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Found 26 results

  1. Hello, I've noticed in PUBG the vast amount of time is spent going from house to house, picking up items, walking towards the playzone, etc., and I was wondering that if there was a game mode where everyone already had random weapons and they spawned inside a reduced playzone so that it would reduce the amount of time per game spent on running and collecting, and will give more action and fun to the game.
  2. Hello, I've noticed in PUBG the vast amount of time is spent going from house to house, picking up items, walking towards the playzone, etc., and I was wondering that if there was a game mode where everyone already had random weapons and they spawned inside a reduced playzone so that it would reduce the amount of time per game spent on running and collecting, and will give more action and fun to the game.
  3. I have a great idea that some of you my like. How about they would make a game mode that has the game mode as Planetside 2. You can get base's and run around just like in planetside 2. YOu can creat a character and have weapon upgrades just like Planetside 2. I think this idea would go HUGE! & would love to work on this idea in the PUBG team if they like the idea. People would enjoy something like this then wait for a game to start with only 1 life in a game. what you all think??
  4. There should be some kind or shooting range mode you can do to practice with the different guns at varying ranges, to kind of get a feel for it, it is really hard to get a grasp on the different scopes and sites, while getting shot at etc.
  5. Hey, Any plans of implementing LAN support? I am asking because we have an annual LAN gathering of approx. 40-45 people in a place that has minimal to no Internet connectivity due to the secluded location and poor mobile network coverage and we are simply running out of games to play because *nobody* seems to care about LAN gaming anymore. Even at best, the Internet connection at that place would not be able to support all 40+ players using the mobile connection at the same time. Please, be an exception to the trend and implement a LAN mode!
  6. Hello guys and gals. I would like to see an objective game mode in PUBG. Which in my opinion with suit a bit more competitive gameplay. In short description of my thoughts. A two or more teams trying to capture points across the map in linear map progression. For references please watch a gameplay video from another game which I used to play. It's also a third person, but only featured ADS ans FPS perspective view and cover mechanic which actually allowed players to attach in cover and shoot from cover by giving a slight bonus to weapons stats. Also the game featured a devices, don't pay attention on it. It's about to describe in visual way my thoughts about objective game.
  7. PUBG is a big game with big maps and a ton of people. It also takes a really long time to play through it. What if we have a small map with fewer players and a shorter clock? Here's the idea. Take an area, like School or any of the cities, and make that the entire map. It is surrounded by water that you can not enter since the cliffs are too high to get back in the stage, or you immediately fall to your death. You still parachute in, so you can decide on which part of the map to land in. Everything else is nearly identical, except I'm not sure if it would have care packages and there's no vehicles. The map doesn't have to be a replica of something we already have in the game, it could be adjusted for this game mode. No matter what the clock would be faster, and games would probably take no now than 15 minutes. Why am I suggesting this? PUBG is a game about the long haul, looting up, surviving, and making to the end game to kill the last man standing. When you land in a high populated area the game seems entirely different. You need to react quickly from the first second and avoid while shooting everywhere in your path. Wil there still be bathroom shotgun campers? Of course, but I think it would still make for a very interesting environment to play in. Plus, if you don't want to dedicate 35 minutes to playing, you can always hop in small map mode and have your game done in less than half the time.
  8. Practice Mode

    I know i am not the only one who thinks and open post like that. But just listen me. Practice Mode ; So what is the Practice mode ? Practice mode is basically the place where you can improve yourself on aiming , and learn how to shoot at different weapons. I made a photoshop for describe better. As u can see there will be dummies , weapon loots , weapon attachments , scopes and etc. Also you will be able to see distance of point you are looking. Consequences of Practice mode ; + Players going to have better aim. + Players will learn how to shoot with different weapons. + It will raise of the quality of PUBG'S Battle Royale. Thx for reading , i hope i am not the only one thinks like that.
  9. I don't know if this has been suggested before, but what about a mode where you start out with weapons and equipment. The weapons could be unlocked using credits from both this new mode and the original mode. I understand the whole unfairness sentiment, with regards to some people having everything, and others nothing; but one could make money in the original mode, until you have enough to effectively compete in this mode. It would provide an opportunity for a more personalized weapon and equipment experience. Perhaps med kits, pain killers etc could be excluded, however, and only found in the map. One could start off with a certain amount of ammo, but also be able to find it in-game. This mode could provide an opportunity to be able to choose between different gun and equipment paints/camouflages to personalize the game a bit more, as well as being able to choose weapon attachments of course. The basic format of the game, with the shrinking circles would remain the same. This is just an idea I had; I understand that some people might think it defeats the essence of the game in a way, but I think it would be a really fun alternate mode, which would add a more personal touch to the game. Let me know what you guys think
  10. There seems to be a small issue regarding the game modes: When playing solo, the FPP mode does not persist between matches - it must always be reselected after every match, or you will end up in the 3rd person cheat mode. In both duo and squad games the FPP mode does persist between matches so this only seems to affect the solo mode.
  11. I would like to see a game mode were there is no circle and teams of 10 man needs to defend a position and capture other areas. What modes do you all like to see added to this game?
  12. The first 2-3 circles (looting phase), for example, it's TPP. When the mid-/endgame hits, the perspective switches to FP for everyone. The idea behind this game mode is to mix all aspects the game has to give, while playing each phase with the perspective's given advantages. No more looting and surprising attacks in FPP. No more dull and tired chicken tree fights in TPP.
  13. I've got an idea for a game mode. The 3rd person camera becomes a physical drone in game. Some first thoughts: * The drone is destructible. * If your drone is destroyed, you cannot go into 3rd person perspective. * This drone just smaller then a player's head. * The drone moves around the player, based on existing perspectives of the game's camera and the mechanic will remain otherwise unchanged. * The drone may show above walls where a player would be trying to use it for vision advantage. * If you kill another player without destroying their drone, you can pick theirs up. A player can only have one at a time and it cannot be put into the backpack.
  14. On your team ,there can only have one winner in the end ,but before the last circle ,you can not kill your teammate ,or you will be punished
  15. I really like the shooting in PUBG but I dont get as much trigger time as I like. I would like to see a game mode that was drop in and out and would last about 30 minutes with respawns. I was giving it some thought and I would like to see the map given a llattice system like in Planetside 2 that players could fight through. Each node would have to be captured along the lattice and two opposing connected nodes can not be used as spawn points. This would create a shifting front that would make for some interesting flanking scenarios. Bigger cities should also have multiple points that all need to be captured to flip the whole base which would lead to intense CQB arenas. Here is an image of the map with some bs mock up of what I think it might look like. To me, the idea of all the mechanics of PUBG brought over to a Planetside 2 esc game mode is the be-all end-all of shooters. The only thing that could make it better would be bigger maps and military vehicles. As for gear, I think you should have an allowance of points for gear and weapons that limits the selection you can bring with you. This allowance would increase based on the size of your squad (1-4) to encourage teamwork and to stop a glut of lone wolf snipers. This would mean that you start out with a small amount of loot of your choice and you will have to kill other players to get more. The longer you stay alive, the more loot you collect, the more powerful your squad becomes and the more incentive you have to stay alive. I took a few hours and made a character builder in google sheets. Even though the values were just a stab I think its pretty solid. If anyone wanted to take a look and give feedback I would appreciate it. I'm not sure how vehicles would be handled. You would want to limit them somehow. I was kind of thinking a squad currency system where you would earn credits by taking bases, which could be used to get vehicles. In any case, let me know what you think of the idea and if you too would like to see a game mode like this in PUBG.
  16. It would be really nice if we could have a game mode added that would let us (and our friends with us) explore the map(s) without having to worry about actually playing the game to win. No world border, no bombing zones, the ability to increase loot and vehicle spawns, and maybe even noclip. This would give players and teams the ability to increase their game sense and map knowledge much faster than they could from just playing the game as we do right now. it would also give people who don't have a good enough connection to play online all the time the ability to explore the map(s) without the annoyance of lag and ruberbanding, so they have a better chance of survival when they can play online.
  17. So I was talking with my buddies at work today when my boss pitched an idea, saying he didn't like the concept of the play area circle. I didn't like the suggestion he gave as it was, but it made me think about some things and I think I came up with a pretty neat idea for a new game mode. Thoughts on this? -No death circle during this game type. -Shortly into the match, say after a short loot duration, food is going to be dropped onto the island in random locations via small supply crates. Each crate containing 1-4 pieces of food, depending on the squad size in the match. -Players must secure a food drop and consume a piece of food in order to survive through to the next phase of the match. -After an amount of time, any remaining food drops left will vanish/explode/whatever and any players who have not managed to consume a food item will starve to death and be out of the match. -I would personally think this would work best if the drops started plentyful, say 90 seperate crates dropped the first time, but then started to become fewer and further between as the match went on, ending with a small number at the end. Essentially, I think this would be an interesting concept because it could allow for more use of the entire map during the match duration, rather than immediately cutting off full portions and constricting all of the players to a smaller area. Fights could be spaced out a little more throughout the match, with a sense of urgency on trying to both not "starve" and not be killed while trying to get food. Up in the air as to whether or not one could horde food for later rounds, or just have any extra "spoil" at the end of the round, preventing someone from gathering a lot on the first drop and going off to camp somewhere. I'm more of a fan of the idea of it just spoiling each round. That would allow a strategy where players to take food that others need, thereby removing more people from the round at the end, but not allow those players to end up with a ton of extra survivability for themselves. Anyway, just an idea. If Playerunknown or one of the devs sees this and likes it, feel free to use it. I'd be down with getting to play something like it.
  18. So this game has been apparently in development for 4 years. So why in those 4 years you can't have a higher fov or a fov slider for first person? Your current first person fov is so low that it looks like i'm playing on consoles. This game has so much work to be done. Why not work on the games optimization and graphic setting instead of hiring people to make more maps? Many people have already complained of it's poor optimization, I know this game is new in early access unlike h1z1 but you gotta have priorities in your games performance and settings than creating another large map. The dome as well is rushing everyone too much. this game takes about 30 minutes or 40 to end. but the dome rushes way too much. It needs to give players time instead of rushing everyone to get in a smaller circle. It's annoying. Give it a minute more for people to catch up at least or slow the dome down One other suggestion is to involve a first person only mode, Third person is such a easy way to see other sides of walls without even having to expose yourself. I feel like i've been killed from people using the camera to see me and I can't do anything about it, A first person only could do so well for those that want a legit fight instead of being cheated by some stupid third person camera.
  19. True Battle Royale

    I love this game so much its almost to the point of addiction. I love everything about this game; The concept, the challenge, the carnage and mayhem but one of the main reasons I fell in love with this game so much was because of one of my favorite novels (manga/movie) Battle Royale. I would love to see a game mode just like the rules in Battle Royale: Bomb Collars Randomly selected weapons Forbidden Zones Here is clip from the movie explaining the rules (YouTube)
  20. [Game Mode] Last Squad Standing

    These are some suggestions that I believe would take a step closer to a more competitive experience. This idea isn't to change the "Battle Royale" experience of the 1-4 player modes that currently exist, but rather to create an alternative mode where 4 player squads are treated as a whole, with an attempt to better emphasize communication, teamwork, and strategy. Controlled End-game End-game locations are predefined, and one of these locations are randomly chosen at the start of the game. The radius of the end game location is determined by the amount of players alive, and the countdown timer increases if the number of living players exceed a specified threshold. Additionally, the radius location stops being random during this end-game, and simply shrinks towards the center. This is done to ensure that the end-game locations are suitable for various strategies and counter-strategies; a greater allowance for cat and mouse dynamics, if you will. The dependency on players alive allows the end-game to be better fine tuned to facilitate these dynamics. The frequency of the radius shrinkage also falls under this rational, in order to offer more time for players to flank and engage enemies. The random nature of the radius is removed to diminish the luck of the draw, so to speak. Show the end-game location The end-game location is shown to the player from the very beginning of the game in the form of a flag marker. However, the loot within the end-game area is sparse, and of low level. This creates an element of risk versus reward between grabbing an advantageous position, or going after the higher tier loot. Unkillable downed players The players that are downed can no longer be killed, with exception to the bleedout timer. While downed, these players cannot move, and they're immediately put into spectator mode until they're revived. They can be completely looted while in this downed state. This is done to retain communication and teamwork throughout a match. Moving while downed is removed to punish poor positioning, and disallowing players to look around in this state punishes poor awareness. Allowing these players to be looted adds an additional risk to being downed, which does a better job in punishing the squads positioning as a whole. Notes about my rationale At the core, these three suggestions seek to diminish elements of luck, and to add a greater allowance for failure. Luck is still important, and it certainly provides unexpectency. My goal isn't to eliminate it, but merely to scale it back. This was done by showing the end-game location, and by carefully controlling the state of these locations. This allows all squads to formulate strategies around the same goal, which in turn allows all squads to begin a match on equal footing. The idea between these two ideas was to create a shift between macro and micro strategies as the game shifts into the end game. The important aspect here being the more consistent usage of pre-existing knowledge. Knowing potential paths allows the player to make more accurate predictions, as well as counter predictions against the opponents. This would make it easier for mind games to be played, as each player would have their own "prototype" strategies that they can use as a weapon or a tool. Allowance for failure is another important aspect. In most competitive shooters, one terrible mistake alone won't cost you the entire match. In Counter-Strike for example, teams are required to win 16 rounds before the match is decided. This gives a team ample opportunity to gain momentum and turn the match around. Battlegrounds isn't round-based, but there are plenty of other ways to allow for failure. The tricky aspect about this is that mistakes should still be punished, but players should be able to recover from them. If a player is downed in the open, then they've made a tremendous mistake. They're not guaranteed to be dead, but he's put his squad in a tough scenario. They could risk saving him while putting more squad members in danger, or continue onward with a sizable loss, both in the loss of a player, as well as the supplies that they held. The usage of smoke grenades or vehicles could be used to minimize this risk, but this would also consume supplies. On the flip side, if a squad member gets downed in close quarters, then both squads have have risky decisions to make. The attackers can decide to loot the player, use him as bait, run away, or hunt the rest. The defenders need to decide if they can sneak a revive, surprise the attackers, or hold their defense. In both scenarios, the defenders are put at a disadvantage, but this doesn't mean they won't make it to the end game as a full unit. Good squads can still recover, and create those exciting "come back" moments. However, each mistake takes a toll, and creates a steeper hill to climb. Interestingly, this would also place a larger amount of emphasis on medical supplies, as the allowance for damage dealt is increased. If two squads go to the end-game zone too early, then one of them will likely stay a full squad, but they may not have the momentum to compete with other squads that eventually arrive. This end-game zone would have minimal supplies of low tier, such as bandages and pistols, and so any lost momentum can't be regained in this zone. Squads need to plan out their routes accordingly to gain momentum early on, and to use that to compete in the end game. Or, in the scenario of looting and running, they may have potentially cut the opponents momentum by a quarter, and gained it themselves.
  21. New Game Mode

    I think it'd be cool to have like 4 on 4 squad battles and just pick a random city and put the Electricity field around it and you just fight to the death in the city. Still loot and what not. Cities should change or even be voted on. I think it'd let more people learn the game and the city layouts. It could also develop into a ranked match or something. I think it'd be cool. and give players another option.
  22. The Skyscraper

    This is one of my all-time video-game fantasies, so please bear with me. So the game mode begins with everyone parachuting down onto the roof of a skyscraper. The entire map is contained within the building. Some features for the building; Up to 40 floors, including a lobby at the bottom. These include offices, large auditorium, gym, floors under construction, a cafeteria, and other "useful" amenities. Staircases that run the entire depth of the building. Working elevators, with indicators on each floor to show when one is arriving, to balance out the advantage. Players have the ability to pry open elevator shafts with a crowbar, and rappel down the wires, however incoming elevators may hit them, and they can also fall down the shafts to their death. Air conditioning vents with the ability crawl through undetected (the use of sound in the game would be very useful here). Players can fall out of broken windows, to their death. The play-area shrinks from the top floor, until it reaches the lobby, forcing players further down as the match progresses. This idea could also work with a mall, too. Individual stores, food court, maintenance tunnels, an underground car park, and perhaps a central theme park like Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America. I love what you've done with the open-world environment, and I absolutely love the game, but I'd love to see something inside a huge complex. With 100 people, I think it would be awesome. Thanks!
  23. New game mode variant - DIVIDE

    So I had a concept for a new game mode that I call Divide The concept of divide is simple. When the game starts the players are split into 2 teams (of up to 50). When one team defeats the other the remaining team splits. This keeps going until there is only 2 people left (or 2 squads). Lets say a team wins with no casualties every time, the split would be like this 1) 50 v 50 2) 25 v 25 3) 12 v 13 (odd player randomly decided) 4) 6 v 6 / 6 v 7 (odd player randomly decided) 5) 3 v 3 / 3 v 4 (odd player randomly decided) WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER I would love some feedback on this, as I really like the idea but know the community could make it better
  24. Game Mode Suggestion: Protect VIP

    Hi all, I feel that PBG has great potential to pull of this game mode idea I have had for awhile now, so here it is... General Game Makeup: A game can have up to 100 total players. The players are to be divided into groups 5, meaning that the games can start off with up to 20 teams at the start. One player on each team is assigned to be the Very Important Person (VIP), either randomly or via a game lobby vote (meaning 20 VIPs exist at the start of the game). The rest of the team members are considered 'guardians'. How It's Played: The goal of the game is to protect your current VIP from all other teams while trying to eliminate enemy VIPs. When an enemy team's VIP is eliminated by an opposing team, the members of the group that failed to protect their VIP are now absorbed into the victorious group. Example: Let's imagine that this game has 100 players and is divided up into teams of 20 teams of 5 players each. At some point, two groups of 5 encounter each other somewhere and begin to engage (Group 1 vs Group 2). The fight's outcome is that Group 1 eliminated Group 2's VIP, and Group 1 also lost a squad member in the encounter. Now the new group that is formed consists of Group 1's VIP, Group 1's 3 surviving guards, and the 4 guards from Group 2 that failed to protect their VIP; bringing this new team to a total of 8 players. Let's call this new team Group 1 and consider Group 2 to be eliminated from the roster. Now lets imagine that all groups have engaged one other group, (G1 fought G2, G3 fought G4, etc.). So now the game's make up is Group 1 (8 players), Group 3 (5 players), Group 5 (9 players), Group 7 (7 players), Group 9 (3 players). This would ideally continue to the point that only 2 teams exist and only 2 VIPs remain standing, everyone is fighting alongside previous enemies, and make the outcomes of each game always a different challenge. I feel like this type of game mode could be fun and interesting because you want to fight the enemy team, you want to eliminate their VIP, but it would be advantageous for your team in the long run to try to NOT kill opposing guardians (focus primarily on VIPs). Since opposing guardians could potentially be absorbed into your squad, which would give you a numbers advantage to the other existing teams. Then in the end its just a giant clusterf*ck of guardians killing guardians while protecting the last VIPs. VIPs can be given like a, gold hat or something so that they are identifiable and look to be very important.
  25. watched many video and letsplays about this game. thought to buy this, but changed my mind for a while. I did not like the "magic wall" and the speed with which it moves, as well as the time intervals through which it happens. These matches are too fast. But I like the arma-style, the interface and the idea. So I would buy it if there are other servers here with different speed and different timings. - In 3-4-5 times more time between zone changes. - Less speed of the wall to make it slower than running speed. In other words, encourage people to kill each other, do not kill them artificially. And yet, I do not like to run like a horse in a soap and I would like to play a game about the Battle Royal, and not about running. Another idea in more flexibility and freedom: let it be necessary to capture and hold for 10-15-30 minutes some random point. Time can also be different. This will make it possible to more freely choose the time and direction of the attack on the one who reached it first. If no one comes for a certain time, you can narrow the zone. Or just kill everyone who did not come. In any case, I mean longer matches without magic. In the ideal case, the ability to create a server with the specified timings or game type. If there will be a lot of them, everyone will find something that he likes.