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Found 36 results

  1. FPP in SA Servers

    I'm asking it because it has been too long and anyone from BlueHole gave us any clue when FPP would come to SA Servers (and all the others). Plus I have to say this is starting to get disrespectful since we also bought the game and we can't experience the same features. I just can't play in NA anymore, the lag spikes and the 250ms+ makes the game impossible to play at a fair manner and it drives me crazy. Also, for those who says: "This is early access, be patient" I say WE have been. But almost 2 months to do it? I wonder if the game will actually be released at the end of this year. I hope you understand my point.
  2. ???????? if so who is on board!? Moderator Edit. PUBG is happy to announce that First person servers are coming Until then you can continue to show you support for 1PP servers using this thread but if you have any detailed & constructive feedback please continue your discussion in the thread linked below. Thank you for all your patience and support so far!
  3. [FPP] Suche erfahrene Spieler für Tournaments/Ladder

    Hey, suche erfahrene Spieler um vorerst die First Person Ladder zu erobern, sobald verfügbar, um dann auch später in First Person Tournaments einzusteigen. Ihr solltet folgendes mitbringen: 18+ Jahre Erfahrung in Shootern 300+ Stunden in PUBG KDA 2.0+ Wille competitive zu spielen Du kannst mich adden und wir können zsm. Zocken für Tests usw. Zu mir! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197977630916 Ich bin 26 Jahre alt zocke seit ich 13 bin fast jeden Tag Games (WoW/CS:GO [GE]/D3/HotS/Overwatch/Rocket League) immer mit dem Ziel so gut wie möglich in der Ladder zu sein. PUBG 700+ Stunden Peak 2300+ Rating (3rd Person Duo) / 2200 (3rd Person Squad) / Top 100 Solo für 1 Woche (Early Accees #1) Fragen? Ich bin jeden Tag on ab 20:00 Uhr P.S.: NUR FIRST PERSON / FPP
  4. Hi, In the last days I've played 2 solo games, one in first person and one third person. Initially I had no wins in my statistics. Half an hour after the first win in third person, it updated my stats. Now 24h after my second win (first person) it still isn't there. As my leaderboard hasn't reset yet I would assume it is still there? My apologies if this is known. Kind regards
  5. Oceania First Person Servers

    So, I guess we're not getting fpp servers in Oceania at all? It's been like a month since they've been out in other regions and it's had nothing but positive feedback. When are we gonna stop getting fucked either by third personing idiots or 100+ ping?
  6. In the main menu, after playing an FPP match, the game automatically swaps matching from FPP to 3rd person search instead of maintaining itself on FPP search so when I ready up for the next game I get into a 3rd person view game instead of my expected FPP match. This does not happen if im in a group/team, only when playing solo, and yes, it happens after every game, regardless wether of it being a loss or a win!
  7. Instant death in Duo FPP

    Is dying without getting knocked outa thing with anyone else? This just happened today and it kind of ruined the match.. https://streamable.com/vbffi
  8. At the moment it is terrible to play on the first person servers as the head bobbing as it makes me dizzy. An option to reduce/and or remove head bobbing would make the first person only mode way more playable.

    I think you need to fix a thing on first person mode where you are really short and the other things seems bigger than they are on third person
  10. Searching for some players for FPP Duos. If you are interested in playing https://discord.gg/y2gcMZb Join discord!
  11. Third Person Bug

    This happened to me twice; I start a game, match starts, i fly down no problem. But when I land, I cannot rotate the camera with my character. I can see the character moving around when i move my mouse, but the camera does not pan with the character. This forces me to only play in first person. Not even holding Alt in third person works, neither does it work in a vehicle, so I am forced to drive in first person too. I have died both times because of this bug, while playing on normal mode (third person) and not FPP. It is really annoying to have a disadvantage because of a bug. Hopefully this is fixed for the tournament as well. And I hope that the team works on this asap because I can't be the only one that gets this.
  12. The first 2-3 circles (looting phase), for example, it's TPP. When the mid-/endgame hits, the perspective switches to FP for everyone. The idea behind this game mode is to mix all aspects the game has to give, while playing each phase with the perspective's given advantages. No more looting and surprising attacks in FPP. No more dull and tired chicken tree fights in TPP.
  13. First Person Perspective Issue

    While playing in First Person Duos yesterday, I encountered someone who was manipulating perspective to pull some shady shit at the end of the match. As you can see from the link below, this person used a tree for cover and peeked the corner, but he was able to shoot me without his rifle, head, eyes or anything else except the very top sliver of his helmet exposed. I didn't even bother to take a shot yet, which would have obviously been easy enough. But he should not have actually had a visual or a line of fire on me, so I ended up dying over it. https://youtu.be/kvA5klypkco
  14. Found that sometimes buildings won't load in on the first person servers, you can glitch yourself inside and out of them and kill people without them being able to shoot back. Video evidence : Hopefully this can help identify the source of some kind of issue. Only happens to me on the FPP servers, solo OR duo. Stays like this for the whole game, by the way. Thanks bois
  15. The title says it all. in third person you have the audio que as well as the blood splatter on whatever side of your body was hit to give a general indication of where you're getting hit from. in first person servers, you only get th sound of the gunshots. and in smaller circle where there are a lot of gunshots its impossible to tell which ones exactly were the ones that were hitting you. we need a very vague hit direction indicator, at the very least for first person, to help determin where you're getting shot from and which gunshot sounds you should be paying attention to to dial in where they are coming from. without being able to see your whole body, you need some way to tell which side of you got hit. even if it were something as simple as a T-pose figure of your own player model, and sections like "right arm" or "left leg" lit up red when hit, that would be an improvment.
  16. Hey guys... Let me start off with saying.. Thank you for the FPP game mode. I know it's not for everyone, but I absolutely love it. I don't know if I will ever go back to playing third person. That said... there are some issues that I hope you guys will get worked out in future patches. My hope here is to bring to attention some of the issues that could use some tweaking, and fixes. 1) FPP Duo's - Not sure what is going on here, but duo's is a mess. My biggest complaint is that whenever my teammate gets killed the game ends instead of letting me play it out solo. I don't know if that is intentional or a bug that is already on the agenda to be fixed. Either way.. it sucks. Ruins duo's for me completely. I don't want to lose when my teammate dies. I want to keep fighting, and try to bring us both the chicken dinner. Also... I don't know about this not being able to see markers or my teammates name. I'm on the fence about it. I could go either way there. I think I would be ok with not seeing my teammates name & stuff on the map, but I would like to at least be able to see each others markers. 2) Character Height in FPP - Please adjust the height of my character view in FPP. I feel like I am 4ft tall. It's very weird. I walk up to a car, and the door handle is at eye level. Same with doors on houses, and windows ect... This is something that really needs adjusted. 3) Gun Models - Some of the gun models & scopes are very weird, and out of proportion. For instance when I put a holo on something it always looks way too big. Same with 2x or 8x scopes. They just look awkward. Same goes with some of the gun models. I think we just need a general update on how the guns & scope models look to make it all look streamlined & nice. I know this one doesn't really affect gameplay but it does affect your overall feel for the game. If I didn't like the gameplay so much this would completely turn me off from the game or at least from FPP mode. As it is... I bear it because I really enjoy the 1st person gameplay. Some of the mounting positioning on some of the scopes ect. could be adjusted also, which actually may help to make them look more proportionate as well. You guys seem to always put the holo or red dot as far back on the rail as possible when I think it would be nicer looking if they were mounted a little more forward on the rail. I don't know anyone who mounts their red dots or holo's that far back in real life. Most people prefer to mount the holo or red dots a little further forward on the top rail & a little more centered on the rifle. Keeps the weight more balanced, and it's just nicer overall. Some adjusting like that might help with some of the things looking weird & out of proportion also. Plus some general re-sizing, and adjusting of the overall gun appearance on some guns would be nice. 4) Windows - This one actually affects both 3rd and First person, but I think it needs mentioning. Please remove, fix, or whatever you have to do to the wood trim in the windows. I can't count how many times I have had a perfect shot lined up on someone outside only to have my shot blocked by the 1/2" thick piece of window trim in the window. Then I have to proceed with backing up, ducking, jumping, moving back forward & so on.. trying to get into a position that I can actually shoot out the window without my shots hitting that stupid piece of trim, and by that time the person whom should be dead or at least injured very badly has already made it to cover, and is now shooting me. Please fix this. 5) FPP Squads - not sure if you guys plan to add squads at a later date or not at all? I'm guessing you guys are going to add it later down the road, but just in case that is not the plan, then I would encourage you to please add it. That's it as far as my biggest issue's with the FPP. Of course their are other things that can be tweaked & whatnot but these I listed are the ones that bother me more than anything else. Overall... I am really enjoying the FPP mode guys. Thank you for giving us the first person option, I really really appreciate & enjoy it. Looking forward to future improvements on it.
  17. Player Unknowns Battledwarfs

    So after my first game in 'First Person' I now understand how Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones feels....in First Person you only come up to door handles....WTF Bluehole....you do know the average height of a human is actaully over 5' 5"...not Peter Dinklages 4' 5"
  18. Hey guys i was just kicked from a game just after about thirty minutes of play, for shooting a teammate. There was no indicator in the top left I even had a teammate, and whilst shooting at this person, not a single time did I hear a teammate (voice chat is enabled) or was I capable of see that they were a teammate. So i continued shooting, thinking that they were not my teammate. I had an m24 with a 8x scope, so maybe I was just unable to see it because of distance, but the indicator on the top left that someone is in your team, is not showing for me whatsoever. I was streaming when it happened, but I dont know how to get the previous stream or upload it. It was NA first person only duo server. My screen name of course is LocustLab
  19. Small hand clipping glitch

    Hey, I assume this is already known but wanted to post it anyway just in case as FPP is now a thing. Sorry if I posted in the wrong place. As a female, the left hand while driving a boat is clipped completely into the steering wheel:
  20. Bug Description: While driving the boat in FPP mode, you can look around you in 360 degrees, unlike while not in a vehicle you're limited to about 270 degrees of vision. Date Seen: 8-2-17 2AM PST Server: TEST Other Information: Did not try other vehicles or passenger seats. Launch Options: None, but reshade is enabled System Specifications:
  21. Bug Description: when the player is prone and up against a wall/fence, if angled correctly the camera will shift through the wall making it possible to see players on the other side Date Seen: 8/2/17 August 2nd, 2017 Server: Playing on First Person Solos in the Test Server Other Information: my Discord tag in the PUBG discord server is MissZee#7237 link to an example of the bug i recorded: https://youtu.be/yyjKAOuwokU Launch Options: standard launching through steam System Specifications:
  22. When running straight forward (+W) from point A to point B in first-person mode, and you free look (+ALT), you can only look about +/- ~100° to your left and right away from point B. In other words, you can't look behind you. However, if you're running diagonally ([+W +D]), you can free look behind you in the opposite direction that you're running diagonally towards. Short video here demonstrating first W free look (00:00-00:10) and then W+D free look:
  23. AK POV animation

    In this video you can see, how rear sight on AK is jumping on reload. The thing is there's a spring that makes this thing stay on it's place, it won't wobble like this.
  24. First Person Game W/ Big Teams

    Hey guys I got to play a custom game during SepticFalcons stream that was first person only, high loot and 8 man squads for each. Just Curious what everyone else thinks about the first person only modes and whose excited for it to be an option on live servers? Also the big squads was really interesting it made the whole dynamic of the game change anyone else get to play one like that yet? Anyway check out my video if you'd like to see some game play we even won haha!