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Found 37 results

  1. Hello, today I was in the game and I was stucked between a wall and my car (truck), after i tried to jump a lot of times, I've died with the same message if i fell from a mountain.
  2. No end screen texts

    I found this problem in archived threads. So I guess you fixed it once, but now I have this End screen bug where I dont get the text better luck next time or the points table. I have not played for about 2 months and now since I´m back I have encountered it several times. For me it happens around every 3rd match. I still get the stats but I would like to see the end stats for points and dmg done. It happens in Solo, duo and squad. None of my friends have this issue. I have tried restarting the game and validating game files. Attaching 2 screenshots of what I see when I die. Win 10 i7-7700 16gb ram Asus 1080ti strix Game installed on Sasmung evo 850 All drivers and windows updated. Also I play at 2560 x 1080
  3. dosent show the report bottem when i died,
  4. So after playing 66 hours on PUBG so far, first glitch i found was this rock texture was not loading properly and it was see through, then also while walking through the map i was on 5 kills at that point and short on ammo so running i saw this town, looked very weird as in all the houses and stuff was floating. Tried walking into one of the houses and i got stuck in a glitch where i could no longer move and had to leave the game.
  5. Title says it all. I've played 3 matches today and after all of them, when I got back in the lobby, the rejoin button would show up. This would put me back in the game. It doesn't let me play, instead it puts me on the spawn-island. I can't walk or open the inventory or map. It isn't gamebreaking, but I do think it should be fixed.
  6. Here's a quick youtube video of it. I only uploaded in 720p due to it being a fairly easy thing to see.
  7. I was standing inside a building south-west of the School, and yet the red zone bombs still killed me. Video can be found here:
  8. Now that grass cover open fields better, it would be nice if my buggy didn't flip over a cow turd. Its harder to see the raised dirt now and with no way to upright the vehicles, driving through fields are more risky. Love that low settings still shows a lot of grass, but certain vehicles (jeep and buggy for example) should be less prone to flipping due to better suspensions or higher ride heights. I know its early access, just a suggestion.
  9. Map markers

    When you are playing duo's / teams and you die, you can't remove the marker you have placed while alive?
  10. --- Bug Description: I bled out after being downed and my screen turned to the gray shade. At around the same time, my duo partner enters a buggy. I died, and when i went to spectate him, the whole view was in the same gray shade. It was only after he exited the vehicle did the colors come back again. Date Seen: July 3rd Server: LIVE Troubleshooting Attempted: Can't change view. Issue fixed itself once player exited the vehicle. Other Information: NA Launch Options: none System Specifications:
  11. The vehicle mechanics in the game are starting to bug me a quite a bit. Getting launched off my bike (flipped forward on nothing and launched across a field) because I run over a pebble is just annoying. Driving across a field on a motorbike at about max speed when I hit seemingly nothing and then proceeded to be flipped forward and killed by said nothing. https://clips.twitch.tv/ResilientHardSproutFrankerZ
  12. Spectating Team

    I have noticed you can't delete your marker after you die and you spectate your team. Maybe should add the ability to continue to mark or remove it after death. I think it would be nice to still be able to help the team. Its not a big advantage but can help the team possibly still win.
  13. Circle so small it disappeared

    Hi, i was playing a game, when the final cirkle suddenly became so small a player couldnt even be in it and eventually disappeared, and all this while i, and 2 other players were alive. Is this a bug? Does the game decide its time to end a battle just because the players dont kill eachother within a certain time frame or what?
  14. Map Features

    I think it would be cool to see the players steam photo and/or SN up in the sky once they are killed to publicly show that the player died. This would be similar to what happens in the "Hunger Games" arena after a person is killed off. I think it would make for a more immersive gameplay experience.
  15. It seems for me that my most common type of death in solo is running to the zone before the circles starts to close, getting shot 2 or three times, then dying to the circle from not having enough healing items. Any one else have this happen a lot?
  16. Hello My Name Is Cpt CODYT I am looking for a squad or more players i could play with on PUBG as non of my friends have the game. Reply to this and ill hit you up on steam or join my teamspeak and say your looking for CODYT battlegrounds. Ts3 ip : ts3.opnation.co.uk Website: http://opnation.co.uk/forums/forum.php Thankyou & hope to win some games with people i can actually communicate with.
  17. I've played a decent amount of the A3 BG, and recently this standalone. For the majority of mechanics (with some exceptions, like magazine proxies, bolt action anims..) Arma 3 does everything better. But that's not a massive surprise given the time spent on arma 3 in comparison to bg at this stage. Anyway, here's my constructive criticism on the current build, biggest issues first: THERE IS NO REASON FOR PLAYERS TO DIE TO THE ZONE. This is a HUGE problem and basically kills any enthusiasm I have for the game (and looking at other threads here I see I'm not the only one). Here's my argument: (1) Shooting other players is fun. (2) Dying to the zone is not fun. (3). People play games to have fun. Therefore, dying to the zone should be minimised. Hopefully I don't need to make a case for any of the premises above. There is literally no reason that the blue zone should be killing such a vast number of players — all it needs to do is restrict the play area. So how do you stop it killing so many without destroying its purpose (restrict area?) Simple: 1. THE ZONE SHOULD NEVER EXCEED THE PLAYER'S RUN SPEED. This makes the zone itself the warning; you won't get caught out and killed by the game; but neither can you stay outside it forever. Additionally zone damage shouldn't ever increase, it should have a constant value (of the first wave — the later wave zone damage is fucking ridiculous). If you're worried about people staying outside the zone for too long, you could tie damage to their 'depth' in the zone, but that seems unnecessary to me. The additional fix you get from reducing the zone speed and damage is you're not as harshly forced to run into the open and die to players who happened to have the zone land on them; it's one of the worst bits of RNG in the game. It's not skill who wins the match, just luck on getting the zone 90% of the time. Making the last few zones fixed (ie always reduces to the center) would mitigate this somewhat. ATM it's a poor mechanic that forces you to do stupid things (run into enemy's who have cover) and die or get overtaken and die. Neither are much fun and remove any chance of strategic gameplay. With slower and less damaging zones you're still forcing their hand, but not in a way that completely fucks them. tl;dr: the zone should not be killing anyone, ever. It's the single biggest thing ruining this game for me, and such a simple fix. First person only is such an obvious fix for so many unfair third person exploits it boggles my mind the game even includes third person. I really hope it wasn't added because of the whole clothing-item-lootcrate nonsense. Damage. Does armour actually do anything? Sometimes with level3 vest/helmet I get killed in 4 shots with 5.56 in the blink of an eye. How much influence on damage does the ammo have, or is it all down to the gun? I don't have much hopes for accurate damage given how 7.62x39 seems to be a magical caliber that fits in everything from revolvers to, of all things, the M24. Damage does seem inconsistent too, sometimes players survive a lot more than is reasonable. Especially when downed, it takes way too many shots to totally kill them. What's the point of bolt actions when an assault rifle seems better in every way? I feel like it would've been nicer to have tiers of weapons from .22lr to the very rare .338, but having .338 actually mean something. Currently people seem able to shrug off a .338 shot (or two...) to the chest. Why even bother? Rare stuff should be good; especially considering how little time you have to actually use long range stuff given how harshly the zone contracts. Looting. Personally I don't have any issues with the amount of loot, but I fear having to repeatedly loot for gear will get tedious — especially when you tend to spend more time looting than you do in combat: the game split by time is probably 30% looting, 60% running from the zone, 10% combat. That's not a very fun ratio. Another element of RNG we've come to hate is the cars flipping. Hit a little bump? Roll the dice on whether you flip or not. Maybe having a helmet should stop you from being downed when thrown from a bike. I feel like medical could be a bit more advanced; it's a bit ridiculous how fast players get get back to 70%+, and there are no bleeding mechanics or slowness from damage (particularly to legs) and no deviation on your aim when hit, so you can just tank damage and returning perfectly accurate fire.... this is bad. Even slight deviations would be enough to stop people spinning and snap headshotting you. Why, why, why, did you feel the need to copy an arma3 workaround (spawning players on an island until the correct number of players joins)? Did you not consider making the waiting stage either a simple lobby, or, I don't know, a quick FFA DM with respawns, so you actually have something to do if you aren't already tabbed out watching it's always sunny in philadelphia? Minor gripes now; the time it takes to consume adrenaline makes it useless; it should be only take a second or so since it's an injection. Considering the rarity, you might want to make it useful. Another thought it allow downed players to use it to revive themselves; though you'd need to keep them alive if they're the last downed player in that case. ACOGs are so valueable and yet so rare; perhaps there needs to be an equivalent, like a 3.5x. If you add a system to combine items, you could have a G33 Magnifier, so if you find that by itself you get zoom but no reticle, but if you combine it with an eotech or whatever you get zoom+reticle.
  18. Can anyone here explain how this player kills me instantly with a headshot from an AKM while wearing a level 3 helmet at full health and boosted? I'm just floored by the situation and find it ridiculous that something like this is possible. Sure you can toss it up to lag, but out of 300+ hours, I've never experienced lag to a point where I just die instantly. Maybe there's more to this... https://streamable.com/1b050
  19. Let me paint a picture for you. One I'm sure many of you have experienced. You drop from the plane, you pull your rip cord and make your way to what seems to be a clear area. Nobody has spotted you so far, good. You finally manage to loot all you need for an intimate round in PUB. You remain un-spotted, the numbers in the top right tick down, "soon", you you say with much elation. "Soon, the much coveted Chicken Dinner will be mine". Suddenly you notice something, after what feels like a lifetime the number 10 is staring at you from the corner of your screen. Your heart beings to hammer with antici....pation. Heavy shots ring out to your right, a big boy gun, a fast "rat-tat-tat" to your left, a Scar-L. As you sit there, in your cover, what feels like an impregnable fortress, waiting, watching as the time counts down, You down enough pills and energy drinks to kill 5 men. The feared blue wall of gas flies past you, chunking your health at what feels to be a ludicrous speed. Risking death, you sprint to the next AO, praying nobody sees you. Your health, still ticking down, faster, faster! Success! You made it, right to the edge of the gas of death, with but a sliver of health, where not but a mouse could find solace in having such a minuscule amount. You scan behind you, nothing, surely nobody could be in the gas of death in the top 10? You pop a FAK and gain your bearings, it's time to move forward, time for you to claim your crown! "Tak-tak-tak", betrayed by the gas of death that so eagerly sought to end you, a player emerges out of the gas of death to shoot you in the back and thus ending your chance for the sought after Chicken Dinner. TL;DR; The gas of death needs a boost, it feels underwhelming, especially in the top 10. I've played the line game perfectly, nearly getting killed by the gas (as intended), only to have some player who shouldn't be alive pop out to shoot me inside the safe zone. If I nearly died, how could they be alive? If I barely make it, and I watch behind me for a good 20 seconds, there is no reason anything should save a player who willingly stayed in the gas that would have killed me from full health and boosters out the ass.
  20. Bug Description: After my 1st game, every time i die in a round, the UI to allow me to exit to lobby does not appear and thus i am forced to exit via menu->exit to lobby. This causes my round statistics not to be saved, so even though i played 5 rounds, it shows that i only played 1 round in my statistics. Kills, assists, etc ... are not saved either. I tried restarting the game multiple times, but it didn't help. Date Seen: May 13th 2017 Server: EU server Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarting and playing multiple rounds. Other Information: N/A Launch Options: Nothing changed. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1050 2GB CPU: Intel Core i5-7300 HQ Ram: 8 Gb
  21. Dying outside Playzone

    Can someone please explain to me why the player counter doesn't count down when players die outside the playzone? I see this all the time where two or three players will die outside the circle but the total number of Players Alive doesn't change... what's up with that? Are there more players than the counter actually shows or does the game somehow know when a player is going to die outside the circle by their location and inventory items??? Seems a little odd to me and I'd like some clarification if possible.
  22. SOLO KILL Compilation Part 2

  23. Car glitches

    So i've noticed recently that the car hit boxes ad world interactions are very buggy. While playing the other day my friend was knocked out by a car that didnt even hit him, then was teleported into the car and dragged along until it killed him, other times while driving i will hit a tiny bump or hill and my car will go flying into the air. In the clip below my bike hits a tiny dip and flips over, tossing me and my team mate into the air. Upon landing we both die and are given the message "Killed by falling." The Cars in this game and the way they interact is one of the biggest problems it has. Please please please fix it. As i find more clips of car glitches i will post them. --Tax man Bug.mp4

    If you get hit by a vehicle at a certain velocity/speed you should die and not go down. Very unrealistic... Just a suggestion. Tell me what you think
  25. Deadly Stairs

    If you collide with another player in squads on the stairs and try and pass each other, you get stuck and eventually "die from falling" and killing you instantly. You have no chance of revival. Date 4/22 Time 4:15am EST Not Test Server