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Found 97 results

  1. Trenchcoat graphics glitch

    While wearing the trench-coat there is no texture between the collar and the actual neck of the trench-coat, this allows the players skin to be seen between the collar and neck of the trench-coat especially while running.
  2. Client doesn't working

    When I bought the game I could play it undisturbed but after a while the game started to crash and freeze on the main menu. If you fail to fix the game I would ask you to return the money I gave you for the game. Thank you and good bye.
  3. Steam initiliaze error FIX

    Just check my video. Its to hard to explain it for me.
  4. Error

    Ayer me descarge lo que vendria siendo el PUBG y al iniciarlo me pasa 2 errores 1.- Antes de Iniciar el Juego me sale esto del "Warning" 2.- Y el otro vendria siendo que se queda pillada en el menú
  5. I have just purchaced Pubg and decided to connect my twitch account to the game so I can get my loot from Twitch prime a few weeks back. Whenever I click on the button that says "Click okay to open your browser" It opens chrome and doesnt go anywhere. After about 15 minutes it shows me a host error. Is there anyway I could connect my twitch account another way? And is there a message from the devs that there is server maintenance going on to where I can connect at a later time?
  6. Error 2.5.39-

    Hey guys, I bought this game a while back and I am unable to play it. Everytime i try to join a public game i get stuck on the Loading screen and then it timesout, resulting in an Error 2.5.39. Could anyone kindly assist on this? Thank you!
  7. Custom Movement Keybinds Dont Work

    So basically I'm one of those people that don't use WASD to move. I use "i" to go forward and for some reason the game does not let you rebind that key AT ALL so anything that the the "i" key gets binded to will not work at all and it's driving me crazy. Everything worked fine for all other updates but this new August 3rd 2017 update screwed it all up. I wont like a fix asap. Thank you
  8. So I get random "lag detected" though I can still see everyone go about their business, and I can alt+tab and use a browser, but it never reconnects and eventually I get booted. So it's not only my internet, it's also a problem with reconnecting which it can't seem to do. (and because it's random, late game is heart breaking)
  9. IP banned??

    Idk if its a ban or not but I cannot get into any lobbies I get a connection error everytime and if I use a proxy or a vpn I can connect so its clearly a ip problem, I have talked to my isp they do not block peer to peer so its not on their side, I never had this problem till the new update came out and im getting no words back from anybody about it im seeing others get this as well and nobody will say anything about it Ive tried many fixes and nothing will work ive even reinstalled the game 4 times please help me devs I love this game it brings good times with me and my friends they can all play but I cant.
  10. Every time i open the game or when i die and go back to the main menu it goes on the "Connected. Waiting for response" screen and it stays there forever until i refresh it like 15 times. Is there a way to fix this? Cause it started happening like a few weeks ago but doesn't happen on the test server only the real game https://gyazo.com/44c7dccd150ffbce0e3c46044ae26595
  11. error

    Is this happening, could you help me?
  12. Bug Description: I click on my "Character" menu and nothing loads in. Date Seen: 8/7/2017 Server: Not on a server, was on main menu. Troubleshooting Attempted: refreshed the UI Other Information: none Launch Options: -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 PRO Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX480 8GB CPU: Intel i7-7700k Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB
  13. Missing item

    I was mulching some extras when an error popped up and I got back the white shirt with tie I had mulched. So, it still saying x2, I mulched another one. And entered the next match with it on. Now today I loaded in and I'm shirtless and don't have even one white shirt with tie. I'd be more than happy to give back all the BP I mulched just to get my shirt back.
  14. Firstly, I wanted to apologize for my English, I'm using google translator Two days ago I have problems getting into the game, so I start PUB is on a screen with the following image: After waiting a long time and nothing happens, I click on refresh and the following screen appears: Even after waiting a long time, updating the page appears the following message: My game is already in this version, I already did integrity check that did not find anything wrong and still continues the "errors". And after updating I often get to play but when the match is over and I go back to the lobby it's the same story.
  15. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/164934314 This is not the first time. I've had several games now kick me out in the last 24 hours.
  16. Rays of what seems to be texture shines out from a couple of enemy players in the game. Typically 2-5. A gif of the issue is attached. Date Seen:05-08-2017 (first day the PC have played PUBG) Server: EU 3rd person Error Message: No error message due to the gaming running well apart from the visual glitch. Other Information: The rays only shoot out from a couple of players in the game. 2-5 most of the time. You can see them the entire game but if someone is out of the camera direction or too far away from viewdistance, the bug disapears. Troubleshooting Attempted: Formated the pc. went through all the steps in troubleshooting. Even tried with another graphic card and other ram. Launch Options: Nothing in launch options. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit Graphics Card: Geforce 1060 6GB CPU: i5-4760 3,4 Ghz Ram: 8GB DDR3 1400MHz (testet with 16GB)
  17. Gdy chcę włączyć grę, steam przez 4s pokazuje ,że gra jest włączona ale mi się nic nie wyświetla.Po tych 4s steam pokazuje ,że gra się nie uruchamia. Prosze pomóżcie.
  18. The Bug Starts at 2:30. I get out of a car and the collision checks aren't quite right so it ends up putting me in a space I don't actually fit in. I can't get back in the car mind you. It registers as fall dmg I think and I get downed then when moving the vehicle it kills me. Feels Bugged man. The fix would just be to up the space required to get out on any side of the vehicle. It should have popped me out on the passenger side since there wasn't enough room on the drivers side.
  19. error 0xc000007b

    So yesterday I installed pubg and when i wanted to run it, it would say that i am playing it for 10 seconds and then it would go back to being online. So I browsed local files and run .exe as administrator and error 0xc000007b poped out. So investigated since this is the first time i got this error (though i heard a lot of people have it on other games as well as pubg) and i found out that this error happens when you dont have all .dll and the solution is to go to the microsoft visual c++ 2015 and 2017 and dowload them. Well i did, but mv c++ 2015 says that it installed successfully but i am sure that is not the case because when i try to install it from pubg directory (E:\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2015) it says that i have an error 0x80240017 so i investigated that and found out that you need to install windows update (mine is 8.1) KB2919355 so i tried downloading it and installing it and it went nicely and in the end it said i need to restart my PC, so I did. When system was starting msg poped out working on updates dont turn off you system or something like that, and it had like % of how much it was done. Everything went nice till 76%. It was stuck at 76% for about 1 hour then it turned off and rebooted and said we couldnt apply update undoing changes. So i waited for about an hour and a half. So finally it booted and in update history it didnt show that i did any update. I investigate once again and found out that you need to install KB2919442 before installing KB2919355, so i tried to install it but i it said that update is not applicable to my computer. Now this is where i am stuck. I cant install KB2919355 because i cant install KB2919442, i watched a lot of videos trying to solve this but nothing really helped, so if someone knows something please tell me i would really appreciate if you helped me, thank you
  20. i was starting the game and its just loading in the lobby, i can only press the option button, refresh and exit, any other than that really didnt pop up and i am not playing on the test server i already tried the cmd ipconfig stuff, firewall, and verify integrity cache and i just bought the game earlier, so can anyone help me?
  21. Waiting Island Game Crash

    This has happened 2 out of 3 waiting island i have been in since update today. This never happened before today
  22. "An Error Occurred"

    Was playing a few games this morning with a friend of mine, and after the third game (of bad rng ofcourse) we went to start up another game, and he couldn't click ready... So after a few more attempts of trying to rejoin the group, and restart the game, we both kept getting "an error occurred" pop up on the screen when we tried to click ready to join a game. Is there any information about this, or how to fix it on our end? Thanks.
  23. laterHcRemoteException

  24. Hi. I've bought PUBG about 3 weeks ago and since then I've been able to play only once, due to connection issue (connection timeout) I've tried many things: -Cleaning registry -Reinstalling the game -Veryfing game cache -Reinstalling battleye -Uninstalled antivirus -Disabled firewall, -Disabled windows defender and more. My internet connection is stable, tested for packet loss. My download speed is ~10mb and upload ~3mb. Basically I'm not even able to enter the game due to that error. Error: Connection timeout. 2.4.18- My PC Specs: Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7600K CPU @ 3.80GHz Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB RAM 8.0 GB Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 (build 14393), 64-bit Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z170-GAMING K3 Server: Plain, no test Launch options: I do not have creetov ?
  25. Hello, recently when i join the servers i will get a glimpse of the spawn and then freezes, whilst going to back to the menu and showing me a message stating "BE is not running properly 2.4.22 - BF62CE" This issue has occurred recently and is making it impossible to play the game, a resoultion to this issue would be awesome thanks!