go back to the lobby to find out my coins have gone and been replaced with an N/A and all my clothes have gone. i've tried restarting the game and nothing
  9. Wardrobe wont load. Occasionally naked.

    So ever since that huge server lag issue a few days ago, my wardrobe hasn't been loading in. At first my character was completely naked and the wardrobe looked like a bunch of empty gray squares, but now my outfit is back and the squares are still empty. When I go to click on one of them, the clothing item wont load onto my character. Except the first clothing item in each category loads in. So if i was to hit "torso" and hit that first gray square, my white shirt would load in but the next gray square would do nothing. Kind of annoying because I can't even see what I got out of the Gamescomm crates. Has anybody else encountered this issue and found a possible fix? Thank you!
  10. I had an idea for the gameplay in regards to clothing and character customization. Since crates are currently the only way to get clothing, I thought, what if the reward for winning a chicken dinner rewards you with whatever cosmetic/clothing items (excluding armor/backpacks/weapons, obviously) you are wearing at the end of the match. This would exclude care package only items as well, like the ghillie suit. It would essentially be an alternative way to gaining clothing items, as well as a lasting reward for getting a chicken dinner. Again, this would simply be whatever cosmetic items you are wearing, nothing with defense or attack benefits.
  11. I'm not even sure why clothing spawns in loot locations really, it doesn't really add anything to the game. It's just needless clutter. There are some clothing items that i think people enjoy picking up, such as the jackets and trenchcoats. But the rest is all just rubbish, why would i pick up some jeans i found in a house if i am already wearing pants? My suggestion is to only spawn clothing items that provide some sort of advantage. The trenchcoats and jackets give the player a small buff to their inventory size, if i recall correctly. Maybe the ballistic mask could reduce headshot damage from the front by 10% or something. And maybe there could be useful pants and shirts that spawn instead of the random crappy clothes that currently spawns. A Green shirt with mud on it would be a good example. You can't buy them on the steam market, only find them while looting. TL;DR: Remove all the clothes that nobody really cares about (t-shirts, pants, ballcaps, shoes) or at least severely reduce the spawn rate of it Replace them with useful clothes that people might actually care to pick up such as dark green shirts or better camo pants. Give the ballistic mask some stats to make it worth picking up.
  12. More things for the crate?

    So does anyone know if they are gonna add more to the crates? Like the beanies, trench coats, all the other stuff that drops in-game but we can't get it from the crates? Also that interesting page someone datamined is pretty interesting i'd really love for some of the stuff there to be added to the game. I am completely understanding that theres more important things at the time but at least the near future it'd be nice to have more things to work for.
  13. Trench coats from crates?

    There are not many things for us to work for in this game despite the obvious "I wanna be a winner" so why not add a lot of people's favorite clothing item to the crates. The regular trench coat I'm not talking about the one you get from preordering.
  14. Spawning without Outfit

    Bug Description: Started the second squad game in a row with 3 friends. In the lobby i had my full outfit on, including shoes, jeans, t-shirt, jacked, glases and a hat. After the loading screen i was spawned nacked on the spawning island and i continued to be nacked after the round started. After the round i had my outfit back on in the lobby. Without changing anything or clicking any item in the outfit menue i had my full outfit in the next squad round. Date Seen: DD.MM.YYYY: 07.06.2017 Server: Normal EU-West Server Troubleshooting Attempted: Nothing Other Information: Nothing Launch Options: I have changed launched options: -malloc=system -maxMem=16000 -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -refresh 144 System Specifications: Windows 10 - Home Edition 64 Bit i7-6700 R9-390X 16 GB DDR4-Ram
  15. Stat Tracking Clothes

    The ability for clothes to track specific stats whilst you have them equipped. Something similar to the certified items on rocket league that track goals, wins etc. Some of the stats tracked could be: Kills, Revives, Meds used, Headshots, and wins.
  16. Crates, Cloths and other Crap :)

    Hello! I wanted to drop some more of my 2c on impoving the game cosmetics. I would like to see a crate loot system like there is in H1Z1. With some modifications of course. Although the system was a blatant effort by them to milk more money out of the game I think i tdoes have some more merit compaired to what we have right now in PUGB. The current crate system is progressive yet the loot is not. I have gotten the same loot from a lvl1 crate as a level 7 crate. Solution to this problem is more skins and loots. But I would like to see serious and fun ones (if an idiot wants to run around in a bright yellow Tee let them). Personally I would like to see entire Camo outfits such as the old us military chocolate chip uniforms, the new digital prints and some other uniforms from other branches of the services around the world. I would like to see these being purchased with BP (much like overwatch) and also random drops from higher end crates. Also rare skins for people that win BR x amount of times or place in the top 10 x amount of times etc etc. Also an exchange type layout (refering ot H1Z1) where you can destroy outfits you get double up on and use the BP for other uniforms. Thanks!
  17. Clothes question

    Hello I tried searching with the search function and checked the last 12 pages of topics, Im sorry if this is answered else where. Backstory: You can get clothes to your account and find other clothes. Questions: -Can you customize your character with the account clothes so you allways start with them? -what happens if you dont have any account clothes? -Can clothes store stuff like in arma 3 br? -Can different types of clothes store more/less items like in a3 br? (wolly polly vs sientist suit, same slot different ammount of carry space) Thanks in advance Edit: unless clothes are just cosmetic, what are the stats on the deluxe edition clothes?