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Found 122 results

  1. So, my question is does any one know if the Devs are actually doing anything about this issue? I know I'm not the only one who has it. Essentially since the September 29th patch my game doesn't work, I get as far as the lobby where you can try out the guns, the sky is black, the texture are all mainly black on everything else, I can hear some gunshots sometimes, I can't move or access my menu, when the timers finished I either end up standing in the lobby with my parachute pack or I go in the plane but can't see until I hit the ground in which case the textures are still messed up and I'm still frozen but in the actual game map instead. Only way out is to alt f4. I know it's a network issue, as do the Devs, if I tether my phone's internet to my pc instead I can play fine, it's not much of a long term solution though as phone network sucks. I've tried every fix to no avail.
  2. Hi everyone! Every time I go into PUBG I have to open it as Fullscreen (Windowed) but I want to be able to play the game as Fullscreen for better FPS. When I switch the setting to Fullscreen, it auto crashes! Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I have done the following: -On an older post it told me to follow this > Deleting game setting files > Updating all my Drivers > Running CCleaner > Restarting PC > Checking Integrity of game files *Did not work* -On the same post I had to modify some settings in the Local app data files, I did that and it did not work. -I have gone as far as deleting the game completely, and downloading it again. That did not work either. Anyone have any other ideas on how I can fix this? I would appreciate the help.
  3. Crash Al inciar el Juego

    Buenas gente, hoy 21/10/2017 PUBG no alcanza ni a abrir y pum! Crash . He probado todo, busque actualizaciones de Windows (a todo esto, instalé hace 2 días la última actualización de Windows, la Fall Creators Update y desde ahí que no puedo jugar xD, no sé en verdad si tendrá algo que ver, pero como dato, para que sepan. ), actualicé drivers de Nvidia, geforce experience, game ready y bla bla bla, modifiqué los parámetros de lanzamiento, verifiqué la integridad de los archivos, cambié la configuración de la memoria virtual de windows, desintale e instale 2 veces y nada... así que, ya no sé que más hacer. Ahhh y lo último que hice fue descargar un archivo de configuración "GameUserSettings.ini" y lo copié y reemplaze en esta ruta "C:\Users\MiUsuario\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor" y adivinen, crash de nuevo . Ojalá, alguien esté igual que yo y me ayude a solucionarlo. Yo creo esperaré un nueva update de steam o PUBG, o quizás desinstale steamy vuelva a instalar, no sé Rick.
  4. 19th of October A rock, at the east side of the Prison, right in the cliff edge, next to the sniper tower has sent me to the sky which led to my "suicide" death. Edit: It was more like the rock has teleported me to the sky. Sorry, I got no video record.
  5. Teaming In Soloes

    I just lost a game to teamers in soloes while in a PUBG match. They were rolling around lighting people up in a car. This gave me the idea that if you're in soloes and you're in a car with another person for too long you just start losing health. This could be somewhat like the blue zone where the longer you stay in said car the more damage you take. Let me know if this is reasonable and/or if it's a good idea. Thanks!
  6. "Can not leave vehicle"

    I'm driving a bike to the school while being shot at by someone with a kar-9 who can't hit me. When I stop to exit my vehicle, I'm slightly touching one of the rusted cars that are in the parking lot. As I'm mashing f to get off the bike a message pops up over and over again saying "can not leave vehicle" Please just make it so I can exit the vehicle and not become free farm for a random sniper.Thanks
  7. Когда нить пофиксят камеру когда ты целишься зажав ПКМ в дверных проёмах или возле стенки? Вы понимаете о чём я, ты зажимаешь ПКМ и видишь свой затылок в ПОЛ ЭКРАНА. Так невозможно целится. Миллион раз умер из за этого. Да и не только я.
  8. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    The coast line is fucked. I lost a game just because there is no way to get up on some places. Maybe smooth out more places. Sometimes there is no way to get up due to circle/blue. Any1 else noticed the same problem
  9. Had an issue with PUBG within the past month. Every match I had played would give me a "Network Lag Detected" sign in the middle of my screen after 2 - 4 minutes of game play, and would never reconnect. Then I got a VPN and it works great!!!!! I paid $74 for 2 years. And it makes your internet privacy much more secure!
  10. Can't play after patch

    Just can't launch the game after patch.Always same error. I don't know what to do. I don't play like ~3 days. I have 800+ hours and i want to play this game. Thx, developers. Hope i can find here any help. When i'm launching game from "Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64" i get infinite loading screen (second screen). Already reinstal the game ~6 times. And still nothing. 1-2 times in day game is launching, but i don't know how to fix it.
  11. I did nothing wrong and paid the ultimate price. I was driving ZERO km/h. THIS IS NEXT LEVEL BULLSHIT.
  12. My game is completely broken

    Hello. So I've been playing this game for 90 mins and I get this glitch. I don't know why this happened but maybe this happened because when I started the game (the 2nd time i load it) it says (the picture below the video). I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn't work. I think this SHOULD be fixed! Also this shouldn't have ANYTHING to do with my laptop because its quite new (Lenovo Legion y520) Please hurry reply, this is quite frusterating because I just got this game and I can't play it! Thanks.
  13. PLEASE fix the side-car motorcycle physics

    Every time I even go near a side-car motorcycle, something bad happens. Moreover, riding them is actually more of a hazard than a reasonable means of transportation across the map. The non-side-car motorcycle is just fine, however when I speed over the tiniest of bumps with the side-car, my motorcycle disposes of me and dances to the moon while my dead body lay lifeless without a single protest on the cold, hard earth. A challenge is an obstacle to be overcome, however this issue is no challenge but instead the choice of fate to allow me to progress in the ineluctable battle to the death. Please fix so I can give you more of my money and curse at immature strangers intensely.
  14. My game is completely fucked.

    Hello. So I've been playing this game for 90 mins and I get this glitch. I don't know why this happened but maybe this happened because when I started the game (the 2nd time i load it) it says (the picture below the video). I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn't work. I think this SHOULD be fixed! Also this shouldn't have ANYTHING to do with my laptop because its quite new (Lenovo Legion y520) Please hurry reply, this is quite frusterating because I just got this game and I can't play it! Thanks.
  15. Deeeeesync

    Hi This is bad, really bad coding...
  16. multiple keys to move HELP

    Up until the last couple of weeks the game has been fine. The only change since that point is a move to university. For this reason I HAVE to use a VPN to play. since this change the movement within the game is permanently impaired. The only way for the character to move is to press another button at the same time (eg CAPS LOCK). Obviously this is frustrating as I am a new player on this PC and cannot learn the controls as they are difficult enough PLUS the additional button bashing required. this is making my experience impossible to say the least. I am aware this may not be a bug on the developers end but if they know of a stats or simple fix for this I would be extremely grateful as this is frustrating and would like to play this game as it was intended! anyone else having this same issue or can offer some help?? Thanks!

    Hey everyone, I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing these problems but I'm often encountering these two issue's A LOT today - After launching the client I get one of two errors, either "Too many logins" or "Too many users" - When attempting to match make (on the NA Server), It says matchmaking but i remain at the lobby screen for several minutes, unable to cancel the search. The only way to stop the issue or frozen match making is by closing the game entire, in which case I'm met with the first issue again. Hopeful for a quick fix Also, how about that annoying auto select to AS Servers, am I right?
  18. Server Lag Report Thread

    This all started about 2 weeks ago, every time i get in a a game i start playing and having fun with my friends and then, BAM! "net work lag detected" pops up on the screen and im left dead in the water while my mates enjoy the game. my internet is fine and this problem is frustrating to say the least. Are there any trouble shoot methods to fix this issue? or is it a server bug thing??
  19. Сейчас стреляем из двустволки один раз, жмём перезарядку, перезаряжает 2 патрона, хотя потрачен был один. Так не должно быть. Потратил один - пусть перезаряжает один
  20. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    I'm sure we've all experienced it once or twice, but when the circle closes around such jagged rock formations there are times where you take a wrong step and boom! You're stuck in a rock crevice. I just had this happen to me, only one player left alive and I was stuck trying to jump out of this crevice but alas no luck and died to circle. The rock formation I speak of is on the northernish western side of Military Base island. I will attach a picture of the area I became helpless. Was unable to aim, crouch, jump.
  21. Всех приветствую господа, так как я ньюфаг и может чего-то не знаю. Но все же, я решил спросить - ибо этот вопрос мучает всех играющих в эту шикарную игру. Когда разработчики начнут делать полезные вещи в PUBG? Главной проблемой является - оптимизация, зачем нам бесполезные туманы, ночные карты и прочая вторичная .... Ведь проблема только с производительностью, не только на слабых ПК, но и на среднем сегменте. Как это можно донести до стаффа? Что бы они наконец открыли глаза и сделали уже что нибудь. Это же главная проблема на данный момент. Большинство людей не может играть комфортно - я наиграл порядка 400+ часов и не заметил ни какой разницы от патча к патчу, лишь не значительно изменение анимации и новое оружие. Режим FFP, очень важен лишь для привлечения - новой аудитории. Можно ли как-то повлиять? Как-то донести этот вопрос до разработчиков? Reddit?

    So my mate and I both bought PUBG. We wanted to play together for quite a long time already, so we both payed the full price for the game. It works perfectly fine for me, but my mate is stuck on connection closed for over a month. Sometimes he gets connected, but after trying like 30 times. Other times, the connection never happens. Obviously after one game, the problem comes back. I noticed that the "connection closed" posts here dont ever get a respond from any dev. I hope it will be diffrent this time...
  23. https://youtu.be/TO4wFkHmCgo Video of where you can look through the rock. You need to be crouched to look through the rock, you see in the video how we do it. Please fix it ASAP.
  24. Wrong MatchState Pre-Login: InProgress

    Every time I try start a game I always get this same message: Wrong MatchState Pre-Login: InProgress. I have no idea why I am getting this issue. I presume it has something to do with that I am in Scotland not my home country where I have always played. Every time I am in the game loading screen the PUBG music confines to play and after 30 seconds of loading I get the error.

    it wont let me click play on the main screen. Wont let me join games,view leaderboards and my rewards but It lets view the settings, refresh and exit. I have turned off my pc, redownloaded the game and verified integrity the game. Nothing works! Does anyone know how to fix it?????