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Found 5 results

  1. Friendly Fire

    This has been happening more and more and it is quite frustrating. In this example, I am in a discord chat channel with some other friends who are playing on a different server so i decided to squad with randoms. Turns out they are not so random and they are a squad of 3. Anyways I was not trying to "throw" the match as they were saying and I stumbled over my words cause that statement makes no sense to me. I was, however, testing out the revolvers range on a building which is factual and then the team came over and killed me while I was in a vehicle and took my loot. At first, they deny it and then when I told them I was recording and that it has been suggested that friendly fire is bannable they fess up at the end. The fact of the matter is that this kind of behavior should not be going unchecked and I think a point system would be great. If you friendly fire -100 points or screw it negate all the points for the match. Additionally, it seems that they are doing this so that the fourth person collects loot for them and they don't have to which in my opinion is cheating; let me know your thoughts on this. PS: I don't have the full 15 minutes because for some reason Shadowplay was not cooperating with commands and windows DVR said it couldn't record right now; I got what I could which is incriminating enough. here is the link :'( https://www.twitch.tv/videos/157480994 Best regards, YeahILiftBro
  2. Volunteering or Dev help?

    So I absolutely love this game, and I'm also a wannabe indie game developer. I've browsed and asked around a bit, and as far as I can tell there aren't any official channels for modding. AFAIK streamers are given an option to host their own server, but is there any hope for private servers in the future? I'm looking to either volunteer my time to current development (unpaid) or do some modding on a private server for friends, in hopes of eventually making changes available to the public. I understand PUBG is in relatively early stages of development and modding/community development may not be high on the priority list, but regardless I'm interested in helping progress development as an unpaid volunteer.
  3. Mod tools

    This is more of a question for the developers and mods than a discussion. I am interested in modding the game, and am wondering when mod tools will be released for the game and what the PlayerUnknown and Bluehole will allow to be modded/added, and if private servers will need to be set up to utilize any of these mods, even simple ones such as UI modifications (obviously larger mods will require their own servers). Also, what program would the devs suggest for 3D asset creation? Would it be Blender? Or is a different tool used? And, being in unreal engine, would C++ or Blueprint be the recommended coding language? For the community, once these tools are released, I plan to make a mod adding several more weapons, attachments, and mechanics. I am posting a tentative list of my ideas here and I am taking suggestions for everything. Edit: The link is not active yet. Apparently I have not posted enough to post in the correct section.
  4. 50/50 Gamemode

    Picture this: A gamemode that has nearly identical rules to vanilla gameplay. However the 100 players are split into two teams of 50 each. The round starts normally without indication of which team a player is on. Players drop as they typically would, thus not grouping teams from the start. As players land, you receive your team designation, where half the lobby is enemy half ally. Allied players perhaps show their name above their head in blue, when in direct line of sight and do not show up on the map. (Or they do, both could be interesting, as you could see groupings.) Circle enclosed proceeds as normal, or possibly slightly slower. Players could spectate their teammates (adding more usability to the spectate function.) All players on the winning team receive a small victory bonus. Winning players who survive get slightly more. The gamemode has the benefit of allowing for larger scale defenses, assaults , and group combat I would imagine as well that this would not require especially large tweaks to the game, considering group mode and the base game already exist. The gamemode would have an especially large effect on replay ability however. Would love to hear suggestions and feedback. No cucks allowed.
  5. Suggestions

    I understand that this game is Early Access, but it's already surpassing some of the greatest games in terms of popularity, and I see huge promise in the development. However, I do have some suggestions to make it even better than it already is. Firstly, sound. The directional part of the audio has already been addressed, but I would like to hear bullet cracks and whizzing when the shots get close to you. As it stands, it's extremely difficult to determine if a shot is actually being directed at you and can lead to some desk punching moments. Second, customization. I understand that this is just the core game, and more will be added in terms of character customization items, but this is a huge thing for the longevity of the game. Metal Gear Online had an extensive points based customization system which kept me coming back because I felt a sense of progress from it. Humans are addicted to progress, even in the most seemingly insignificant forms (see: Minecraft). Expanding the clothing selection to including more military style items and even weapon skins would be fantastic. Third, weapon variety. More variety would be great. Maybe a bow and arrow, a .22 caliber pistol and rifle, and knives (no knives, really?). These weapons may not do as much damage, but life isn't fair. Some other tweaks and additions that might benefit the future of the game could be: Adding the ability for your team to see markers you place on the map and a better compass with easier to read bearings. Currently, the way the compass is displayed, one has to say "between Northwest and 300," instead of just being able to look at a number and say "contact 310," because the corresponding marker is not 310; it's 307.5. Bleeding/blood trails/injuries. Nothing is more infuriating than hitting someone directly in the liver and watching them run off. If you can't stop the bleeding because you don't have bandages, well.. too bad. Blood trails might add to server load, but it's an idea. Leg shots might slow you down. Arm shots could reduce ads stability/increase reload time. Night and Winter. Obviously, making an entirely new map would take considerable work, so adding night time or winter to the existing map could add variety. Night vision and night optics/thermal optics would be cool. Muzzle flash would give you away. As for winter, it would be very cold (-20C or colder); not cold enough to kill you, but enough to make you shake. This would increase the utility of jackets, hats and gloves. Movement system. An improvement to the existing movement system to include climbing and/or vaulting over walls would be welcome. Anyways, that's all I've got. What do you guys think?