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Found 15 results

  1. Game Freezing Issue

    Ok so I got this game today, I launch it the screen freezes there until I tab out it starts to move. I click on the setting nothing happens until I alt tab out and come back then the settings come up, nothing is functional until I alt tab out. I tried to join a game it stays frozen but I can hear everyone so I tab out and click back the screen moves for a second then freezes. After an hour I can load the screen without alt tabbing but its very laggy but my FPS says 60+, once i join a game it starts to freeze again. Please help! (When I ALT-Tab, any action that I've taken such as clicking menu options etc. have taken place, but don't display on screen until I tab back into the game, which then displays another frozen screen. Not really sure what's going on.)
  2. Error message

    System Specs: I7 7490 8GB RAM R9 270 I keep getting this error when I try to play the game, When I press tab the game crashes saying this I tried doing everything but nothing and I mean NOTHING work. PS. Yes I tried switching the inventory key but it seems doe it crashes when I open my inventory. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I listed these pictures so that maybe it has something to do with virtual memory
  3. Consistent mid-round crashes and BSOD

    Every game ive played since the patch on 3rd August, which is today the 4th has iver crashed why im mid game, or in the loading screen to getting in game! Im finding it really hard to play, ever since the update it was fine but now my game is complete broke. Also when i turned my pc off the other night steam automatically uninstalled PUBG. Please help (Fix)
  4. Consistent mid-round crashes and BSOD

    Date Seen:All day and much more after today's patch Server: Live Error Message: PUBG process has crashed Other Information: Same crash all game PUBG process has crashed Troubleshooting Attempted: My computer is up to date. My BIOS is up to date. I restart my computer. I set parameters to minimum. I have reinstall visual c++. I have no overclocking. I verify integrity of game files. Launch Options: Any System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 PRO x64 Graphics Card: nvidia gtx 1070 (driver 384.94) CPU: AMD ryzen 1700X Motherboard: X370 GAMING PRO CARBON (BIOS 7A32v18) Ram: G.Skill Trident Z 16 Go (2x 8 Go) DDR4 3200 MHz CL14
  5. So, I noticed that I had a lot of freezes and crashes currently and don't know why. In beginning everything seems fine, but after some time 10-30min game freezes and then crashes. Temps always around 60c. Specs: gtx 1080, ryzen 1700, 32gb ram.
  6. PUBG tends to crash every time when running and left for more than a couple minutes in the background or sometimes it has just disconnected me from servers. I've sent in crash reports every time. Specs: GTX 980 Ti, i7 6900K and 64 gigs of ram. I am a YouTuber and sometimes a streamer, thinking of streaming this game but I don't want it crashing on me and have to deal with the hassle in obs with scenes messing up or anything else really. Hopefully, it gets fixed. Anyone else having this issue? I've tried reinstalling 3 or 4 times as well. Thank You
  7. Date seen: June 25-30 (Since i got the game) Server: Live server Error Message: I can play PUBG for like 20 min but then in the middle of the game it crashes out of no where and pops up with this message. It has done that since the day i got it around June. Crash Error: The crash reporter copies this down below Fatal error! Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x000000d1 PhysX3_x64.dll PhysX3_x64.dll PhysX3_x64.dll PhysX3_x64.dll TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe TslGame.exe KERNEL32.DLL ntdll.dll ntdll.dll Crash in runnable thread TaskGraphThreadNP 1 Other Infomation: its not just this game that crashes also Friday the 13th Crashes and sometimes Csgo I have already tried restarting my computer, Set specific launch options, Run steam as administrator, and a couple more options. Troubleshooting attempts: Run as administrator, Restart Computer, Verify Integrity of game files, Made sure page file was sufficient, Update Drivers, Update Windows, Update Visual C++ Launch Option: Ive used this launch options to see if it would work but still no help "-sm4 -d3d10" My Pc Specs: Operating system windows 10 home 64 bit Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 GPU: Intel Core i7-4790 Ram: 8GB If you could please help me out that would be great thanks.
  8. So I wasn't sure if this would work but since the game is still having a few problems, my husband and I, along with a few other friends have experienced random game shutdowns/crashes. Our game runs fine but at times, without warning, the game will just close without even an error message. I was wondering if there could be a feature where the player could have a chance to rejoin their team? I have played a few MOBA games where if you experience any sort of disconnection from your game, you get the opportunity to rejoin the game you left. So far, when a friend disconnects due to a game error, the only option is to use friendly fire and loot their body so the opponents don't have that opportunity to take advantage. What do you guys think - would this work? It can be very frustrating when you are doing well in a game and you don't even have a chance to try and rejoin your game because it decided to crash on you with no warning. Or if you lose your internet connection randomly.
  9. Game Crashes on Startup Deux

    Bug Description: The issue I'm having is described in this thread here: However, the "fix" provided by DashEWz' doesn't solve my problem... To start with, my game is installed to a different location than described in the related thread. My game installs to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG I've searched through all folders of the game directory and have not found a gameusersettings.ini file Date Seen: 5/1/17 - Present Server: All? Troubleshooting Attempted: - Installed the game on the same hard drive as my OS (C:). Originally installed on my 2nd HDD, where I install 90% of my games without issues. - Created directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor and inserted the GameUserSettings.ini file from thread above. Other Information: I was able to play the game for 4 rounds before the game crashed and this issue began upon re-launch. Launch Options: I have not changed launch options. System Specifications: dxdiag screenshots: Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide some help!
  10. game crashes everytime I leave a match
  11. Random Crashes as of April 21 2017

    Bug Description: The last few days since the new patch I"ve ran into a problem where my game will just crash. No warnings, no alerts or messages just freezes me and then when I go to the Task Manager it shows that PUBG is "Not Responding..." and I have to force quit the game to get back into the game. Prior to the new patch I never had this issue, I'd sometimes get a graphic memory lock up and if I waited a couple minutes it'd unlock and I could keep playing the same match, but that's not whats happening now. Typically when in a match my CPU is using most of it's core space running 80-95% capacity but I've noticed when these new crashes happen my CPU usage drops back down to normal levels, so its like the game is still running but has completely shut down so my computer recognizes the client is still open but that it isn't requiring any resources. Date Seen: April 21-23 Server: Live Server, Squads and Duo's only so far hasn't happened in a solo match yet. Troubleshooting Attempted: Control/Alt/Delete Force quit is the only way out of the client to restart it. Other Information: Cake or Pie??? Launch Options: Default, I don't mess with changing things this is BETA... System Specifications:
  12. [BATTLEYE] Game crashes

    Hi, Yesterday we've experienced allot of game crashes. As know, this is "normal" since the game is in Early Access. The thing is, we might have found a problem which causes the game to be crashed. Most crashes are caused by BattlEye. BattlEye removes itself from the memory what causes the game to be crashed. This results in unexpected game closes without a message or a game crash with the Memory Written error. Now. If you go to your Event Viewer on Windows and go to Windows Events -> System you'll notice the following: Bestandssysteemfilter 'BEDaisy' (versie 10.0, ‎2017‎-‎01‎-‎11T05:01:10.000000000Z) is uit het geheugen verwijderd. In English it means, that BEDaisy or BattlEye has been removed out of your memory. After that, the game crashes. Then BattlEye starts itself again. As attachment, check the .evtx file, you can open this by clicking on it. It will open the Event Viewer. crash2.evtx crash1.evtx
  13. My game crashes

    My game stopped working every end of the game when I click to go back to the lobby
  14. Bug Description: when starting up game around 5 or 10 min in the game will freeze then crash without no warning Date Seen: 30/03/2017 Other Information: this will {sometimes} crash when game crashes System Specifications:
  15. Bad patch

    after patch i got crash in 2/5 games, befor i had crash only 1/50 games. thx.