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Found 1 result

  1. Game Improvement Suggestions(open)

    So far in my gaming experience, I've encountered a feature among many games that completely throws me off to certain games; Its the games' levels of "enjoyment" and "problems that could be/need to be fixed". What i mean by this is "is the game fun and how many problems do i see with the game that either could be fixed relatively easily/absolutely need to be fixed immediately". Some games are fun but have many problems, while other games are neither fun nor do they excel in the process of fixing any problems that arise/never have many problems in the first place. For instance: Warframe is a very fun game, but until recently they had some pretty major parts of the game that would never be used because they were just unusable in terms of gameplay, which is a pretty big problem with the game; whereas games like Overwatch and Black Desert Online are not barely fun at all, and they are riddled with easily fixable problems that the devs/company completely ignore despite the communities constant complaining about said problems. This is where PUBG completely blew me away; not only is the game just immensely fun, but it also has little to no problems overall. One of the worst problems I've encountered is the loading time of the map, which could probably be fixed if i replaced my Motherboard and CPU(they've badly been in need of replacement) but nothing is anywhere near game breaking. With that being said, i do want to try to come up with a list of things i think could be improved/implemented into the game in the hopes that the devs see this and maybe even try to take measures with this list in mind. So far, these are some of the things i think i would like to see enter the game: 1. Clothing. I'm almost completely certain the devs are already trying to introduce more articles of clothing into the game for more customization, but i wanted to put this one up here just in case. Some more specific items i'd like to see introduced are things like more items to go in the "Utility Belt" slot, and more variety in the "Gloves" and "Hats" area. 2. Main Menu Character Actions. Something i cant get out of my mind is the characters back and forth swaying motion at the main menu. What I've come up with to replace this nonsensical swaying motion is having a drop down list that could be added to the character menu that gives the player actions the character could be utilizing at this point. Some of the actions could be things like leaning up against one of the pillars(maybe a version where you are smoking, and one where you aren't), sitting at a table fidgeting with some sort of device(be it a firearm or an electronic device of some sort), or maybe even exercising like doing push ups or pulls ups on one of the hanging rebars from a broken pillar. This is an open discussion so i do hope you all participate and try to bring forth more things you'd like to see implemented into the game in the hopes that the devs will see this and possibly consider adding some suggestions to the game; this is a constructive criticism topic though so please try to refrain from stomping on others' hopes and instead focus on the things that you would like to see added rather than the things other people would like to see that you wouldn't. As always: May the last man be the best man rather than the lucky one; but even if he isn't, good game.