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Found 175 results

  1. Aiming and camera flow patch soon? (Xbox)

    I have recently been playing PUBG on the Xbox. I have noticed that the flow of the camera is delayed (both first and 3rd person). I'm not an expert in the mechanics of the game, but the timing between controller to game is noticeably slow. It sucks because if i'm in a firefight, I have to try and compensate the dead time between controller to game (which usually loses tons of ammo or kills me). Other games like COD or Battlefield have the mechanic down; but i was wondering of it has already been addressed or in the process of being fixed? I know its in the early stages on the Xbox One, and i just was hoping the developers can adress the problem.
  2. Howdy! So.. I have this problem for a long time and I need some help. My pc: GTX 950 2gb, i5 6402p 2.80ghz, 8GB ram, Asus VG245HE Monitor (75hz). Whenever I play PUBG, a loud noise is heard from the pc and I don't know what to do, it sounds like: "VRUUUUUU", like a tractor. (I dont know much english LOL) (It's the game bad optimised or it's just my pc?) pls help
  3. I am curious why when ever I drop near anyone else I have issues picking up items. It negates a huge part of the game where I can't drop at school or military or anywhere in the beginning where there will be actual fighting. If anyone is in my vicinity it just won't let me pick up items. I run a 7700k, 1080, 32 gigs of ram, an ssd so it definitely shouldn't be a rig issue. There are enough issue with this game that this shouldn't be one of them.
  4. Fix

    I'm sick and tired of dying because the game crashes you guys need to fix this this is ridiculous
  5. I love this game with all my heart and I always will. I've been playing since October 2017, and I have never run into a hacker until 2 days ago.. In the past two days I've been killed by 9 hackers, one incident I was buy that large blue warehouse by Shelter , and then next thing I knew, I was downed from a random guy with only numbers in his name (Chinese) and then after my two other teamates were freaking out, they were killed by the same bullet at the same time. I go to review the clip and the guy was all the way at Mylta with a pump shot gun. He shot two bullets and killed my entire three-man team.. And that was just the begining of my encounter with these stupid bing-bongs that have killed me 9 times through out the past two days, I've not played yet today and im about to play now! Please don't end up like H1Z1 not doing shit about anything for years.
  6. Hello. I have an in game issue and i cant find any solving in internet. When I open game i have loading screen and Yesterday it was okay. I Already Re-install the Game, Update my Video Card Drivers, and Reload Computer. But nothing is helping. i Hope you know the way how to fix it. Thanks A lot. Also didn't get supply from Moderators. My game screen like this(look at screenshot below)
  7. I need help with an issue

    I got this issue when try to open game it was okay like 2 hours ago but after i close the game and open it again i got this issue. I Already reinstall the game, reload my PC and also update my video card Drivers После игры в ПАБГ отощел на время перезапустил игру и ВОЛЯ. Жду минут 10 и непроходит переустоновил игру, драйвера и рестортанул комп. Помогите!

    okay well i grinded all my crates 4 of them were duplicated items why make me grind on this game for nothing, seriously this is upsetting put a ranking system on this game why am i playing for nothing, like i hate how i have over 2 thousand kills and 40 wins and my clothes look like crap. why am i playing if i cant receive good rewards man, this is very stupid, BLUE HOLE STOP WASTING PEOPLES TIMES AND BLESS US WITH SOMETHING WORTH GRINDING FOR STOP GIVING ME DUPLICATED ITEMS IF I CAN ONLY EXCHANGE IT FOR 30 BP DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?!
  9. I love this game but I hear about trying to release the new map and get things moving. I think that ever bit of effort should be put into preventing the game from crashing as it makes it completely unplayable at times. I have played around 14 games today and at least 5 separate occasions been kicked to the dashboard at the most in-opportune times. 4 of the 5 times I logged back in only to find out after collecting great loot and items that while the game was reloading I died. It takes forever to log back in, even when the screen goes black and you can hear all the sounds (Mainly people shooting and killing you while you cant do anything about it) it takes so unbelievably long for the screen to come back. I really hope that everyone who works on this game is spending all of the time to fix this, yes it is slow, yest it lags but there is nothing worse than not being able to rely on the fact that the game wont mysteriously crash on you and ruin all of your hard work. Please fix this game from crashing so we can keep enjoying it! Nothing is more frustrating than being dash boarded!!
  10. I noticed that the RDS has this weird glitch only when fire mode is set to "auto". Still don't know how to get rid of it, but now there's at least a way to avoid it.

  12. Lag will continue to be on the radar for fixes but I wanted to create a post where people can discuss other minor changes to improve gameplay. A one I would like to see is when you enter a veichle it should place you into the driver seat automatically if no one else is currently there.
  13. Jumping

    Now that vaulting is in the game do we need jumping? It turns the game into too much of a run and gunner with people jumping to avoid shots leading to cheap deaths. It's completely unrealistic and is beginning to undermine the selling point of this game (for me) that it isn't a run and gunner but a tactical shooter requiring strategy. Not being outsmarted only to jump around their bullets anyway leading to a completely unjust kill. Is this just me? It's so frustrating and probably one of the only things that is a bit of a game breaker for me...
  14. Who else notices that when you driving a motorbike and you hit a small bump and you land on one wheel, the whole thing flips upside down? That definitely needs to be fixed it makes no sense at all why PUBG did this, and the even worse part is it automatically kick you off the motorbike and you will die if you're going over 60kph. Its a small glitch but has costed my life 4 times now. Please see into this soon.
  15. HELP!!!!

    Hello guys i have a rig of following specs intel core i3-6100 nvidia geforce gtx 750ti 4gb 8 bg ram my screen is ips led 1440*900 response time 14ms(ugh) even after trying the very low overalll settings function the game is lagging bad need help to setup settings to run the game smoothly.
  16. Gamecrash at Loadingscreen

    After the match my game doesn't work. It just show me the loading screen with a PUBG logo. When I try to close the game, it doesn't work. So I just reboot my PC. (Only after 10.1.2018s update). PC: GTX 1050ti DDR3 32gb No SSD AMD A10-6700 Windows 8.1 (64bit) I reinstalled the game. I repaired the game with Steam. Thank you!
  17. Voice Chat Broken 1/09/18

    Everything worked fine up until January 9, 2018. Now, I can only speak and hear teammates in the first couple seconds of the match, then the voice chat stops working. If I exit game, then load back in, the chat is fixed for another couple of seconds, after which it goes out again. I've been going nuts re-installing, tweaking, etc. The only game that is affected is PUBG. I'm pretty sure it's not on my end, since I can hear and talk for the first couple of seconds, and then it get cut off. Happens in every game mode. Please fix.
  18. So after playing the newest patch for a day and a half i was thinking about all the issues that still need to be fixed, and what are the worse ones. So im making a top 10 list of worse bugs, and easy bugs. Worst bugs/issues 1. Texture loading at start. (X1 OG) 2. Lag at start, middle, final circle 3. Framerate at start. 4. Server refresh rate. (your using azure no excuses) 5. Frame studer soon as an enemy is close to you. 6. Game crashing. (much better) 7. Audio still seams not right. (More options) 8. Buildings not loading for some people. 9. General UI bugs. 10. No BP rewarded for some matches. Easy fixes/ bugs. 1. No BP at round end. 2. Floating ponytail hair. 3. Lootboxes are insanely expensive and worthless at this point. 4. More UI options 5. Controller Disconnected Errors. Thats all I got for now. Feel free to make your own list and ill update mine if I think of anything.
  19. Everything worked fine up until January 9, 2018. Now, I can only speak and hear teammates in the first couple seconds of the match, then the voice chat stops working. If I exit game, then load back in, the chat is fixed for another couple of seconds, after which it goes out again. I've been going nuts re-installing, tweaking, etc. The only game that is affected is PUBG. I'm pretty sure it's not on my end, since I can hear and talk for the first couple of seconds, and then it get cut off. Happens in every game mode. Please fix.
  20. How to fix the AKM

    Here's how to fix the AKM: let it use a wooden vertical foregrip like the Thompson. Bam, now it can compete with the other assault rifles. And before you say "But the AKM never had a wooden foregrip" google the Romanian version.
  21. My personal experience with this is a HALF of a second of input lag, or a serve delay between when I move my right stick and when PUBG processes it. And this is with and Xbox One X and and Xbox One Elite controller. I also know that some people aren't affected by it as much because my friends say that this doesn't affect them as much, but it certainly affects me. Imo this is more game breaking than the 50+ crashes I've had because it makes the good games unplayable. The only solution I have is just aiming in front of the guy at 100m and then firing, rinse and repeat.
  22. So far, I love the game on XBOX One, even with some of the issues that arise. 1. Drop outs - I like that I get brought back into the room if I fall out, but why does my guy keep running/driving until they hit something or worse, just stand there? Can we "disappear" altogether so we don't get spotted and killed? I guess I get it's so people don't "drop" when they are getting shot at, only to reappear in 30 seconds to a minute and shoot me in the back, but lately it seems whenever we get down to about 25 to 35 people, we always drop one or two people and they end up getting killed while they are reloading into the game. What's worse, it seems that the drops are occurring more frequently when enemies are nearby or even spot us, as if they have a magic button they can push to cause us to drop, so they can kill us and move on while we are waiting to load in (seems to happen like every 3rd match now, heck of a coincidence). 2. Holding RB to rotate while parachuting to see how many others are around you is EXTREMELY slow. Please speed up the rotation like 300% to 500%, or give us a button to press and hold to instantly flip the camera 180 degrees. 3. I like having the choice to manually look at and pick up items or go into the menu to select them that way, but it would be nice to have say Press A to pickup and auto-equip the attachment to one of the weapons you have on your person (assuming it fits). If the slot is already full for one or both guns, then it puts it into your inventory. It's just annoying to manually pick it up, and still have to waste time going into your menu anyway to install it. 4. A lot of items seem to almost "sink" into what they are sitting on, especially on roofs and in warehouses, would be nice to have things float a couple of pixels higher for all items. 5. Shooting/hit detection - In watching PC version, shooting is obviously a lot better, and people drop a lot quicker when hit by weapons. On XBOX One, I can have a AKM or SCAR on a target about 100 yds out, see 3 or 4 blood splats off of them with the 4x scope, and they just zig and run away, yet I can be dropped by a 1911 in 2 or 3 shots 50 feet away. When I go back to Destiny 2 or COD WWII, I can't help but notice just how more "on point" the aiming and shooting is. 6. Shooting/Grenade controls: Can we make zooming press and hold of the left trigger, like other shooters? Then many tap left trigger to be the 3rd person zoom instead? If not 100% change, at least make another "controller configuration" option to select. Also, when we release holding Left Trigger, have the gun unzoom automatically? If not, can we at least have it auto-unzoom whenever we hit the run or start moving around a lot? Can't tell you how many times someone has thrown a grenade (either a bad one from a friendly, or an enemy grenade) and I couldn't move away because I couldn't easily get out of the zoom (keep forgetting to mash the left trigger again to get out, not intuitive to what other shooters require), or hear someone running up, and in the haste to turn and shoot, not being able to get out of 1st person zoom quickly, due to the current clunky setup of manually having to tap the left trigger again to get out of zoom. How about automatic reload as well when the gun is empty? Yes it's "more realistic" to have to think about reloading yourself, but it's not the norm in most shooters. Lastly, the grenade throwing dynamics also seems off, often times people like to bang grenades off of walls, like down the stairwell, but many times the grenade comes straight back off the wall and continues to stay up on the floor you threw it from (instead of gravity taking effect), causing you to almost kill yourself or your friends because the grenade didn't go where you threw it. 7. Driving: Weirdest experience I had with driving was pulling up near a wall with the driver side door about 2 feet away from the wall. I was almost to a complete stop, hit the B button to get out, and it insta-dropped me to last stand, then killed me and said I fell to my death? I can see it if I threw myself out at 30+ mph, but at almost a complete stop, I somehow got downed because I was near the wall? Perhaps have the vehicle not allow the door to open if you are too close to an object, forcing you to change seats with holding A to get out, or requiring you to move the car forward/away more before allowing the door to open. 8. Menu: Love having the 3-man squad option, don't like having to hit LB while already on SQUAD in order to finally hit RB to get over to 3-man Squad. Should just have to hit RB only to move 1 spot over. 9. Rewards: Not sure if this is already the way it is, but when I'm spending 4200 or 5600 on a single crate, I kind of expect to be getting rare or epic drops, not the same common stuff I would get from a 700 crate. Not sure if there are those kind of items yet, would be nice if their was.
  23. Привет,у меня крашится игра, в начале или в середине самого процесса игры, не могу пофиксить,точнее не знаю как,посмотрел видосов на ютубе,полная хрень,прошу помогите CRASH FIX PLEASE.
  24. Just wanted to point out the blurry/swollen reticles on the red dot ,holo, and 2x. It frustrates me to not know where my shots are actually going. Plus the dot is so big that alot of times guys that are peaking trees you can't tell if he is still peaking or not. Then when you think the dot is on him it's really not cause it's 5x bigger than it should, so it's hard to tell where true center is. This is only one of just a few complaints with this game. Thank you and keep up the optimization.
  25. Kupiłem końcem grudnia PUBG i oczywiście problem, gra się nie odpala wywala okienko do raportowania. Szukałem jak to naprawić i znalazłem żeby jako administrator odpalić. Tak więc ustawiłem te wa exe'ki jako admin i zadziałało ale pojawił się problem w grze: Pierwszy błąd na starcie to Steam Initialization Failed po klikniecie aby ponowić błąd Server is to busy... No postanowiłem coś podziałać wpadł mi do głowy jeden pomysł(video i moim fixem):) I działa Od razu mam wejście do gry hehe. Mam nadzieję że się komuś przyda, bo ja już miałem o kase do zwrotu się starać Pozdrawiam.