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Found 4 results

  1. Teammate Duplication

    Teammate's client crashed before plane, and reconnected, only to find that his body stayed on the island (pregame lobby). Once reconnected, he found that he was also in the plane, but his body had no gamertag over his head, and his health bar status indicator showed his "island" body slowly dying to circle, but had no indication of the status of his playable body. The map also showed him on the island, and the blue indicator on-screen showed him on the island, as well. Attached is a picture of the game notifying him that his "island" body died to circle, but his playable body was still alive.
  2. Help Game Code dupluicate

    I Bought the game on amazon for the digital code from BlueHole, Inc provided by Amazon digital as soon as they sent me the code i put it in Steam and i get a duplicate code it is already attached to an account. Now if you go to amazon they say contact steam steam says contact retailer neither has an option to contact them about this. I have the proof i bought this code how i can i fix this. No one will help me. No one to contact i have tried everything. I am literally just screwed? Cant they void the previous code and give me a new one. I tried to contact someone at battleground no luck. I bought this today tried to use it 10 min after i bought it. Please anyone i need help and no one will help.
  3. Player Duplicating Ammo

    Saw a player in the lobby duplicating ammo. Can't see anyone's name, but the cheat is out there. https://youtu.be/XIk1QiIPlsU
  4. Reward box bug

    Hey there, When you buy 2 reward boxes in a row you only receive 1. I was saving points to spend once the weekly reset came up last week, and then I bought 2 boxes right away, but I only received 1.