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Found 21 results

  1. Hey guys, my suggestion might be an impressive improvement to 3rd-person close combat gameplay: instead of the red dot on a wall that your weapon is pointing to the crosshair could blur, fade out or any other appropiate style of indication. Imho that would be a lot quicker to realize that your weapons not on the target, because you are always watching your crosshair rather than the wall in front of you. If someone says that would be another addition to the game making it "easier" I will point out that everyone in reality would know if the guns pointing in some concrete... much love
  2. I understand PLAYERUNKNOWN not liking chat communication, but can we please have some form of signals for players without mics? I love Garrys Mod and its game mode Trouble in terrorist town. The game mode has a command that when you put your crossairs on a player and bind the commad to a certain key it will either communicate this player is innocent, suspicious, traitor,etc. What im asking is can we have this feature implemented on PUBG? One example would be adding a "callout" option on controls. When pressed it would output, " I see X (player, car,airdrop, attachment) at Y coordinates (OR near me if its an attachment). Just a suggestion. The game desperately needs some form of alternate communication.
  3. As you guys can see the crosshair is pretty much a dot at lower resolutions giving my enemies a huge advantage.
  4. HUD Crosshair

    How to turn off the crosshair of the sight?
  5. Crosshair too hard to see

    Date Seen: Bug was present since the game was released. Server: Live Server Error Message: None Other Information: Using low resolutions like 720p or 900p causes the crosshair to fade, making the dot the only thing I see Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried finding the resolution that could make the crosshair visible, but unfortunately the maximum resolution my monitor can go is 1600x900, I only upscaled my monitor to see how it would look in 1680x1050 and the crosshair was very visible. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 8.1 64bit Graphics Card: GTX 750 Ti CPU: I5-4440 Ram: 8GB DDR3 Video:
  6. Date Seen:8/4/17 Server: Live Error Message: None Other Information: This bug started after they changed the appearance of the 2x scope. Troubleshooting Attempted: I equipped a 2x scope and shot at a target 75M away. The shots hit above the center dot. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU: Xeon X5690 Ram: 24GB DDR3
  7. Hello PU community I would like to share my opinion about shoulder view in BG . Over the games i've played the past 3 weekends there wasn't much that I felt was wrong or missing in your game , excluding what you already changed/are planning to change , except one thing , changing shoulder view *without aiming* . I have been playing alot of TPS games since I am like 10 back when the 2nd socom came out on PS2 and I just feel like something is wrong when I have to aim to change the shoulder view as i'm checking the corners on my left it feels very awkward I'm not sure if it was unintentional/you didn't deem it nescessary/still working on the feature but honestly I am surprised that there isn't more people asking about it . Not only does it feel awkward but a couple of times that I switched over my view while aiming to peak a corner then just finished fighting or just went on my way and happened not to aim for a couple minutes I forgot that my aim was still switched over and then got into another fight and died as a result . While I understand that it is primarly my fault for forgetting obviously , I still feel like something better could be done because in my eyes shoulder view switching in a TPS is mandatory and shouldn't require you to aim to do so Thank you
  8. Camera Glitch

    For a few games I've been getting a glitch where my crosshair is stuck in the middle of the screen. My character moves as normal but my camera is fixed to a locked position looking straight. I can only look forward not up or down. I also cannot use "alt" to look around. My character's head look around but the camera doesn't' follow. First person is the only way I can play normally. This glitch happens every few games and is usually fixed after another match starts.
  9. Camera Glitch

    Okay, so recently I've been experiencing a bug where once I've landed on the ground, whenever I'm in third person my camera is completely locked to the player as if the parent movement of the camera was the player's hip. You cannot move the camera up or down at all, but when you move the mouse the player's head moves, and if you move far enough to either the left or right to where your character will actually move their body, only then will the camera move. I did however find a way to reproduce this every single match. It only ever happens when you load into the game without ever being on spawn island and instead are immediately in the plane after finishing loading. Hopefully with knowing this the devs will be able to fix it. Edit: This may be a little cocky of me, but if I am to be credited for this in some patch notes or something, I would appreciate a link to my Twitter or YouTube and for my accredited name to be 'Abnormal Sloth' rather than 'Slothman'
  10. Crosshair gets stuck

    Crosshair gets stuck in the middle of the screen randomly, I can only move it right or left, and the camera needs some time to respond to my movement. It only happens immediately after I land, not in the mid game. It started happening few hours after I started playing the game. ( Doesnt happen every game ) EU Server. No message, the game didnt crash. I tried restarting the game and it works for the time being. Starts happening again. Launch options: -sm4 .malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -maxMem=8000 -force-feature-level-11-0 -high +vt_maxPPF=16 Nothing changed after removing them, lost a lot of fps tho. Operating system: Windows 10 pro, 64-bit, build 14393 Graphics Card : Nvidia Geforce 1070 from ASUS CPU : AMD FX 8120, 8 core, around 4 GHZ. RAM : 8192 Mbs That would be it, thanks, and sorry for my grammar.
  11. Is there or will there be any cross hair customization when in 3rd person ...cause the cross hair now is sometimes hard to see
  12. Left Peek Crosshair

    So i think they should implement a option for the crosshair . Don't know about you guys but i have died alot of times because of left peeking . They should implement a option that would allow your crosshair to automatic change to the rigth side, so that you can have that fast Left , Rigth peek . Im still not used to Pressing E to change the crosshair back to the rigth side but i think that would be usefull for when people are rushing you from both sides and you dont have time to press E to pick Rigth side . Ofc if your already used you could switch that option off so that you could do it manually . What do you guys think about this option ?
  13. Bom como o titulo diz, queria saber se vão implementar alguma opção no futuro sobre novas cores ou opçoes para mudar o crosshair... pq sou um player vesgo e precisso do supporte de uma mira que seja visivel, essa mira atual do jogo que é um " . " (ponto) no meio da tela minusculo e ainda single color branco no qual inumeras vezes perde o sentido do tiro e so consegue se guiar dando sprays absurdos. sei que tem gente que gosta dessa mira eu na verdade não acho ela ruim mas queria que fosse mais visivel, so queria mudar a cor e colocar bordas pretas ou alguma coisa do estilo caso exista algum jeito de mudar atualmente porfavor comente e caso algum souber se em um futuro vão implentar agradeço a informação. (o.o)/ pd: procurei algum topico em pt sobre o assunto mas n achei, caso já exista peço desculpas.
  14. first of all sorry about my bad english. One think that is really annoying in battlegrounds (and even more annyoing for new players) Is the aim. It's really hard to correct the recoil of a full automatic weapon in the 3rd person in close combat because we need to correct the barrel and not the crosshair. Making us to have to point the crosshair to the enemy's feets while spraying and hope that the barrel will point to the chest/head. The crosshair in some situations confuses more than it helps. It can also be confusing when we get close to walls and we can aim through windows but the barrel is acctualy pointing to the wall or ceiling. I suggest to have a second option for the crosshair. A crosshair fix to the eyes ( what we already have) and a crosshair fixed to the weapon's sight. The key to switch the modes could be the key N. Right next to the they B, the one that chages the fire mode.
  15. No Crosshair

    During the game I had no crosshairs. I believe I didn't have them due to the fact that I held onto the gun i had on my person while in the lobby. I kept holding it by dragging it while I got into the plane when all items are supposed to be taken away. Hope this helps! Here are some key times to look out for in the video 00:40 - Holding on to gun when getting on plane and items are supposed to be taken away. 02:00 - Picked up gun and can clearly see no crosshairs. 04:46 - Started to aim at a gun and finally notice that I have no crosshairs. Youtube Video Link -
  16. Crosshair bug

    Hi guys, yesterday I noticed that when I am viewing in spectator mode, the crosshairs will sometimes come up double. I noticed it when my friend switched from a Shotgun to a Rifle. The shotgun crosshair stays in screen. Searched the forum for similar topics, couldn't find them. Sorry if this is already reported. Screenshot is an example of what it looks like. Also, I noticed when I started switching between teammates, the shotgun crosshair sometimes would appear double (don't have a screenshot for this). Hope this is any help.
  17. What does everyone think about the 3rd person crosshair shooting mechanic? I feel like it needs to be nerfed a bit or have the crosshair taken out for 3rd person. This will give more incentive to aim down the scopes/iron sights and give a more real and immersive gameplay experience. Theres all these cool iron sights and reticles to attach on the gun for a reason So why not? Anyway, thoughts on this?
  18. Look at those images. It is very annoying, very often shooting in 3rd person in the walls... This is inacceptable bug...
  19. There should be an option to change the RGB values of all the text on the hud, crosshair, healthbar, and the letters and ticks that make up the compass.
  20. HUD/everything disappeared

    I opened the inventory for items on the ground, when i closed it everything was gone, except for the mini map. No life indicator / direction / magazine info / crosshair / player count / kill feed. Unfortunately i did not know the key binding for making a screenshot in game, windows only made a screenshot of my desktop, not that it would be of much value though. I was able to open inventory and map, but with no visible effect after closing. I opened and closed all menus several times. After a few minutes everything suddenly reappeared, after closing the inventory i think.
  21. Crosshair 3rd Person

    Please!!! Emphasize the color of the crosshair in 3rd person! Some players can't see it very well.