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Found 3 results

  1. steam name is extafy! add me ! my icon is a lion! I want someone in the US, I live in Illinois and I want someone that can grind and catch these fat W's with ! IDC what voice thing we use I juss wanna win and play all day hahaa
  2. Hi guys, These are the bugs i've encountered today and the amount of times they happened. This is troughout the course of about 10/12 games; Bugs 3x Invincible fence that actually damages the entire squad for 50% hp when ran into. 11x Bullets that still hit you when already hidden 4x People surviving 2 or more supermanpunches when even hearing the hit impact 2x Getting hit by a car before it actually reaching me 1x Getting hit by a car when i'm not in front of it, but next to a wall Suggestions 3x Having a character that doesn't know how to jump over a fence <-- FIX 2x People without armor surviving 2 sniper shots <-- FIX 4x People in my face and surviving 3rd person shots <-- NEEDS FINETUNING That's all. Good luck.
  3. 50/50 Gamemode

    Picture this: A gamemode that has nearly identical rules to vanilla gameplay. However the 100 players are split into two teams of 50 each. The round starts normally without indication of which team a player is on. Players drop as they typically would, thus not grouping teams from the start. As players land, you receive your team designation, where half the lobby is enemy half ally. Allied players perhaps show their name above their head in blue, when in direct line of sight and do not show up on the map. (Or they do, both could be interesting, as you could see groupings.) Circle enclosed proceeds as normal, or possibly slightly slower. Players could spectate their teammates (adding more usability to the spectate function.) All players on the winning team receive a small victory bonus. Winning players who survive get slightly more. The gamemode has the benefit of allowing for larger scale defenses, assaults , and group combat I would imagine as well that this would not require especially large tweaks to the game, considering group mode and the base game already exist. The gamemode would have an especially large effect on replay ability however. Would love to hear suggestions and feedback. No cucks allowed.