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Found 5 results

  1. I think it would be useful if the nameplate indicators for our teammates relative positions could change colors based on the distance they are from us. Something like green if within 10 meters, orange if 50, grey if 100, etc. It would be useful even if it was a close/not close determination. This would let us know at a glance how close our teammates are without having to pull up the map. It would also prevent me from not shooting an enemy because I thought he was a teammate since my teammates nameplate was above his head: https://streamable.com/migoz
  2. Color Glitch

    Date Seen: Started around July 10th and is still happening to this day. Server: Live Error Message: No message Other Information: I was ingame when the colors just changed and became pixelated. At first it only lasted for around 20 seconds then it would go away. But then one day I opened the game and it got stuck and the colors wouldn't go away until I changed to fullscreen windowed. Now everytime I try and go to fullscreen the glitch happens again, and when I try to go back into fullscreen windowed the game crashes. The game is still playable, but only in fullscreen windowed. Troubleshooting Attempted: I've tried everything, I have updated drivers, reinstall steam, ran as administrator, verified integrity, stopped my antivirus and firewall, and basically everything else . I did try to disable my AMD Gpu once and run the game and everything was normal even in fullscreen, but the only problem with doing that is I would only get 10 fps since it was just my Intel GPU running the game. So I think the problem might be with my AMD Gpu but I just don't know what to do. Launch Options: Nothin System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD8970M, and Intel HD Graphics 4600 (I have switchable graphics) CPU: Intel Core i7-4710MQ CPU @2.50GHz (8CPUs), ~2.5Ghz Ram: 16GB
  3. Date Seen:26 June Server: EU Other Information: It's not only in game, UI and every other places looks the same. Since that day, I change to Fullscreen (Windowed). Sometimes, if I try to change it back to Fullscreen, error doesn't happen but after I go into game same thing happen. Troubleshooting Attempted: Checked the integrity, re-installed graphic drivers, re-installed game. Launch Options: Change it to windowed since I got problem on fullscreen mode System Specifications:
  4. I have been running this game on low/very low for many months with no issues. Starting a few days ago, I now get this issue intermittently: Tabbing out to inventory fixes color issue. It is visible on both my laptop (gaming rig) monitor and my secondary monitor and only affects PUBG. Again, this is a brand new issue as of this patch. I am running on a NVidia 770M so I'm not sure if they had a recent graphics card update or not recently. Doesn't look bad on inventory screen or map as you can see in video.
  5. Hello, as I do already have 100 hours in the game and a few chickens, I've came up with some ideas which might improve the game. Please leave a comment on what you like, what you dislike so we can make a list to make that happen. I dont want to create 9 various posts on every forum so i post it here. All-in-one. First of all index for tl;dr: 1. Weather control panel 2. Cloth settings 3. Safe zone circle locations 4. Blue zone, red zone 5. Shoes levels, Bare feet 6. Windows, cliffs 7. Weapons, bows, storages/loots 8. Colors, saturation, shadows 9. Other ideas worth checking If you have any other suggestions worth adding - I will add them. Here we go in order: > 1. Weathers control: I've found 3 weathers available in this game. Daytime, Sunset and Rain. Every of them has some advantages and disadvantages especially for clothing. > 2. Cloth settings: This connects a lot to weathers. Dark camo clothes are more useful if theres a rain. Khaki jacket and bright camo parts are more useful at sunset/daytime. > 3. Safe zone circle locations: After jumping off the plane we are kinda either lucky to be in the safe zone, or unlucky having to run even whole map to get there, facing 50 people on our way and placing us in big disadvantage. Why? If you choose to stay and scavenge the area, you have to find some healing items, medikits and good weapon to fight back or to run for our lives to the safe zone. But how do we survive then? Having zero equipement against people that have killed multiple enemies and have that 8x scope KAR snipers its better to leave the game and join another than to waste 10 minutes of trying to survive. > 4. Blue zone, red zone: With the current state of the game lets say it's okay. But this feature is implemented to force players to move out of their hiding spots, start moving around and fight each other than sit and stare at battlefield. Red zone is strange, i've had 3 games where i stood in a building for quiet hell of time, cause one and the same area around me ( i was in the middle of it near Quarry ) was bombed 4 times in a row. > 5. Shoes, barefeet: We are all aware that when we walk bare feet we should be slower - running on rocky islands hurts a lot etc - but we should make a lot less noise than with those heavy boots stomping. Right now having punk boots and bare feet differs just by sound effect, not loudness. Bare feet is still like elephant army running through savana. > 6. Windows, cliffs: cliffs in this game are a bit out of order. I mean, there is a high mountain, has like 70 degrees for most of terrain. Then THERE IS THAT SILENT B**** 71 DEGREE TERRAIN which causes us to stop, we cant move further, we cant jump it out, we will fall down 20 meters down if we try to jump it out and probably die or take some serious damage. > 7. Weapons, bows, storages/loots: After a lot of testing, 4x scopes are a bit off. Also i didnt try it yet, but how does 4x scope works for crossbows? I mean every scope we attach gives us zeroing at 25m, 4x scope gives 100m. Is it intended? Is it accurate? Car storages, why arent there any? Person that died inside a car should be looted in car. > 8. Colors: Looking at some clothes really hurts my eyes. Black pants being dark red (burgundy) etc. Character saturation and Object shadows being totally off. > 9. Other ideas: Prone improvements; guidebook for scopes hashes, timers; in-game clock timer (map time starting from 0 or lets say 13 at daytime, 18 sunset and 20 rain as its dark there); visual effects, animations (reloading crossbow from characters back instead of quiver when we have one); shooting range tutorial/map to check every weapon with every attachment by shooting to moving/standing targets, shields or w/e.