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Found 36 results

  1. Using an Xbox controller there is massive slow turn at diagonal directions, both moving and looking.
  2. New Patch Xbox Controller Help

    Hey anyone, Know where i can easily connect my xbox controller with the new patch updates?
  3. PUBG controller icons

    Hey guys. Since the one update which brought controller support, the ingame icons on the map always show me Xbox One controller button images like the X or Y button. Even though I have an Xbox and PS4 controller, both aren't connected to the PC. I thought it was a weird bug that the game thought I had an controller connected. After a while, I noticed that the buttons went back to keyboard icons. The next day though the map was showing me the Xbox buttons again. Then it got to me... I'm a Tekken7 player and have an arcade stick connected to the PC. Once I disconnect the Arcade Stick, the buttons get back to normal. Even though it isn't much of a problem, it's kinda annoying. Does anyone know if there's a fix to my problem? I'd love to see normal icons again without having to unplug the arcade stick 5 times a day.
  4. Xbox controller

    Hi does anyone know why when I try the Xbox controller the action button (x button) doesn't register when I try to press it? Any idea how to configure the Xbox one controller to be playable with pubg?
  5. Controller Bindings Won't Save

    Since this morning, the new update allows the game to recognize controller buttons and be keybinded. For example: After selecting a bind window, if you press the B button on an Xbox One controller, it will register as Controller Face Button Right. The problem is, after setting all my bindings the way I'd like, when I hit Apply nothing happens. The apply button will still work if no controller buttons were binded. Restarted the game a few times, but I can't get the Apply button to save my bindings. For now, back to the Steam Controller Configurator, I guess.
  6. Controller UI taking over!!!

    TL:DR There is no function to disable a controller and now it's basically taking over and ruining my game. Problem: Controller plugged in, taking over UI. Reproduction: Open game with controller plugged in. Solution: Ingame function to disable controller??? I have my XBOX controller plugged in while playing. I never used it to play Playerunknowns Battlegrounds. It's always been a problem though. First problems started with not being able to disable vibrationmechanics. Then in the later few patches, the UI from the controller scheme is starting to take over my game. I can't see the menu anymore, it simply says Press A to return to game, and Press B to exit to menu. And for some reason it also works with keyboard presses. I cannot spectate my fellow teammates anymore, because the only option there is "Press A to return to menu". What I need is a way to disable my controller all together, without me having to get up and walk every single time. And yes, my PC is in another room, I'm behind an L table. That makes a total of 10 meters back and forth whenever I want to play PUBG, not to talk about the damage caused to the connection itself, from all the replugging I would have to do. // JustinCaseDK out //
  7. It boggles my mind that any developer would consider controller support an "optional" feature in 2017. Aside from the fact that the steam store falsely lists the game as having full controller support. Aside from accessibility issues that prevent disabled users from playing the game at all without full controller support, it's simply a mandatory feature for any game of this type in this day and age. Roughly 20% of the player base for similar games is using a controller at any given time. Many players play on tvs, not monitors at desks. Many others can't use a M+K due to repetitive stress injuries. Many others simply prefer to user a controller for this type of game and will not purchase it without full controller support which is an incredibly simple implementation for any windows 10 / ue4 game. I personally know eleven gamers waiting for this one feature that will purchase the game the day it is added. I also know three people who were tricked into purchasing the game due to it being listed by steam as having controller support that asked for refunds when they discovered that was a lie. How is ANYTHING considered more important at this point than adding an utterly simple feature when that feature's absence is a deal breaker for AT LEAST one fifth of your potential customers. You may not see the need for this feature but the fact is that the broader gaming community considers it a mandatory basic fundamental feature of any title released since, oh, five years ago at least. But no, in this case not only is the developer completely tone deaf on this issue, they have gone one step further and broken the game for people attempting to use a third party solution (including the integrated steam remapping feature) to use the input device of their choice. There is NO WAY to bind actions to various keys as they are "hard coded" to certain actions meaning every time you try to reload you also vault or every time you try to interact you also go prone, and there is no way to correctly map aimdownsights to a controller at all. Get your act together and add full controller support IMMEDIATELY. Prioritizing ANYTHING else above full controller support is sheer idiocy and any further delays will result in larger and larger groups of eager potential customers losing interest and moving on to other titles disgusted with the lack of consideration for disabled gamers and people who prefer not to use M+K for any one of a million perfectly valid reasons. If I see one more patch added to this game that does not include this feature I will NEVER PURCHASE ANY BLUEHOLE TITLE EVER AGAIN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Get your heads out of your asses and get this right immediately and stop alienating and infuriating your would be customers.
  8. There is this HUGE issue where when I started up PUBG it said that I was using a controller when I hadn't plugged it in when I was playing the game. This issue furthermore makes it so that I can't properly access the pause menu nor can I spectate after dying.
  9. I have just bought a Wooting One, an analog keyboard. Unfortunately, PUBG sees it as a controller. This leads to all problems that are related with controllers e.g. asking for controller input in various screens and hanging in the air when using a parachute (which leads to death from falling). The later problem is especially serious, because I have to unplug my wooting keyboard in order to play. I have noticed a few other wooting owners mentioning the same problem in this and other forums but only as a comment, so I decided to make a separate post. I hope someone notices it.
  10. Since around the patch before the last one, I'm having a bug where my tool tips (Press "F" to pickup X), show as if I was using a controller. I don't have any controller plugged in nor I have ever played PUBG with a controller. This happened most of the time, but now it's happening every game. I'm using PS3 controller when playing some other Steam games and i haven't played a game of PUBG with a controller plugged in.
  11. Hello anyone at PUBG support please can you answer whether you have recognized the fact that your current patch release update 7/27/2016 with so called more controller support, did serious damage to game for controller users like myself. I have put in 400+ hrs using big picture mode on steam for controller and had flawless perfect support in game. After this current update I can not use ESC to reach in game settings anymore, and worst upon dying in a squad we controller users can no longer see option to spectate and only have option to return to title screen. Thus destroying this once great game for controller users. Please tell us some feedback as to if the issue is recognized and if you will be fixing this by next patch or make hotfix to resolve this horrible mistake made in update. This what controller users see now after update - No option to spectate team mate.! This what we get when I try to hit ESC in game to adjust settings.
  12. I know a high percentage of you use the keyboard and mouse to play, but I am so used to console gaming that its really hard for me to convert from using a controller. With that being said, Ive used the controller since I got into PC gaming about a few weeks ago. Last night when the update came out, I noticed that my character moves much slower and can't sprint at all unless I toggle the "Shift" key while using the controller. Anyone know how to fix this or how I can sprint properly. Also the character moves much differently than before too. Like almost strafing instead of just walking forward. Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. I have a PS3 controller that I unplug before playing PUBG, but the buttons HUD such as pressing X to open doors or pick up objects shows up in-game regardless of the fact that I only use mouse and keyboard. Does anyone know of a way to get rid of everything related to a controller when playing? I've tried removing keys containing gamepad in the "CustomInputSettins=" line from the GameUserSettings.ini file as well as deleting the entire file, but those didn't fix the problem.
  14. Controller UI

    Hey! I briefly touched upon this on someone else's thread. But to go into depth, I have been having this issue ever since the current patch went live. Before, (and yes, I did have it connected before) I used the controller to talk to my friends via discord to communicate or the Xbox app that is available on Windows 10. I still do, but After the current patch went live, I am plagued by Controller UI that you will see shortly. I cannot spectate my team-mates after I die and it is infuriating.
  15. Controller Mapping Issues -

    I could be wrong, but, it seems like the development is being combined if you will, with what is future intended for the consoles. Regardless, as it stands right now, there are a few issues that make customizing your controller impossible for different scenarios. I use a PS4 controller in my left hand and mouse in right, as I have carpel tunnel and keyboard pressing becomes a chore. I use the steam controller settings in big picture to modify the controller. That way I can use things such as a button press for the right trigger. As it stands right now, some of the controller setting appear to be baked in to the game, if you will. For example, you can't get rid of the right trigger behavior and map it accordingly. I currently have it mapped in steam to a setting but in game, it reverts to whatever the development has it set to. This causes problems as I want to use the trigger for throttle, and if you pull up the map while in the vehicle speeding down the road, the map will zoom in. So you have to go off throttle. (I jump to two hand mode only when in vehicle) The ini file doesn't show the setting, so it appears to be hidden from us. It would be nice to allow the controller to be 100% set to what the user likes. Use cases like mine are not as many, but there are plenty of players who do similar with controller in left hand and mouse in right. Also, there is a bug in the UI. You cannot map the mouse scroll to any other commands via the UI. You can vie the ini file, which I have done. I have my zoom set to the scroll wheel. That being said, in the UI it will then make the next and previous weapons blank. If you manually set those, it will accept it. After you exit the settings and go back in, it will revert to it being blank.
  16. For some reason, I get the hints for controller when my controller is not plugged in. I was using the SCP Driver system for my PS3 controller to play Just Cause 3 and when I later went to play PUBG about 2/3 hours later the controller hints were there instead of the regular KB/Mouse hints.
  17. Hi, so recently I've had a lot of fun with the game and I never have been playing with a controller but I have left it plugged in as I use it for Rocket League. One day randomly in game instead of saying "Press F to Pickup" it shows the X button and says pickup for a controller. It's been frustrating as also with the controller it doesn't give me the option to spectate and only says "Press A to Exit to Menu." It's not a game breaking problem for me and my actual controls still work fine. But it's been bugging me and I've been trying to find a solution. I've tried: - Disconnecting my Controller - Dcing my controller and restarting the game & my computer - Deleted the GameUserSettings ini file. I just don't know what to do cause I want to be able to spectate and have the game work properly for me Thanks <3
  18. I'm currently playing with my controller plugged to the back of my PC and when I'm out of the zone it vibrates, when I die it almost explodes. Is there any way to shut off controller or turn off vibration in-game? If not one could be in handy
  19. I have not plugged my controller in but my game shows the controller icons... What do I have to do to get the keyboard keys back?
  20. Hi, Just started playing the game and I'm having a blast, but I would like to use my controller rather than my keyboard. I've tried with the default in game binds but I cannot find a list of what each button actually does. Is there a list of which button does what action or has somebody made a optimal bind setting? I realise I will be at a huge disadvantage and this isn't how the game should be played etc etc but I would like to play the game like this. Any input is appreciated. FightMe
  21. If you have a controller and disconnect it, you are unable to ADS or mark map with right click. Pressing right click is interpreted as slightly depressing LT, not pulling it down all the way. So aiming with the mouse only slightly zooms in, not using the sights. There seems to be no way to fix this, even if you unplug the controller and restart the game using mouse/keyboard. I think adding controller support made the game thing that right click is analog, so clicking it is interpreted as a half-pull of ADS even after going back to keyboard/mouse. I have a 360 controller and G600. This completely breaks the game, so hopefully you guys can fix it.
  22. Hallo! Ich spiele aufgrund einer Behinderung mit einer Hand und Controller am PC, und seit kurzem auch PUBG! Bin zwar nicht sonderlich gut, aber ich wollte euch trotzdem mal ein Gameplay zeigen! Mfg InhumaX
  23. Controllers Apply ERROR

    well, when i play PUBG , i tried to use my ps4 controller to play PUBG. it worked for a minutes . then suddenly i can't control it anymore. then i switched to my keyboards then this happened i tried to open settings > Default > Apply > OK . Then , i open my settings again then i looked the controller setting then it changes to red blank again . then i opened my PUBG files then Open "Engine" Then "Config" Then delete the controller.pdv . then the controller stills red blank, and then my controller.pdv is gone too just bought the game yesterday :'v and can't play . and im scared if i reinstall the PUBG then the controller is saved by the profile not the games files. and can't play forever
  24. Cant even play the game

    So I downloaded PUBG and wanted to use my xb1 controller. I plugged it in and bound the buttons in the settings and it seemed to go great, until i got in the game. Not only did the controller bindings not work, the keyboard bindings aren't working now either. Now i cannot play the game at all. It was the first game too, so I payed 30 dollars and have yet to play the game. Please help me