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Found 61 results

  1. I personally don't like the servers being refreshed on a monthly basis but I know why it's also necessary, I love looking back on my stats and with the server refresh I can't do that which is why I had this idea a few days ago; Player Profile stats. This would be a player side statistic log of everything like longest kill, most kill streak, longest life, total wins, total kills, total deaths, most used weapon, most killed by weapon, shots fired, shots hit, headshots, vehicle kills, distance travelled on foot/vehicle etc. You get the idea. I'm almost certain that someone has suggested this before but i thought i'd post it anyway just in case. I personally love being able to look at 'lifetime' stats like this in games and I'd love to have this incorporated into Battlegrounds too.
  2. Something seems to have broken the RSS feed on the https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/news web. The last post in the RSS feed was this post: https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/news/posts/gunplay-mechanics and it was previously found at http://www.playbattlegrounds.com/feed/ but now it seems to be gone entirely. I really liked it, and a lot of people are still using RSS.
  3. Kill cams

    Im not sure a kill cam is a good idea for duo and squad games but in solo games having a kill cam that shows how my enemy kills me would be amazing. this gives me information that can easily help me get better at the game. This cant be toxic in solo gameplay so this change would be much appreciated. I can understand if duo and squad kill cams are a longshot, but solo atleast deserves this feature.
  4. So apparently not enough people did report issues on the test servers, and maybe in general there aren't enough people that do even play on the test servers before a patch is deployed to the real servers. My idea would be this: Add a report gameplay issue button to the final screen in matches on the test servers, and reward players that do report issues with battlepoints or whatever on the real servers. Having to run into an issue, minimize the game, go to the forums and report an issue is a long way, having it ingame where you can just fill out a few lines and then send submit and go play a new game would probably increase the amount of reports and feedback.
  5. Match Making

    Firstly I want to start by saying that I think every one working on the game is doing a great job, its refreshing to see a team that listens and fixes things as fast as you so please keep up the great work! So this has been a few weeks in the making (though should be short and to the point) as I tried to put together a thread that was not just some crazy cry / rant about how unfair the ranking system is to me and feedback something constructive to help improve. I think the best way to do this is through bullet points and giving a short run down on each. Discrepancy in ranking points It just doesnt make sense at all, some games you die straight away and lose anything up 60 points, yet other times you can die first 99th out of 99 and lose 0 points, even finishing in the top10 giving 0 points (All actually happened to me). Ive never felt so frustrated and raged at the fact 31 minutes of playing gained me 0 points or finishing 3rd two games in a row for a combined points gain of 23 to then lose 38 points finishing 64th the game after. This really needs addressing, it plays a huge role in how the game is played which contributes to all that is wrong with the current system, there needs to be a better system to gain and lose points. Solution: Maximum gain 70 points and maximum loss 30. +/- 20 points based purely on position and bonus of 20 points shared across top3 Top 3 share: 1st place 10 points 2nd place 6 points 3rd place 4 points Position share: 1st - 10th / 90th - 100th being +/- 20 points 11th - 20th / 80th - 89th being +/- 15 points 21st - 30th / 70th - 79th being +/- 10 points 31st - 40th / 60th - 69th being +/- 5 points 41st - 50th / 51st - 59th being +/- 2 points +/- 10 points based on kills 0 kills being a negative loss of points/ -10 points for 0 kills 1 kill - 2 points 2 - 4 kills - 5 points 5+ kills - 10 points + points for a range of things done during gain capped at the maximum points gain per game of 70 points. Kill by punch or hand held items, (pans crowbar etc) + 2 points kill by crossbow + 2 points kill by car, boat, bike or explosion + 2 points Above average distance traveled across all recorded games + 1 point Less than average healing per game + 1 point Headshot + 1 point Assists + 1 point More than 200 hit points but 0 kills + 1 point The above list is just an example you could add in a number of different + point achievements up to the maximum of 70 points, I feel the above system would make for a much better ranking system. You are punished for fighting until top10 The current system is totally screwed up, if you want to rank up you have to avoid fighting at all cost, hide till you can hide no longer is the goal and it makes solo gaming so bloody boring. You should be rewarded for fighting not punished, if anything you should be punished for camping, hiding and not fighting. Its a battleground and while I get there are many ways to play that, people who want to play it balls deep and in it for the kills shouldnt be punished in standing for it. I want to run at people and punch them to death as I see them pick up a weapon but if I do I can kiss my last 4 games of top10 ranking gain goodbye and even if I did kill him and died a few seconds later I wouldnt be rewarded for it. So whats the point in fighting or trying to kill anyone till top10? There just isnt and it ruins the game competitively (remember solo focused talk here). Solution: Implement my above ranking points system and reward people for fighting but without punishing those who dont want to fight either, its a win - win from the current system. Please feel free to add to or tell me why what I have suggested wouldnt work but please dont turn this into a rage thread, I want to see the current game improved not argue like children on whos idea is better.
  6. Removal of the drop shot mechanic

    This! can we make it so if you go prone, you can't shoot for while the animation is playing. i've met a lot of people abuses this mechanic, and for me it's so ridiculous. you aiming enemy head when he still stand up in close counter battle, then he suddenly when prone while dodging all the bullet also still firing at you... i'm only giving my feedback to the game, i love this kinda survival style game, so yeah there i hope the dev will consider about this. thx.
  7. Pedimos o seu feedback - IU do PUBG

    Jogadores, Hoje queremos pedir o vosso feedback a respeito da interface de utilizador (HUD) no PUBG. A nossa equipe de programadores está considerando duas direções possíveis. Pedimos à comunidade as vossa opiniões e reações para que possamos tomar uma decisão com a maior quantidade de informação possível. Por favor leia as opções seguintes com atenção e vote na sua preferida. Pode, também, deixar as suas opiniões e comentários neste tópico. Queremos clarificar que esta não é uma votação em popularidade. Mas sim uma forma de perceber as necessidades e a vontade da comunidade. Trabalhando juntos, nós acreditamos que conseguimos construir e fornecer uma melhor experiência de jogo para todos. A. Os jogadores deveriam poder verificar o número de consumíveis e granadas através da interface de utilizador do jogo sem a necessidade de abrir o inventário. Em um shooter competitivo, o jogador tem de ter acesso a toda a informação disponível para facilitar a rapidez de decisão e o foco nas tácticas do jogo e no combate. Abrindo o ecrã de inventário o jogador perde muito a noção do que o rodeia e impede a sua habilidade de concentração no aspeto competitivo do jogo. A disponibilidade desta informação permite aos jogadores com menos experiência ter uma desempenho superior e fornece mais acessibilidade aos novos jogadores. B. Tal como funciona neste momento, os jogadores têm de decidir quando abrir o inventário ou memorizar atempadamente as suas condições. Sendo um battle royale realistíco, demasiada informação pode diminuir ou quebrar a experiência de imersão. Ter noção dos riscos associados a verificar o inventário perante certas situações é parte da experiência battle royale. A habilidade de efetuar decisões rápidas baseadas na capacidade de o jogador entender a sua situação, sem depender da interface de utilizador, é apenas uma das muitas aptidões importantes em battle royale. Uma interface de utilizador minimalista melhora a imersão de jogo. O que pode provocar momentos mais divertidos e intensos. Por favor vote aqui: http://www.strawpoll.me/13456936 Mais uma vez, obrigado pela sua ajuda e por nos fornecer feedback! Bons jogos, PLAYERUNKNOWN
  8. Motorad An/Abbauen

    Ich finde schön wenn mann bei dem 3 Sitzer Motorad, den bei wagen abbauen könnte, als Beispiel: 8Sek wartezeit und man bekommt einen 2 sitzer
  9. Problems and Feedback

    so i have experienced major lag issues, frame drops, and just loading in the graphics, and computer freezing from this game. I have crashes and everything. ive tried to stop the frame drops and stuff by, changing settings, game files, Ethernet cable,decreasing resolution, moving my pc to different parts of the house etc. nothing. works. right now my computer freezes for the first 10 minutes of the game to load in the textures.i have frame drops when shooting. Im running it on medium settings Overclocked Nvidia 1060, 8gb ram, 3TB hard drive and i dont experience it in any other game. i know the game is still really early but i feel like it was built for 5,000 dollar setups is there anything i can do to fix this problem???
  10. 1. zeroing should be always displayed at the bottom, or at least toggleable. 2. Spamming F sometimes doesn't change the animation for the door, it would look as if it was opened but it's actually closed and u can't go through. 3. If a vehicle crashes into something and gets stuck it blows up, because it slowly loses health (or whatever it's called). 4. (If a car is flipped to the left or right and you're aiming a bit down) you will hold the gun in the most retarded way xd. http://i.imgur.com/SaGN79X.png 5. please make houses render faster , because if they aren't you can clip thru them and fall off the map. 7. the artillery shouldn't spawn on a guy who is trying to get to the circle or move somewhere else, The Campers should. 8. You can make it so, there will be a gas(or anything else really) if some1 is in the same spot for 1-3 minutes (unless shooting)... but you will have to figure what to do with silenced guns. 9. Maybe, but only Maybe... (could be not such a good idea), But spawn every1 with a taser or a pistol at the start of the round. so you actually have a chance to loot after a guy who got there before you. instead of making it a race to the ground. or make some mini weapons. like mini-shotgun mini-smg mini-pistol (maybe let us select what we can choose??) or something. But taser iz better. 10. make it so if you hover over a weapon and click 1 or 2 it switches your primary... excuse engrish is not my ?irst language! ?lease Reply with your thots on this list.
  11. My suggestions for the game

    Character Customization More hair styles for both men and women More cosmetics like, facial hair for men and make up for women and tattoos and piercings. Or just give us a pretty cool character customer that you can choose things like different body sizes and facial features etc Weapons Melee weapons - Different kinds of knifes and maybe even a Katana (they had one in Battle Royale) Explosives - Landmines, C4 and clay mores, Imagine driving over the bridge and BOOM caught on a landmine lol Armor A wider variety of helmets and kevlar vests, for example Riot helmets etc Other a Wider variety of colors of items already in game for example, different colored helmets, picking up just blue or just 2 different camo helmets are pretty boring Give us random collectable items that you can pick up around the island and give a showcase on you profile where you can see all your collectables. Give a scoreboard at the end of the match or when you die to see top players and add scores like top killer or top looter etc Maybe give each player ONE Adrenaline injection so when you play solo and get knocked out you can revive yourself (Only once) Binoculars would be very beneficial when surveying an area before entering Day / Night cycles would add greatly to the dimension of the game and would allow for different strategies Oh again I forgot something, very frustrating in combat situations to switch to grenades first to be able to throw, please add a dedicated button to throw grenades like in Battlefield and other shooters. Like th
  12. Jun 30th Patch Feedback

    Patch observations The Good: Game so much more responsive. Great for the Zone to visit outlying areas. Hit detection seems so much better, shots now landing correctly and not marred by lag. The Bad: Still getting a lot of frame rate stutters. I do believe its something to do with player textures. Two members of my squad rage quit last night as frustrations boiled over. Loot Loot is now far too rare. Took our squad ten minutes to find an AR between us in one game last night. IMO this makes the game less fun as you are spending more time searching for loot and a decent weapon and less time in combat situations ie. hiding/stalking/shooting. Solution: Loot spawn needs to be increased, its been nerfed too much. Is was about correct before the patch. The Zone The Zone spawn is now far more random and with the sparse amount of vehicles and with the Zone spawning in all corners of the map, when traveling to the Zone the Blue circle moves far too fast. Sometimes even too fast for a Car to keep up. This is a major frustration. Solution: More vehicles need to spawn (especially in outlying areas) and slow down the encircling Blue circle. Observations: So my observations and predictions will be that more players will spawn in the center of the map to alleviate the frustrations of spending most of their game time looting and traveling. Vehicles are now a premium commodity and too rare. At round start players will be unwilling and more than likely unable to travel stealthily on foot anymore until later on in the round. Technically is is a good patch, but unfortunately for me game play has taken a major hit... Conclusion: Loot spawn and Zone speed has majorly affected game play and needs re-addressing....... over to you devs!
  13. Terrible Air Drop Decisions

    Before the VSS was introduced I was already disappointed about the air drop since there was a high percentage of finding a gun like the Tommy Gun or Kar98. A dangerous and risky attempt to get to the air drop shouldn't be rewarded with a gun that was placed in the game just for fun which has no use in the end game since it's the long range scoped ones that are preferred, or with a gun that you also have a very high chance of finding in the map (Kar98) I have found a Kar98 much more times than I found a Vector yet the devs had the brilliant idea that it's an air drop worthy gun. Then the VSS was introduced. Yet another gun that not only is useless in long range since its bulletdrop is worse than in Wildlands but it is also found in the map. Which increases the chance of going through all the hussle and firefights and risk just to find a gun that you already have. That made me quit everytime it happpened because I feel like the game giving me a middle finger and I'm sure some people will find this as "oh haha, I done goofed! it's the same gun!" and will sit on it but I really have no desire to do so. Then the new 7.62 assault rifle was introduced some days ago. Which YET AGAIN will be an air drop weapon. Really... Risk so much to go for a crate just to find an assault rifle? The whole point of going to the airdrop is to find that one good gun so that you can easily dump one that you have and take it. If I already have an M416 and an SKS for example, why in the hell would I change any of those for another AR? How better can that AR be than the rest in the game? Laser accuracy? Bullets that go through an entire town of buildings? Not only that, think of a time that you might want to take it. Does the gun take attachments? If it does then this is what your risky air drop loot will look like. You'll stand there for 2 minutes trying to get the attachments of your current weapon, then end up having to drop them to the ground because of no space, take the other gun, put the attachments on and leave. Yeah, because youll survive that long... If the gun takes no attachments or if you're in a hurry, you'll either just leave it there meaning you wasted time, ammo and meds to get no gun or to get a gun that is by definition worse than your already pimped out M416 which is just a beast. So now the crates will contrain just 3 guns that are actually worthy (AWM, M24, M249) then 3 not air drop worthy guns (Kar, VSS, Groza) plus 1 adrenalive syringe which is just OK since I almost always have a bunch of boosters to begin with and 1 Tommy Gun which is also just OK(because its a beast in close quarters but not very useful for the end game) That's a 37% chance of finding an actually useful weapon, almost 1/3. I'm sure everyone here goes for AT LEAST 4 air drops each game.....
  14. A matter of trust

    Hi, let me start by stating that this isn't a discussion about the game itself, upcoming features or bugs. Lately, I've seen an increasing number of threads stating that people that have been reported are not getting suspended/banned from the game as they are very well found active in multiple matches weeks after the report. Such claims might be true or false, but the real problem is: "How do we trust you?" (by 'you' I mean Bluehole). The report system is a one-way function, we don't get any feedback and just receive a confirmation message. Moreover, considering the player base, you can't really know if that player is banned or not if you don't actually meet him in game (more or less like a quantum system). How do we know your are gonna do something about it? If I see the same reported player again in another match, my trust towards you as a company and single individuals (community manager) will drastically drop. A chain reaction might very well happen, angry people will just keep creating threads exacerbating the issue. As a matter of fact, this is an even more crucial problem because the game is in EA. There are a lot of clear problems to be fixed and, therefore, trust is inherently undermined. If you combine lack of trust for in-game issues with lack of trust for shady report/ban system, you have the perfect mixture for long-term failure even before official release. My solution is providing at least some feedback regarding what action has been taken against a reported player: as you see how bugs are fixed by playing the game, samewise should happen for reported players. I would like to discuss this problem with community managers @Hawkinz, @Caesar of Roma, @PUBG_Slyvinlisha, @PUBG_FWG.
  15. Dont use mmr systems

    plz dont use mmr systemes to try to calculate anyones skill it never worked and will never work . it only brings salt in the community and downgrading wins/kills like: "wow u won vs noobs yeah..." my suggestion is if ppl have idk over 10h gameplay just put them alltogether so reall noobs get outplayed by pros and they learn the right way from the beginning and dont have to adapt some bad strats because they maybe worked on lowest mmr tier .on the other side if a noobie/pro get a kill he will always have a good feedback he will not know ,was he a pro?, was he a noob? "no it was just a kill"! in 2000's we dont needed a mmr systeme if we wanted real competitive matches we just signed up on esl so why now all whant to implement it? i mean if a beginner cant understand that he cannot jump as a pro player in a game its not our fault.if he cant get better it isnt our fault. i hope u guys now what i mean im not a baby and i dont want a syteme acting like a babysitter. ty for ur attention sry for maybe bad gramma its not my main language
  16. Streamers Mini Map idea

    We are seeing a lot of streamers covering their mini map up with different things now which gives viewers a less idea of what is going on around them eg. where team mates are, where the circle is and red-zones etc. My suggestion/solution is to give options what streamers are willing to show by simplify mini map which just shows the player markers and circles etc without being able see see any grid reference or town they are in etc, i believe there is so many different mini map options that could become implemented and to give back the viewers more of an enjoyable experience without the streamer giving to much away, thanks.
  17. Please add a first person FOV slider, I and many others would love to play this game in first person a lot more than we do currently. However, the FOV in first person is locked at a very small number making first person unpractical and unviable to play. Thanks. -Matt
  18. It seems for me that my most common type of death in solo is running to the zone before the circles starts to close, getting shot 2 or three times, then dying to the circle from not having enough healing items. Any one else have this happen a lot?
  19. Prone to standing speed

    Am I the only one who thinks that the prone to stand time should be a bit faster? I find myself in the "checked behind me then turn around then get shot from the spot I just checked" situation a lot, and if i could stand up just a bit faster I feel like I would have a bit more of a chance. I was playing a solo and checked one of the tunnel entrances then went prone to try and snipe some people at a nearby house, the guy came out of the tunnel and shot a good 20 bullets before I died. I might have been able to kill him considering his aim, but couldn't turn around or stand up fast enough.
  20. Shotgun and M16A4

    Hey guys, Just finished a game, shot a guy once in the leg, and directly after 5 shots in his stomach/chest area, NOT DEAD, guy shoots me 1 time with a shotgun in my chest, while I'm wearing lvl 2 vest and I get directly knocked out. Now, I know the shotgun is a powerful c*cknugget, but, f*ck me diagonally, it's a little overexagerated when he should be dead by 6 shots, even if he had lvl 2 armor, which he didn't have at all. Please, when you make a game, compare everything to everything. Thanks.
  21. I've played a decent amount of the A3 BG, and recently this standalone. For the majority of mechanics (with some exceptions, like magazine proxies, bolt action anims..) Arma 3 does everything better. But that's not a massive surprise given the time spent on arma 3 in comparison to bg at this stage. Anyway, here's my constructive criticism on the current build, biggest issues first: THERE IS NO REASON FOR PLAYERS TO DIE TO THE ZONE. This is a HUGE problem and basically kills any enthusiasm I have for the game (and looking at other threads here I see I'm not the only one). Here's my argument: (1) Shooting other players is fun. (2) Dying to the zone is not fun. (3). People play games to have fun. Therefore, dying to the zone should be minimised. Hopefully I don't need to make a case for any of the premises above. There is literally no reason that the blue zone should be killing such a vast number of players — all it needs to do is restrict the play area. So how do you stop it killing so many without destroying its purpose (restrict area?) Simple: 1. THE ZONE SHOULD NEVER EXCEED THE PLAYER'S RUN SPEED. This makes the zone itself the warning; you won't get caught out and killed by the game; but neither can you stay outside it forever. Additionally zone damage shouldn't ever increase, it should have a constant value (of the first wave — the later wave zone damage is fucking ridiculous). If you're worried about people staying outside the zone for too long, you could tie damage to their 'depth' in the zone, but that seems unnecessary to me. The additional fix you get from reducing the zone speed and damage is you're not as harshly forced to run into the open and die to players who happened to have the zone land on them; it's one of the worst bits of RNG in the game. It's not skill who wins the match, just luck on getting the zone 90% of the time. Making the last few zones fixed (ie always reduces to the center) would mitigate this somewhat. ATM it's a poor mechanic that forces you to do stupid things (run into enemy's who have cover) and die or get overtaken and die. Neither are much fun and remove any chance of strategic gameplay. With slower and less damaging zones you're still forcing their hand, but not in a way that completely fucks them. tl;dr: the zone should not be killing anyone, ever. It's the single biggest thing ruining this game for me, and such a simple fix. First person only is such an obvious fix for so many unfair third person exploits it boggles my mind the game even includes third person. I really hope it wasn't added because of the whole clothing-item-lootcrate nonsense. Damage. Does armour actually do anything? Sometimes with level3 vest/helmet I get killed in 4 shots with 5.56 in the blink of an eye. How much influence on damage does the ammo have, or is it all down to the gun? I don't have much hopes for accurate damage given how 7.62x39 seems to be a magical caliber that fits in everything from revolvers to, of all things, the M24. Damage does seem inconsistent too, sometimes players survive a lot more than is reasonable. Especially when downed, it takes way too many shots to totally kill them. What's the point of bolt actions when an assault rifle seems better in every way? I feel like it would've been nicer to have tiers of weapons from .22lr to the very rare .338, but having .338 actually mean something. Currently people seem able to shrug off a .338 shot (or two...) to the chest. Why even bother? Rare stuff should be good; especially considering how little time you have to actually use long range stuff given how harshly the zone contracts. Looting. Personally I don't have any issues with the amount of loot, but I fear having to repeatedly loot for gear will get tedious — especially when you tend to spend more time looting than you do in combat: the game split by time is probably 30% looting, 60% running from the zone, 10% combat. That's not a very fun ratio. Another element of RNG we've come to hate is the cars flipping. Hit a little bump? Roll the dice on whether you flip or not. Maybe having a helmet should stop you from being downed when thrown from a bike. I feel like medical could be a bit more advanced; it's a bit ridiculous how fast players get get back to 70%+, and there are no bleeding mechanics or slowness from damage (particularly to legs) and no deviation on your aim when hit, so you can just tank damage and returning perfectly accurate fire.... this is bad. Even slight deviations would be enough to stop people spinning and snap headshotting you. Why, why, why, did you feel the need to copy an arma3 workaround (spawning players on an island until the correct number of players joins)? Did you not consider making the waiting stage either a simple lobby, or, I don't know, a quick FFA DM with respawns, so you actually have something to do if you aren't already tabbed out watching it's always sunny in philadelphia? Minor gripes now; the time it takes to consume adrenaline makes it useless; it should be only take a second or so since it's an injection. Considering the rarity, you might want to make it useful. Another thought it allow downed players to use it to revive themselves; though you'd need to keep them alive if they're the last downed player in that case. ACOGs are so valueable and yet so rare; perhaps there needs to be an equivalent, like a 3.5x. If you add a system to combine items, you could have a G33 Magnifier, so if you find that by itself you get zoom but no reticle, but if you combine it with an eotech or whatever you get zoom+reticle.
  22. My Current Feedback

    Greetings everyone. I have played about 50 hours in PUBG, and am certainly enjoying the game. This type of game is actually the first of its kind (a multiplayer battle royale) that I have actually played, but I do have quite a bit of experience in other shooters such as CSGO. Now, after playing this game for a decent amount of time on solo and duo, I have suggestions and opinions that I feel would be a great benefit or change to the game. I just joined these forums, so these may of been suggested previously, or are currently being worked on, but I'll bring em out anyway. Clothing as loot - I honestly find this to be completely pointless. While it can be cool to find a trench coat and leather gloves (if you don't have them) to match your level 3 armor and helmet, I find it rather annoying to find a striped shirt in a heated situation when you need ammunition or a first aid kit. Melee hit detection - It may be a bug, lag or a performance issue on my end, I'm not exactly sure, but it could be something being worked on. I find that many of my melee hits do not register, even on matches that it does not seem laggy. Sounds of some guns - The sound in this game in it's current state is pretty good in my opinion. The only guns that I find sound pretty bad especially on full auto are the UMP9 and the Kriss Vector. I would think that they might update the sounds over time. Balance with certain guns against armored opponents - This is also something that might be lag or something on my end, but I feel that when using certain weapons, more specifically weapons chambered in 9mm, it takes a whole magazine to kill an enemy with decked out armor. I'm sure this has been discussed times o' plenty, just wondering if others may experience something similar. Wonky FPS view - TPS view is obviously the optimal choice in this game, but this is for those who would prefer to stick with the FPS view. I honestly feel that the FPS view needs fixing. It just feels weird and sometimes the butt stock of some weapons will stick out into the view into your face while running. Competitive/Hardcore mode - A possible mode being worked on for the future. If it does release, the mode should ONLY be in FPS view. Different types of ammunition - An idea I got from playing Insurgency. Might be a possible idea being worked on. I would like it if the game had regular FMJ/ball (standard damage), hollow point (more damage to flesh, less to armor), armor piercing (more damage to armor, less to flesh), and tracer rounds (standard damage, traces) So this is my current list of feedback. What do you guys think?
  23. 50/50 Gamemode

    Picture this: A gamemode that has nearly identical rules to vanilla gameplay. However the 100 players are split into two teams of 50 each. The round starts normally without indication of which team a player is on. Players drop as they typically would, thus not grouping teams from the start. As players land, you receive your team designation, where half the lobby is enemy half ally. Allied players perhaps show their name above their head in blue, when in direct line of sight and do not show up on the map. (Or they do, both could be interesting, as you could see groupings.) Circle enclosed proceeds as normal, or possibly slightly slower. Players could spectate their teammates (adding more usability to the spectate function.) All players on the winning team receive a small victory bonus. Winning players who survive get slightly more. The gamemode has the benefit of allowing for larger scale defenses, assaults , and group combat I would imagine as well that this would not require especially large tweaks to the game, considering group mode and the base game already exist. The gamemode would have an especially large effect on replay ability however. Would love to hear suggestions and feedback. No cucks allowed.
  24. A big Thank You from me!

    I currently have over 100 hours and I did not regret any second playing this game, well maybe sometimes, but that's because I am a noob. There is so many things that make this game unique and non-repetitive. So many strategies that let you become the last survivor. Sometimes you even have the possibility to survive without killing anyone, if you play smart. The community base started great and has become even better, it is awesome that every week a highlight compilation comes out on youtube instantly making me wanna grab a beer and enjoy all the great plays/mistakes that have been made and even showing some unwanted bugs than contain funny situations. All the mods and admins that work on maintaining the forums and keep it tidy so no report/suggestion gets lost. And the hidden programmers and engineers that work all day long just for that we can have a place to stay and have fun at. I am not getting into the mindset to expect alot in the next few months. Even though I must say that I have really high hopes for Brendan Greene's genius idea. Originally the game was just another modifcation for ArmA but he had the dream and made it come true, I respect him so much for that. The promise to release some of the PUBG assets, if not all, is also one of the greatest ideas a developer can have. We, the users, get inspired and have also the chance to create our own ideas out of battle royale. I am sure that the game will flourish even more and hopefully inspire other gamecompanies or modders that we never heard of. It is about time we get out of the zeitgeist of regular games and experience unique games again as it once used to be. Very much thanks for everyone contributing to the game and especially the ones who work and do not get the gratitude they deserved! Keep it up everyone!
  25. A friendly reminder

    We have a thread for this. Thanks