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Found 289 results

  1. Hi. Well... a friend and I decided to build our very own pc. We both ordered following parts: EVGA B3 550W Modular 80+ Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5" SSD ASUS Prime Z370-P, Socket-1151 Corsair Vengeance LED DDR4 3200MHz 16GB Intel Core i5-8600K 3.60 GHz My friend decided to go with the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Windforce OC and Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo CPU cooler, I went with the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 ICX SC2 and Noctua NH-14. We downloaded PUBG after installing several drivers so we could test our new PCs. Here's the funny part. We run exactly the same video settings in game and basically in nvidia control panel (untouched settings) and he runs more stable FPS, like around 135-140 easliy stable, sometimes with drops to 110-120. Me? Well, I get around 100-120 and if I'm lucky I can get 130 - Which is a shame because I that extra money after 1070's big brother. This is kinda frustrating because I feel like I've been screwed. I also changed the Nvidia Control settings to max performance in case it would give me some sugar... sadly with no luck. I know I shouldn't complain at all since there are so many people who struggles even more, but can anybody explain wtf is going on? Should also mention that we both run 144 Hz 1080p
  2. Hey Leute, ich habe leider Folgendes Problem: Wenn ich PUBG im Vollbild- oder Vollbild(Randlos)Modus spiele habe ich konstante FPS von 40 ( zwischendurch mal für den Bruchteil einer Sekunde von 39). Wechsel ich aber in den Fenstermodus springen meine FPS sofort auf ~80 und sind dann im weiteren Verlauf, je nach Region auf der Karte, zwischen 65 und 80 FPS. Kann das an irgendwelchen Software/Treibereinstellungen liegen? Oder hat sonst jemand eine Idee woran das liegen kann? Eine Lösung wäre echt hilfreich :=) Ich danke schon mal allen die Versuchen mir bei meinem Problem zu helfen BTW, ich habe bei Battlefield 4 ein ähnliches Problem. Dort sind es 60 FPS im Vollbild und 144FPS im Fenstermodus. Ich habe auch ein 144HZ Monitor, weshalb ich das auch gerne ausnutzen würde. Mein PC: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T 16 GB RAM MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X Win 10 64bit AG271QX Monitor 144HZ ( Außerdem ein 24 Zoll Monitior und ein Fernsehr, beides über HDMI) Vielen Dank, Jonas
  3. I have what I consider a good pc, and I have been playing this game for quite some time now (since may I think) without experiencing much fps issues. But lately (last 2 weeks) on both test and normal servers I have gotten what seem to be very bad fps lag on the most random times during matches. It doesn't seem like network lag, but I'm not sure. It get's so bad that the game is completely unplayable, and I have to restart game to get rid of it during match, but it will occur again after a while. it feels like it's playing on like 5-10 fps, and movement is choppy, even when I'm standing still and can see the character "breathing" movement. I have tried turning down the graphics to the very lowest, got the killcam disabled and don't use the nivida highlight issue. Game is also installed on my SSD. Any suggestion to what I can do to fix this or is it because the game isn't fully optimised? It doesn't seem like anyone else of those i'm playing with is experiencing this as bad as me, but they say they do to some degree. I really enjoy playing the game, but it's litterally unplayable to a point where I feel like I don't want to. I will try to record it next time i'm playing and put it as a response to this post.
  4. When ever i look directly down i get about 30 fps when i usually get 70, Same applies to being inside a building.
  5. If anybody is curious how the FPS is in a large city like Georgopol on the Test Server vs Live server, then check out my quick video. I tried to get them to be as similar as possible! I got a nice boost to fps and am very happy with the job BlueHole has done with optimization. Still not esports ready, but it's a start!
  6. If I change video mode to fullscreen window I notice fps drops to 30 (constant 30). After changing video mode to real fullscreen problem goes away. VSYNC on.
  7. Miramar runs like a dream, I take it because it was built from scratch with new assets and more optimized textures, but I'm wondering, Will Erangel be revamped and polished up, so It's as smooth as Miramar? I take it with this downtime on the testservers, being only 1 map, We should expect a revamped Erangel?
  8. Hey guys so I just recently started playing and I really like the game, the only problem is I am averaging from around 16-23 fps on lowest settings, sometimes dipping below that. I have an MSI GE60-2QD CPU: i7 4720HQ, quad core 8 threads @2.60GHz GPU: Nvidia gtx 950m 2GB DDR5 ( I realise this isn't the best but it does meet the minimum requirements) RAM: Kingston 8GB DDR3L (Just bought another and will have 16GB soon, hoping this will help with the FPS and texture loading slow at the begining) 1TB HDD, no SSD. Win 10 Few things to note, I play on an external monitor rather than my laptop one, but I have the laptop one switched off while doing so. I obviously have all the quality settings on very low, and the resolution down to the lowest also. I have put in my nvidia control panel settings all I can to be performance > quality So are these fps normal for my build? Do I have any chance of being able to enjoy this game when it is fully optimized? Will having 16 GB of ram fix this issue for the most part? Thanks I appreciate any feedback.
  9. FPS

    It seams that my fps is locked at 62.. how is that?
  10. PUBG Test Server FPS Capp

    Hey, sinse the new update i got my fps locked on 63 fps maximum, it sucks because i can reach over 100 fps in the game can someone explain to me how to solve the problem? pls help. Thanks For Helping !.
  11. https://streamable.com/04219 Anytime when moving around, I get a frame drop every few seconds. Not a huge deal when running from A to B, but becomes debilitating when fighting. Apologies for video of a video, but hopefully it's clear what happens. Audio also stutters, if that matters. Running at 2K with R9 290 (with fully updated drivers), i5 4670k OC'd to 3.9ghz Happy to look into better recording solution if helpful!
  12. If someone shoots a Winchester at me and I can see the muzzle flash, the game lags horrendously. I will drop to about 3 fps the entire time they are shooting at me. I can't look at them to return fire or the game becomes an unplayable freeze fest and I just die... Very frustrating bug. Fx8320 Rx580 16gb ddr3 Samsung Evo SSD

    Buenas noches, quisiera saber si mi notebook podria correr el PUBG. Y si es asi ¿cuantos fps creen que conseguiria? este tipo de juegos no se puede jugar comodo con menos de 30fps creeria, necesito saber su opinion para una proxima compra! Muchas gracias
  14. Great job with this update PUBG Corp, Something I'd love to discover is how far my PC can be pushed to hit over 144fps. Please remove the 144FPS cap and allow players to reach higher peaks.
  15. Terrible FPS in-game only

    I've been experiencing terrible fps on the test server. This randomly started occurring the other day when I was playing numerous games on the test server. I had no fps issues for roughly 15-20 games before I started experiencing in game fps drop out of nowhere. The lag only starts after I get on the airplane and lasts throughout the rest of the match. I have no fps issues in the time before I get on the plane. I have tried reinstalling the game and dropping all of my graphics settings to the lowest option possible with no success. I have no lag on the normal server and I have my graphics nearly set to the highest possible settings. I have no idea what could be causing this in game lag that I am experiencing. Please help. My PC specs are: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti
  16. Extremely bad FPS

    Doing this for a friend. He is getting really bad FPS whenever he is in or near a city. Our friend with a shitty computer lies around 45 FPS while my friend with a much better computer gets around 20-45 FPS. He has tried updating his graphics drivers, verified integrity of game files, and turned his settings down to lowest. Still no change. Specs: GeForce GTX 970 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz 16 GB RAM 1920x1080 144 Hz
  17. On the Test Server, things run generally fine while looting. (> 100 FPS). ..then, when getting into a gunfight (even near the end of rounds), I'll get massive frame drops right down to 30 FPS. Running: i7 6800 Titan XP 3440 x 1440 ...with most things set to low.
  18. Описание бага: На карте "Мирамар" играя от 3го лица я двигался вдоль сужающейся синей зоны, так что, периодически она входила в зону экрана с персонажем, но не доходя до самого персонажа. В связи с этим происходило следующее: Полностью зависал экран, счётчик fps в этот момент тоже ничего не отображал.(показатель завис вместе с игрой на значении 86). Через несколько секунд от ~ 3 до 10 игра продолжалась дальше как ни в чём не бывало, при этом клавиши которые я жал или нет учитывались игрой. Т.Е. Когда была нажатa клавиша "W" персонаж продолжал двигаться вперёд. Отдельный момент почти не причастный к основному вышеописанному. Желая в тот момент удостоверится что зависла игра, а не компьютер ради проверки нажал alt+tab, компьютер повёл себя адекватно, но при возвращении окна игры я наблюдал следующую картину, игра также была зависшей ещё секунду, но когда зависание "отпустило" мой персонаж продвинулся вперёд (клавиша "W" была нажатой) и "завис" в режиме кругового осмотра, (как при нажатии клавиши alt) т.е. игра считала клавишу alt нажатой, для решения проблемы решил переключить окна ещё раз и всё стало на свои места. Дата когда вы столкнулись с багом: 08.12.17 ~ 14:40 Сервер: Тест Eu. Попытки устранения: Суетливые нажатия alt+tab приведшие к другой ошибке. Другая информация: Фоном всегда работает nwidia geforce expirience Характеристики системы: Win 10; GeForce gtx 1070 strix; intel core i5 4690; Ram: corsair vengeance DIMM DDR3 2x4096mb 2133MHz. Никаким разгонам система не подвержена.
  19. If I turn Nvidia Highlights on (or sometimes it turns itself on after an update - without showing it is on in the PUBG game settings) the game is unplayable with FPS around 10-20. If I turn it off by going to Alt-Z in game > Nvidia Geforce Experience > Settings > Highlights > Off - the game is playable. I get 100+ FPS when Highlights is off. My husband who also plays with exactly same specs on both a PC and laptop as me, has exactly same issues. I'm currently on MSI laptop with attached specs.
  20. Witam. Mam do was pytanie czy na moim komputerze o następujących parametrach mógłby pójść pubg, i w ilu FPS? Parametry: Intel core i5 / gf 660 2gb / 8gb ram.
  21. Ajuda - Limitar FPS

    Fala pessoal, Seguinte, não consigo de forma alguma limitar os fps do jogo já tentei a opção "-refresh" na inicialização, já tentei nos arquivos ja tentei no arquivo engine.ini já tentei no arquivo GameUserSettings.ini Já limitei também pelo painel de propriedades da AMD e fica mais zuado ainda, parece que ele tenta bloquear aí fica dando umas quedas de fps brutas Nenhuma delas funcionou o jogo normalmente roda acima dos 150fps... o monitor aqui é 75, o freesync nele funciona entre 40 e 75 ... fora que o uso da vga fica no talo o tempo inteiro jogando com os fps lá em cima alguém aí conseguiu limitar de forma eficiente?
  22. hilfe bei hardware

    hallo eine frage ich habe mir gestern pubg geholt und zocke es auf low mit manchmal starken drops habe ein amd fx 6300 gtx 1050 ti 8gb ram meint ihr nach performance updates wird das angenehm spielbar oder nicht , habt ihr villeicht tipps oder s LG
  23. Lag on PC with more then enough specs

    I just got this game for my Steam and I am playing on a triple monitor set-up with Nvidia Surround on a PC that has 2 1080 ti's in SLI, a 6850k at 4.2 GHZ, 128 GB Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM, and a Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB SSD. I should be able to run this game fine even with the surround. It works fine for all other games on surround including GTA V, WWII, BF 1, ARMA 3, etc. My internet is 30 up and 30 down but usually never lags on any multiplayer game even with surround, many tabs open on Chrome or on servers with lots of people. what could be happening and how could I fix this issue so I can enjoy the game properly??
  24. Today ( 2nd December ) I had to download a small update of 28.8 MB for PUBG. Nothing was new until my fps just crumbled down to less than 10. First I thought it was a bug and a restart should fix it. It was never fixed. Only then I realised that my CPU was thermal throttling. I've never had this before. The game always ran at 50-60 fps-ish and I even played smoothly before updating 28.8 MB. My CPU temps exceeded 80°C and reached a record 87°C ish. I ran other games, and some benchmarks ( in the same environment, conditions etc ) and it never peaked 75°C. Somehow the game was getting so CPU intensive ( 100% usage ) that even the sounds started to skid. Is this an actual bug from that Update or is it just my system. Specs : Core i5 7300 HQ Quad core Gtx 1050ti 4gb ddr5 1 Nvme SSD and a regular SSD. Laptop is the Dell Inspiron 7000 series. Thank you in advance. PS : Operating system is Windows 10 Nvidia driver Version : 385.28
  25. Will my laptop run this game?

    Hi, I was just wondering if there's any chance that my laptop would be able to run this game with at least 20-30 fps (on low graphics settings and 720p res). It has an integrated Intel UHD graphics 620 gpu (lol :D) with 8th gen i7 cpu (quadcore, 4ghz) and 16 gigs of RAM. The game would be installed on an SSD. I'm aware that my gpu is pathetic, but i was hoping that my cpu and ram would compensate for it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!