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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, My name is Cam, and I was born deaf. However, I received surgery and the Cochlear Implant (google it for details) of which allows me to hear in my left ear. I crank up the volume on my headphones and I use that to play my games. However, one problem I've been noticing while playing PUBG is the inability to detect the direction of sound. Normal people are able to play just fine, because they retain both ears and can track the direction of sounds like gunfire, vehicles, gunshots, etc. Now, when someone is being shot at, it shows blood on your screen to indicate you're taking damage. My problem is, in order for me to track where the shooting is from, i have to look for where the bullets are hitting and track down where that person could be shooting from. Which usually, by the time I've figured that out, I'm either close to death, or I'm dead. My suggestion, is to strengthen that blood marks from where you're being shot at. Rather the blobs of blood, make it more like a semi-circle. Somehow, put in a way that we can tell where we're being shot from. If this could be added in, it would definitely improve my gameplay, and would allow me to play the game along with others without having to depend on others, or luck. I'm sure this would benefits many hundreds of other people also who may have the same problem. Thanks and have a great one! ~Cam