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Found 27 results

  1. We can already set most functions of movements and aiming to be toggle or hold - why not first and third person view? Simply put, when playing third person mode, allow the free look button to switch to third person until it's released. Regular first person players don't have to fiddle around with the buttons and can spend most of the game in their usual mode, and easily switch any time they need to use third person free look.
  2. First of all, the game often crashes and results in death that is in no control of the player. Also, aiming/driving in first person while in a moving vehicle is incredibly shaky, unless driving in a straight line on a straight surface. The fps of the game is also terrible, and I suggest a graphics setting to accommodate for the players needs. I'd much rather have a solid 60 fps with worse graphics, than the usual 20 fps, so for instance I would have my graphics settings on low. That’s my say in what changes should occur within the following updates, and as of the desert map on PC, when will that be released on Xbox, as the game is currently only 5 GB and seems like it would be smoother gameplay, as there isn’t much grass, or many trees.
  3. xDisposedx

    New Update

    I know PUBG was trying to fix lag put PLEASE bring back the ability to switch between FPP and TPP. It was so nice to switch and It really helped me play well. PUBG please bring it back it is so needed.
  4. SweetBlonde13

    FPP squads

    Hello, im wondering why on earth first person only aint on squads and duos? Im only playing 1st person now and been looking forward to it but kinda sucks that i cant play with my friends. Any answer to when it comes for squad?
  5. Occasionally when aiming in first person your arm clips through and completely blocks your view. I just lost a match because my camera messed up during a firefight with the last guy and I was spraying at the air.
  6. Hello. I've got hit by the crossbow bolt on the spawn phase, and everything would be fine if that bolt wouldn't block my vision in the game afterwards. Problem was solved by wearing helmet level one. (I guess that other headgear would work too) Happened to me only once. SS attached.
  7. Is it just me or are you already sick of people snaking the entire game, you spend twenty minute tactically playing the circle, looting and getting a few kills only to be killed continuously by a guy third personing in the grass. Please can we have first person servers please, 40% of PC gamers playing pubg play first person servers so as far as I'm concerned that's atleast 40% of the console community who would love snake free combat where people actually have to peek and shoot.
  8. Is it just me or are you already sick of people snaking the entire game, you spend twenty minute tactically playing the circle, looting and getting a few kills only to be killed continuously by a guy third personing in the grass. Please can we have first person servers please, 40% of PC gamers playing pubg play first person servers so as far as I'm concerned that's atleast 40% of the console community who would love snake free combat where people actually have to peek and shoot.
  9. Hello everyone. I'm not sure if this has been discussed yet. I apologize if it has. (Im new here) I would like to discuss an option to change first person aiming. If I am in first person, I want to aim down my site by holding LB. Currently you tap LB to aim down the sites and tap again to to undo it. It would be nice if we could hold LB to aim down the sites in first person. I feel this would make combat way easier, especially up close. At least add a setting to help with this so players can change it to their liking. What does everyone think?
  10. UglyButtFace

    Flipped car ground clipping.

    Bug Description: During a rain game on the Erangel in FPP, I flipped my Dacia in the field southwest of Gatka, and since I was close to the circle I stayed in my flipped vehicle. I get in the passenger seat which was closest to the ground and decided to aim down my sights. I was able to see through the ground and even shoot at houses that were far away that I couldn't see if I was outside of my vehicle due to there being a hill in the way. It worked with both weapons that I was carrying: AKM with RDS and M16A4 with x4-Scope. Here are some screenshots I took. Date Seen: 11/28/2017 Server: Test server (US): Solo FPP Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried changing sights between weapons and it didn't change anything. I couldn't move the car due to it being flipped over. Other Information: As I was testing the aiming through the map, I found that the ground acted like a wall. It was like when you are too close to a while trying to ADS and your weapon is held up or down. System Specifications:
  11. Killed a player in a car and his body got stuck in the driver seat and wouldn't disappear. When I tried to drive the car his body was in my face and blocking all view and forces me to go first person even though I kept pressing V it wasn't changing back to 3rd person.
  12. ???????? if so who is on board!? Moderator Edit. PUBG is happy to announce that First person servers are coming Until then you can continue to show you support for 1PP servers using this thread but if you have any detailed & constructive feedback please continue your discussion in the thread linked below. Thank you for all your patience and support so far!
  13. Preggo

    Leaning behind rocks bug

    When standing or crouching behind some large rocks and the player is leaning with q or e in first person, the player shoots at the enemy the bullet hits the rock instead, even though the sights of the gun clearly are not aimed at the rock
  14. Hi, In the last days I've played 2 solo games, one in first person and one third person. Initially I had no wins in my statistics. Half an hour after the first win in third person, it updated my stats. Now 24h after my second win (first person) it still isn't there. As my leaderboard hasn't reset yet I would assume it is still there? My apologies if this is known. Kind regards
  15. Funca

    Auto switching FPP off?!

    In the main menu, after playing an FPP match, the game automatically swaps matching from FPP to 3rd person search instead of maintaining itself on FPP search so when I ready up for the next game I get into a 3rd person view game instead of my expected FPP match. This does not happen if im in a group/team, only when playing solo, and yes, it happens after every game, regardless wether of it being a loss or a win!
  16. BamboozIed

    Instant death in Duo FPP

    Is dying without getting knocked outa thing with anyone else? This just happened today and it kind of ruined the match.. https://streamable.com/vbffi
  17. coolsong2

    Third Person Bug

    This happened to me twice; I start a game, match starts, i fly down no problem. But when I land, I cannot rotate the camera with my character. I can see the character moving around when i move my mouse, but the camera does not pan with the character. This forces me to only play in first person. Not even holding Alt in third person works, neither does it work in a vehicle, so I am forced to drive in first person too. I have died both times because of this bug, while playing on normal mode (third person) and not FPP. It is really annoying to have a disadvantage because of a bug. Hopefully this is fixed for the tournament as well. And I hope that the team works on this asap because I can't be the only one that gets this.
  18. ColeTrain33

    First Person Perspective Issue

    While playing in First Person Duos yesterday, I encountered someone who was manipulating perspective to pull some shady shit at the end of the match. As you can see from the link below, this person used a tree for cover and peeked the corner, but he was able to shoot me without his rifle, head, eyes or anything else except the very top sliver of his helmet exposed. I didn't even bother to take a shot yet, which would have obviously been easy enough. But he should not have actually had a visual or a line of fire on me, so I ended up dying over it. https://youtu.be/kvA5klypkco
  19. Hey guys i was just kicked from a game just after about thirty minutes of play, for shooting a teammate. There was no indicator in the top left I even had a teammate, and whilst shooting at this person, not a single time did I hear a teammate (voice chat is enabled) or was I capable of see that they were a teammate. So i continued shooting, thinking that they were not my teammate. I had an m24 with a 8x scope, so maybe I was just unable to see it because of distance, but the indicator on the top left that someone is in your team, is not showing for me whatsoever. I was streaming when it happened, but I dont know how to get the previous stream or upload it. It was NA first person only duo server. My screen name of course is LocustLab
  20. burntfish44

    Small hand clipping glitch

    Hey, I assume this is already known but wanted to post it anyway just in case as FPP is now a thing. Sorry if I posted in the wrong place. As a female, the left hand while driving a boat is clipped completely into the steering wheel:
  21. When running straight forward (+W) from point A to point B in first-person mode, and you free look (+ALT), you can only look about +/- ~100° to your left and right away from point B. In other words, you can't look behind you. However, if you're running diagonally ([+W +D]), you can free look behind you in the opposite direction that you're running diagonally towards. Short video here demonstrating first W free look (00:00-00:10) and then W+D free look:
  22. amble

    First person shadow issue

    Bug Description: Whenever I went into first person and looked at my shadow I noticed my weapons were floating in my shadow, I dont know if this is a bug or how the gun lays Date Seen: 7/6/17 Server: North America Non-Test server Launch Options: Have you changed any launch / command line options for the game? If so, which ones are you using?. None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Edition Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1070 CPU: AMD Ryzen 1600 Ram: Corsair Vengence RGB 2100x 16GB I
  23. Lee Hong

    Peeking issues

    Hi! Am I the only one who's got issues with peeking? I haven't played for about a week thanks to my exams and I tried to play a few matches tonight but I've noticed I can't peek in first person anymore when I aim down my sights. If I spam my peek key the arms of my character starts moving for a bit but after that it snaps back to default and my aim stays straight. I've checked my settings, both peeks are binded on my keyboard and I have no issues peeking in third person.
  24. When you are using a ghillie suit in a first person only server (custom matches only at this point, obviously), there is a pretty bad bug. When you return to the standard first-person view after scoping in (I noticed with the 4x and 8x scopes on a SCAR, but I'm sure it happens for more weapon/scope combinations too), the forehead area of the ghillie suit shows across your screen for about a half second. This is distracting enough to make the ghillie suit pretty dangerous to use right now, since not being able to see for that long is enough to get yourself killed. I'll note that this is most likely related to a similar but not-as-bad bug, where when first equipping a helmet, you can see the forehead area of the helmet for about the same amount of time. Luckily, I haven't noticed this after first equipping helmets, unlike with the ghillie suit. Hope this helps..!