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Found 10 results

  1. Im sure the majority has been hit by this flaw - when your out in a field hidden by the grass but if theres a sniper on a hill a bit away, you think your hidden but the sniper (100m or more away) can see you clear as day as theres no grass rendering that distance away. So is there any news on an update to fix this yet or has it been said it will be fixed for full release? I couldn't see any information just another post discussing it but not about an update. Any info would be good
  2. It may be kind of hard to see in this gif, but basically, when ever there is movement that crosses in front of foliage, pink textures appear on the foliage. It also does this with crosshairs, which can be annoying when shooting at someone from a distance
  3. Basically as the title says, I was hiding in some yellow grass or barley or whatever it is, and I hear some shooting to my right. I pull out the VSS and scope in, and my screen turned brown and sort of wavy. I figured it was the grass blocking my scope at first, so I scooted left and zoomed back in. Brown wavy block showed up on my screen again, covering nearly the whole thing. I repeated this several times thinking the grass was blocking me over and over, when all of a sudden some shooting happens to my left. My friend who was spectating me said something akin to "holy shit he got rekt" and I was like "who did?" because my screen was brown. He told me the guy in the middle of my scope got shot while I was seeing brown and couldn't see the enemy whatsoever. This lead me to believe that only I was seeing the brown, which makes me think it's some sort of glitch. Is foliage rendering client-side? I play on very low settings for higher fps so I expected if anything I would be seeing equal or LESS foliage than him, but apparently there was a big brown square covering my screen repeatedly that nobody else could see through spectating? Is this an issue on my end, like some sort of hardware issue or something? Or was this a glitch on the game's end?
  4. One very frustrating aspect which could be avoided with a separate server. Are people using ultra low graphics to negate the cover given by shrubs/grass. while i love playing this game maxing out the graphics, It is much easier to spot others playing on low. First person mode, (while i am looking forward to it coming to OC Servers) is not the greatest play style disadvantage. As i have seen some claim. I would love to join a server knowing i can truly hide in the long grass.
  5. Lets say you have a person about 75 metres prone in tall grass. For players using Ultra settings, this player would be hardly visible due to foliage covering their body, while players using very low/ low foliage settings will be able to see the player clearly due to foliage not rendering. My idea is this: Players will still be able to use very low/low settings to minimize the amount of foliage rendering, but even if foliage isn't actually visible to the player, the game will still render the enemy playermodel as if there is still foliage present, and the part of the playermodel which is supposed to be covered by foliage, is invisible. So if a player is using Ultra foliage settings, he/she wont be at an significant disadvantage in-game. This should in turn no longer "force" players to change to very low foliage as to not be at a disadvantage. Thoughts?
  6. Prone grass play 3pp

    Just shit bagging top 10 in grass third person killing people walking past you. What are your guys thoughts on this? (feels great doing it feels bad being rekt by it.) A different camera position while prone? Is it time for first person only servers? Obviously we cant add less accuracy while prone that wouldn't make since. I feel like getting rid of the crosshair while in third person will help a bit. I honestly dont know really other then just giving people a chance to play 1pp only servers.
  7. Get Rid of Dense Foliage

    Ever since the patch update, foliage density was standardized across all graphical settings. While I agree it should be standardized, the amount of foliage on the map now is ridiculous, its bad for the cpu, and its bad for the gameplay in general. Prior to the patch, I found the game more exciting because I was able to hunt other players with my peripheral vision and it gave the game a real exciting feel to it. However, since the update, I go almost entire games not being able to see anybody because now instead of strategically moving behind trees, in bushed, or behind rocks, people are just camping in the middle of nowhere sitting in the tall grass and waiting. And while it may seem and feel realistic to some people, the game is ultimately a game, and this new grass has eliminated a huge part of the strategy employed in a firefight. Formerly, success in the game was based on well timed, proper movement, and of course, good accuracy. Now, players dont have to plan out their movement as much because they can just lie down wherever they are, ultimately dumbing down the game to an irritating amount of camping. i also find that when i go prone to shoot at other players, the grass clutters up my iron sights or scope to a ridiculous degree. I don't know if that is intentional, but it has ruined my shots on multiple occasions and is incredibly frustrating. Also, prior to the patch, players were punished for poor movement, like say when they chose to foolishly cross an open field, they were gambling. Now, if a player gets shot at, they can dive into the brush no problem. I just don't like how the game is becoming another version of dayz, I liked that it had its own style of realism but didnt encourage camping and and extremely long range fighting. The addition of the grass is going to make sights even more valuable than they already were because the grass disappears from view at a certain distance in the fov, not to mention the ability to pick out targets hiding in the brush in the first place. The grass makes all the lesser sights all but useless because you cant tell if there is a person lying down, or if it is a bush, and believe me they sometimes look the same. I love the changes to the frying pan and my fps improved a bit as well. The 2x scope is awful, it does not shoot where intended and disappears against a white background or in the sky. Also I got killed by two airstrikes in a row today when i was under cover in a house. Phantom reloads are getting insane as well, started this patch for me. Also I do not like the audio changes at all, they were superior last pathc, i cannot hear a thing anymore, no point inn usinng my ears anymore unless they are in my building. Anyone else agree or am i just an idiot?
  8. FPS drops after 4/20 patch

    Many of my friends and I were looking forward to the new update for the performance upgrades, which granted in cities is MUCH better, however out in the open when before we were seeing 60+ fps now we are getting 20 and dropping them all the time. The only change I see that could cause this is the increased foliage, it has become incredibly dense. The foliage on low now looks like it did before on high which is very annoying for some of us that don't have the best PC's. Please change the foliage back or just remove the option at all, I realize it's a balancing problem but the game was fun and playable before and just isn't at all right now. I have put nearly 100 hours into the game already and have to stop playing it altogether. TLDR: Could play before the patch by avoiding cities, now can only play in cities because the foliage is causing major frame rate issues.
  9. Low FPS since Foliage Update

    So since the new update where you've changed the foliage so it's similar over all settings has completely destroyed my frame rate. I don't have an powerful PC so I've been running the game on the lowest settings. Before the update I was get a stable 40 - 50 fps and I was having a great time and since the new update it's dropped down to around 30 fps and it drops constantly. Now I know a lot of people are going to say "Buy a more powerful PC" but honestly I don't really have to cash for that right now. I understand you did the update to balance out the game but you've completely pushed the less powerful PC users out of the game. Increasing the amount of foliage I feel wasn't really a great way to fix this problem, perhaps adding this much and lowering the quality of foliage or something along those lines might help but for now I can't really play the game. I don't know whether or not this issue will ever get resolved but I just can't enjoy the game right now. Thanks for your time. Bakertron.
  10. I read a lot of threads people complaining about the huge difference in graphic settings. Yes they are huge and give different advantages. The foliage is the biggest problem. If you play PUBG with foliage on "Ultra" Settings, you will have a huge disadvantage against players with Foliage set to "Very Low". It feels bad having a good PC which supports the beauty of PUBG on High/Ultra settings, but you are forced to set some settings on very low if you don't wanna have a disadvantage against other players. The game looks beautiful on "High" Settings, the grass and shadows can give you huge cover, more tactical play, it feels more like a great Battle Royale Survival game. Imagine in First Person Hardcore Mode, laying in the grass just hearing sounds around you, trying to get up to spot people, hiding again while proning. Intense! My suggestion would be a seperate queue for people who wanna enjoy this as much as i do with graphics locked to a minimum of "High", all Settings! There's not a big difference between High and Ultra and people on High graphics don't really have an advantage over people on Ultra settings. So if you join such a queue, all other 95 players will play at a minimum of High Graphics too. You will never feel like you have a disadvantage, but you will be able to enjoy the game in it's full beauty, make the environment a much more important and dangerous fact.