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Found 43 results

  1. when you attach a zoomed scope the the cross bow. the point of impact relative to the center of screen gets higher. so if you put on a 2x the point of impact is above the dot in the middle and a 4x times is about twice as high above the dot in the middle of the reticle. so if you wanna shoot someone in the head with a 4x you have to aim at their crotch . this is also coupled with the fact that zeroing does not work on the crossbow either

    Check out my new crossbow montage. Leave a like and a comment if you enjoyed it
  3. I thought I'd have a little fun at primorsk. Anyone else have some fun crossbow kills? http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/TheeLiquorSnurf/video/46617499 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/TheeLiquorSnurf/video/46616973 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/TheeLiquorSnurf/video/46616822
  4. Let me know what you think if you like please subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6Mvq70SRus&t=19s
  5. Anyone got any decent crossbow kills to share? I don't pick up crossbows, but seen Shroud crossbow challenge and fancied it. Only got one kill, then looted the guy I got for an AKM and gave up on the challenge haha https://gameclipscontent-d3026.xboxlive.com/xuid-2533274858243496-private/e62ec2b4-0f29-499b-8fd0-0ce19c8f1d2f.MP4?sv=2015-12-11&sr=b&si=DefaultAccess&sig=%2Bv38BMCIkYn9arzQsi77bn%2B%2F7ZAyv7QTWQAoBAUKYyw%3D&__gda__=1521158850_bae4d51e8f77097570047fd428c6fb56
  6. Well I’ve been working on my crossbow skills while I continue to try to win with one. Had a couple of nice mid-late game kills. Still working on leading moving targets, but I’m getting pretty good at paused targets! http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Legg86/video/78f60805-a956-464c-a8de-f5b434f336c0/d409822c-11c3-4d26-982c-fecd37d128060
  7. Should be fixed according to the patch release notes, but are still blurry and blocky a lot of the time. Especially the crossbow is unusable due to this since the distance markings are reduced to pure guesswork. Screenshots taken an hour ago:
  8. A new game within a game ive created for the lobby whilst waiting , get to the crossbow and take the bolts but leave the bow then watch the trolls come running for the crossbow to go shoot in peeps heads only to watch them looking around for the bolts , follow them round when 5 secs left till plane drop the bolts at their feet TROLLED the trolls. On a side note remove the crossbow from the lobby .
  9. In the erangel lobby, where people can pick up guns, some fucking idiots take up crossbows and shoot you in the eyes with them. The goddamn crossbow bolts then procede to be stuck there impeding your vision for THE REST OF THE DAMN GAME. For christ's sake. Fix it.
  10. Salutions, Bluehole if you're reading this please... Give the crossbow a tad bit of love? The crossbow is a great weapon at least from my perspective but the problem is it's hard to find it despite being it a common weapon; why are AKMs so easy to find when they're classfied as uncommon weapons? I want to USE the crossbow, there's players out there who actually want to use the crossbow for a stealthy style of gameplay. Look, you probably won't see this or take it into consideration but all i am asking is to give the crossbow some love, you did great adding in zeroing to it's sights--- Heck i've gotten kills beyond 100 meters with this new feature but... Perhaps you can increase the spawn rate of the crossbow and make their bolts spawn randomly across the map, I love the crossbow so much that i would rather choose it over an AWM, and no that's not an over exaggeration or a lie. Please Bluehole do something with the crossbow, i'm looking forward for it to change.
  11. Erangel lobby crossbow

    Pls, delete crossbow from Erangel lobby, early pvp is super annoying with an arrow blocking your field of view, ffp. https://imgur.com/a/XVHZY
  12. Hello, I've been a fan of the crossbow from day one, but only lately i thought i spoke out about some buffs that's deserved, it needs some love. Ill go through some of the following points; • Bloodsplatt • Arrow Visability • Arrow Retreival • More Arrows On Spawn I'm not here to spout "pls buff xbow so i can oneshot every armor and helm", Id just like to propose some small buffs or quality of life fixes so crossbow feels more of a viable option then a struggle or luck weapon, I want the bow to be a weapon u can carry throughout a game, not something to get a single meme kill and be done with it. Bloodsplat Add some kind of clear indicator for hitting, at least for body shots, I know there's a small sound it gives off , but during gunshots and fights around you its hard to hear it and at longer ranges you do not hear it at all. Arrow Visability This is my main gripe with the crossbow, the struggle to align your shots if you miss, because its VERY hard to see your arrow travel in the air, so if you miss, you've got basically zero knowledge of how to adjust for the next shot, added with the very heavy drop of the crossbows arrows, making it very vague. Arrow Retreival Now if the Arrow Visability isn't a thing that Devs want to put in, can we at least make it so we can retrieve arrows from ground and bodies, this also leads into my last point. More Arrows On Spawn Because its hard to see your arrows, your going to at least shoot on average maybe 40% of your arrows on adjustment shots, or just plain old whiffing, and so the minimum amount of arrows that spawns with a Crossbow shouldn't be 5, that absolutely way to low, to get anything worthwhile, its basically enough arrows for 1 or 2 realistic kills, where you have to take adjustment shots, or when the target isn't standing completely still, or longer shots. I've added a Poll for voting if people agree or not, or somewhat! Thank you for taking your time to read and I hope you like some of my ideas, but not liking any of them is OK as well
  13. The aiming reticles for red dot, holo and crossbow are blurry most of the time for me. Once in a while - maybe 1 in 20 games - they look nice and sharp. Happens to the VSS quite often as well. Seems like a low res version is loaded instead of the proper one most of the time. The crossbow and VSS (not pictured) with their more detailed lines and dots are next to useless because of this. The attached picture is not my creation, it is from this thread on Reddit
  14. Bolt Remains

    Crossbow bolts not being reset from lobby again.
  15. Was shot in the face with a crossbow in the lobby. Loaded in to the match with the bolt still in my face, obscuring my sight. A bit funny, but also not an ideal for visibility.
  16. In pregame lobby for Erangel, if someone shoots you in the face with a crossbow, the bolt will stay stuck and remain in their head all game. Depending on angle, this can block the ability to ADS or use scopes. A second, less serious bug, when playing FPP solo, the main menu lobby reverts back to TPP mode every game.
  17. Hello. I've got hit by the crossbow bolt on the spawn phase, and everything would be fine if that bolt wouldn't block my vision in the game afterwards. Problem was solved by wearing helmet level one. (I guess that other headgear would work too) Happened to me only once. SS attached.
  18. bow

    Hey, it could be cool if we can add a bow, it can reload faster than the crossbow! does less dmg but reload faster! im a bow guy haha
  19. Crossbow Bolts Still Not Fixed

    This is now being exploited by players. You guys need to fix the carryover of crossbow bolts from the warmup to the actual game. Players are now knowingly shooting others in the face with the crossbow in pregame so they cannot see during the game. This needs to be fixed now.
  20. Crossbow bolts are not being removed after warmup when the real round starts. I have had multiple games where I parachuted with bolts in my face impairing my vision.
  21. The default ADS reticle (the green one with distance markings) on the crossbow has been replaced with a low res mess after the first patch/update. Both the distance markings and the aiming dots are impossible to make out now, leading to massive misses. Picked up the crossbow in three different games today, and it looked the same in all of them.
  22. Incorrect Crossbow Default Zeroing

    The default crossbow zeroing with default sights has been changed to 50 meters instead of the standard 25 meters. This makes it significantly more difficult to accurately place a bolt in a precise location at longer ranges.
  23. Crossbow bolt stuck in head

    Can you PLEASE do something about this, it was stuck like this the entire time, jingling about as I ran, and obstructing my vision as I tried to aim. Like, make it go away after 20 seconds or something
  24. Similar to the crossbow, something like a compound hunters bow, or even a wooden bow would add a fresh variation to short/mid range combat.
  25. Not particularly a button. Maybe when you use bandages or med kit, increase the duration with 1.5 seconds while your character is removing the arrow from its body. There should be a variable life drop on depending from what part of your body you will remove the arrow. I have to admit this doesn't happen often ( at least to me / per individual ) but it would be nice to have this feature implemented. Sorry for broken language.