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Found 13 results

  1. Now, I've been playing PUBG for 435 hours solely because there's a Crossbow in the game. Everyday when i play it, I drop at a populated area or an isolated area then loot only to find nothing but stupid AKS, KAR98s, stupid assult rifles, etc. I'm sick and tired of finding these stupid weapons, I only want the Crossbow. It takes me at least 10 houses to find a Crossbow with 5 or 10 bolts; the Crossbow is a weapon that is supposed to be mastered in which I'm trying but how the hell am i supposed to master this weapon if i can't find it? It's a shame they didn't add it to the 'War Mode' event either. Now for the scopes; they're zeroed to 100m when putting on any type of sight, give us an option to zero it in. And now for the Crossbow bolts, I can barely see them traveling. When i shoot my Excalibur Crossbow I can at least see some sort of color when it travels. The developers probably won't read this since they're too busy giving all of the assult rifles and sniper rifles love and attention, but if you do, do some changes for the crossbow; Crossbow users like me would be thankful. And perhaps consider adding a compound bow?
  2. when you attach a zoomed scope the the cross bow. the point of impact relative to the center of screen gets higher. so if you put on a 2x the point of impact is above the dot in the middle and a 4x times is about twice as high above the dot in the middle of the reticle. so if you wanna shoot someone in the head with a 4x you have to aim at their crotch . this is also coupled with the fact that zeroing does not work on the crossbow either
  3. In the erangel lobby, where people can pick up guns, some fucking idiots take up crossbows and shoot you in the eyes with them. The goddamn crossbow bolts then procede to be stuck there impeding your vision for THE REST OF THE DAMN GAME. For christ's sake. Fix it.
  4. hiagain

    Erangel lobby crossbow

    Pls, delete crossbow from Erangel lobby, early pvp is super annoying with an arrow blocking your field of view, ffp. https://imgur.com/a/XVHZY
  5. SpIkEyPoO

    Bolt Remains

    Crossbow bolts not being reset from lobby again.
  6. Was shot in the face with a crossbow in the lobby. Loaded in to the match with the bolt still in my face, obscuring my sight. A bit funny, but also not an ideal for visibility.
  7. In pregame lobby for Erangel, if someone shoots you in the face with a crossbow, the bolt will stay stuck and remain in their head all game. Depending on angle, this can block the ability to ADS or use scopes. A second, less serious bug, when playing FPP solo, the main menu lobby reverts back to TPP mode every game.
  8. Hello. I've got hit by the crossbow bolt on the spawn phase, and everything would be fine if that bolt wouldn't block my vision in the game afterwards. Problem was solved by wearing helmet level one. (I guess that other headgear would work too) Happened to me only once. SS attached.
  9. Prezzure

    Crossbow Bolts Still Not Fixed

    This is now being exploited by players. You guys need to fix the carryover of crossbow bolts from the warmup to the actual game. Players are now knowingly shooting others in the face with the crossbow in pregame so they cannot see during the game. This needs to be fixed now.
  10. Crossbow bolts are not being removed after warmup when the real round starts. I have had multiple games where I parachuted with bolts in my face impairing my vision.
  11. Wingdude100

    Incorrect Crossbow Default Zeroing

    The default crossbow zeroing with default sights has been changed to 50 meters instead of the standard 25 meters. This makes it significantly more difficult to accurately place a bolt in a precise location at longer ranges.
  12. Wojak

    Crossbow Aim Bug

    Aiming at a distance of >20m will cause crossbow projectiles to seemingly vanish. Someone was standing still and Both my Red Dot and 4x on my Crossbow were unable to hit him. The arrows SHOULD have hit him, as I aimed at various positions of his body, but there was NO blood splat and he just stood there like nothing was happening to him. I did not miss as there was no arrows near where he was
  13. BabyWalrus

    Arrow In Head = No Vision?

    Hey guys, I'm just a fellow player playing PUBG and on Thursday I was playing a squad game on the update (amazing update btw.) I got shot in the head with a crossbow but my teammate revived me. I tried to scope in with my 4X SCOPE on the SKS but the whole thing was basically blocked, and then I realized it was because of the arrow in my head. The arrow was in my head the whole game and I couldn't use the 4X scope, but 8x was fine. Not sure if this is a glitch, but just letting people know! Thanks for reading