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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I've only experienced a few times that the map has ended in the outer parts of the circle such as Stalbar, Lipovka etc. But some of these areas are in fact really fun in the end. My best experience so far has been in a rocky terrain near Stalbar, where we had several options to hide in the cliffs. Multiple teams fighting each other from each of their cliff was very cool. More of this, and less military base Best, Jacob aka hankat
  2. Hello everyone, thanks for read , my idea is allow the last alive players have a more smart and tactical fight. Actual circle: I think the idea of the circle or the safe zone is made for make a final spot, what all players have to reach if want to stay alive and forces the players keep moving not camping as I understand, at the same time is a meet place for the different teams/solo players. but sometimes the players can have the luck of stay all of the time on the right spot of the map, "the final circle", meanwhile the other players have to spend a big amounts of supplys for stay alive vs "the electric field" , the difference is players having pressure vs other players on a hill or a house in the safety. And yes I have experienced the two sides of the coin. My Idea: Most of the time the players are well equipped when they reach the "Final Zafe Zone" or "Final Cicle" so, why don't we make the final circle a bit more big than the actually (the very final end circle). And make that circle "Stable", permanent, that gives the players on a very bad situation time for think on a solution, vs the players on the house or the hill who are relaxed because they don't have to care about anything. I think with this the most skilled players will win, because actually we have things like grenades, smoke grenades, and on the future we probably can have gas grenades? and other tools. The players on the safe spot will defend the area, while the players who reach the "Final Circle" will try to assault the others, With this now the enemy players will be the pressure and not "The electric field". Have a good fight on the battleground, and sorry if any misunderstand anything for a bad use of my english ^^. 8/5000 8/5000
  3. Healing during end game

    Do you know how healing works in end game? I got to the final circles, only 2 guys left, and i thought i'd just pop all heals i have and hope for the other guy to reveal his position, or die outside the zone. This did not work because i couldn't heal at all. For large portion of the last circle (i believe when it was still moving) no heals (packs or bandages) would activate. Only after i was outside the zone for a while, but it was already too late. The med kit wouldn't "load" in time. Is this intended?
  4. Help For Top 10?

    Hey guys, so I have a problem. I can easily reach the top 10 placement in say 2/3 matches just using basic strats like staying on the outskirts of the play area etc. But I always seem to come up short in the top 10, my best result so far being #2. I usually die around #4 or #5 just before the last one or two zones. Can anyone help with tips for actually staying alive in the last zones?
  5. The real enemy

    The actual enemy you have to worry about in game is the wall. It honestly ruins the game. At first, in the beginning of the game, it wasn't bad because you never really noticed it. But it seems like half of the players nearing the end of the game will die to the wall. End game you have to fear the wall more than a guy staring you down with an Kar98k at your forehead, because the wall will mess you up more. It's making the game irritating to where people are just quitting or playing less now. My suggestion is to just have a constant moving wall, at WALKING speed though. So you never have to fear the wall, but you know it's there and you have to keep moving into the center of the map. Then if you get into a firefight, you don't have to fear the wall coming and killing you. You can ACTUALLY enjoy the gunfights, take the game on tactically, and have fun. And the wall shouldn't deal much damage to you. Have it deal insanely low damage so you can heal up and survive it, and have time to catch up to it on foot. Since it isn't always smart to take a car, since that WILL give you away, but you have to take it with the current wall or you'll just die. I love this game a ton, and would love to have a better wall system. I always make it to top 10 or 20 but die with 90% of those players to the damn wall....
  6. So I've been noticing a lot in my games that the area where the game is ending at always seems to be open field or near a town like Poichinkers.(Nickname for Pochinki). So I'm thinking maybe we can have areas like the warehouse, ruins, military base, or even the power plants for places we can have end games. I feel like those areas will be better for the players they give more of an adrenaline rush at the start of the game when you first land so end game would be just as good. Furthermore these areas will give us a better challenge and help us improve our skills better than an open field would. So if you do consider my idea please let me know just so I can brag to my friends who play this game. Also I'm sure you are aware already but there are a few bugs with fall damage in the game so maybe add something that makes us invulnerable until you hit the ground after you drop from your parachute. One last question the F to Cut Parachute does that work even if you aren't stuck in your chute? Because I swear it does but I can't tell thanks!
  7. So is this a hacker or a bug..

    So was in a duo and made it to the top 3 people and the last person was nowhere to be found. So when the gas closed all the way here is what we saw.... basically the bug either hacked or was bugged and was still alive sitting in the gas for 2 minutes while we were the last ones alive. once we died it said he died outside the play zone and gave us 2nd place... can we please figure this out. comment if you've experienced this problem before please https://gyazo.com/4881c23876050e96e48923df5a96fa35
  8. It seems like in the FIRST week of testing, the circles would close faster than week 2 of testing. I could be totally wrong but, if the cirlces would close a little quicker than week 2's testing, it would be a bit more exciting and intense. ( HAVE TO ACT FAST ) AGAIN: I could be wrong with the time of the circles closing being different from week 1 to week 2! Let me know your thoughts!