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Found 45 results

  1. Date Seen:02/06/2018 onwards Server: live, test and experimental System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 (up to date) Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8 GB CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00Ghz RAM: 16.0 GB Full explanation of issue: So, I was playing PUBG all last weekend (25-27/05/2018) and had no issues. I couldn't play at all during the week so yesterday I downloaded the updates for all the servers and went straight into the experimental. I had no issues up to the landing and looting my first weapon, then the game crashed. I put it down to experimental server issues so just restarted and pressed continue on the same game, it then crashed a couple of minutes later. So, I started a new game on the experimental and the same happened again. I tried once more before quitting and opening the test server. The same thing happened on here and it also crashed once when I hit ready. Again frustrated after another 3 crashes I went to the live server thinking it would be fine as I have played nearly 600 hrs on it. I was disappointed, I crashed a further 3 or 4 more times in various position, after landing, after running around and when hitting ready. For each crash, I sent a report. So, I then went to this forum and found 'try these troubleshooters first' so I have done ALL OF THEM and when I restarted the game I tried setting up my keybinds and setting and the game crashed. Yer, it crashed in the settings menu! I am at a serious loss for words and am now at the point where after a game crash I can't even send a report. Can someone please take this seriously, as the game is just unplayable for me and I have nearly 600 hrs in this game. That's over 10x more playtime in a game than my number 2 game on steam. Troubleshooting attempted: all of this - https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/181292-read-me-first-troubleshooting-steps/ Other Information:As part of the troubleshoot I also found somewhere that said to delete all my crash files so I only have the last couple or so now.
  2. ItZdTreeHuggerUK

    Game Keeps Crashing...

    My game used to never freeze/crash however since the last couple updates my game has become unplayable due to the number of crashes I encountered. Such as this week alone I have had about 6-7 crashes over a time period of about 4-5 hours. Basically, my screen will freeze and after 2 seconds will go black and it will result in me needing to open up task manager to close the game down 'not responding' is the response. It will then take about 5-10 minutes for me to be able to get full stable control of my computer and to be able to reopen Pubg or another game on steam. This is simply unacceptable.
  3. I do not have the ability to search this forum fast so I apologize if someone has said any of these. 🧐 (this is from the xbox one x) 1)Loading Starting out everything is pretty well loaded in b4 hitting ground that doesnt stutter but I've been having frames issues when a vehicle goes by and when any shooting comes my way or near. Just the frames drop constantly when nothing seems to be falling just choppy gameplay. I've also had a few instances like jumping casino the whole entity of the casino floor hasn't loaded in 2)crashes There was a crash opening my game ui to pick up local items I got back in pretty quick but it's happened twice already (both were opening the ui) 3)looting so far looting has been a bit slow compared to the main game on live servers.and as well you cant quick loot items just looking at it until you click "x" like 4 times or more (doesnt always happen) 4)shotgun had no bullet come out when loaded just as I said I had a loaded 5 rounds in the shotgun go to kill a guy and fire off a round but no pellets came out and the guy killed me after(I dont have footage and could just be he killed me b4 I shot ) ((user error maybe)) 5)main menu ready up bug In the main menu there is a bug where it wont let you ready up with the check mark if you mash b to title screen and go back in you will still be in your party which is good but it solves the not ready bug . (So you can ready on up after doing this!) 6)stuck in healing animation (feel this is the user error) this may just be personal but I got into a firefight and I tried and tried to stop healing to go prone but it wasn't doing it it just kept healing maybe bc just hitting go prone doesnt cancel the animation.. I'd like to see a change in that animation where holding "B" will cancel the healing animation.( maybe it's a bug maybe its not) 7) vehicle spawns Just seems like vehicles are scarce on this map! I cant ever seen to find them
  4. Continue crashed in "Team Management" trying to invite members to party, 3 times in a row last night... (xbox 1X)
  5. The crashes occur walking in buildings mostly an I play on the one x i think it has to do with the start button maybe but I'm pretty sure when I just moved into a building it just errrrrrs lol Hope this gets solved I do applaud being able to reconnect though
  6. I haven’t crashed in 2 weeks , all of a sudden crashed 3 games in a row on spawn island right before plane took off 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. killersistem90


    Podria ser un juegazo...pero no lo es,tras vender millones y millones de copias que inviertan tan poco tiempo en arreglar este juego para mi es incomprensible(ya se que es una preview)yo personalmente llevo 1 semana sin jugar y me e prometido no hacerlo mas hasta que no arreglen medianamente el juego,crasheos...ir corriendo y que el aire te mate es absurdo tantissimos bugs que hacen injugable a este juego,la verdad esta compañia me a defraudado lo que no esta escrito.
  8. I am sure this has already been posted, but my squad and I have been crashing more than usual since the last update. Are they working on a fix?
  9. FyruzVidia


    First of all,when iam trying to scope with all X scopes except x2 scopes, (not with iron sights) game most of the times will suddenly crash and sometimes when this happens,my radeon settings may crash too (i have radeon rx480 8gb graphics card).As i've heard many of the users of rx480 graphics card have this issue (if not all) and i would really appreciate it,if you would take a look at this issue and find a fix since this issue makes game unplayable with scopes and players get a sad and dissapointing experience. In addition, there is another issue i have experienced (not as annoying as the first one i mentioned before) and many players independently the graphics card and the system in general as i have heard,experience this issue too.The issue is that when i reconnect to a game,my teammates will see me as an enemy,without a nametag and they will see me on top left of their map.Moreover if they im dead and they try to revive me they wont be able to do that since im appeared to them as an enemy. (This have happened to all the people i personally know after reconnecting).I look forward to hearing from you that you are trying to solve the problem and please your players by providing them the best game experience. Sincerely, A PUBG player
  10. Greetings dev team, I made a list, in association with my friends, of all the bugs/glitches that we've encountered in the game. Without further ado: - There's some sort of lag in the minimap when you move too fast with a car or when you're still in the airplane. PC Version (Airplane): https://i.imgur.com/lRXRd39.gif Xbox One Version (Airplane): https://i.imgur.com/KpPTk5T.gif - Xbox overheat sometimes, but it's quite random. Happened once with me and twice with my friend. Maybe it's something wrong with game optimization? Dunno. - Map marker don't disappear for teammates. - Motorcycle movement in the air it's still messed up, it automatically pulls forward as soon as you jump and you can't control it after. - Staircase missing, I don't remember where was this, sorry: https://i.imgur.com/O6zQ8ro.png - BP don't get credited if the game crashes, even when you're able to join the match before it ends. - Random map glitch that happened to my friend: https://youtu.be/Zhasb8aGYb8 - Game crashes sometimes when you jump from the rooftop to the ground and when you hit a rock with the motorcycle. - Huge delay in rendering. - Weird crosshair: https://i.imgur.com/gPkJ8Cm.png - The game needs a South America server. High ping plus crashes it's not fun at all. - I'm not gonna complain about textures if you guys put the game at 60 fps. hahaha Anyway, this was all we could gather about bugs/glitches and we hope it could be useful. Thank you and sorry about my bad english.
  11. Date Seen: hen 1.0 update happend Server: Live Server Error Message:<ErrorMessage>LowLevelFatalError Temperatures: About 60 to 70 on both Overclock: Cpu no, Gpu factory overclocked not overclocked by me Other Information: The crashes are random and cannot be replicated. the desert maps seems to last longer. it most of the time crashes around 10 min. im also getting 60 fps so that is not the problem and the geforce drivers is fully up to date. Troubleshooting Attempted:They have all been completed last thing i would do would be to reinsall but my internet is bad and would take days Launch Options: had -lowmemory but deleted and still crashed System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 64Bit Graphics Card: Gtx 1050ti CPU: Pentuim g4560 Ram: 8gb ddr4
  12. almost 7 gig worth of crash reports being moved off SSD to HDD, do you want them? They are dated 12/19/2017 and before (i'll leave the 4 more recent reports in place for now) and I will delete them if not. Please answer yay or nay to this post. Win 10 Home 64 bit, AMD A-10 5800K 3.8ghz cpu, GTX 970 4G gpu, 16G DDR3, Samsung 850 EVO 256 SSD
  13. Original Bolton

    Storm circles

    So as an xbox user all i seem to be doing is chasing the storm whilst feeding myself with meds 70% of the time and the damage i recieve increases the smaller the circle. Firstly as the game crashes as frequently as it does thats unfair make it slower dont know why it needs to increase if someone enjoys standing outside the circle healing all game then let it be they suck lastly adding a couple minutes to certain stages would make to game fairer and more enjoyable, no doubt people will cry about my suggestion but the majority of people will agree they spend more time chasing circles than anything else simple fix to make a huge impact think about it at least please!
  14. I am still getting crashes for pubg on Xbox one
  15. Whenever I drop into or make my way to the shooting range my game ends up crashing. Its not at the same point every time that it happens, my game just randomly crashes. I have not had any game crashes on any other part of the map. I have tried uninstalling/ re-installing the game. Did a hard reboot on my xbox, checked my internet connection, unplugged the modem, let it sit and plugged it back in. I have tried just about everything. This only happens at the shooting range. I am not getting any error message or "disconnected from host". A little help would be nice if anyone has some. Thank you!
  16. In the last 24 hours I’ve crashed 7 times. 6 of them happened in the middle of a match while the other I’m going to mention was a bit more unique. I’ll also post some glitches I encountered. Unique Crash 1: I started up a new Solo TPP, it went to the loading screen and the game crashed completely. Unique Crash 2: Five players were left including my self, I layed down behind a rock, went to my inventory to heal, and the game crashed. Glitch 1: I enetered a town on a bike, started slowing down, as I was rolling to a stop I got off right before the wheels stopped infront of a conex (crate) and I got stuck in the crate. The only method to get unstuck was to throw a grenade at myself which luckily dislodged me and I survived. Glitch 2: I got into a fresh buggy at the beginning of a match and the buggy wouldn’t go above 5mph. I had to ditch it. The next vehicle I came across was fine. Glitch 3: Now this one benefited me a bit, but I know it could happen to me or anyone. I was on the top floor of a house, I heard someone come inside, I looked outside the door frame (hiding) towards the stairs and I saw a gun and a pistol floating up the stairs. Then I saw the tango appear with his guns above him. The floating weapons gave away his position and I was able to get the drop. Unfortunatly I’ll have to make another damn topic since there are editing limits. I wish I could just keep editing this one.
  17. This topic has nothing to do with complaining about the game. I love this game and enjoy playing it very much. I am currently a Game Designer myself with a Bachelors Degree in Game Design. So please don't use this thread to complain about how the game currently runs. I'm just listing off some small things that need to be added to the game. Graphic Settings 1. Camera FOV (at least for FPP) 2. Graphic Settings which include (Shadows, Textures, Effects, Foliage, View Distance etc..) I've been playing this game since release on PC, and the graphic settings played a vital role with keeping decent FPS. It would be nice if we could adjust the graphic settings on Xbox to maintain decent FPS while the game is being optimized. Control Settings 1. I would really like to see the sensitivity settings for everything to be able to expand from 1-100 instead of just 1-10. This will help a lot of players find that sweet spot for each sensitivity setting. 2. Add a walking action like the PC version has. I used this a lot while crouching to be as stealthy as possible when trying to sneak up on someone. I don't believe LB is used when just free roaming without using any of the aiming functions. LB could be used to initiate the walking action. I could be wrong though, I just cant think of it off the top of my head. 3. Add auto run. I normally don't complain about games not having auto run, but with this game there is a lot of running involved and that actions is a must have. 4. Swapping weapons is fine at the moment, but when you have 3 weapons it makes it difficult to get back to your main weapons. I personally drop my pistol every match once I find 2 primary weapons. The best option would be to hold Y or double tap Y to switch to the pistol. I have died multiple times because I switched to a pistol when trying to switch from M16 to AKM. 5.Aim/ADS - I don't really have an issue with this, but I have been reading the forums and have been seeing countless complaints about how this is implemented in the game with the game pad (Xbox Controller). If you do attempt to change this please don't just change it without adding the option to swap those controls. Do this so it doesn't anger the other players that actually like/don't mind how the current controls are set up. Gameplay 1. Add the option to turn on/off the character model in the inventory menu. (This helped players on PC to improve frame rate) 2. Add the option to turn on/off the equipment and weapon slot HUD. (This also helped a little with frame rate) 3. Crosshair Color! This is the BIGGEST one I would like to see get added FIRST. There have been numerous times that I would lose sight of my crosshair while in the middle of a fire fight and I die because my crosshair is 2 inches to the left of the actual person. Not while I'm zoomed in with FPP view, but from the hip fire perspective. It becomes very difficult to see sometimes when you get exposed to the different lighting throughout the game. 4. Peaking. This another big one. Add the option to hold/toggle for leaning left and right. I personally would much rather have it on hold, instead of having to click to enable and then click again to disable the leaning action. The last thing obviously would be to add a button mapping menu for players to change the layout of their controls to better fit their play style. I don't mind the current setup, but others would like to change a lot of buttons to something that makes sense to them. Overall I think the developers are doing a great job with the game thus far. They listen to the players and add changes/updates weekly. If anyone else thinks differently about this, just take a look at other games that takes months to make changes. The best example I can think of off the top of my head is Elder Scrolls Online. If something is broken within the game and isn't dealing with ruining the games economy of making gold, they wont fix it until they release their next DLC and that is usually between 3-5 months. Remember this is a game preview. Bugs, glitches, crashes, and anything else is expected to happen. The developers don't need to keep the servers up, they can take the servers down at any time. Be grateful that the servers run 24 hrs a day and you get the chance to play the current game as is.
  18. I'm on a Xbox s 1tb. Crashes - Pretty endless I have crashed in games 3 times in a row. In a vehicle on rooftops while parachuting while running and there are times it will black screen other times it will freeze and buzz down the headset. Bugs -hospitao fence is a ghost.
  19. FerretGamer_EXE

    General Crashing

    I have been encountering this for a while now, I run on a GTX 1070, i7 4460 (which handles the game fine, even after the engine overhauls) and 8gb of ram. I keep getting random crashes while trying to join games, sitting in the lobby, in general playing the game. Never had a problem other than common ones before 1.0, yet when the game released I couldn't play. I found under-clocking my GPU worked, but now that has stopped working, I now have a game I cant physically play due to to software, my ram usage is nowhere near full. Also when I launch the game if I don't click on the screen the game ramps up the usage of all my components to 100% (which btw is ludicrous with the cooler I have on my cpu!), but when in game my temps are normal, in fact better than they probably should be with my stock cooler.

    Xbox game crashing

    Can y'all fix the game crashing on Xbox? It's getting extremely old seeing as how I crash approx 3-5 times a game... stop focusing on New stuff if you can't fix the old.... Fix that and I will gladly come back to PUBG. until then you have lost a customer. Plus when you do fix it reset the leaderboards.... because this has caused me to lose in over half the games I have been able to play.
  21. FyruzVidia


    For some reason when i scope with a X scope game suddenly crashes and it also crashes my amd drivers.In previous update you said that you fixed an issue where when a player was scoping with a X scope the game would crash and really it was fixed in test servers but after the release the game crashes all the time caused of this.
  22. StinkF1345

    Honest question

    So I was wondering. I play both versions of the game and have a decent PC that runs it ok. Is it even possible for this game to run well on Xbox ones with the hardware inside? i mean this thing has 2008 tech in it and tbh my pc was updated last year and still can struggle at times. Is the hardware even capable of running this game at reasonable playability levels? The One X shouldn’t have any issues and I’m sure the game will run fine on that. But regular Xbox’s are woefully underpowered. Think of that tiny CPU/GPU trying to process 100 peoples actions and render the game and everything else... Seems like a pretty big stretch for me. TLDR: is the guts of an Xbox one even capable to handle the workload required?
  23. Hello there. First of all, if I post this in the wrong section, I apologize. I have 217h in this game and it was fine until 1.0 release. After that, game crashes every 2-3min. In the last game, when I try to go back, I got this message: I reinstall the game 5-6 times. Try with different SSD's and HDD, different graphic drivers (up to date or old ones) but it is the same all the time. Again, before 1.0 I had no problems. Maybe it will crash ones every 30 games or something. But now its simply unplayable. Sometimes can crash 3-4 times in 2min. I dont know what to do, pls help. I know my PC is old and stuff, but I have no problems in any other game and I didnt had problems before 1.0 release. And nothging is overclock: 3570K, 8GB DDR3, GTX660, 120GB SSD, 500 + 320GB HDD (windows 10 64bit)
  24. Hello everyone. Yesterday i downloaded PUBG 1.0 v and 90 % gamse has same problem what is crash in random places and random time. Known report: <ErrorMessage>LowLevelFatalError [File:D:\wk\tsl-client-dev2-branch\build\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\RenderCore\Private\RenderingThread.cpp] [Line: 982] &nl;GameThread timed out waiting for RenderThread after 30.00 secs&nl;</ErrorMessage> PC: CPU: i5 3570k 3,4Ghz GPU: NVIDIA 770 2GB RAM: 8GB DDR3 Game Settings: All low without distance rendering on medium and ant-aliasing on medium. In game CPU usage: 80%, temp: 55 C GPU usage: 99%, temp 70-80 C RAM: ~6,5 GB +/- 100MB FPS: ~70 (60 - 80) Resolution: 1440x900 Someone had or have same problem with game ? ( gpu drivers are up to date )
  25. Well for starters the death cam is only making me angrier since i dont know how people actually hit shots on me if they are aiming 5 feet to my left or right in the death cam, i mean c'mon im dead at-least show me the correct way i died so i can call out cheaters if there are some. Secondly, the game crashes more now than it did 3 months ago and i have literally half the fps i used to and i know it isnt my pc specs causing it since i cant run almost anything else at ultra 60+ fps. Thirdly, every time i either die or win a game and attempt to use the return to lobby button my game freezes on the loading screen and i then have to ctrl+alt+del and end the task and relaunch the game to play again, its a joke that i even go and do so every time.