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Found 216 results

  1. Купил я значит новую Palit GTX 1060 6GB DUAL, стояла RADEON HD7870 2GB 3х~ летней давности, все настройки на лоу, текстуры на выс. фпс от 30-60 скакал, поставил новую ииииии... нихера не поменялось Фпс только стабильно начал держаться на таких же настройка 40-70, но такие же скачки, в начале вообще лагает >30фпс, в самолете 20-30, как так вообще? В параметрах запуска ничего не стоит, кфг никакие не менял, все на чистую запускал, единственное в меню фпс в 2 раза больше стал, с 70 до 130+ поднялся i5 3570 12gb 1600ghz Игра на SSD ASUS p8z77 vl-x
  2. I really love to see the new anti-cheat getting there. But when I start the game with the anti-cheat ticked in/on I get some 25-30% fps drop in the testing range compared to without. Personally I could live with it, but I am sure it causes bigger issues for some. I truly hope you soon have it mandatory and well working. This on: Nvidia 980 ti Win 7 Pro Latest drivers/patches
  3. Hallo zusammen, ich besitze PUBG schon seit Early Access release. Habe das Game immer mal wieder gespielt am Anfang mehr als während der letzten 7 Monate. Jedoch habe ich seit (ich glaube zumindest) 3 patches ein Problem. Das Problem ist folgendes: Wenn ich das Game starte und im Menu lande habe ich zwischen 5-15FPS manchmal sehr selten springt es auf 60FPS hoch. Sobald ich jedoch ein Game suche und in das Game geladen bin habe ich wieder "normale" FPS zwischen 80-144FPS. Da ich auf YT nicht wirklich eine Lösung gefunden habe versuche ich es mal hier im Forum und hoffe, dass mir jemand weiterhelfen kann. Mein PC: CPU: i5-4690k @3.50Ghz GPU: GTX 1060 6GB RAM: 8GB (keine SSD) Windows 10 64-Bit Version Mit freundlichen Grüßen, xenon
  4. Nao tem sentido a opcao de smooth framerate ter 60FPS de target para FPS ilimitado e custom FPS. bSmoothFrameRate MinSmoothedFrameRate MaxAmoothedFrameRate MinDesiredFrameRate SmoothedFrameRateRange
  5. I only play Sanhok, in sunny weather I usually get 60-80 (more 60-70) fps and sometimes it drops to 50-60! But it's ok for me! but when the weather is foggy for example in a place that I get 62 fps in sunny weather, I get 40 fps in foggy weather! I can handle 50-60, but having 40 fps at the final circles is so much disadvantage and players movements are stutter-ish and it's so unfair! can you guys either fix it and improve the performance! or remove it until you optimize it so I don't have to leave or play a game in 40-50 fps!
  6. My question is how can this game be released when there is still crashing, horrible rendering problems even with an SSD, and very low FPS? I completely understand the issues while in the preview program I expected all of it when I bought the game on dec. 12th, but once you “release” the game it has to be sold as a solid running game and in my personal opinion it’s far from that. I don’t know the definition or even if there is a definition of a finished game but adding more content doesn’t make a product finished. If anyone has a better understanding on what “1.0” means please enlighten me. I’m just worried we will get content shoved down our throats to try and compensate for a poor performing game. I have friends who haven’t played in months bc they couldn’t deal with the problems. The first thing they ask when I tell them it is getting officially released is about performance and all I can say is it’s better than it used to be but still bad.
  7. buddhaburna

    Back to Basics

    Hello everyone. Over the past few weeks I have found myself saying the same thing over and over: we need more basic, fundamental things brushed up on this game first. For example: this current PTS update includes cool things like colorblind integration, limb penetration, dynamic weather, and even some landscape changes. Very cool update... but I daresay, NOT the update that this game needs. Between all the bugs and major problems that the servers experience, i feel game play itself needs to be a primary focus. Lets smooth out the map, try to push the frames per second up as much as we can. Lets work on early-game rendering. And i know its a huge problem that is probably a lot more difficult to finetune, but can we please focus on DESYNC, especially on the Xbox? The latency in these servers are ridiculous sometimes. I love the fact that we are steadily getting updates, i really do. And i appreciate the work and effort that gets these updates pushed out. But i feel that in the current stage of the xbox game, we need more fundamental changes. Not new loading screens, not new landscapes, and certainly not color influences in the HUD. I feel like there is so many different areas that need improvement on this game, and they seem to be getting overlooked through the implementation of other, less fundamental things, like limb penetration or landscape improvements. Here is a small list of things I feel should be prioritized for the Xbox version. -De-Synch -Server Stability -Frame Rate -General Smoothing -Texture Improvements
  8. I was using the replay function today to create some videos and still images for thumbnails, when it dawned on me that there is water rendered under the entire map, wherever you go on the maps there is water under the map. Now I am no programmer or game dev, but surely having the game render all this water, (which is all constantly moving etc) causes a significant performance hit? Why is it necessary to have water under the entire map? Why can't there just be water where there needs to be? As I said, I am no game dev so forgive me if there is a reason why it is there, but to me it seems like it would cause unnecessary load? Could a significant performance increase be obtained by removing the water under map?
  9. CesttPlays

    Guia Aumentar FPS y Rendimiento

    Hola compañeros he hecho una pequeña guía en español de como Aumentar los FPS y el Rendimiento en PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, he recogido lo mejor de distintos artículos y he mejorado algunas cosas y lo he sintetizado en un vídeo corto de 5 minutos, espero que os sea útil.
  10. VirtualMechanic

    Custom FPS not working as intended

    Running PUBG in Fullscreen Windowed, when using CUSTOM FPS at 200 I only get around 144 FPS. When running it in unlimited I get around 180 to 220 FPS. Specs: i7 7700k @ 4.8GHz + 1080ti + 240hz G-sync monitor Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/94hz6z/bug_test_server_fps_seems_to_be_lower_in_general/
  11. Inicio a partida normal,acima de 70 fps,ai do nada o fps baixa pra 40,50,55 e nao volta mais,so se eu mudar para modo janela sem bordas e voltar para tela cheia.Isso acontece quase toda partida,e só no windows 10,nao é temperatura,nao é driver,nao é visualc+. Aos 0:32 segundos do video,eu sei la,abro o inventario e cai o fps.
  12. Имеется сумма 1000-1300$, цель — собрать игровой комп. Други, решил собрать себе комп для комфортной игры в PUBG (100-120фпс), но опыта в этом деле нет, поэтому обращаюсь за советом к знатокам. Монитор будет 24" и 144 херц. Разгоном баловаться не собираюсь. Присмотрел процессор i7 7700 и видео карту msi 1070 gtx (или лучше asus 1070)?
  13. There have been a 100 threads about this here and on reddit and on steam but here's one more, hoping we get some attention to you guys. The game freezes when i'm getting shot. That's the gist of it. higher graphics seem to impact it in some way. I am using a TV monitor on my computer. Not the best thing for gaming, so when playing this game i have high difficulty seeing anyone at all. Thus i was forced to use Reshade for so long so that i could see better. now you blocked that, so i tried using Geforce Experience game filters. But when i turn those on, whenever I get shot my game freezes completely until i am no longer being shot or dead. This makes me lose 100% of the encounters. Turning off geforce experience does not fix the problem, but turning it on really aggravates it. I found that when turning everything down to very low, the effect is very diminished, but still there. So i don't know what relation this has to graphics but it's a huge issue. as of today i am no longer playing this game because of it. Having to turn everything to very low and NOT use game filters renders me completely blind on this screen, thus making the game unplayable. And of course the freezing is still there even then, albeit minimized. Issue started happening after 1.0 . Has been happening ever since. Specs: i5-6600k GTX 1060 3gb 8gb 2133mhz ram windows 10 64-bit. Note that i get a steady 70+ fps in this game even with a lot of settings high. The freezing issue is completely unrelated to my computer's performance. I can play this game just fine if it wasnt for the freezing. Please do something.
  14. Grafikstein

    Grafiksteins Gaming Community

    Hallo und Moin Moin, wir sind auf der Suche nach weg Gefährten die uns durch die dicht behügelten Landschaften in Miramar oder durch die Wälder in Erangel begleitet, uns den Rücken freihält und wir gemeinsam auf der Suche nach dem „Chicken Dinner“ sind. Wir sind eine nette und familiäre Community die zusammen Quatsch baut, zusammen spielt oder auch zusammen lacht, weil es sich bei einer Community auch so gehört. Ihr solltet schon Ü18 sein, da bei uns auch gerne verbal gesprochen wird und offen. Unser Durchschnitts Community alter ist 25 Jahre. Wir haben einen TeamSpeak3 Server: ts.grafikstein.de ihr könnt gerne jederzeit reinkommen, keiner beißt euch.
  15. Quem jogou esse final de semana de 11/05 a 13/05 sofreu bastante com dificuldades para conectar aos servidores do PUBG. Se não bastasse isso, tive queda de FPS absurda jogando SOLO. Coisa que só acontecia jogando DUO ou SQUAD. Já está na hora da PUBG corp. apresentar um jogo no mínimo aceitável, afinal, já se foram 5 meses desde seu lançamento. Jogo no xbox one X. @PUBG_The Sparrow Tem algo relevante a dizer sobre isso?
  16. Всем Привет! Решил я приобрести игру эту и думал долго, смотрел стримы, переживал, ночей не спал. Так как все, 95 процентов пишут что игра неоптимизированна и играть комфортно можно только на хороших и мощных ПК. Да игра действительно неоптимизированна! Лаги часто! Но.... Какого же было мое удивление, когда я все же приобрел эту игру в Steam. Запустил и стал спокойно и нормально играть в нее. Для понимания: i-3 6100, MSI H110, 8Gb DDR4 (2400Mhz), и , .... барабанная дробь! Видеокарты нет! Встроенная графика! HD Intel 530! Понятно что это не 60 кадров в секунду, и просадки большие. Но, если следовать некоторым рекомендациям жителей форума и разработчиков! Стабильные 30 ФПС! ( просадки когда красная зона, дома, и на машине ) Бываю просадки до 20-22, ниже 20 не падает! Настройки: все очень низко, кроме текстур и дальности видимости. Они средние. Я завидую обладателям мощных видеокарт которые жалуются. Чему там жаловаться если игра идет на встроенной графике? Вообщем пошел я играть, а играю я недавно. Нуб. Но на своем железе в Duo, взял первое место, без "крысятничества" Вывод: Играть можно и на слабом (офисном ПК) все дело в настройках! Разрешение игры 1280x1024 #Ждем оптимизацию
  17. LeoSillvaa


    Estou com o dinheiro para comprar o jogo mas gostaria de saber se roda Sistema Operativo: Windows 10 Placa Gráfica: Gtx 650 1gb CPU (Processador): i5 7400 Memória RAM: 8GB
  18. DaniMg

    Lost FPS with GTX 1050Ti

    Hi all, recently I upgraded my pc with a ssd m.2 hard disk and now when I play PUBG I have arround 30-40-50 fps or max 60, and before with the same options I had arround 60-70-80 fps and I don't know why this happened only in this game I think. My pc is an Msi gl62m 7rex 2202xes with: CPU: Intel i5 7300HQ (2.5GHz-3.5GHz) RAM: 8GB DDR4 GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4GB As I told I had more fps before and i'm sure I have the best drivers, I checked all, and all seems to be fine just I don't know why this fps drop in Pubg, someone with this graphic card have more fps or the same problem?
  19. Bilgisayarımda yüksek kalite ile gta 5 oynayabilirim, ancak pubg fps 2 veya 3 oynuyorum ve aşırı kasmalar meydana geliyor. Bunun nedeni nedir?
  20. TheTrueAsian

    Suddenly Starts Stuttering (FPS)

    Not sure if it's a gpu problem but: Everytime I play for a long period of time (ie 1-2 hours) the game would suddeny start losing fps. Fraps would still show 60-70fps bit every quarter of a second or so I would lose 5 frames. It's not like that 10 fps look, but more like cutting out frame from a 60 fps video. Specs: Ryzen 5 1600 16gb DDR4 2133MHz MSI RX 580 8GB 240GB SSD
  21. I've been having trouble with random FPS drops while playing. I couldn't find any explanation to it, as it can happen in open field with no one around, in cities, inside buildings, in gunfire, while driving, it's just completely random. I run the game around 50-80fps most of time, and then suddenly it drops to around 10-30 fps, the sound becomes robotic (if someone's talking ingame, they sound like daft punk's songs) and laggy. The problem began around october, two weeks after the infamous "freeze while looting" bug, which I didn't have trouble with at the time. Then about two or three weeks ago the problem stopped on live servers (although it started happening on test servers a week ago), then the problem is happening today very often. I had a different GPU, a Sapphire Radeon R9 280 dual-x 3gb, about a month ago I've switched to an Asus GTX 1070 OC dual 8gb. It seemed to didn't have any impact with the problem. I've also switched from windows 7 to windows 10 pro. GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor Memory: 16 GB RAM 1866mhx DDR3 OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro I have an WC on my CPU, temperature stays at 58C under load. (Ps.: I'm aware of the bottleneck, I plan to upgrade to a I5 8400 in february) Additional info. - I'm using reshade: Technicolor, Vibrance, Lumasharpen - No launch options Game settings as follow ] Some videos showing the FPS drops, along with MSI Afterburner information: Any help will be welcome.
  22. Trevornoob


    Msi GE63VR 7RF Spec : i7 7700HQ GTX 1070 with 391.05 driver (latest) 16 GB 2400mhz SSD NVME 256 GB + 1 TB HDD 7200rpm Windows 10home 64bit This happen since i bought this laptop on 8march 2018 At the airplane fps 100+, in a place where there no buildings (jungle/desert) my fps is 80-100+ When in a big city or in a lot of buildings my fps drop to 25-50 fps and little bit stuttering Setting all very low or all ultra the fps still the same. Every single time im quit from the lobby (to desktop) is crash, "send report bla bla bla" Reinstall nvidia driver and setting nvidia control panel already done. Reinstall the game already done three times Timespy 3Dmark benchmark test the score is 5648 where is the fault ? This is my laptop fault or the game fault ? Please help. Thanks
  23. OskarPEntenweich

    Ruckeln und nur 30 FPS

    Hallo ich habe mir einen Laptop gekauft. I5 7300 HQ Prozessor, 8GB Arbeitsspeicher, GTX 1050TI 4 GB Grafikkarte. Obwohl ich auf sehr niedrig gestellt habe ruckelt es und ich habe nur 30 FPS Normal müsste dieser Lappi das doch locker schaffen oder? Hat jemand das gleiche Problem??? MFG
  24. Verlosung 01/04/2018 Was kann man gewinnen? 1. Platz // 10€ Steam Guthaben 2. Platz // 5€ Steam Guthaben 3. Platz // 1x EARLY BIRD KEY (PUPG-Shop Crates) ============ Wie kann man am Gewinnspiel teilnehmen? 1. Steam Gruppe beitreten >> Grafiksteins Gaming Community << 2. Folgt mir auf Twitch: >> http://www.twitch.tv/grafiikstein/ << 3. Rang 5 auf unserem TS³ Server erreichen >> TeamSpeak³ Server-IP: ts.grafikstein.de << ============ Wie wird verlost? Von allen Teilnehmern werden die Namen in einen Zufallsgenerator eingegeben, der erste der gezogen wird ist Platz 3, der zweite Platz 2 und der letzte der gezogen wird landet auf Platz 1. Die Verlosung findet Live auf Twitch auf meinem Kanal am 01.04.18 um 16:30 Uhr statt. Macht mich! Das Lohnt sich!