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Found 279 results

  1. There have been a 100 threads about this here and on reddit and on steam but here's one more, hoping we get some attention to you guys. The game freezes when i'm getting shot. That's the gist of it. higher graphics seem to impact it in some way. I am using a TV monitor on my computer. Not the best thing for gaming, so when playing this game i have high difficulty seeing anyone at all. Thus i was forced to use Reshade for so long so that i could see better. now you blocked that, so i tried using Geforce Experience game filters. But when i turn those on, whenever I get shot my game freezes completely until i am no longer being shot or dead. This makes me lose 100% of the encounters. Turning off geforce experience does not fix the problem, but turning it on really aggravates it. I found that when turning everything down to very low, the effect is very diminished, but still there. So i don't know what relation this has to graphics but it's a huge issue. as of today i am no longer playing this game because of it. Having to turn everything to very low and NOT use game filters renders me completely blind on this screen, thus making the game unplayable. And of course the freezing is still there even then, albeit minimized. Issue started happening after 1.0 . Has been happening ever since. Specs: i5-6600k GTX 1060 3gb 8gb 2133mhz ram windows 10 64-bit. Note that i get a steady 70+ fps in this game even with a lot of settings high. The freezing issue is completely unrelated to my computer's performance. I can play this game just fine if it wasnt for the freezing. Please do something.
  2. Grafikstein

    Grafiksteins Gaming Community

    Hallo und Moin Moin, wir sind auf der Suche nach weg Gefährten die uns durch die dicht behügelten Landschaften in Miramar oder durch die Wälder in Erangel begleitet, uns den Rücken freihält und wir gemeinsam auf der Suche nach dem „Chicken Dinner“ sind. Wir sind eine nette und familiäre Community die zusammen Quatsch baut, zusammen spielt oder auch zusammen lacht, weil es sich bei einer Community auch so gehört. Ihr solltet schon Ü18 sein, da bei uns auch gerne verbal gesprochen wird und offen. Unser Durchschnitts Community alter ist 25 Jahre. Wir haben einen TeamSpeak3 Server: ts.grafikstein.de ihr könnt gerne jederzeit reinkommen, keiner beißt euch.
  3. I know this has plagued others but it is the first time I have noticed this in my games. After last patch I've noticed brief drops in FPS maybe once every 1 or 2 minutes. Sometimes more frequent. With no obvious cause-- I'm running or driving far from anyone else. No firefights. Just me and the terrain. My FPS usually is in the 55 - 65 range but when the game "stutters" it will drop 20 - 25 points for a moment and then rise back up. I live in NA and generally play NA server (occasionally EU). It occurs in both.
  4. Every time I parachute into the map the frame rate drops HARD. Once I land the frame rate is still bad, but then after a minute or so it stabilizes into the normal PUBG range. Anyone else experiencing this? On Xbox One X with SSD using a Samsung CHG70 at 1080p 120hz with FreeSync enabled.
  5. Well, here we are yet again. Bluehole has given us another wonderful update full of "enhanced performance upgrades" and "map optimization" (whatever exactly all of these general words are supposed to mean, their meaning being essentially devoid by this point). I've kept a list of all of the bugs and various problems PUBG has been and is riddled with that a multi-million dollar company just can't seem to ever get around to fixing. It makes one ask if they ever have PLAYED the game they are supposed to be fixing, and not using their customers (who purchased the game) as ginnie pigs to give them "Feedback" (as in doing their jobs for them) on the many glaring problems their game has. Thus I will not outline the issues again, nor the NEW problems PUBG now has (although I will outline at least one new one). I think I speak for most of us (whatever console you're on, I have spent considerable time with both XB1 and XB1 S) when I channel my utter, second to none frustration with this game and this "team" of developers. I do not believe I have ever seen such short comings and failures as I have with this game in any other game ever. Definitely not of PUBG's degree of success and potential especially (as well as funding, my god it is inconceivable the things that occur with Bluehole's success still do. Of course this being all just my own opinion and could never be made into an objective, relative opinion based upon the merits and accomplishments of other games and developers, no no no...) All disclaimers aside I am aware there's been past updates, Bluehole's really sorry, its just a pre-release, blah blah blah, etc. You might remember me from before when I outlined the "issues" PUBG on XB1 has and still has (I did so I believe twice). I did so politely in hopes they would be fixed, and that the developers would listen and amend these issues we all have in relative time. Sadly I was mostly wrong as I feared. No more Mr. Nice Guy I suppose. PUBG's major slump on all platforms to the likes of kiddie games like FORTNITE (I see no reason why anyone above the age of 16 would ever consider such a game, but maybe because it actually WORKS people gravitate towards it) is well deserved. No one is wholly won over by superficial "enhancements" and a near total stagnation of core game play and functionality improvements. In any case if you made it this far allow me to show you some of my time spent on this game to give you some context. Between PUBG, the PTS and a few wins on another console, I have over 50 wins. I started a week after PUBG came to XB1 and my first four days of game time were brutal because believe it or not, at that point in time PUBG was nearly unplayable (relative to what it is now, yeah, I know). Most of them are tpp solo and duo. My Highest kill count is 16 (with Chicken Dinner) on Erangel and the second is 15 (with Chicken Dinner) on Miramar. Furthest kill was 1.46km. I'm no one special, I've just put some time into the game like many of us do. The two bottom photos are from the PTS as that still shows one's career stats. I normally wouldn't share this kind of information or even come onto this forum, but if this is what PUBG is going to continue to be I might as well share it. I would show you my Erangel stats, but for SOME REASON they have disappeared and so the only way to get an idea of my stats is through the d*mn game hub. And that's what's prompted me to write this. As many of you will soon find out our career stats on PUBG -the only thing that is rewarding in this game (besides leaderboards) since there aren't any achievements or upgrades or ANYTHING- are no more. Now my stats look like this And, uh, as you might guess, I'm just a little annoyed. It might be different if things like this occurred once in a blue moon on behalf of the "team" and things were quickly fixed. We're all human. Maybe the team might APOLOGIZE and COMPENSATE their players for their mishandlings and mistakes. It really wouldn't be that big of a deal, game studios do that all of the time. But since things like this DO happen on the regular (many times the career and leaderboards stats have been scattered or inaccurate and so on) and if my game didn't crash every single time I played it or any of the other basic, simple functions and mechanics that are simply "trash", as we call it, I and most people who play this game regularly are REALLY not happy. I mean, every update you have churned out there are virtually no major positive changes! Ever! In fact many times PROBLEMS are created, if not problems that were fixed are rolled back! That is insane! How does a business continue to run and operate like that? Its almost as if the "team" DOESN'T EVEN CARE despite what it says. When I read positive comments on this forum I have to ask what game these people are playing because it is not PUBG on XB1. If this nearly 10GB update is the best you can do I can't help but scoff. Why play this game if you can't even keep your stats? BP? The items are 98% garbage and repeats. Given my 27+ days of total game time I haven't even received a useful coat or face gear. Its a total let down every time and it isn't enjoyable. I cannot tell you how many times a great game has crashed and then suddenly ended with nothing but a giant F YOU; how many times I needlessly died because of simple mechanics that were mastered by game developers last decade are rudimentary now or simple in-game structures are not even RENDERED or are rendered improperly and the character is stuck in a bloody WALL; and how many WINS I had LOST because my "enhancements" and "optimizations" were nothing but words! You cannot honestly put band-aids over this game and distract everyone with a new map while leaving the old in its current state and except us to continue to wait patiently for you to really "optimize" the game. We've tried to get your attention on various issues and nothing seemed to work. If your "team" is genuine, they need major, wide ranging help ASAP. Some of the biggest and most popular players of PUBG openly admit this game is "Broken" and needs serious work. Given its current status and grim prospects, I do not think I'll be putting more time into this game. I've long decided not to recommend it further and I would NEVER spend another dime on it. Like a lot of us we'll probably wait until one of these many mediocre knockoffs gets it right and actually re-asserts HIGH STANDARDS to gaming because god knows after this PUBG fiasco standards for video games has been on a fast spiral downwards. I detail this for the good of the OTHER PLAYERS to not accept this race to the bottom of gaming standards and because appealing to the "team" doesn't seem to work much. They were in it for the money alone. What a shame though, this had so much potential. TL:DR - my stats are gone, this game still really sucks and I (probably) quit.
  6. True KameKaze

    Updated feedback (PTS4)

    Ok, I’ll update my feedback on the testserver now: FPS at the beginning have gotten MUCH BETTER! Also most of the time buildings have rendered completely when I touch the ground (or roof). In exchange weapons spawn in when or after I touch down which is annoying when you drop at hotspots. Looting is been improved A LOT! I don’t have to torture my X Button anymore to pic something up and lootin hast become much quicker! Also my FPS don‘t drop as much anymore when driving a vehicle! GOOD F***ING JOB! still: Aiming with AA of us way too slow! Please raise the max sensitivity for that! And reloading after picking up a weapon is still wonky 🙈 often the game dösen seem to register the command
  7. Mcdrewsii

    Fps drops

    Hi people. New to pubg on the pc previously been playing on a Xbox oneX. Anyone else noticed a drop in fps especially on Miramar map. I play at high settings on a 75hz 1080p monitor vsync on and locked to 75fps. Recently tho this has been dropping to the low 60s even when settings are at medium. My system is a little over a month old. I5 8400 2666mhz 2x4gb ram Evga gtx geforce 1060 6gb
  8. Last week the game played so awesome. Controls were very responsive and aiming was much better. My aim acc was 10 so it was off and everything else was 3 because it was so quick and responsive. Now I have aim acc off and everything at 7 and I still can't get on target. ADS is so much slower. It is like horizontal sens is bugged like vertical was last week. FPS seems much worse than last week. Even CQB last two PTS was so smooth and nice. I feel like the game was really starting to go in the right direction. Now I am seeing CQB drops again and on top of the slow aiming is really making me not want to play. Xbox One X wired all ports open U.S. I have been waiting for the game to get better before I invest too much time into it. Last week made me excited about the future. This week has me saying I'll sit out another update until they get it right.
  9. Quem jogou esse final de semana de 11/05 a 13/05 sofreu bastante com dificuldades para conectar aos servidores do PUBG. Se não bastasse isso, tive queda de FPS absurda jogando SOLO. Coisa que só acontecia jogando DUO ou SQUAD. Já está na hora da PUBG corp. apresentar um jogo no mínimo aceitável, afinal, já se foram 5 meses desde seu lançamento. Jogo no xbox one X. @PUBG_The Sparrow Tem algo relevante a dizer sobre isso?
  10. Xbox one X Pretty obvious FPS drop while looking at the burning vehicle. We took out 3 guys on the crate prior to this clip. Thought it was just the red smoke, maybe a combination of that and fire, but still dropped FPS with just fire on my screen. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/i-sneed-i/video/49302146
  11. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Xbox One X Upgrade

    TL:DR Xbox One X Upgrades Your PUBG Experience Exponentially. For those of you on the fence about whether or not the Xbox One X is worth it. It is, if you can take advantage of what it offers. One of my biggest gripes with PUBG from the start has been rendering times, distances, and quality. I can't tell you how many times I was killed atop a mountain of play-doh that was supposed to be a building because I couldn't walk, see anything, or just because my character was bouncing around like a jackrabbit on cocaine. The original XBone was the worst with these issues. The game was not unplayable, but it was dang close. I tried the S because I ended up getting a special deal and got it for free when upgrading my phone. The S was considerably better with load times but the clay buildings and rendering problems were still there. Well, this last weekend was a promotion going on to get an extra 80 bucks for trade-in with Gamestop when trading in a console. I saved my pennies and sold some junk and finally had enough to bite the bullet get the X. MOTHER OF GOD The load times are incredible. Don't get me wrong, PUBG still has its quirks, and crashes still occasionally happen, but hear this.....I crashed while my friends were getting murdered by another squad. From getting to the Xbox home screen, to main menu of PUBG, to fully back in the game to help with the battle........43 seconds. Previously it was nothing to wait 90 seconds or longer and die to the blue while loading. Render distance for buildings is INSANE. I was on the plane approaching from the SE....Was flying over the SE corner of the island and NOVO and MILITARY BASE were FULLY VISIBLE. No clay, no stuttering, no weird colors. I could see EVERYTHING. I actually felt like I could pick an individual building to go to rather than just aiming for the town. Upon entering the buildings all interior items, doors, and loot are fully rendered and available. The lighting and textures are incredible. PUBG is an One X enhanced game, and I didn't know what that meant until I jumped in and started seeing the differences in textures, lighting, and shaders. Even the textures on my clothing items are better. Keep in mind that you will only tell a difference here IF you have a 4k TV (preferably with HDR) AND have your X plugged into an HDMI that can utilize the HDR signal. Many people don't realize that with some 4k TV's there are only 1 or 2 HDMI ports that offer 4kHDR. At any rate, if you were wondering if it is worth the jump, and you have the means to do so, do it.
  12. Всем Привет! Решил я приобрести игру эту и думал долго, смотрел стримы, переживал, ночей не спал. Так как все, 95 процентов пишут что игра неоптимизированна и играть комфортно можно только на хороших и мощных ПК. Да игра действительно неоптимизированна! Лаги часто! Но.... Какого же было мое удивление, когда я все же приобрел эту игру в Steam. Запустил и стал спокойно и нормально играть в нее. Для понимания: i-3 6100, MSI H110, 8Gb DDR4 (2400Mhz), и , .... барабанная дробь! Видеокарты нет! Встроенная графика! HD Intel 530! Понятно что это не 60 кадров в секунду, и просадки большие. Но, если следовать некоторым рекомендациям жителей форума и разработчиков! Стабильные 30 ФПС! ( просадки когда красная зона, дома, и на машине ) Бываю просадки до 20-22, ниже 20 не падает! Настройки: все очень низко, кроме текстур и дальности видимости. Они средние. Я завидую обладателям мощных видеокарт которые жалуются. Чему там жаловаться если игра идет на встроенной графике? Вообщем пошел я играть, а играю я недавно. Нуб. Но на своем железе в Duo, взял первое место, без "крысятничества" Вывод: Играть можно и на слабом (офисном ПК) все дело в настройках! Разрешение игры 1280x1024 #Ждем оптимизацию
  13. Last night was truely the worst yet, lagging, FPS drops, friends and I quitting after only 3 games. You have all heard it before I know but when will this end. I suppose I need a break from this bad habit. This game is like a drug, you know it’s bad but for all the times it makes you feel like giving up you come back for more. This game will end up being known for going cold turkey rather than chicken dinners....
  14. LeoSillvaa


    Estou com o dinheiro para comprar o jogo mas gostaria de saber se roda Sistema Operativo: Windows 10 Placa Gráfica: Gtx 650 1gb CPU (Processador): i5 7400 Memória RAM: 8GB
  15. 1) i was driving uaz and a guy on a motorcycle hit me at full speed....my jeep exploded, obviously i died, he ran away without a scratch 2) after months of getting shot after taking cover behind corners i'm now gettin shot before i turn the corner, my enemies see me 1-2 secs before i see them 3) i shot a guy with lv.2 vest point-blank in the chest with the shotgun, he didn't die....i died with 2 shots from his akm 4) me and another guy we enter the same house, he grabs pan i grab shotgun, both no armor nor helmet, i had to hit him point-blank 3 times to finally get a kill. he almost killed me with the pan 5) i've been one-shotted by SKS headshot wearing a pristine lv.2 helmet....never happened before 6) frame rate is lower than before, i noticed serious lag spike and stuttering quite often but hey....just look at the bright side! finally you removed all the useless, shitty, annoying clothings!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! p.s. i almost forgot....obviously the game still crash
  16. cjshred0991

    School Poolhouse

    Top floor of the poolhouse next to school has SIGNIFICANT FPS drops but when you go down a floor it goes back to normal. I'm playing on an xbox one x. Figured I would give a heads up.
  17. Does anyone else think the performance is noticeably better. I mean i still get significant fps drops in buildings and in big gunfights, but for the most part it seems way better. I guess mowing the lawn realy helps who would of guessed. now what they should do next is cut the draw distance in half and the resolution down to a quarter, then we might have a pretty playable game.
  18. @PUBG_RoboDanjal on a positive note. It would be absolutely phenomenal to see the game upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.19. The Dynamic Resolution sounds extremely promising to help optimize the game further and increase the FPS. I was doing some research and saw that the OG Xbox One runs at about the equivalent of a GTX 460, while the Xbox One X in comparison runs at around a GTX 660. I know CPU power is unaccounted for here, however I think by running lower resolutions (very low) on most settings except the texture and view distance setting (run those on medium-high) and just having (low) on foliage, then incorporating the Unreal 4.19 update, you could possibly see some major performance increases in FPS to allow for that desirable and smooth game-play we're all looking for. I also see the Landscape Rendering update in Unreal 4.19. This looks like it could show great potential too. I'm not an expert on optimization either and all the factors that go into this, however I have both versions for PC and Xbox, yet I tend to lean to Xbox more due to the familiarity of Console play from my past experiences. I run a GTX 750TI and need to run low res on most settings to get frame rate above 35fps. I still enjoy the experience on PC and it doesn't make as much of a difference since I'm mainly in it for the experience, not so much the graphics at the moment. Experience is everything when it comes to a console game especially in pre-release. When you role out the test server, I think having better graphics there to help further assess and optimize fps would be of benefit since the test server is where the valuable data is gathered prior to rolling out an update. I'm sure Patch 12 and Patch 13 are being created in conjunction to one another and that we may see the bigger optimizations addressed alongside Unreal Engine updates implemented as well which, understandably may take much more time to implement. Keep up the great work and thank you for the work you're putting in. PS, vehicle damage being tuned up and down all the time does seem to frustrate everyone (myself included).
  19. What happened to this communication "better communication" with the community and how there was a public statement made saying they "provide details regarding patch 12 notes" prior to its release....? This was stated last week and the projected release is tomorrow or at the latest Thursday? Its been approved through Microsoft.....why is the community not being informed? Can we please see the patch notes and know what to expect with Patch 12?
  20. DaniMg

    Lost FPS with GTX 1050Ti

    Hi all, recently I upgraded my pc with a ssd m.2 hard disk and now when I play PUBG I have arround 30-40-50 fps or max 60, and before with the same options I had arround 60-70-80 fps and I don't know why this happened only in this game I think. My pc is an Msi gl62m 7rex 2202xes with: CPU: Intel i5 7300HQ (2.5GHz-3.5GHz) RAM: 8GB DDR4 GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4GB As I told I had more fps before and i'm sure I have the best drivers, I checked all, and all seems to be fine just I don't know why this fps drop in Pubg, someone with this graphic card have more fps or the same problem?
  21. So it seems to me that if something as simple as splitting the players up at the beginning of the game can help performance then there are a lot of other things that could be done. Common sense would say not to have a massive body of water around the island with its endless depths. The deepest parts should be the creeks and streams which we cross. I say make the ocean 10 ft deep and dont have it go any further out than is necessary. I dont need to be able to drive a boat 5 miles off shore and look back at a tiny blip of an island. Also things like the recently introduced scope glares that everyone just loves get em outa here. The little lamps and lights that turn on and off when you enter a room, the leaking water audio noise in houses, the junk in houses seems useless too, how bout just one chair per room or something like that. All im saying is i dont think this game is ever getting to 60 fps ive literally lost hope at this point and uninstalled the game last night. For the record i have almost a month of gameplay and almost a 100 wins im not a pro but im better than most. This game was a source of pure joy for me for a while but after so long of getting fed these little joke patches. Its just getting insulting at this point. We waited 3 weeks for a big juicy patch that THEY promised and DID NOT deliver. They said patch frequency would reduce to improve the quality. The last patch had almost next to nothing in it. Lies about vehicle profiles being adjusted theyre exactly the same. I play on the x i rarely crash. It just the framerate thats killing this game it cant stay like this ive said it before some other game is going to take over and never look back and its not fortnite sorry. Bluehole has a gem here and theyre throwing it in the trash
  22. Bilgisayarımda yüksek kalite ile gta 5 oynayabilirim, ancak pubg fps 2 veya 3 oynuyorum ve aşırı kasmalar meydana geliyor. Bunun nedeni nedir?
  23. TheTrueAsian

    Suddenly Starts Stuttering (FPS)

    Not sure if it's a gpu problem but: Everytime I play for a long period of time (ie 1-2 hours) the game would suddeny start losing fps. Fraps would still show 60-70fps bit every quarter of a second or so I would lose 5 frames. It's not like that 10 fps look, but more like cutting out frame from a 60 fps video. Specs: Ryzen 5 1600 16gb DDR4 2133MHz MSI RX 580 8GB 240GB SSD
  24. I've been having trouble with random FPS drops while playing. I couldn't find any explanation to it, as it can happen in open field with no one around, in cities, inside buildings, in gunfire, while driving, it's just completely random. I run the game around 50-80fps most of time, and then suddenly it drops to around 10-30 fps, the sound becomes robotic (if someone's talking ingame, they sound like daft punk's songs) and laggy. The problem began around october, two weeks after the infamous "freeze while looting" bug, which I didn't have trouble with at the time. Then about two or three weeks ago the problem stopped on live servers (although it started happening on test servers a week ago), then the problem is happening today very often. I had a different GPU, a Sapphire Radeon R9 280 dual-x 3gb, about a month ago I've switched to an Asus GTX 1070 OC dual 8gb. It seemed to didn't have any impact with the problem. I've also switched from windows 7 to windows 10 pro. GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor Memory: 16 GB RAM 1866mhx DDR3 OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro I have an WC on my CPU, temperature stays at 58C under load. (Ps.: I'm aware of the bottleneck, I plan to upgrade to a I5 8400 in february) Additional info. - I'm using reshade: Technicolor, Vibrance, Lumasharpen - No launch options Game settings as follow ] Some videos showing the FPS drops, along with MSI Afterburner information: Any help will be welcome.
  25. I have my dead zone set at 4, but since patch 11, if I get into CQC in an area with a lot of buildings my thumb sticks start responding way less. I’ve gotten used to the FPS drop in these situations but the deadzone thing is a new problem. My buddy I play duos with all the time has also experienced the same problem.