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Found 56 results

  1. Will it ever come to Xbox? Obviously after all the crashing is fixed..........
  2. PUBG MVPs is a tight-knit, highly competitive gaming community comprised of a very active and skilled roster always seeking to grow the roster with more of those with of the same mindset and who are also in the Top 1% rank. We recruit from any bracket in FPP or TPP. As long as you are skilled, serious and have comms we will give you a shot. No discrimination here! Unless you're not at least 1% Come on guys, it's really easy to get! Find more details and join us at the PUBG MVPs discord: https://discord.gg/UZZzSQB Some of the members whom are apart of the community, active daily:
  3. XB1 Club. lets go!

    We have created a XB1 club based specifically for PUBG and are looking to fill plenty of spots within. No tryouts or bullshit. Reason- To be able to run multiple squads at once, and never have an issue filling a spot. Social- We would like to see as many DVRs & Screenshots, Streams as possible. Club will operate on whatever server suits you. Currently have 1 Club owner and a reliable admin. How? Search clubs for Utmost Entity. Send a join request. Your request will be addressed ASAP! Join up! Squad up! Thank you!
  4. As of today 1/24/2018, Solo ranking top 2%. Looking for a competitive team to grow my skills even more and be a supportive player. When playing with my just for fun squad, I'm usually the shot caller with the locations to approach and what not. I play a more supportive roll where I help my teammates succeed, so kills are not my biggest objective. My job is to help the team win, and that is what I try to do every game. I'm still an amateur, although I would love to compete at events and help my team succeed.
  5. We have created a XB1 club based specifically for PUBG and are looking to fill plenty of spots within. No tryouts or bullshit. Reason- To be able to run multiple squads at once, and never have an issue filling a spot. Social- We would like to see as many DVRs & Screenshots, Streams as possible. Club will operate on whatever server suits you. Currently have 1 Club owner and a reliable admin. How? Search clubs for Utmost Entity. Send a join request. Your request will be addressed ASAP! Join up! Squad up! Thank you!
  6. Hey all, I'm looking to help with the cultivation of the competitive ecosystem in PUBG and was wondering if I could possibly get your opinion as fellow players on a few things.? These questions are aimed towards competitive players so they may seem irrelevant. So your a decent rank on the leaderboards or maybe just enjoy a challenge or just like something a little different. Would you like to compete in a competitive tournament? What would your motivation to play tournaments? To practice against other high level teams, for prizes , or other? How often do you/ would you compete in tournaments and why? (Is it because there are only so many (because you dont want to play more etc.) Would you like an option to play in a tournament specifically for players within specific ratings? (Eg. Amateur, High Tier, Pro) Any additional suggestions or feedback are welcome.
  7. Top 1% PUBG KINGS FPP/TPP Clan always seeking to grow the community and active roster of those who are also in the Top 1%. We recruit from any bracket, FPP or TPP, as long as you are serious, skilled and have a mic, we will give you a shot. No discrimination here! We also recruit the Top 5% into basic membership, with hopes that they will grow into a 1%'er in their due time. Find more details and join us at the 1% Pubg Kings discord server linked below. If you choose to join the community you must post a screenshot of proof of 1% to validate your claims into the verification channel of the server. https://discord.gg/v9Fey4x
  8. Looking for UK Competitive Team

    Hi, I'm James aka SuperSixtyFour. I'm looking a UK team looking to enter Open Tourneys (or other good UK players to form one). I've been playing since Early Access Season 3, I have close to 600 hours in game. I've been working my way back into the top 1% of EU Squads and Duos FPP which I've hit, now working on NA. My stats can be found here https://pubgtracker.com/profile/pc/supersixtyfour?region=agg I've been playing with a mix of people in my Discord who are around and below a 1.00 K/D and aren't great shooters. Too often it ends in a 1v4 or 1v3 because my team aren't taking basic things like cover and position into mind before engaging. Despite that we're still winning at a good clip. I'd like to take my skills to the next level really, I feel like there's not much else I can learn on my own, and I'm a really competitive guy and love to do tourneys. My Steam profile is here https://steamcommunity.com/id/jimmo1990 Please drop me a message or chuck a reply up on here if you're interested.
  9. Little about myself I'm 25 years old and have been gaming since I was 10.looking for serious gamers that play PUBG. Want to get more competitive with this game and would like to play with people that have the same mindset. Also looking to join a community of streamers/players that encourage and help one another. If you have any other links or community forums I should look into I'm always looking for places and people to play with. Gt: M0nkeysmack714
  10. Zum Start unseren Multigaming-Clans haben wir uns vorgenommen, mit vielen Speien gleichzeitig an den start zu gehen um möglichst viele Leute anzusprechen. PUBG ist einfach mega cool und lässt sich super auf dem TS zusammen zu zochen oder zu chillen sei es competitive oder einach nur casual mit euren Freunden. Solltet ihr etwas mitgestalten und bewegen wollen, seid ihr bei uns richtig, denn wir bemühen uns, euch als unsere Community ernst zu nehmen und euren Wünschen und Vorschlägen so weit es geht nachzukommen. Es besteht ebenfalls die Möglichkeit, sich als Staff zu versuchen, sollte man für höheres motiviert sein. Wir gehen zu Beginn mit einer Internetseite und logischerweise einem TS an den Start. Wer nun Blut geleckt hat, bekommt mehr Infos unter www.empireofgiants.com oder kann auch einfach mal auf unserem TS empireofgiants.nitrado.net vorbeischauen. Wer heiß auf mehr Infos über unseren Clan ist, kann hier weiterlesen: Wir, die Eigentümer und aktueller Staff des Clans, haben uns mit Empire of Giants einiges vorgenommen. Wir wollen Räume für casual, also auch für competitive play schaffen, um alle Spielergruppen ansprechen und eine hohe Bandbreite an Gamern erreichen zu können. Auf langfristige Sicht wollen wir auf jeden Fall den Status eines Community-Clans beibehalten, allerdings auch Möglichkeiten bieten, sich mit seinen Freunden zurückziehen zu können. Eine unserer größten Intentionen ist das gute Zusammenspiel zwischen Community und Staff. Wir werden uns bemühen, alle Wünsche zu bearbeiten und diese, falls sinnvoll, umzusetzen. Wir unterstützen Esports und sind offen dafür, uns in den Bereichen community, als auch direkt mit eigenen Teams zu beteiligen und uns für die Bekanntheit und den guten Ruf unseres “Sports” einzusetzen. Zukünftige Pläne sind bereits jetzt die Erweiterung an Platz für die Community durch einen größeren, oder weitere TeamSpeak’s, großes Aufstocken an Staff, wie bereits angesprochen Präsenz im competitiven Bereich und vieles mehr.
  11. LF competitive PUBG Team

    Hey, suche eine Team/Member für competitive PUBG. Für alle möglichen Leagues/Turniere (Auzom/Curse/GLL usw.). Es sollten alle Mitglieder die nötige Zeit, Geduld, Willen und Passion haben um National und auch International was zu erreichen. Ich selbst Spiele schon seit Early Access und seit Oktober auch im competitive Bereich (nennenswertes zu sehen auf meinem Profil). http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197977630916/ Ich selber bin jeden Tag ab spätestens 19 Uhr online! https://pubg.op.gg/user/Dmgftw?server=eu (messed up atm) Fühlt Ihr/euch angesprochen einfach adden. Meine kleine Kill Montage #2
  12. Need more buddies to duo top 2% or 1600+ rating bracket, come have fun but be good. Me: https://pubg.me/player/KingKennyy500+ hours 29+ wins ~1700 Duo NA TPP (That's Third Not First) Rig ASUS 144hz 1ms Displays INTEL i7-7700k@4.75GHz EVGA 1080 FTW2 TRIDENT.Z 3600MHZ 32GB RAM SAMSUNG M.2 950 PRO SSD AUDIOTECHNICA AD-700X Studio Headphones Please have a rig similar to mine. Contact Discord: KingKenny#0505 Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033212991/ IGN: KingKennyy

    TDM GAME MODE PLEASE!!!! limit the map with play zone and put weapons all around the map have us spawn with pistols 20v20 !!!!!
  14. We are the Lab 2.0, new and improved over The Original Lab. This is a PubG based discord group meant to find new and cool people to play PubG with. Active owners and admins keep the server toxic free. The Lab 2.0 is the best place to find awesome people to squad up with whenever you're feeling lonely on PubG running solo. We also run giveaways for our top recruiters with Steam Cards for rewards. Be it a new game or that one skin you really want, helping us recruit new members can get you that for free. A few things to note about The Lab 2.0 is we strive to keep this a fun, friendly, toxicity free environment where anyone can play. We have people from several different nationalities and will not tolerate any sort of racism. Join our discord here: https://discord.gg/f4a9SR5
  15. Are you really so hard to find? I've looked for you for a while! Me: https://pubg.me/player/KingKennyy 500+ hours 29+ wins ~1700 current duo rating and also made it to about ~1700 rank in leaderboard for Solo NA TPP mid 5th EA season (this one isnt rating its rank, more impressive) Requirements Highly competitive yet humble 23 year old player looking for similar partner to push rating after ~6/7pm EST daily on duo/squad and grind well into the night. Just as the title says, I need to find the other solid half to my semi-professional duo team and then build 2 others for solid squad. I am specific in my search so I won't just take anyone this time around. My ideal partner is competent and successful in their ability to defeat enemy teams in both the most and least ideal situations, including 2v1's or worse. This happens to me all the time and has occurred in my previous duo teams before and still we have come out with our dinner. Preference goes to an aggressive yet strategic and versatile playstyle, one which adapts to every situation that we may encounter. Maximize your potential while minimizing your risk. Rig ASUS 144hz 1ms Display(s) INTEL i7-7700k@4.5GHz EVGA 1080 FTW2 TRIDENT.Z 3600MHZ 32GB RAM SAMSUNG M.2 950 PRO SSD AUDIOTECHNICA AD-700X Studio Headphones (IMPORTANT!) ~ Etc ~ Please have a rig similar to mine. If you want to know about me or my background I am an open book just inquire via discord or other listed means. Below I will have listed those means, utilize them to get ahold of me. If I do not respond right away, do not worry, I'm probably just at work or away for a bit. I will get back to you. I work M-F 8am-5pm est and can be available by 6/7pm or shortly after each day. This has begun to consume me and I can't say I don't love it. Contact IGN: KingKennyy Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033212991/ Discord: KingKenny#0505 Just use these stats as reference
  16. [[ EU ONLY]] Looking for a 4th member for our squad TPP team. We've played together 300+hours. We're ranked generally top 2000 and the highest rank members of our team have reached is top 10. We're looking for someone who wants to play competitive games and has nice play time (something like almost everyday 18:00 - 22:00 and week end, but there is NO obligation since we all have a real life beside our gaming experience). HUGE +++ if you're a sniper player. We're 3 adults (25+). You need to accept criticism because we're always trying to improve our gameplay. You need to know the flanking basics, how to move, and everything a team needs. You need to communicate as much as possible using your mic and tell what's your move/intentions. Add me on discord Woopdiedoo#8414
  17. Ворвусь в стак или команду, fpp EU. Желательно всю тиму 18+ с нормальными микро Для начала можно просто играть на рейт в сквадах, потом можно и фасткапы играть типо xpulz и тд. В сквадах статы почти нет, потому что не с кем играть, дуосы прошлый сезон 2к+ рейт. Прайм тайм до 2х ночи по МСК. Связь со мной: Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/An1meOneLove/ (анимешный профиль это дотерские рофлы), vk - https://vk.com/id90509308
  18. DBD is Recruiting! DBD, a home for gamers, kings, two timers alike. Requirements: 18+ Competitive Active at least every other day Good mic Non- toxic Rules: No rasicm promote family/friend enviroment treat others how you want to be treated How to join: add me on Discord: Wentz#1083 and I'll respond as soon as possible. We require a 1 day trial period to see what you bring to the table and the you are in! Hope to see you all around!!
  19. Looking for players to play and practice for competitive tourneys, US based team. Requirements 17+ top 1k ranks Must have a mic You must be socially functioning to play with us, we wanna have fun but be competitive at the same time. Discord https://discord.gg/aFcYuY Steam Owens8
  20. So grass rendering distance seems to be around 75 meters from player. This completely ruins competitive gameplay as it gives massive advantage to anyone beyond 75 meters away from you. You may be laying in thick grass or wheat and everyone far enough will clearly see you and scope makes it easy kill. This makes staying prone, using foilage and ghillie suit useless until last two circles. Changing graphics options make no difference. This bug is present since test server update that switched to UE 4.16 and brought us variable zoom and killcam. I reported it back then, and also saw multiple forum posts about this. Right now i don't see any point playing this game competitively unless this bug is fixed. I ask everyone reading this to report bug this to developers on all possible channels and media, hopefully they will realize how much this breaks the game and has to be fixed asap.
  21. Hi, me and a bunch of friends are looking for new guys to come and join us to play some PUBG, with now that the full release is out! We all speak English and are from EU/NA so feel free to join! Anyone is welcome! We also keep track of our wins, and have a leaderboard! We have all levels of players from casual to competitive! Also looking to maybe play in some competitions! If you are interested come and join us ! : https://discord.gg/seRwBUW Or add me ingame : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198026245337/ See you soon!
  22. Dycore E-sports main squad is having a changeover on competitive members. We are now open to recruit talented players to join our main roster and subs. We will be looking to add at least 3 new members to the team and compete in online tournament and monthly tournament. We have various experience on different tournament and we are well organised with possible sponsorships. If you think you are capable to carry out the items on the list below and you wish to try out for the team Please contact me. - Great game sense and squad positioning - Willingness to obey to team leader strategy calls (error/mistake can be discussed after the game) - Willingness to help the team to improve by having individual opinions - Great control on your micro-management (it means you can control your own movement and decision without other's commands) - Great stats to demonstrate your skill level ( We are aiming on Top 150 EU Duos, Top 50 Squad or Solo, but also open to discussion ) - Great Communication in English If you are want to know how we do as a team, we have kwcv (UK), enroj (BE) and derinor (DE)as the most active member while the rest had been dismissed due to poor performance. If you are checking our stats, please do only look at EU duos on kwcv and enroj since that is the most accurate stats comparing to other casual stats. Contact: http://steamcommunity.com/id/kwcv/ and org president: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166241123/
  23. Looking for Duos partner (OC)

    I am a moderately good player looking for a duos partner to play with in the OC region on the main client. I am personally tired of non-English speaking individuals being on my team that I am not able to communicate with at all. Please only message me on steam/ reply here if you can speak fluent English and have at least 100 hours into the game (I have 250).
  24. Team PUBG ESL italiano

    Salve a tutti, sto creando un team ESL per pubg, il team sarà composto da 4 membri + 2 di riserva. Vi elenco altre informazioni qui sotto, se volete chiedere qualcosa o volete provare ad entrare nel team, scrivetemi in privato o qui nel post. Requisiti: -16 anni o più, voglio gente che sa organizzarsi col tempo, in tempo, per tempo, amen. -non serve essere pro della madonna, mi basta che abbiate abbastanza conoscenza del gioco, funzionalità, mappa, spot -rispetto, se non siete educati o vi credete i pro della situazione che possono insultare gli altri compagni, fatevi già da parte, non vi prendo neanche in considerazione -disponibilità per allenamenti di sera (consultate la sezione allenamenti sotto per capire un po' di che orari parlo) -essere abituati a giocare in fpp ovviamente -concentrazione almeno negli allenamenti, personalmente mi danno fastidio le persone che fanno la lista della spesa di tutto ciò che lootano o che scherzano continuamente nonostante ci siano nemici nello stesso spot o vicini -test server, fin quando non esce l'aggiornamento sui server normali Prova per entrare nel team: -le prove consistono in partite fatte col team in squad fpp, come ho già fatto capire sopra non vi valuterò solo se fate tante kill, ognuno ha il proprio modo di giocare, quello che mi interessa è riuscire a formare un team in cui tutti e 4 i componenti siano in sintonia tra di loro -al termine delle prove vi comunicherò l'esito Allenamenti -orari: -19.30-21.30 -22.00-23.00 (optional) -giorni: 3 giorni alla settimana negli orari sopra specificati + allenamento da stabilire o il sabato o la domenica per un totale di 4 giorni alla settimana (per sabato e domenica decideremo gli orari insieme cercando di incastrarli con gli impegni di tutti). Spero di riuscire a formare questo team nel più breve tempo possibile. Consiglio comunque a tutti di vedersi qualche match esl di pubg in quanto, in confronto alle normali partite, sembra un gioco a parte. Scusate per il romanzo. Ci vediamo presto! p.s. Ah dimenticavo di presentarmi, ho 18 anni e gioco a pubg da 4 mesi, rating in leaderboard top 5000 squad fpp, niente di che dato che quando sono solo faccio le solo vs squad fpp, parlo, rido e scherzo finchè non ci sono nemici attorno, in caso contrario cerco di ascoltare passi, spari e magari anche le mosche che si muovono. Esperienze esl ne ho avute solo su Warface per 2 anni che ormai è un gioco disperso nei meandri del pay2play.
  25. Hey guys I'm back and teaching people how to play pubg at a competitive level. I've been roaming around the top 100 in first person squads for a long time and I feel I have a lot of information to offer newer players getting into the game. Most of the time I'll be in a squad game or solo so if you have any questions feel free to ask away and I'll do my best to answer. https://www.twitch.tv/primeknight