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Found 37 results

  1. Would you like to see a mode of legit 3 man squad? ie: 33 teams of 3 players per team... Or how about entering duos as a 1 man team?
  2. This shouldn't even need to be a suggestion. It's common sense.
  3. Can't choose any game mode

    Whenever I try to change the game mode nothing happens. FPP, DUO or anything else.
  4. Hey Bluehole, can you please fix the game mode perspective? After every match i play it changes from fpp(i almost always play this one) to tpp by itself. It's kinda annoying. Thank you

    Message to Dev's: How about a game mode without the circle??? Simply survival! Server restart after an hour etc How about implementing hits more real as in, a headshot means death from any gun (1 shot)! Simply have it so the caliber of the weapon and the place hit determines damage!!! Hardcore Mode: One Shot Kill Mode!!! (NO CIRCLE) (One too many times me and my crew died from the circle moving in on us after us gearing up, looting for 35-40 mins to be had by the blue, it ruins the game in many ways)
  6. Revenue stream for Pubg

    I love the PUBG game and would love to see it continue to expand and thrive. As such I feel it is only fair to suggest ways to Bluehole that I would ENJOY continuing to spend money on the game, rather than being annoyed with endless microtransactions as so many games previous have done. Herein I will propose two sources that i would consider a fair value added source of revenue from the PUBG game. Game Mode Top 30 Training Grounds: We all wish we had more experiences in those last circles to help us make those chicken dinner winning decisions. But not all of us have the real life time to play 1000 hours (The working class). This is a market opportunity. Create a game mode where 30 players air drop in to the last 4 or so circles in a random location on the map already loaded out with tier 1 weapons (no optics) and armor. Players may purchase upgrades bound to their account that they would start with in only the top 30 training mode. They also have the potential to scoop up gear existing in the drop zone, or off of defeated players. This creates a value added game mode that is simple to design and generates an additional source of revenue for the studio. (Which means better gaming for all of us in the long run if properly managed). Rather than a "pay to win" system, this creates a "pay to train" system. Which honestly, I would do. Not only to get better with the top weapons like the m416, but also the weapons that are lesser used like the vss and the cross bow. Trophy Room We all love to talk about the stories of our chicken dinners and the crazy moments that led up to them. What if we had the ability to buy a little trophy room that let us put our chicken dinners on a shelf, with the recorded game that led to them? We could organize them by our favorite wins, and rewatch them to see how our gameplay has changed over time and revisit those memories. The room could also be populated with the upgrades we have purchased for the training grounds and maybe have our own shooting range to practice in. And lets not forget the social aspect. I'd certainly pay $5-$10 to have access to a trophy room if i could visit others trophy rooms such as... say... my favorite streamer? Streamers could show off their top plays, collected weapons, and aesthetics in their designed trophy rooms. Hold giveaways for those who join in, etc. Not to mention that i would really enjoy being able to show off my first win to a friend, or coach them on the travel time and drop on a specific weapon. These are Value Added transactions where I feel like I am being encouraged to enhance my experience for a fee, rather than annoyed with surprise microtransactions or forced to buy them due to insurmountable stat differences (battlefront 2 may you rot in your grave). Moreover I'd be purchasing what I desire rather than forced to gamble for it in a sadistic attempt at gamification. Certainly random boxes could be purchased for those who enjoy the thrill of the gamble, probably at a discount, but don't force it on people. I hope that the community likes these ideas. Moreso however I'd like the community to criticize them, pick them apart and identify the failing points and suggest better alternatives. We love this game and by extension the studio hosting it for us. Lets help them make it last.
  7. I know a lot of people will probably say this totally defeats the object of the game but I really think this is a great way to expand your game and bring people in who aren’t to keen with the whole battle royale game mode, my idea consists of basically leaving the games mechanics and gameplay completely the same but adding a new game mode just like dayz. Where players can kill,loot,drive, and what ever else you like to do but without worrying about the play zone shrinking and being killed and losing the game, you have already implemented a way players can join back when there game has crashed or lagged out.. so my idea is that why not create a game mode where we can do what we want and when we’re killed we can just join back into the same server just without any loot.. am sure a lot of players would love this as it would make the game more tactical when your not constantly running to the next circle like a headless chicken then getting shot at.. but instead gathering loot with your friends and finding somewhere to set up base and creating massive teams and going up against other teams, reading back on this I haven’t hyped it up as much as I wanted aha but am sure if anyone has played or even seen gameplay of dayz am sure they get what I mean and think this could be thing
  8. New game modes

    A few game modes that many people want are zombie mode (that I don’t think would work), 50v50 (probably alright), 5 man squads, a raid mode, and many others that I haven’t mentioned. After awhile PUBG will get bland, so newer game modes WILL be needed to keep it alive longer.
  9. Add a LAN mode

    There needs to be a mode for users on a LAN. Some key points that I personally am looking for: Local only. One machine is dedicated host for machines in the same subnet. Has nothing to do with rankings Something similar to Custom matches, but local only Possibly maps that scale up and down based on # of players OR have the ability for more than 4 players to queue together but split to different teams based on game mode. We really want to add PUBG to our LAN nights, but not having something like described above is causing hesitation.
  10. New game mode: Paintball

    As far as Erangel, that map is huge, and I can be annoying to play sometime. This got me thinking about how a map like that could be made fun. My idea is paintball guns. 3 paintball guns, a sniper rifle, assault rifle, and pistol. CO2 canisters that have to be picked up, to use with the guns, but would have a variety of sizes Game mode: 20 hits from paintballs will force you too lose Goal: better/more cqc battles, as long as sniper paintball guns have a nerfed distance (making it more fair and balanced) because of the actual gun being "kind of cheap in cost", but useful at closer ranges (ie. less than 90 meters) Why?: I figure that erangel would be way more fun because of this, this would definitely allow for better open field tactics Not sure about: vehicles. maybe different one that expose the body more
  11. I only play FPP solo and it's a bit annoying to select it in the menu every time. Would be nice if the game remembered the last played mode - just the way it remembers the server geo setting.
  12. Weapon Loaded Gamemode

    Hello, I've noticed in PUBG the vast amount of time is spent going from house to house, picking up items, walking towards the playzone, etc., and I was wondering that if there was a game mode where everyone already had random weapons and they spawned inside a reduced playzone so that it would reduce the amount of time per game spent on running and collecting, and will give more action and fun to the game.
  13. Weapon Loaded Gamemode

    Hello, I've noticed in PUBG the vast amount of time is spent going from house to house, picking up items, walking towards the playzone, etc., and I was wondering that if there was a game mode where everyone already had random weapons and they spawned inside a reduced playzone so that it would reduce the amount of time per game spent on running and collecting, and will give more action and fun to the game.
  14. Shooting practice

    There should be some kind or shooting range mode you can do to practice with the different guns at varying ranges, to kind of get a feel for it, it is really hard to get a grasp on the different scopes and sites, while getting shot at etc.
  15. Any chance of a LAN mode?

    Hey, Any plans of implementing LAN support? I am asking because we have an annual LAN gathering of approx. 40-45 people in a place that has minimal to no Internet connectivity due to the secluded location and poor mobile network coverage and we are simply running out of games to play because *nobody* seems to care about LAN gaming anymore. Even at best, the Internet connection at that place would not be able to support all 40+ players using the mobile connection at the same time. Please, be an exception to the trend and implement a LAN mode!
  16. New game mode Idea!

    I have a great idea that some of you my like. How about they would make a game mode that has the game mode as Planetside 2. You can get base's and run around just like in planetside 2. YOu can creat a character and have weapon upgrades just like Planetside 2. I think this idea would go HUGE! & would love to work on this idea in the PUBG team if they like the idea. People would enjoy something like this then wait for a game to start with only 1 life in a game. what you all think??
  17. Hello guys and gals. I would like to see an objective game mode in PUBG. Which in my opinion with suit a bit more competitive gameplay. In short description of my thoughts. A two or more teams trying to capture points across the map in linear map progression. For references please watch a gameplay video from another game which I used to play. It's also a third person, but only featured ADS ans FPS perspective view and cover mechanic which actually allowed players to attach in cover and shoot from cover by giving a slight bonus to weapons stats. Also the game featured a devices, don't pay attention on it. It's about to describe in visual way my thoughts about objective game.
  18. PUBG is a big game with big maps and a ton of people. It also takes a really long time to play through it. What if we have a small map with fewer players and a shorter clock? Here's the idea. Take an area, like School or any of the cities, and make that the entire map. It is surrounded by water that you can not enter since the cliffs are too high to get back in the stage, or you immediately fall to your death. You still parachute in, so you can decide on which part of the map to land in. Everything else is nearly identical, except I'm not sure if it would have care packages and there's no vehicles. The map doesn't have to be a replica of something we already have in the game, it could be adjusted for this game mode. No matter what the clock would be faster, and games would probably take no now than 15 minutes. Why am I suggesting this? PUBG is a game about the long haul, looting up, surviving, and making to the end game to kill the last man standing. When you land in a high populated area the game seems entirely different. You need to react quickly from the first second and avoid while shooting everywhere in your path. Wil there still be bathroom shotgun campers? Of course, but I think it would still make for a very interesting environment to play in. Plus, if you don't want to dedicate 35 minutes to playing, you can always hop in small map mode and have your game done in less than half the time.
  19. Start with equipment mode

    I don't know if this has been suggested before, but what about a mode where you start out with weapons and equipment. The weapons could be unlocked using credits from both this new mode and the original mode. I understand the whole unfairness sentiment, with regards to some people having everything, and others nothing; but one could make money in the original mode, until you have enough to effectively compete in this mode. It would provide an opportunity for a more personalized weapon and equipment experience. Perhaps med kits, pain killers etc could be excluded, however, and only found in the map. One could start off with a certain amount of ammo, but also be able to find it in-game. This mode could provide an opportunity to be able to choose between different gun and equipment paints/camouflages to personalize the game a bit more, as well as being able to choose weapon attachments of course. The basic format of the game, with the shrinking circles would remain the same. This is just an idea I had; I understand that some people might think it defeats the essence of the game in a way, but I think it would be a really fun alternate mode, which would add a more personal touch to the game. Let me know what you guys think
  20. There seems to be a small issue regarding the game modes: When playing solo, the FPP mode does not persist between matches - it must always be reselected after every match, or you will end up in the 3rd person cheat mode. In both duo and squad games the FPP mode does persist between matches so this only seems to affect the solo mode.
  21. I would like to see a game mode were there is no circle and teams of 10 man needs to defend a position and capture other areas. What modes do you all like to see added to this game?
  22. Practice Mode

    I know i am not the only one who thinks and open post like that. But just listen me. Practice Mode ; So what is the Practice mode ? Practice mode is basically the place where you can improve yourself on aiming , and learn how to shoot at different weapons. I made a photoshop for describe better. As u can see there will be dummies , weapon loots , weapon attachments , scopes and etc. Also you will be able to see distance of point you are looking. Consequences of Practice mode ; + Players going to have better aim. + Players will learn how to shoot with different weapons. + It will raise of the quality of PUBG'S Battle Royale. Thx for reading , i hope i am not the only one thinks like that.
  23. TPP switches to FPP

    The first 2-3 circles (looting phase), for example, it's TPP. When the mid-/endgame hits, the perspective switches to FP for everyone. The idea behind this game mode is to mix all aspects the game has to give, while playing each phase with the perspective's given advantages. No more looting and surprising attacks in FPP. No more dull and tired chicken tree fights in TPP.
  24. Hardcore PUBG

    I've got an idea for a game mode. The 3rd person camera becomes a physical drone in game. Some first thoughts: * The drone is destructible. * If your drone is destroyed, you cannot go into 3rd person perspective. * This drone just smaller then a player's head. * The drone moves around the player, based on existing perspectives of the game's camera and the mechanic will remain otherwise unchanged. * The drone may show above walls where a player would be trying to use it for vision advantage. * If you kill another player without destroying their drone, you can pick theirs up. A player can only have one at a time and it cannot be put into the backpack.
  25. A recommendation : betray mode

    On your team ,there can only have one winner in the end ,but before the last circle ,you can not kill your teammate ,or you will be punished